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Thriller, Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Mark Cullen
Bruce Willis as Steve Ford
Emily Robinson as Taylor
Victor Ortiz as Chewy
Thomas Middleditch as John (as Thomas Middeditch)
Jason Momoa as Spider
Famke Janssen as Katey
Ken Davitian as Yuri
John Goodman as Dave
Storyline: Steve Ford (Bruce Willis) is a down but not out L.A based Private Investigator whose professional and personal worlds collide after his loving pet Buddy is stolen by a notorious gang. A series of crazy circumstances find him doing the gang's bidding, while being chased by two vengeful Samoan brothers, a loan shark's goons, and a few other shady characters. They say a dog is a man's best friend, and Steve shows how far a man will go to be reunited with him.
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Better than I thought and a fun movie
Like many, I've been a Bruce Willis fan since "Die Hard." And I agree that some of his recent movies have not been as satisfying as I'd like. So that may have led me to some lower expectations with "Once Upon a Time in Venice." But, it's Bruce Willis (and John Goodman, and Jason Momoa, and Thomas Middleditch, and the list goes on), so what the heck.

I found myself actually laughing at the dialog and acting (in a good way). The irreverent Bruce Willis attitude was here in full, and EVERYONE else was that way, too, which is one of the things that made this movie really fun. Yes, the action sequences were kind of light, but they fit it perfectly with the tone of the movie.

If you want a fun Bruce Willis movie, this one is it. Loved it!
I really love this kind of movies, lighthearted low ambition comedies with detectives or heists, sun and sea, and there are fewer and fewer being made. They can be really great, put in few famous actors that are having fun and it is a recipe for a classic.

Unfortunately this is really bad, great casting on paper, but actors do not have fun, they act stiff, maybe because the script was poor (even though the basic plot itself isn't too shabby) or maybe they just didn't care. Goodman looks like he's focused on not falling dead at any moment, and Willis looks really uncomfortable outside of his standard action hero scenes. Jason Momoa's performance was the only one I felt up to star standards.

Yes the actors are getting old and we can't expect blockbuster but I watched amazing comedies from Lemon, Matthau or Newman in their late years. This could be a gem and the wasted opportunity makes me really sad.
Not the best movie but it is a fun movie.
Star power is not what it used to be, I guess.

Little surprised this movie did not get a bigger released. Bruce Willis stars with a few other well-known folks, well known enough to get a bigger release than it did. The movie is OK at best granted, but I've seen worse films with a similar set of names get a bigger release.

Loved Bruce Willis in it. Very fun and vibrant not phoning it in even though this is a phone it in Movie. Jason Momoa is in it, and it feels like you'd want to see Momoa and Willis in an action movie together (Even though it could turn out like Mona in a film with Stallone(Bullet to the Head ), but Momoa was attempting more comedy in this action comedy. He wanted to do something funny and he was funny, or rather had a lot of funny moments. Oh and I should mention John Goodman is in this. Cause who wouldn't want to see a flick with Goodman in it right?

Overall, saying it's a good movie is too much. It's OK. I'd expect more from a movie Willis actually put some effort into rather than just making an over gloried cameo for a check like I've seen him do in movies of this stature before, but I did love him in it and it is very good for some solid laughs.

So, not a waste of time at all.
How low the mighty have fallen.
Bruce Willis used to be a great actor in great movies with great scripts. Even when the plot was absurd, he made it a joy to sit thru.

I didn't watch more than 35% of this movie and only watched the end to ensure I wouldn't be tempted to watch in the future. Even the dog couldn't save this.

Definitely wait for this to come to TV...and I don't mean cable, I mean regular TV, sigh...
Tries too hard
I eventually turned this off. (hence the 1 out of 10) I gave it over an hour to actually captivate me but it failed so dramatically that I turned off in anger.

This movie tries so hard and fails so hard. It tries hard to be funny and you end up feeling like you're watching a 5 year old making jokes. It tries too hard to be smart but it takes a smart person to make a smart script and not look like they're a Mr smartypants wannabee. This person is a Mr smartypants wannabee. It tries too hard to be sexy and just looks Chauvinistic.

There was some potential here but completely lost.
First of all i read the early reviews for once upon a time in veince this movie of how its a bland Bruce Willis flick or how there isn't much comedy or how all the jokes fall flat but even after all that i decided to give it a shot now first of all it does not have very much action but the through out the movie the intense the story are very good and its nice to see Bruce Willis again for more then just 15 minutes

and when i was watching it i found it to be kinda like the red movies minus the action lol but as the movie went on the story became better a little confusing but it unravels itself throughout out it has a good story good characters good comedy and some ridiculous scenes you never thought you would see

so all in all i wish i saw this film instead of the movie power rangers but whats done is done anyone who is a Bruce Willis fan will probably enjoy this
Bruce Willis Is Back !!! its been a while since he was in a good movie , we thought him lost..and he returns in the most glorious way with John Goodman !! its old school and action in a delightful combination I loved loved loved it !!! Any old Bruce Willis fans will love it is he getting older , yes he is , does it matter..not one be rdy for Willis skateboarding naked and a ton more ..its fun and action like we where used too.. Watch it..just..Watch it
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Steve Ford (Bruce Willis) is not the best or brightest detective in Venice Beach. He is loyal to his friend Dave (John Goodman) a newly divorced man and former owner of a surf board shop. It seems both Willis and Goodman are avid surfers, a scene we are somehow spared. Steve's biggest love his his dog Buddy (IV) who lives with his sister (Famke Janssen) and niece (Emily Robinson). Steve's involvement with Nola (Jessica Gomes) leads to a series of events where he must jack a car from Spyder (Jason Momoa) a drug dealer. Spyder kidnaps the dog, which leads to an involved tale not nearly as cute as "Keanu." The plot is semi-engaging and it is standard Hollywood script. What makes the story is the name brand actors bring animation and life to the otherwise dead screen play. Goodman appears to have lost some weight and has a gaunt look to him.

Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Jessica Gomes, Willis body double butt)
A film that should have been a fun crime caper is weighed down by dull-as-lead directing.
80s action icon Bruce Willis makes an average of four films a year. That is twice more than what buddy Stallone does yearly. Trouble is, these films are either poorly marketed or badly written or Willis is tasked with supporting roles opposite new actors in lead roles. Which is why Once Upon a Time in Venice has potential but how well it performs will be anyone's guess. There are lots of established actors along with Willis in an interesting setup that resembles a cross between a Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino film. Playing a retired cop turned private investigator (Moonlighting anyone?), Willis plays a loner whose dog is kidnapped by petty criminals. To get his dog back, Willis' Steve Ford must navigate through a series of heists and dodgy characters, including loan sharks and dimwitted gangsters.

It's a film that sounds very familiar and doesn't require a whole lot of thinking to sit through. But as an action-comedy, Once Upon a Time in Venice is a misfire that should have gone straight to streaming video, or the type of film you watch in a hotel room before a flight. There are moments that are supposed to be funny, like Ford's best friend (John Goodman) going through a divorce, or Ford trying to infiltrate a gangster hideout (inaudible mumbling from Jason Momoa), but there's something missing. There are other popular actors too, albeit shoehorned in bit roles that never add up to the overall story.

Debut director Mark Cullen has a long history writing for TV and it shows. Most scenes in the film feel disjointed or like skits at best. At worst it feels like the script was filmed soon after first draft. That's a shame because this film had all the juicy ingredients for a fun crime caper along the likes of Snatch or Jackie Brown. Instead, the film is weighed down by dull-as-lead directing that even John McClane wouldn't shoot his way through. Speaking of Willis, and at 62, there are still plenty of good films he can make as long as the choice is right. Let's just hope Willis doesn't disappear down the rabbit hole like Nic Cage.
Really wish this movie was good
Bruce Willis with most famous for his Die Hard series and probably one of the best action hero in cinema history but in the past few years he kinda stuck with a bunch of horrible action movie which really upset me cause i used to be his fan.When i first heard about a movie called Once Upon a Time in Venice staring Bruce Willis with a very talented cast i though damn this movie might be good comeback for Bruce but the result is..... not that great.It may not as bad as some of his previous work i give you that it still not enough to bring Bruce back from the hole.Describe as a action comedy movie with a run time about 1h- 34min but in fact it a slow burn movie mainly about Bruce as a private detective(a very shitty one) solving crime around Venice until his dog get kidnap by a local drug dealer played by Jason Momoa(Yeah Aquaman himself).The movie does have some good sense of humor but sometime it feel force as hell.For the action part it not that much only near the end but it very unsatisfied and the terrible ending just add more bad taste in my mouth.It not a good movie in any mean but if you a Bruce Willis fan you can check it out
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