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Thriller, Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Mark Cullen
Bruce Willis as Steve Ford
Emily Robinson as Taylor
Victor Ortiz as Chewy
Thomas Middleditch as John (as Thomas Middeditch)
Jason Momoa as Spider
Famke Janssen as Katey
Ken Davitian as Yuri
John Goodman as Dave
Storyline: Steve Ford (Bruce Willis) is a down but not out L.A based Private Investigator whose professional and personal worlds collide after his loving pet Buddy is stolen by a notorious gang. A series of crazy circumstances find him doing the gang's bidding, while being chased by two vengeful Samoan brothers, a loan shark's goons, and a few other shady characters. They say a dog is a man's best friend, and Steve shows how far a man will go to be reunited with him.
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Bruised Willis: Waiter, Send this Plate Back to the Chef and Chuck it at His Face.
I do not enjoy unresolved endings from movies that CLEARLY will not warrant a sequel or movies that go back into the box to be returned to the Plot line Factory. Those seeking Bruce Willis' illustrious return to greatness should seek other avenues of delight. Bruce does not redeem past transgressions with this movie; it reeks of his egocentric predilections that shall etch his epitaph in the Hollywood Book of the Dead. The movie is also loaded with several faces from the "Whatever Happened to...?" bin, particularly five seconds of an unfunny, useless cameo from a certain "Scream" veteran. Jason Momoa did not need this movie on his resume; besides, his exaggerated role is offensive. Bad movie.
Took me away for a moment!
OK people look, when you see a great star in the title you would expect a great movie, and for me this was great! Yes it is not a killer action flick, however, it is an awesome movie that will take you away for just a little bit. It has the whole "After Hours" movie feel to it, meaning you do not know what is going to happen next! When Spider said "Google it holmes", I fought the urge to chuckle but it did not work, I chuckled!! John Goodmans "lost, not giving a crap anymore vibe" was great! All in all it was a movie that, again, takes you away for a bit. By the way the graffiti on the building, all be it raunchy, was freaking funny!!
No surprise, it sucks.
Oh wow, where to start? The writing is horrible, the editing is horrible, the plot is predictable yet is also a confusing mess, the cinematography is bland and characterless, the jokes are not funny even if you are a fan of crude humour. The characters are boring and performed with extremely low energy. Bruce Willis looks like he doesn't give a f*ck. John Goodman looks like he doesn't give a f*ck. That guy who played Jeb Shrute in the office is irritating and unlikable. The whole film lacks one extremely important thing, EMOTION. You hate every character because none of them have any emotion. The editing hurts you as you watch it because it provokes no form of emotion. In the setting of Venice, there is a good chance for some really interesting cinematography. Nice looking set pieces, colouring, intricate shots. Sadly no emotion is put into the cinematography, everything is just filmed. It felt like 5 seconds before they started rolling they just handed someone a camera and said "oh yeah by the way, film this." I am honestly confused by the sheer amount the makers of this film were able to f*ck it up. If they had just filmed Bruce Willis as a detective looking for his dog, as the plot describes, sure we wouldn't have anything special, but it wouldn't be this overly complicated sh*t stain. If you want a good detective comedy done right WATCH THE NICE GUYS. Everything i describe as being bad in this film is done just perfectly in Shane Black's 'The Nice Guys' and i would definitely recommend it. However, 'Once Upon A Time In Venice' is a stinking, boring, messy turd. Skip this one.
I really love this kind of movies, lighthearted low ambition comedies with detectives or heists, sun and sea, and there are fewer and fewer being made. They can be really great, put in few famous actors that are having fun and it is a recipe for a classic.

Unfortunately this is really bad, great casting on paper, but actors do not have fun, they act stiff, maybe because the script was poor (even though the basic plot itself isn't too shabby) or maybe they just didn't care. Goodman looks like he's focused on not falling dead at any moment, and Willis looks really uncomfortable outside of his standard action hero scenes. Jason Momoa's performance was the only one I felt up to star standards.

Yes the actors are getting old and we can't expect blockbuster but I watched amazing comedies from Lemon, Matthau or Newman in their late years. This could be a gem and the wasted opportunity makes me really sad.
Granted, there is some action and light humor, but the result is just off
An action comedy about down but still kicking Steve Ford (Bruce Willis), the only private investigator in L.A.-s Venice Beach, who tries to get his life back in order and chases the guys who stole his dog. Also appearing: John Goodman, Jason Momoa, Thomas Middleditch, Famke Janssen, Emily Robinson, Adam Goldberg, Kal Penn, Wood Harris, Tyga, Thom Rivera and others. Have you ever watched a movie and said to yourself: hey, I should be making movies. I could certainly write better than this, so why not try? That's exactly what brothers Mark and Robb Cullen must have been thinking. They have a reason to feel confident too. Both have been active in TV for years – producing and writing for different series –, and the quality of writing in TV is decidedly higher than in blockbuster movies. The brothers have also written 2010's action comedy „Cop Out" starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, directed by Kevin Smith – the only Kevin Smith movie he didn't write himself – so they had another good reason to believe that making movies is the next logical step. Not to mention legendary Willis agreeing to star in the new one, too. But nothing is easy just because talented people have made it look so. „Venice" comes across not as exciting action comedy like the trailers might make you believe but rather a generic TV pilot which lasts for 97 minutes, although 30 would be enough. Sure, the Cullen brothers can write and direct, that's what they do for living, but they have no good ideas about what to do with those colourful characters and situations they have sucked out of the keyboard. Granted, there is some action and light humor, and something is always happening, but the result is just off. The movie has so little heart or character or world building that it's difficult to care about any of this. It certainly doesn't help that there's nothing interesting about the main character – it's just Willis doing his usual schtick. The only near-intriguing character is Jason Momoa's powerful but also heartful Latino gangster. You may remember him as Khal Drogo from the first season of „Game of Thrones", and he's the new superhero Aquaman. Willis has appeared in lots of mediocre or downright crappy movies during his career spanning nearly 40 years now, so „Venice's" failure doesn't hurt him in any way, it's just business as usual. His performance doesn't seem tired, but it's far from exciting either. Some of his misadventures may look kind of interesting in trailers, but seem weak in the actual movie – yes, I am talking about the long skateboarding part in the beginning. Willis has probably lost followers during his "Nicolas Cage phase" (appearing in lots of straight-to-video-quality stuff in 2010's), but there are always some who can't get enough of his trademark bald-head and smirk. If you really like colorful „crime" comedies, "Venice" has something for you too. Everybody else, just beware. The best thing about „Venice" is that everybody involved at least tried to make something good. So it's gonna be OK as a part of late night Netflixing or something. But there are surely better entertainment in cinemas at any given time of the year, including right now.
Great movie considering the crap coming out lately
The other reviewer gave a horrible score calling it "average," but compared to all the other garbage coming out lately it is a gem. I can't remember the last movie that kept me wondering what's going to happen next. Also, being a surfer bum from S. Cali, the scenery and personas of the "locals" was nostalgic and spot on. If I wasn't laughing, I was at least grinning throughout the movie. Great casting with a surprising number of (old) A-listers throughout. A breath of fresh air from the &^$@ coming out of Hollywood these days.
Not the best movie but it is a fun movie.
Star power is not what it used to be, I guess.

Little surprised this movie did not get a bigger released. Bruce Willis stars with a few other well-known folks, well known enough to get a bigger release than it did. The movie is OK at best granted, but I've seen worse films with a similar set of names get a bigger release.

Loved Bruce Willis in it. Very fun and vibrant not phoning it in even though this is a phone it in Movie. Jason Momoa is in it, and it feels like you'd want to see Momoa and Willis in an action movie together (Even though it could turn out like Mona in a film with Stallone(Bullet to the Head ), but Momoa was attempting more comedy in this action comedy. He wanted to do something funny and he was funny, or rather had a lot of funny moments. Oh and I should mention John Goodman is in this. Cause who wouldn't want to see a flick with Goodman in it right?

Overall, saying it's a good movie is too much. It's OK. I'd expect more from a movie Willis actually put some effort into rather than just making an over gloried cameo for a check like I've seen him do in movies of this stature before, but I did love him in it and it is very good for some solid laughs.

So, not a waste of time at all.
Robbing Peter to pay Paul
Pure shtick that reminded me of the old "Airplane" movies. Bruce Willis does comedy well and has a great supporting cast: - a thin and bi-polar John Goodman - Famke Janssen in a much lighter role that her Blacklist espionage - a little bit of Kal Penn playing a 3rd world bodega clerk.

Willis has to jump through a web of interconnected heists in hope of recovering his stolen dog. The bits are klutzy and brilliant to the end. While I was amused, I cannot recommend over all the other greater movies.
Sorry Bruce
Bruce & John were actors I liked. I was greatly disappointed. Bruce used to make great action movies n I have liked him since TV's Moonlighting. I really tried liking or at least bearing with it but I left after 40 mins. Sorry. Skateboarding nude? And the jokes fell flat for me. John tried to save the day but it's tough with a shallow story line like this. Where are the die hard scripts? May have been predictable but still great.
Sex humor movie
If U like sex humor, this is your movie

For myself I saw a movie review telling me it was Bruce willis, a dog and funny and I went in with certain expectations. After ten minute I walked away along with my family.

Perhaps if I'm in the mood for a typical Hollywood 'sex joke' comedy, I'll get back to it solo

As it is, I thought someone should post a review on this movie for what it really is, as some people do not want to watch this kind of comedy unless the timing is right and expect fair warning

The movie should be rated R for crude and sexual humor, for those looking for a family comedy
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