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Action, History, War
IMDB rating:
Nick Lyon
John R Grounds as Nazi Soldier #2
Brandon Graham as Nazi Soldier #3
Justin De La Rosa as Nazi Soldier #5
Eddie Curry as German Scientist
Brian M. Alvey as Nazi Soldier #1 (as Brian Alvey)
Dominic Alvey as German Soldier #8
Darren Hill as Vincent Harris
Kyle Hotz as Sgt. Walker
Tyler Cole as Roger King
Ifan Meredith as Lt. Galloway
Michael Wouters as Strasser
Kimberley Hews as Angelique
Storyline: A band of soldiers must battle their way through Nazi territory to rescue a scientist that could help turn the tide of WWII.
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Wow, just wow
This review may contain spoilers...

The good: One scene near the very end reminded me of a scene from the movie "top secret" where Germans and Resistance fight hand to hand combat everyone mixed up on the floor and one of the resistance guys just shoot with full auto in the manpile on the floor killing all Germans without hurting a single resistance member.

I really liked "Top Secret" so the good thing was I got reminded I have to see it soon again :)

The bad: Well starting somewhere around 0:01 and ending with the after text....
Crappy School Project!
What was I this a school project? There were inaccuracy with almost everything! first that I noticed is the jeep!.....the jeep that they were driving does not exist yet during those era. One of the German is actually wearing a bikers helmet and not an authentic German helmet. Last that I noticed before I ended watching this crap is one of the gun that the German was using has a Picatinny rail. Picatinny rail was developed around 1980s and not 1940s. Seems like they hired Airsofters for extras! TOTAL JUNK!!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WATCHING THIS CRAP!
Band of brothers, meet's the longest day!
I think the idea was to keep this in mind for pitching the movie:

Band of brothers, meet's the longest day!

But then Dunkirk the original movie came out and The Asylum guys are smart enough to use this as starting/commercial idea.

if you are expecting:

Dunkirk Band or brothers The longest day

then... you are not happy. But I love the way of thinking out of the box of The Asylum guys.

If I did not know about earlier mentioned war classic movies then I liked it as a stand-alone war movie.

now I give it a rating of 4 (stars) out of 10
An Asylum movie
Asylum movies like this one only exist to piggyback off the popularity of more popular movies and trick gift-givers into buying the wrong movie come Christmas. They take a big-budget movie, such as Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk", which they know is coming out soon and churn out a movie with a kind of similar plot and a very similar name, but with horrible acting, atrocious writing etc. for near no money at all. It's nothing but a cynical, pseudo-plagiarist con.

Don't watch this joke, watch the real "Dunkirk" instead.
loved it for what it was
Anyone who thought they were getting the dunkirk movie should read the movie title properly. I watch Asylum films regular and enjoy them for what they are. I never go into one of their films expecting an Oscar worthy movie, they are cheap budget rip offs but good films non the less. I wouldn't read into the ultra low scores.

Well done asylum
The most worst movie I've ever seen
This is a duplicate movie of Dunkirk 2017 and the worst movie with a low-quality graphic I have ever seen. If you have not seen this movie, after seeing this review, please don't watch the film. I think it will waste your valuable time. I think most of the actors were immature and they don't know how to show the expression.
Operation Dunkirk
One of the worst war films I have ever seen. Low Budget, hammy acting and as for the historical content it was completely wrong! American jeeps, Paras, Wrong uniforms etc for 1940( Think they got them from an Army surplus store! ) Don't waste your money watching this, absolutely dire, cheap and nasty, save your money and wait for the new Dunkirk to be released!
Rides piggyback on a blockbuster
Quite frankly, I thought I was going to see "Dunkirk", the new blockbuster ...

As it so happens, it turned out to be a complete waste of an hour and a half ... time that I will never get back.

The CGI is worse than 95% of movies I've seen over the years ... and that's the best part of this movie.

Do yourself a favour ... go watch grass grow ... or paint dry.
I only made first 10 minutes...
So, I MUST join my voice here to keep you wasting your time on this absolutely crap. By far one of (if not THE most) the most crappy ww2 movies. Where should I start ? (very) low budget for a movie who need a HUGE one ? Really bad, immature, amateur script ? Objects from later 2000 year filmed inside scenes in a movie from ww2 ?? Pathetic uniforms, from dozen of units, wrong colors, wrong size (its hilarious to see some guys using pants 4-5 numbers upper then his measures ! ) and an idiotic mix of weapons & vehicles ? Maybe the acting was decent, you may think... Ughh.. my drunk cat could produce a better show... To end this, my friends, pay patience & frustration reach max levels after only 10 minutes... Do NOT watch this crap. Its an insult for any film maker.
Definitely under-rated, deserves at least a 2/10
OK - I saw this because I was confused about the two Dunkirks.. my bad.. Anyway, I didn't think it deserved a 1.7 (current rating), and so I wanted to bump that up a little with a vote of 2/10. Other comments here are accurate, regarding historical inaccuracies, poor acting (e.g. dying scenes). I would add to that some weak accents. My biggest problems were just really stupid things by the protagonists. E.g. one dude who just walked outside right in front of the oncoming Germans, knowing that they were in the area and would be coming for him; that would have been a good time to sneak out the back surreptitiously. And the band of soldiers who told the Germans that they would not surrender, rather than just either (a) shooting the heck out of those Germans (having the slight element of surprise plus a good vantage point) or (b) running out the back door -- but no, that would make too much sense; better to tell the Germans that you're not giving up and then wait for them to shoot at you (and yes -- one of the good guys gets shot..). And somehow in the end the allied planes up in the air can discern the good guys from the bad guys on the ground and they manage to shoot only the bad guys. (And I'll add the radio communications that are easily intercepted by the enemy, that give away the whole plan..) It's not asking too much to expect a moderately plausible plot...
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