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Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Adam Lipsius
Rickey Alexander Wilson as Tom (as Ricky Wilson Jr.)
Kevin Young as Phil
Jeff Harms as Nick
DeJean Brown as Earl
Jason Tobias as Josh
Cedric Jonathan as Rob (as Cedric Jonathan)
Paola Menacho as Marjorie
Roy Abramsohn as Ron Livingston
Paul Statman as Dr. Zicree
Storyline: A scientist builds a boat after his warnings of an Earth-destroying flood are ignored. But when it's evident the disaster will occur, those who maligned the scientist now turn to him in desperation, boarding the ark and seeking his answers before the world drowns in a never ending sea.
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One word description: UGH.
I was scrolling thru Netflix and saw this title. I hopped on here to read a synopsis and thought that it would be a fun Syfy movie. I usually enjoy their B-rated sub-prime dribble, but this is just wrong. He does NOT build an ark. He doesn't build anything except gas in my body. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people that can't just stop watching a movie. Once I've invested 15 minutes, I have to see it through to the end. Lets just say I was able to check all my emails, shop a little on ebay, and do a little face-booking during this movie. Don't waste your time.
This movie should be shown to film students as a cautionary tale
It's been said before, but I will add my voice to the chorus. This really is one of the worst movies anyone has produced--it is just amazing people spent money making this. There is not one scintilla of anything believable in the film, not from the characters, not from the plot, and heaven knows not from the scientific nouns and verbs they toss around in almost random fashion to explain what's going on and what they are trying to do to fix it.
Worst movie ever made
I wish IMDb made a special 0 rating for such a movie. Never in my life have I been this disappointed. I swear I could have made better scenes with a 4K camera with a drone and a small boat. The acting I mean what the f looks like they took a high school drama team and paid them in Doritos. They should all the prosecuted for wasting my time.
Everything is sooo bad
I saw the IMDb points (6.9) and rented the movie. That cant be bad I thought. After seeing few minutes from beginning I realized that this was just waste of my time and money. I checked the IMDb rating again and noticed that only 30 people had given the rating by that time and half of them gave 10! Those were obviously the whole cast and the other members of staff. I cant call them as directors or film makers when the more correct term should be "con artists". The movie poster shows the statue of liberty mostly under water but of course we won't see anything like that in the movie. The synopsis (made by film makers) tells about the "arch" that is built by a scientist whose warnings are not taken seriously. The "arch" is a MOTOR BOAT! The whole plot and the acting is so unbelievable that one can't even start to criticize it. You can maybe have some kind of an idea of what I am talking about from one scene: There is a kid playing on the floor, a woman comes and tells that his mama has just died. The kid is very sad and cries. Another scene happens on the same site after about 10 minutes. The kid is still playing the same way and looking sad. The same woman enters and asks "What is the matter with you?". The kid answers, that he is sad because "nobody wants him"!! They both just forgot that his mother has just died. That fact did not play any role anymore in their life. This movie is so bad it is not even a good bad movie. It is just a "wanna be" big catastrophic movie with a budget of a small home movie and it really looks like one.
Worst Movie Ever
What they said. Not even worth the battery on my laptop to type it out. What they said. Not even worth the battery on my laptop to type it out. What they said. Not even worth the battery on my laptop to type it out. What they said. Not even worth the battery on my laptop to type it out. What they said. Not even worth the battery on my laptop to type it out. Five lines?....
Should have been allowed to sink.
What exactly is this? It rivals some of the worst parody films ever made, but seems like it is trying to be scientific and profound. Was it written by a 12 year old? Special effects out of the 1960's. Totally improbable premises. Actors who look like they are waiting for Guffman. Like watching a slow motion train wreck. You want to look away but you are fixated by total disbelief. Don't get trapped. Hit the exit button before it's too late.
Seen The Producers?
To anyone who has seen The Producers, it's pretty obvious what's going on here. Probably lots of investors, total shares equaling 900%. So their solution was to produce a flop, and nobody finds out. As Max Bialystock says, "We got the wrong play, the wrong director, the wrong cast. Where did we go right?" I'm proud to say, after reading the reviews here in, that I did not waste my time watching more than a few minutes of this movie. Apparently nothing went right.
De Profundis
The challenge of writing a review for Oceans Rising lies not in choosing either a positive or negative judgement - the movie is obviously and immediately abysmal.

Rather, the difficulty is found in selecting exactly which choice moments would best exemplify why such an opinion is justified.

Every scene directed, every line delivered, every word spoken - every single moment of this film - represents the very nadir of cinema.

The most profound depths have been plumbed, and the utmost bottom of the art has been achieved.

Other reviewers have made their personal selections of standout moments of failure and I stand by their accounts wholeheartedly.

The dismal performances have rightly been decried - I am convinced that the majority of the cast is no more than a group of friends of the crew, rather than actors with any training.

The script, seemingly, was written by an adolescent science fiction fan with no science background but with internet access to obtain a science vocabulary such as "Large Hadron Collider" and "CERN", has already by erstwhile IMDb users justifiably been besmirched.

My best guess is that roughly 15-20% of all of the words in this movie are in an intelligible order. The remaining words form an apparently random stream of utter drivel in which may lie a code that I was not quick enough to spot.

Star Actress Playing Scientist points to a helix shape created by Child Of Friend Of Crew Member: "Do you know what shape that is?" she asks patronizingly, pointing to a helix shape and hoping to show off her science vocab.

Child OFOCM: "Yes, it's a spiral" Star Actress: "That's right!"

It wasn't right. It was wrong. It was a helix.

As other worthy reviewers have mentioned, Star Actress tells Child later that his mum has died, then proceeds to leave him on his own to carry on playing by himself having learned that his entire family has now been wiped out, only to return a few minutes later to find an understandably glum child, and she states that she wishes she knew what was wrong with him.

There are almost limitless examples of this drossery throughout the movie, and I simply can't bring myself to spoil them for you.

Keep an eye out for: Deaf Old Guy, who while stranded on land is thrown a rope with a rubber ring attached, and can't figure out what to do with it as he's hard of hearing.

Boat Crew Member who hurls the ship's anchor from the boat, which lands apparently 9 miles inland in a forest somewhere.

How to Rescue Person Being Electrocuted: tackle them to the ground. The movie ought to be banned for this appalling lapse.

But you must watch it first.

Clive of India recommends you watch this film.
Don't watch this movie
You have been warned. People that gave a rating of 10 must be from the movie company itself trying to promote this. If you want ANYTHING that's tens of times better than this, just watch random stuff made by amateurs. This movie is way beyond bad. Actually 1 is way to high for this kind of movie. 0 or below would be better.
Absolutely worst movie ever made!
There is so much wrong with this movie, it is impossible to cover it all. The acting is bad, not worst ever bad, but bad. The writing of this movie was terrible, not bad terrible, but terrible terrible! The special effects were also terrible as in terrible terrible. There are plot holes the size of the Grand Canyon! Every movie has a few goofs and bad movies may have the occasional large goof, but never have I ever seen a movie where nearly every scene and every spoken line of dialog was incorrect or impossible. Clearly the writers, directors and actors made a movie about which they had nearly zero knowledge of. Please do not waste one minute of your time watching this movie!
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