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Action, History, War
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Nick Lyon
John R Grounds as Nazi Soldier #2
Brandon Graham as Nazi Soldier #3
Justin De La Rosa as Nazi Soldier #5
Eddie Curry as German Scientist
Brian M. Alvey as Nazi Soldier #1 (as Brian Alvey)
Dominic Alvey as German Soldier #8
Darren Hill as Vincent Harris
Kyle Hotz as Sgt. Walker
Tyler Cole as Roger King
Ifan Meredith as Lt. Galloway
Michael Wouters as Strasser
Kimberley Hews as Angelique
Storyline: A band of soldiers must battle their way through Nazi territory to rescue a scientist that could help turn the tide of WWII.
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Everyone who likes Nolantino should watch this movie
Operation Dunkirk (OD) is basically Dunkirk (D) without insane budget, good acting and the same score every Nolan's movie has. In other words, it's essentially the same, but no one likes it because you can't even recognize it's the same when it's not wearing makeup.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not saying that D was a piece of unwatchable entertainment. I simply mean that hardly any movie is smart, or amazing on its own. Terribly often - nearly every reviewer ever - rates all the factors 10/10 just because they happened to like a movie. There is no reason to pretend that movie such as OD is the worst thing ever created and D the best movie that came out in 2017 when neither clearly did anything exceptional to be called a masterpiece of awfulness nor a "real" masterpiece. You can say they are opposites, but really they are the same.
Operation Garbage
I downloaded this movie expecting to see Nolan's Dunkirk, and after 20 minutes of me not believing how bad the acting and scenario was, I paused and went to check the online reviews. I then realized I had been scammed. It's incredible how far scammers have gotten these days. Anyway I sincerely could not finish this one. Just do a favor to yourself and stay away.
Comedy of errors
I had to stop and look up this movie after about 30 minutes to see if I was the only one who thought it had a rubbish script, wooden actors, a complete shambles in costumes for the period and a complete lack of military guidance. It turns out I was not. The soldiers seem to have a democratic system on deciding what to do, obviously whoever directed this has never been in or near the military. The dying scene could have come out of Monthy Python - in fact it was a good copy of Peter Seller's 'dying scene' in The Party. As an ex-soldier I found myself appalled at the lack of basic military skills possessed by these 'specialist troops' - and in fact a simple google will confirm the Parachute regiment was formed on 22 June 1940 and Dunkirk took place 26 May – 4 June 1940! Not to mention that the Parachute Regiment cap badge only appeared in 1943! For goodness sake - if you are going to spend the £10,000 it must have cost to produce this rubbish, look up some basic facts!
Ditto John Walker's review below re inaccuracies. I managed about 10 minutes. My OH said he would watch it to the end,I bet him he'd give up after another 15 minutes, he managed 12. Terrible acting, terrible accents, more historical howlers than you can poke a stick at. It's so bad it's not even funny.
I only made first 10 minutes...
So, I MUST join my voice here to keep you wasting your time on this absolutely crap. By far one of (if not THE most) the most crappy ww2 movies. Where should I start ? (very) low budget for a movie who need a HUGE one ? Really bad, immature, amateur script ? Objects from later 2000 year filmed inside scenes in a movie from ww2 ?? Pathetic uniforms, from dozen of units, wrong colors, wrong size (its hilarious to see some guys using pants 4-5 numbers upper then his measures ! ) and an idiotic mix of weapons & vehicles ? Maybe the acting was decent, you may think... Ughh.. my drunk cat could produce a better show... To end this, my friends, pay patience & frustration reach max levels after only 10 minutes... Do NOT watch this crap. Its an insult for any film maker.
Can't believe i just watched this crap from start to finish
What can i say about this film that others have not already said already? Everyone has said it is unbelievably bad and that is an accurate description. The reasons i actually watched it from beginning to end is that it amused me, the continuity errors, the bad acting and the God awful dying. Someone should have taught these actors and extras how to put a little life into their dying skills. Their bad dying made me laugh. One more thing before i sign off, and this is more of some advice for film directors, do not have actual working clocks in the shot, there is a scene in a house in a French town with 2 British soldiers in a room chatting away, one minute the clock says 1.48pm, the next it says 1.45pm, the next you can't even see the hands of the clock , then the next minute it's back to 1.48pm. Either the director has managed to manipulate time or he/she has seriously messed up continuity wise. My bet is on the latter. My advice is stay away from this film unless you are really into bad acting, bad dying and continuity errors. It is because of these points stated that i gave this film 2 out of 10 rating because they managed to make me laugh.
A masterpiece
By far one of the best movies I have ever watched. The way the characters are presented and evolve through the movies,the incredible stunts and gun fights make Skrek 2 an incredible,yet silent whisper that keeps the fire buring during summer nights. With this being said,i give Donkey two full bananas.
Awful. Terrible acting,historical inaccuracies and poor writing
This movie sucked. I was fooled into thinking it was the movie "Dunkirk"... Boy was I wrong. The story is a about a group of raw recruits going to save some scientist with an "algorithm" (they say it 9000 times) Turns out it is some buxom french girl who has the codes, the Brits contemplate whether to throw her to the Nazis and abandon their mission...(What a total load of crap) I was so disgusted I had to turn it off. That is an hour I'm never getting back. Don't waste your time on this garbage.
Absolutely Unreal
This is one of the worst WW2 movies I have ever seen and I have seen dozens. Totally unreal, the costumes/uniforms on both English and German sides were pathetic, as was the acting, as was the apparent unlimited ammunition and tactics. Bizarre is another word to describe it.

Not worth the time or money.
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