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USA, Italy, Spain
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Sergio Leone
Henry Fonda as Frank
Claudia Cardinale as Jill McBain
Jason Robards as Cheyenne
Charles Bronson as Harmonica
Gabriele Ferzetti as Morton (railroad baron)
Woody Strode as Stony - Member of Frank's Gang
Jack Elam as Snaky - Member of Frank's Gang
Keenan Wynn as Sheriff (auctioneer)
Frank Wolff as Brett McBain
Storyline: Story of a young woman, Mrs. McBain, who moves from New Orleans to frontier Utah, on the very edge of the American West. She arrives to find her new husband and family slaughtered, but by whom? The prime suspect, coffee-lover Cheyenne, befriends her and offers to go after the real killer, assassin gang leader Frank, in her honor. He is accompanied by Harmonica, a man already on a quest to get even.
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A cinematic masterpiece.
This is definitively the best western I've ever seen. It might even be the best film I've ever seen. The reasons why I think so are many. Firstly the casting is great. Claudia Cardinale is perfect as Jill and Henry Fonda is one of the best bad guys I've ever witnessed. The wide camera shots are just amazing, it's like you can see the entire wild west when you look at the horizon, wich is a bit ironic since most of the film was shot in Spain. The closeups at the eyes, Leone's trademark, are also to be found here, better and closer than ever. Ennio Morricone has also contributed to the experience by making what I think is the greatest score ever. Every character has it's own song. Some are beautiful (Jill's song) others are truly chilling (like Frank's song), every song is terrific though.

Some people might feel that this film is too slow to be great, but I can't really understand why. The slow tempo is what makes this film what it is, it gives the whole film an arty, wonderful touch to it.

This is what I wish to see everytime I watch a movie, Once Upon a Time in the West is not just film. It's art, it's magic, an enjoyment for every sense. This is without doubt as good as movies get.
Is ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST a stunningly beautiful western saga or overblown, pretentious horse opera? Take your pick; you'd be right either way. What else but self-indulgent can you call an opening scene which runs ELEVEN AND A HALF MINUTES and ends with its principal players dead? John Ford could made a 90 minute movie from this thin script. Howard Hawks might have added a few action flourishes and come in at 105. Instead, Leone has given you ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE minutes, several scenes which run in excess of five minutes and what has to be most beautifully photographed western in motion picture history. Leone milks every ounce of drama from the meager story of the coming of the railroad to the future town of Sweetwater and its effects on the principal players.

Leone matches his cinematic skill with his ingenious casting. Henry Fonda has never been better than as the 'evil as a snake' Frank. As Jill, the movie's central character, Claudia Cardinale uses her expressive face to provide the perfect landscape for Leone's frequent close-ups. Jason Robards, Jr. is surprisingly perfect as the 'Bogart-tough-but-lovable' Cheyenne. Gabriele Ferzetti provides the slick, oily but decadent railroad baron just the right touches of class, crass and ruthlessness. At first, Charles Bronson, as 'Harmonica,' seems the only casting misstep. As Fonda's chief adversary, Bronson never seems up to the task, artistically or otherwise. However, upon reflection, this unequal match now seems to be deliberate on Leone's part, to generate the necessary suspense to keep audience attention to the very end of this overlong masterpiece. Not enough can be said to praise Ennio Morricone's evocative, operatic score, or the other technical credits. ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST is not simply a triumph of style over substance. In the end style has BECOME substance, etching the characters permanently into our memory. While lacking their dramatic depth, Leone brought to the cinema the same kind of visual splendor as Orson Welles and David Lean.

A Landmark Spaghetti Western
Once Upon a Time in the West is an Italian epic spaghetti western film directed by Sergio Leone for Paramount Pictures. It stars Henry Fonda cast against type as the villain, Charles Bronson as his nemesis, Jason Robards as a bandit, and Claudia Cardinale as a newly widowed homesteader with a past as a prostitute. The screenplay was written by Leone and Sergio Donati, from a story devised by Leone, Bernardo Bertolucci, and Dario Argento. The widescreen cinematography was by Tonino Delli Colli, and Ennio Morricone provided the film score.

In this epic Western, shot partly in Monument Valley, a revenge story becomes an epic contemplation of the Western past. To get his hands on prime railroad land in Sweetwater, crippled railroad baron Morton hires killers, led by blue-eyed sadist Frank, who wipe out property owner Brett McBain and his family. McBain's newly arrived bride, Jill, however, inherits it instead. Both outlaw Cheyenne and lethally mysterious Harmonica take it upon themselves to look after Jill and thwart Frank's plans to seize her land. As alliances and betrayals mutate, it soon becomes clear that Harmonica wants to get Frank for another reason -- it has "something to do with death."

As in his "Dollars" trilogy, Leone transforms the standard Western plot through the visual impact of widescreen landscapes and the figures therein. At its full length, Once Upon a Time in the West is Leone's operatic masterwork, worthy of its legend-making title.If only the first 10 minutes of this movie still existed, this most hyperbolic of oat operas would still be acknowledged as one of the genre's greatest exhumations.Overall,it is a a landmark Leone spaghetti western masterpiece featuring a classic Morricone score.
What can I say. The best movie I have ever seen. I have seen many great movies and thought they were great, but this is something special. The whole movie, it just was awesome! Maybe it is because I loved The Adventures of Brisco County Junior as a kid or maybe it is because Bronson :D My english skills aren´t good enough that I could say what I really think, but the scene also was good. And the music! The theme song is so sad in a way and I really love the scene where Bronson kills Fonda. Not the killing itself,but the way it was made. And the music fits it perfectly! Well. That´s what I have to say of the movie :)
The ultimate Western - Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)
The movie opens. Three men are waiting at a deserted train stop appropriately located in the desert. They're hot, they're nasty, they're restless and bored. There's minimal action on the screen: one rocks a chair; another hunts a fly. For 15 minutes this continues: the tumbleweed rolls and they wait; the credits roll and you wait. Trying to imagine what will eventually happen, you look into the eyes on their hardened faces, trying to find some sign of a soul. Frustrated, you too become restless with anticipation, their anticipation.

Suddenly, in the distance, you hear a train. As it stops, you examine the screen for the reason they're waiting. Are you looking for something good or something bad? You don't know. Then the train starts to move. Silently you yell at the train "Wait, I haven't found it yet!

As the train exits stage right and out of view, you see a man on the other side of the tracks. He speaks to the three men:

"Did you bring a horse for me?"

"Err... looks like we're shy of one horse..." comes the reply.

Not at all surprised by the response, this kind and gentle man teaches the three some simple addition. "No. You brought two too many!"

Sounds like something Mr. Eastwood might say, doesn't it? ("Get three coffins ready.") It should since this film is directed by Sergio Leone, the man who gave us Clint in "A Fistful of Dollars", "For a Few Dollars More", and "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" - the biggest hit film in the trilogy.

With such an impressive portfolio, why did "Once Upon a Time in the West" fail to attract the attention it deserved when it hit theaters? Can the studio be blamed for mutilating the masterpiece? (It is a masterpiece, but how good was it before it was hacked?) Did audiences pass like Clint passing up the lead? (What about the drawing power of the stars?) Was America too full of spaghetti already? Who knows? Who cares?

Sergio Leone created some of the most memorable westerns ever to hit the screen. He sparred us the whiskey drinkin', Injun killin', white-is-right sanitized version of the Duke's west (sans "The Shootist") and gave us the stubble and squint of Clint. Did he spend all his creativity on the opening scene? Had he taken the genre as far as it could go?

No way! Think about his casting decisions, the haunting, soulful notes of the harmonica, the dialogue:

* Henry Fonda playing the evil villain: "People scare easier when they're dyin'."

* Jason Robards playing the good villian: "You remind me of my mother. She was the biggest whore in Alameda."

* Charles Bronson as "The Man": "I saw three of these dusters today. Inside the dusters there were three men. Inside the men there were three bullets."

Let's face it, you either like this stuff or you don't. If you like it, you won't find anything better. This movie doesn't need to be discussed, it must be felt. Period.

If you feel the need to review something, review the reason it hasn't been released on DVD. There must be an original version hidden somewhere, and I want a copy. Don't you?

Remember: Don't trust a man who wears both a belt and suspenders. The man can't even trust his own pants!
Charles Bronson and Sergio Leone Are Their Finest
Let me tell you what, this has to be one of the Greatest Charles Bronson/Sergio Leone movies in their career. I watched a lot of good Charles Bronson films like Death Wish and The Mechanic but this film is just the greatest. From Director Sergio Leone who did The Man with No Name films and Once Upon a Time in America and those were great films but this the best Sergio Leone western ever. Also Henry Fonda and Jason Robarbs were the perfect suit for the characters. Claudia Cardinale was Hot in that film, in all the western films I ever seen, I believe she is the most beautiful western characters out of all. Charles Bronson was 100% great in his role as Harmonica and the best character in the film. Sergio Leone did a very good job of directing the film like his other great western films and I honor Sergio as the best director in Western Films in Hollywood History. Let this film be remembered as one of the greatest western film in History.

I give this a 10/10.
A beautiful masterpiece!
Once upon a time in the west is a true masterpiece. In my opinion it has the best opening of all time. And his line with 'You brought two to many.' Love it!

The ending is also very beautiful. The duel with Frank is perfect! It's very intense. I love the part when you get a flashback when he met Frank for the first time. I always get the chills whenever I see that part. Because there is so much meaning in that scene. And when Frank puts the harmonica in his mouth and the music starts playing.... Just perfect!

Speeking of the music let's not forget the amazing soundtrack of this movie. Thanks to Ennio Morricone. His music makes those intense moments even better. Thanks to the music it has become a true masterpiece.

So that's why I believe that this movie is a masterpiece! And this movie is most certainly worth a 10 out of 10.
Flashbacks done right - Once Upon a Time in the West
I agree with the other reviewers about the superlatives of this film but I haven't noticed a discussion on the use of the flashback so capably offered here. I am referring to Bronson's Harmonica recalling the incident that brought about his revenge for Fonda's Frank character: I am sure I will be corrected if this is in error but there are four total flashbacks where we get more information each time through a blurry recollection until in the final instance Fonda has the crystal clear flashback and we see Frank much younger committing his unspeakable crime. This fourth and final flashback clarifies to the villain and the film audience the motivation for the payback just as he finally "bites the dust". If you like Bronson here seek out the hard to find Rider on the Rain - not a Western but I think filmed in the same time period by a different director: At this time we can see Bronson is becoming this multi-national everyman hero that exploded his popularity. Truly watchable film entertainment that holds up beautifully upon repeat viewings.
lumbering and interminable
I recently purchased a double DVD package of "Once Upon a Time in the West" and re-watched this film after having revisited the "Dollars" trilogy...and what a comedown. First the positives: a lovely score from Ennio Morricone (especially the "Jill"/Claudia Cardinale theme), gorgeous photography, sets, locations, lighting, and some decent (but not terribly great) acting - Gabriele Ferzetti probably comes off best in his role. You know you're in trouble when the very last bit in the documentary extras is a quotation of Sergio Leone worriedly admitting to co-scripter Bernardo Bertolucci that he had set the pace far too slow when filming the opening sequences, and that the ensuing film would probably be five hours long as a result. It was almost three, and it barely moves along at all. The plot is paper thin and could have easily been filmed in 90 minutes. Perhaps then the much-needed forward momentum and suspense would be in place. As it is, the film has far too protracted silences which do not advance it at all.

Henry Fonda's villain Frank is rather drab and one dimensional, especially in comparison to Gian Maria Volonté's romanticized villains Ramon and Indio in the first two "Dollars" films. Fonda is also not even remotely formidable as a physical opponent for Charles Bronson. I'm not certain why Jason Robards' Cheyenne character is even in the film---perhaps as comic relief, but he does not ever really seem to belong in the Old West, despite his grizzled appearance. He and Bronson have none of the chemistry and camaraderie that Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef had in "For a Few Dollars More." Claudia Cardinale is beautiful and beautifully photographed, but even her character is rather one dimensional.

Back to the music: for this film Ennio Morricone recorded the score in advance (unlike the "Dollars" films), and some of the soaring themes arrive early in the film and are far too stridently emotional for characters and situations which have not yet won the viewers' hearts. He should have subdued some of his orchestration of the same themes earlier in the film, then revisited them in full intensity after some of the drama had likewise escalated. As such it is a bad marriage of sound and celluloid at the outset.

In the end it is director Sergio Leone's fault for not shooting this film so that the story would unfold at a much faster pace. It seems he didn't learn his lesson, though, as his next film "A Fistful of Dynamite" (1972) suffered from the very same problems. I donated the "West" DVD set to my local library just before writing this review; perhaps someone else will enjoy it.
Films and music
This is the kind of movie one could watch over and over again or every year just to enjoy the perfect camera movement, angles and synchronization with the so great score from Ennio Morricone. Movies like these show that you have to have a great composer and good view of using sounds and music together with movement, shots and story, if you want to make a great movie. Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone show that fact in so many a movies and this one is possible the highlight of all of them. Someone on the DVD comment track said that Leone especially concentrated fitting the the movie to the music and even changing some parts just to do that and it certainly shows!
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