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Once Upon a Time in Venice
Thriller, Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Mark Cullen
Bruce Willis as Steve Ford
Emily Robinson as Taylor
Victor Ortiz as Chewy
Thomas Middleditch as John (as Thomas Middeditch)
Jason Momoa as Spider
Famke Janssen as Katey
Ken Davitian as Yuri
John Goodman as Dave
Storyline: Steve Ford (Bruce Willis) is a down but not out L.A based Private Investigator whose professional and personal worlds collide after his loving pet Buddy is stolen by a notorious gang. A series of crazy circumstances find him doing the gang's bidding, while being chased by two vengeful Samoan brothers, a loan shark's goons, and a few other shady characters. They say a dog is a man's best friend, and Steve shows how far a man will go to be reunited with him.
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Slow pace, not what I was hoping for...
Based on the trailer I thought this was going to be a faster paced action comedy. But it turned out to be a lot slower and not as funny as expected. Not terrible but not great. If you have nothing better to do and you're looking for something to watch then keep your expectations low and give it a try.
Feels like a TV episode of a bad show
'Once Upon a Time in Venice Beach' was a very different film to that which I was expecting. The main reason for this? I didn't expect a comedy with Bruce Willis in the lead role. When I think of Willis I do not think of funny. He's good at the sarcastic one-liners (think 'Die Hard') evenly spread throughout a film, but not trying to carry the whole thing on his humour alone. He doesn't have the talent for that, nor did he have the script here to be fair. He may not be a funny man, but I don't think many actors in Hollywood would have been able to turn this material into something funny. There wasn't a whole lot to like about this film.

The next problem with the film is that it never actually feels like a film. It feels like the pilot for a TV series. Sure enough I looked up writer/director Mark Cullen's profile and most of his previous work has come in television (with the exception of another Bruce Willis cop movie 'Cop Out' which was also not received well). It's quite a bizarre experience to watch a film structured like a TV episode because it so rarely happens. Surely it's not that hard of a mistake to avoid? There is no focus though and the story just keeps chopping from story to story - none of which are particularly interesting. I suppose the theory was if we don't have one good story to tell let's just tell five mediocre ones instead.

There are a tonne of cameos in the film by faces you'll recognise (most have long since passed the peak of their fame), but sadly none of the them are given any decent material to work with either. No effort or thought has gone into what they could do in their cameo scenes, they simply show show up, spew out a few lines to advance the story a little, and then are gone. It's almost like they only found out they were getting that particular actor in on the morning of shooting and didn't have any time to prepare something for them. Very disappointing.

The only positive I took from the film was John Goodman. He was literally the only one in the entire film who got a laugh out of me, and the movie is undoubtedly at its strongest when he is on screen. Willis looked tired to be honest. It's sad to see, but he has clearly lost his love for the industry and it is coming across brutally on screen. This is sadly yet another very poor film to add to his résumé.
Bruce Willis Is Back !!! its been a while since he was in a good movie , we thought him lost..and he returns in the most glorious way with John Goodman !! its old school and action in a delightful combination I loved loved loved it !!! Any old Bruce Willis fans will love it is he getting older , yes he is , does it matter..not one be rdy for Willis skateboarding naked and a ton more ..its fun and action like we where used too.. Watch it..just..Watch it
Great movie considering the crap coming out lately
The other reviewer gave a horrible score calling it "average," but compared to all the other garbage coming out lately it is a gem. I can't remember the last movie that kept me wondering what's going to happen next. Also, being a surfer bum from S. Cali, the scenery and personas of the "locals" was nostalgic and spot on. If I wasn't laughing, I was at least grinning throughout the movie. Great casting with a surprising number of (old) A-listers throughout. A breath of fresh air from the &^$@ coming out of Hollywood these days.
First of all i read the early reviews for once upon a time in veince this movie of how its a bland Bruce Willis flick or how there isn't much comedy or how all the jokes fall flat but even after all that i decided to give it a shot now first of all it does not have very much action but the through out the movie the intense the story are very good and its nice to see Bruce Willis again for more then just 15 minutes

and when i was watching it i found it to be kinda like the red movies minus the action lol but as the movie went on the story became better a little confusing but it unravels itself throughout out it has a good story good characters good comedy and some ridiculous scenes you never thought you would see

so all in all i wish i saw this film instead of the movie power rangers but whats done is done anyone who is a Bruce Willis fan will probably enjoy this
Great entertainment
When you look at the trash they're passing off as movies this year, you'll appreciate Once Upon a Time in Venice. The characters are hilarious, especially the ones portrayed by John Goodman and Thomas Middleditch. Jason Momoa cracked me up, too--I wasn't sure the guy could act at all until I saw this. The premise and plot are ridiculous but the way Bruce Willis plays it straight shows that he's still great at what he started out doing - playing the same smart-ass detective he played in Moonlighting. Probably the best thing about the movie was the eventual partnership between Willis and Goodman. They should do more movies together. Two larger than life characters on screen at the same time with neither one taking all the attention is unusual. Is it an Oscar nominee? This year, it ought to be.
Bruised Willis: Waiter, Send this Plate Back to the Chef and Chuck it at His Face.
I do not enjoy unresolved endings from movies that CLEARLY will not warrant a sequel or movies that go back into the box to be returned to the Plot line Factory. Those seeking Bruce Willis' illustrious return to greatness should seek other avenues of delight. Bruce does not redeem past transgressions with this movie; it reeks of his egocentric predilections that shall etch his epitaph in the Hollywood Book of the Dead. The movie is also loaded with several faces from the "Whatever Happened to...?" bin, particularly five seconds of an unfunny, useless cameo from a certain "Scream" veteran. Jason Momoa did not need this movie on his resume; besides, his exaggerated role is offensive. Bad movie.
A step above the rest
I watched this film last night and was pleasantly surprised.

A cast of A listers from the last 20 years, and a plot line that didn't result in me knowing what was going to happen well in advance. The jokes kept me laughing and the story kept me interested. Overall give it a 7.5 out of 10 .
Not the best movie but it is a fun movie.
Star power is not what it used to be, I guess.

Little surprised this movie did not get a bigger released. Bruce Willis stars with a few other well-known folks, well known enough to get a bigger release than it did. The movie is OK at best granted, but I've seen worse films with a similar set of names get a bigger release.

Loved Bruce Willis in it. Very fun and vibrant not phoning it in even though this is a phone it in Movie. Jason Momoa is in it, and it feels like you'd want to see Momoa and Willis in an action movie together (Even though it could turn out like Mona in a film with Stallone(Bullet to the Head ), but Momoa was attempting more comedy in this action comedy. He wanted to do something funny and he was funny, or rather had a lot of funny moments. Oh and I should mention John Goodman is in this. Cause who wouldn't want to see a flick with Goodman in it right?

Overall, saying it's a good movie is too much. It's OK. I'd expect more from a movie Willis actually put some effort into rather than just making an over gloried cameo for a check like I've seen him do in movies of this stature before, but I did love him in it and it is very good for some solid laughs.

So, not a waste of time at all.
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