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Drama, Romance
IMDB rating:
Ritesh Batra
Robert Redford as Louis Waters
Kathleen Timberman as Ballroom Patron / Dancer
Leana Lewis as Actress
Hawley Penfold as Cafe Teenager
Iain Armitage as Jamie
Audrey Walters as Realtor
Anthoula Katsimatides as Nursery Cashier
Jane Fonda as Addie Moore
Bruce Dern as Dorlan
Judy Greer as Holly
Storyline: In Holt, a small Colorado town, Addie Moore ( ) pays an unexpected visit to a neighbor, Louis Waters ( ). Her husband died years ago, as did his wife, and in such a small town they'd been neighbors for decades, but had little contact. Their children ( and ) live far away and they are all alone in their big houses. Addie seeks to establish a connection, and make the most of the rest of the time they have.
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Older Love With Baggage
Decent and worth the time to watch two good actors. This movie and story has depth, they aren't perfect people with perfect mental development. Guilt, regret, children with issues. That's all real. They are seniors looking at just being around without much else to think about day and night, so they don't have to work obviously. I appreciated that they had friends and acquaintances dying around them, so it was getting real. I liked that they could have a good time, because being old isn't all about being sad. The only criticism I have is that these are two exceptionally good looking people. No one can say these are average looking older folks. I would have hired Bill Murray and Sally Field. Still cute but not as glamorous. It would have worked better. I would have given this movie an 8 if it weren't for that impression they were too good looking. I do think Robert and Jane were excellent in their presence with each other, so it wasn't dumb. I snorted when Louis went over to Addie's with a paper bag and knocked on the back door, but was glad that he didn't give up when she closed off the back and forced him to choose going to the front door.
Train sets and winter tires
An elderly man, sitting alone at a four-person table in his dining area, eats his dinner surrounded by silence, staring at nothing. This quick opening sequence is movie-shorthand for character exposition (the man is a widower--probably for a while now--in an obvious rut, still eating supper at the same time every night, in the same chair, just as he would if his wife were alive), and I feared the worst. Luckily, this script by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, adapting Kent Haruf's novel, proves to be a solid job of writing. Robert Redford plays the widower who no sooner sits down with his newspaper before he gets a surprise visit from down-the-street neighbor and widow Jane Fonda, an acquaintance of his late wife's. She proposes an initially-puzzling proposition: since they are both alone--and lonely, she presumes--and she has a hard time sleeping anyway, why don't they spend their nights together, platonically, in the same bed? It takes Redford a day to consider it, and their first sleepover is awkward, but soon the strangeness wears off and the couple comes to cherish their not-so-secret, non-intimate evenings. Sensitive study of small town lives, old wounds, family problems, loss, greetings and farewells, is tenderly and astutely rendered. This handsomely-shot film for Netflix may be criticized eventually for being too polite, too tasteful, but you come to want the best for these people, even in the midst of life's big and small messes. The dialogue is vivid--amazingly so--and the supporting cast is uniformly excellent. This is the finest effort from either Redford or Fonda in many years; together, they provide a lovely duet.
Spoiler, sort of
I was going to watch something else, but because I had added it to my queue and it was being featured in the video above, I thought "why not." Pleasant movie, going along swimmingly, until we get to the son asking his mother to move in with him to help him with her grandson. And she goes, leaving the comfort of her home of 48 years, all her things, carefully tended, AND Robert Redford. WRONG! I'm sorry. I'm a loving mother, told by all I know that I am a good mother, and I would normally say that I would do anything for my boys. But this? No way. The son is on his own to figure it out. If I were the Jane Fonda character, I think I might have petitioned the courts to take care of her own grandson, based on her son's behavior. Now that I would go along with. I didn't read the book, so I can't compare. But I was enjoying the movie, I just turned 64 so I can sort of relate to the subject matter, but then there's that ending. You lost me.
Jane Fonda and Robert Redford
This subtle love story profiles two lonely seniors in a small town in Colorado. They've known each other for years. They are neighbors. Yet each is wrapped up in his/her own life and memories.

When Addie (Jane Fonda) appears on Louis' (Robert Redford) doorstep one day, she has a remarkable request. A stunned Louis mulls it over and agrees, and the two virtual strangers begin an offbeat relationship that forces each to face the ghosts of their pasts as they gingerly move toward one last love.

There are no histrionics, no emotional explosions, as they begin to know one another and their family members. He has an estranged daughter who has never gotten over his abandonment of his family 40 years before. She has a bitter son who has always felt she blamed him for his sister's death 40 years before.

What heals them and brings them all together is a lonely boy (her grandson) who gets dumped on Fonda after his mother runs off. Together, Fonda and Redford reach out to the boy and they become an odd but loving family unit with the inclusion of an unwanted rescue dog.

Can the idyll survive? Will the demands of family tear them apart? In the hands of two great stars, the roles of Addie and Louis are delicately yet firmly portrayed as people who have made mistakes but who move on with their lives. You can't change the past ... and you shouldn't forget your mistakes.

Co-stars include Bruce Dern, Phyllis Somerville, Judy Greer, Matthias Schoenaerts, and Iain Armitage as the kid.
One of the most 'comfortable' films I have seen - and not tarnished by Hollywood' approach to (what Hollywood calls - ) filmmaker.
Truly amazing when 'shot callers' decide to team up and make a picture that is not jammed down your throat - and allows your heart to settle in with the story. Great story, acting, directing, lighting - a great lesson for those interested in making films - honest films. BRAVO to all involved!!! Audiences of all ages can enjoy this film - if given a change. Don't let the simplicity of the film cause you to ignore it. Sit down, relax, put down your phone and other gimmicks that numb you out to tasting the wonderful thing called life. Ya gotta do it.
Better Than the Book
Even though I thought the movie was better than the book, it was still too slow with a bad ending. The biggest disappointment for those of us living in Colorado Springs, where the majority was filmed, including the houses used, is the lack of scenery from this beautiful destination city and the scenes that were definitely not from this area. Such as the long stretch of road used that looked more like Texas than Colorado. Yes, there were a few local markers that were recognizable, such as one of the tunnels on Upper Gold Camp Road that leads to Helen Hunt Falls, the famous road up the mountain to Pikes Peak, and the old Gold Hill Mesa smoke stack looking out from behind it to Old Colorado City (which is in the neighborhood where I live), but I was just really surprised that since they were filming in the OCC (Old Colorado City) and Manitou Springs area that these unique tourist attraction cities were not included more (?). I read the book, as I usually do, before seeing the movie and was very disappointed with the ending. The movie took the author's intention and softened it a bit, but would liked to have seen them change that completely. Why this is a bestseller book, I'm not sure? However, the acting, of course was spot on Redford and Fonda. They make this movie worth watching.
terrible remake of On Golden Pond
All due respect to veteran stars as these, but this has been done before, rescuing aging Hollywood powerhouses from relative obscurity to negotiate with old age in On Golden Pond (1981), an equally tiresome film with Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn playing the octogenarians and Jane Fonda as the estranged daughter. Our Souls at Night revisits the plot, changes it slightly, and hopes our memories are going.

Somebody please shoot me if I end up as boring as these two old fools in the current effort. Their stilted conversations are only outdone by the contrived and inauthentic "plot". And if I'm ever surrounded by townspeople like in this movie who demand to know, at age eighty, how my sex life is, please shoot them too.

The dog that the grandson adopted was cute though.
Rings true if you have lived long enough.
I watched this at home, a Netflix original. My wife was at a golf outing. A really good character study of two 80-somethings that try to erase the loneliness of loss of spouses.

The biggest "novelty" of this movie is to bring back together 80-ish Redford and Fonda as a couple, 50 years after they made their most memorable movie together, "Barefoot in the Park." They actually were both in a 1960 movie "Tall Story" where Redford's role was obscure enough that he is listed as "Basketball Player (uncredited)". He came a long way since that time.

In this movie, also produced by Redford, he (Louis) and Fonda (Addie) live in the same small town south of Denver, they knew about each other for many years but didn't really know each other. They each have a grown child and she has a young grandson about 6 or 7.

One day Addie walks the half block to Louis' and somewhat hesitantly, but you can tell she has given a lot of thought to it, asks him if he would like to go over to her house and spend the night occasionally. She further explains it isn't about sex, it is about feeling alone, especially at night, and it would be comforting to have someone, a nice man, to be with. He thinks a few moments and says "Can I think about it?"

Of course there wouldn't be much of a story if he turned her down, Louis and Addie get to know each other, and when her son essentially dumps the grandson on her for the summer break, she and Louis develop activities to get the boy away from his video game addiction and onto some activities. Including adopting a dog.

Overall a very interesting and pleasant character study, it is good to see Redford and Fonda back together and each is superb.

SPOILERS follow: Even though sex was not a part of their initial weeks and perhaps months visiting and sleeping together it eventually graduated to that. They had become mostly like any loving older couple when Addie's son pleaded with her to go live with him, some distance away. When forced to choose she was obligated to family, her son and grandson. Eventually she received a package in the mail, Louis has packed up and shipped the model railroad set he had bought for his daughter some 30+ years earlier. Also in the package was a new cell phone. Louis had an identical one and one evening it rang. As they spoke they agreed that talking to each other was better than just trying to forget about each other.
Beautiful Story of Finding Love in Later Years
Robert Redford and Jane Fonda play two lonely souls, neighbors in a small country town, drifting gently through their twilight years in OUR SOULS AT NIGHT, beautifully adapted for the screen from Kent Harufs' novel.

Redford plays Lewis Waters, a widowed, retired teacher who spends his days drinking coffee in the local diner, working the crossword in the small town four page newspaper while eating his supper,then washing up the solitary fork he had other words, Lewis is as alone as a person can be once kids are grown and gone and wives or husbands passed on.

Addie Moore, played by the still absolutely beautiful Jane Fonda, surprises her longtime neighbor one evening by knocking on his door and nervously making a proposition. They are both alone, so would he consider sleeping together each night. This is not, Addie explains to a dumbstruck Lewis, a sexual proposal. She just doesn't want to be alone at night any more. After mulling it over, Lewis agrees to at least give her idea a try.

The film gently meanders along with few surprises as Addie and Lewis sweetly learn about each other and eventually fall in love. Addie's young grandson joins them when her grieving son Gene, (Matthias Schoenaerts) asks that she keep him. His wife has left and Jaime, the seven year old boy (Iain Armitage) seems shellshocked and withdrawn, eyes constantly glued to a Gameboy. The scenes where Jaime is drawn out and engaged by the patient former schoolteacher Lewis, first with an old train set and later with a shelter dog they pick out together are some of the films best, and watching the always stellar Redford give the character so much strength and warmth is wonderful.

Of course some drama is injected...Addie falls and is hospitalized, Gene asks her to move in with him and Jaime...but love has a way of overcoming obstacles, even the frilly old antique valentine kind of love so beautifully depicted in OUR SOULS AT NIGHT, a movie I thoroughly enjoyed.

If you are looking for a departure from the CGI and mega action packed films that are dominating theaters these days, OUR SOULS AT NIGHT is the perfect choice...slow, sweet and soothing as a warm summer night spent sitting on the porch. An added bonus? Watching these two fine actors working together again is purely delightful. 8 stars.
Fell asleep
Shamefully i am getting too old i really wanted to watch this film with two of my favorite actors in it but really, it was soooooo slow I suddenly woke up and it was half way in.

OK I was good and started the film again. I really enjoyed it more when Jamie was brought into the mix and the dog. I thought the film could have had much more depth.

I was just getting into it when she broke her leg, and when it was better she felt bad about her son and decided to go and live with him to look after Jaime leaving poor old Redford back on his own again bit like ground hog day.

I felt sorry for him, as he had been muddling along nicely on his own then the two started a really good friendship and his life got better and better, then blam back to sleeping on his own.

The ending was DIRE, i am sorry but it was. All that and then they ended up not together but chatting to each other miles away on a mobile cue curtain. I could have quite easily thrown something at the telly i was so mad.

Its OK nice acting, loved the boy, hated her son, and really hated the ending.

Shame they made the beginning so long and drawn out for us oldies who end up sleeping if the script is a snooze fest.
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