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USA, South Korea
Drama, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Joon-ho Bong
Giancarlo Esposito as Frank Dawson
Jaein Kim as Young Mija
Sheena Kamal as Stylist 2007 / 2017
Michael Mitton as Make-up Artist 2007
Nancy Amelia Bell as Elderly Reporter (as Nancy Bell)
Colm Hill as Sarcastic British Reporter
Jose Carias as Señor Villacorta
Je-mun Yun as Mundo Park (as Yoon Je Moon)
Seo-Hyeon Ahn as Mija (as An Seo Hyun)
Hie-bong Byeon as Hee Bong (as Byun Heebong)
Kathryn Kirkpatrick as Epicurean Reporter
Tilda Swinton as Lucy Mirando / Nancy Mirando
Shirley Henderson as Jennifer
Jake Gyllenhaal as Johnny Wilcox
Storyline: For 10 idyllic years, young Mija (An Seo Hyun) has been caretaker and constant companion to Okja-a massive animal and an even bigger friend-at her home in the mountains of South Korea. But that changes when a family-owned multinational conglomerate Mirando Corporation takes Okja for themselves and transports her to New York, where image obsessed and self-promoting CEO Lucy Mirando (Tilda Swinton) has big plans for Mija's dearest friend. With no particular plan but single-minded in intent, Mija sets out on a rescue mission, but her already daunting journey quickly becomes more complicated when she crosses paths with disparate groups of capitalists, demonstrators and consumers, each battling to control the fate of Okja...while all Mija wants to do is bring her friend home. Deftly blending genres, humor, poignancy and drama, Bong Joon Ho (Snowpiercer, The Host) begins with the gentlest of premises-the bond between man and animal-and ultimately creates a distinct and layered vision of the...
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Meat eaters are not pet eaters
Being inhumane to animals should always be punishable to the full extent of the law. . Animals that have empathetic characteristics, understand human speech to a larger extent ( like this fictional character) would not and should not be on the dinner table for the masses. The leap that all animals eaten are in parallel to Okja is ridiculous. Do we need to remind you Okja is fictional? This movie was an overzealous approach leveraging character development of a fictional animal in an effort to show direct parallels to our current food supply, which is totally unfair. I've been a vegan and then a vegetarian based on the inhumane treatment of animals in the 80's. The fight should always be for their ethical treatment. Dogs, while eaten in some cultures, are regarded worldwide as pets because of their empathy and domestication. They are not part of the mass food supply because of this, and that's a good thing. This movie main theme is to say meat is bad, which is bs. Unethical treatment of animals is bad, moreover Overzealous behavior is worse, do everything in moderation, in life, and your meat eating. Don't let your kids see this, it's not free Willy.
Do not show this to children! It will scar them! SCAR, not scare.
As my title says, this will deeply scar a child. The ending reminded me of a poor imitation of Schindlers List. And that was very intentional on the film makers part. This is propaganda, plain and simple. It's an appeal to emotion to force you to empathize with the film makers world view.

All film should challenge you, I believe. But this does not challenge. This bludgeons you with provocative imagery, extreme ignorance of science, and pretending a literal terrorist organization is non violent. It's simplistic, black and white, and utterly wrong.

Now there is a provocative discussion one can have about slaughter houses (which I"m against. I'm a pescatarian for this reason.) That could have been a difficult and provocative message in this movie. But instead, it's an assault on your sensibilities, and is by the end nauseating. Literally. Any relevant or interesting point this tried to make was lost in it's anti science idiocy. And it's attempt at emotional manipulation of children, as this is SUPPOSED to be a children's movie.

Let me repeat, do not let a child see this. If you wouldn't be comfortable with them watching Schindlers List, they are not ready for this. But where that was an important film, about one of the most egregiously horrific acts in human history, done with grace, love, respect, and subtlety, this is literal propaganda. My wife (a veterinarian) was sickened by the end of it, and emotionally shaken and upset. This is all about extreme emotional manipulation.

This anti science bit of propaganda should be avoided. If you must watch it for the disarmingly cute pig and strong performances, go into it expecting emotional manipulation, and I beg you to actually research GMOs. Read peer reviewed science, showing how absurd this movies premise really is.
A beautiful fairytale for adults
Okja is a sort of scifi fairytale, one that is explicit with its very simple messaging but is nevertheless beautiful and heart wrenching.

Bong Joon-ho begins the film in 2007 when the CEO of a food corporation that is heavily invested with GMO's tries to revamp their corporate image by announcing a competition between 26 of their best super piglets. The super piglets are sent across the world to be raised by farmers and in ten years one lucky pig will win the title of Best Super Pig (and then apparently be consumed). Fast forward to 10 years later when a thirteen year old Mija, a country girl living in near isolation with her grandfather, is raising her super pig in the idyllic landscape where they play, forage for apples, and fish together. Things go awry however when she discovers that Okja (her pig) does not belong to her and will be carted off to America. From here on the movie turns into an adventure story as Mija must brave the world in order to be reunited with Okja.

The film is wildly cartoonish in tone, but if you go along with it and let yourself be enchanted by this world you'll find yourself on a wonderful emotional journey. Some cheap CGI made me at first scoff at Okja, but as the movie goes on she seems more and more real till by the end I was near tears watching the film. Great performances by known and unknown actors alike. Just a great movie through and through.
A must watch on Netflix
Definitely a must watch on Netflix. Good photography, interesting color grading and a costume design quite chic with Swinton's character. The script will make you think and even debate about the current meat industry. We find some doses of humour but i must admit that Okja's eyes and relationship with Mija warmed my heart.
How could this movie be nominated for anything?
First of all, do not let the names of Hollywood stars like tilda swindon and jake gyllenhaal fool you to think that this is a good movie. acting of all characters except those two are just low grade. how can animal protectors who are supposedly all aware of the "mistreatment" of animals can be so shocked and literally "lose themselves" watching a pig being forced to mate with another pig of the same kind? i guess those "animal protector vigilantes" do not know how to make a google search for animal mistreatment in slaughterhouses. this is just a ridiculous plot error.

Okja is a movie that emphasizes the ideas of animal rights and livestock raising techniques. The movie takes place in a fictional 2017, in which the world faces the thread of hunger and a company named Mirando finds this a solution creating a new kind of pig which can grow to be bigger than an average human.

Problem with the movie starts in this point of the plot. Mirando company, ruled by Lucy Mirando, plans to end the threat of global starvation by creating an animal of which all parts are edible and can basically be raised in any geographical conditions in anywhere in the world. This is the main problem with the movie. Lucy Mirando, supposedly the "villain" of the movie, is actually can be seen as a genius who found a reliable source of food to help the world. Movie includes slaughterhouse scenes to convince the viewer that this company is bad and torturing animals but it does not work. The way those pigs are treated in the movie is not different than chickens and cows are treated everyday today in real life. however, this is necessary for human kind to survive and grow.

ideologically, gdo food is necessary to feed 7 billion people in the world. of course it is much safer and healthier to consume organic food, it is also very expensive to have for 80% of people around the world. So, while world hunger is still a problem in real world, a movie, which shows a company that might actually have found a reliable way to end this problem is not convincing in any way.

this movie is made just for high income vegetarian community who does not worry much about the problem of lack of nutrition in communities of other countries-communities. unless you are of them, this movie is a waste of time and money.

Absurdist comedy with some terrible acting
OKJA is the latest film from Korean director Bong Joon Ho, a man who previously wowed us with his work on MEMORIES OF MURDER, THE HOST, and SNOWPIERCER. Sadly, this is by far the worst film I've seen from him, a heavy-handed moralising message movie that seems like an advert for PETA. The story features a cute Korean girl going on the run with her genetically modified giant pig Okja, while a cruel corporation tries to cut the beast up for sausages.

It's as simple as that, and very reminiscent of Hollywood and films like SHORT CIRCUIT at times. However, OKJA plays out as a zany comedy for the most part and it just isn't at all funny. It feels like a silly kid's film complete with fart and poo jokes and the like but there's swearing and violence throughout, so tonally it's all over the place. As usual, the Korean stars outclass their Western counterparts time and again. Tilda Swinton returns from SNOWPIERCER and is dreadful in a dual role, but Jake Gyllenhaal is even worse with his over-the-top turn and I cringed with embarrassment to see him like this. Shirley Henderson plays the same role she's been playing for decades while Paul Dano veers between creepy and comatose. THE WALKING DEAD's Steven Yuen is better, but he needed more screen time. The other problem I had with OKJA is that I didn't find the titular creature to be either endearing or convincing, despite the best efforts of the CGI animators.
WOW...a suggestion before you watching it (it's in the end of the comment)
that movie is just amazingly heartbreaking for me, and also probably for a lot of other people, because it's mostly reality, and if we even would have need another meat source and If we would have that high technology to actually to do this stuff, I know we would. anyway.. about movie: it's for some reason a lot like a little bit bright version of black mirror, and the shots are really beautiful and sure the story is very cool and also a little disturbing. it's just a really good movie. but I need to say, I am hungry and I thought I would eat hot dog afterwards before watching this but now I don't feel like I can eat hot dog right now, so... yeah. eat before you watch it.
Bong Joon-Ho Strikes Again
From the South Korean filmmaker whose innate ability to juggle various genres at once & introduce sudden mood shifts at the most unexpected moments is virtually second to none in today's world of filmmaking, Okja is Bong Joon-ho's second English-language film after Snowpiercer, and finds the notable writer-director in stellar form.

Okja tells the story of a young girl named Mija who has been a caretaker & constant companion to a superpig that was provided to her family a decade ago by a powerful, multi-national corporation. But when the company recalls its massive animals back to its base, Mija risks everything to prevent them from kidnapping her best friend, and finds new allies on the road.

Co-written & directed by Bong Joon-ho, the first act establishes a strong bond between Mija & Okja in a tender & affectionate manner, and brims with a sense of genuine warmth. But once the foundations are paved, Bong switches to next gear, brings his unique skillset into play, and directs each segment with such confidence that it keeps the viewing experience fresh & lively till the end.

Shot in numerous locations, Okja utilises its surroundings to its advantage, allowing for some fun & exciting moments, and is captivating from start to finish. Cinematography makes fab use of colour tones & lighting to correctly reflect the mood & feel of the ongoing segment. Editing is one of its strengths, unfolding the events in a streamlined fashion. And music plays its complementary part by enriching the tale with its colourful tracks.

Coming to the performances, Okja features an international cast, and their wicked inputs add more weight to the eccentric characters they play. The best work comes from Ahn Seo-Hyun who plays Mija with full conviction and her chemistry with Okja, brought to life with first-rate CGI, is the heart & soul of this film. Tilda Swinton is fascinating in her role. Paul Dano plays his part in a grounded fashion. And Jake Gyllenhaal hams it out of the park with a batshit crazy rendition, and is the weak link here.

On an overall scale, Okja is an exquisitely balanced, deftly layered & skilfully narrated adventure that's as bold as it is beautiful, as weird as it is wonderful, as amusing as it is saddening, and as provocative as it is touching. A welcome emotional roller-coaster ride that entertains & enlightens in equal measure, Okja is hilarious, heartwarming & heartbreaking, and is another quality addition in Bong Joon-ho's impressive filmography that's excellent enough to garner a spot amongst the finest films of the year, so far. Don't miss it.
Bong Joon-ho is a force!
If you're a movie lover or even just enjoy watching the odd film, I implore you to give this visionary's work a look in. Not only does he manage to engage and immerse the viewer into his film's universe, he often leaves them contemplating the consequences of his movies' themes long after the credits roll. Okja is no exception!
Joon-ho Bong does it again, better, sharper, with more meaning
Many remember Joon-ho Bong as the writer/director of Snowpiercer, which was a philosophical satire on society disguised as action sci- fi, however I remember it because of the Korean movie Gwoemul, in which a monster is terrorizing Seoul and a family is trying hard to find all of the members and survive at the same time. Now imagine something that combines both movies and you kind of get Okja!

The film is basically about exploitation. We first see a little girl betrayed by her grandfather, manipulated with the sly and disgusting weapons of old age and authority, but then we see the same thing in a freedom movement, a corporation, a television personality, a truck driver or a receptionist that just couldn't care less, the various levels of authority all happy to wallow in their relative hierarchy and screw with the little guy. Whether is greed, a cause or simply personal spite, they form a scale of humanity where the upper levels are exploiting the lower. So kind of like Snowpiercer, but with a giant monster, which in this case is smart, kind and lovable, and an old man and his niece fighting to survive and reunite their family, like Gwoemul.

The movie is two hours long and the pace is not consistent. Personally I would have removed about 15 minutes at least. Don't ask me which, though, because I loved every second of the film.
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