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Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Adam Lipsius
Rickey Alexander Wilson as Tom (as Ricky Wilson Jr.)
Kevin Young as Phil
Jeff Harms as Nick
DeJean Brown as Earl
Jason Tobias as Josh
Cedric Jonathan as Rob (as Cedric Jonathan)
Paola Menacho as Marjorie
Roy Abramsohn as Ron Livingston
Paul Statman as Dr. Zicree
Storyline: A scientist builds a boat after his warnings of an Earth-destroying flood are ignored. But when it's evident the disaster will occur, those who maligned the scientist now turn to him in desperation, boarding the ark and seeking his answers before the world drowns in a never ending sea.
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just awful
Encouraging they used a female President. But then they made her too young, too impatient and clueless. (Chelsea?) Terrible acting. The trip to Galveston looked like it was taken from a cheap mobile phone camera.At least the old Japanese horror flicks had a sense of humor. Ocean's Rising takes itself serious but doesn't deliver. Total waste of time.Try again Netflix, you have done some great shows.
Worst Movie Ever
What they said. Not even worth the battery on my laptop to type it out. What they said. Not even worth the battery on my laptop to type it out. What they said. Not even worth the battery on my laptop to type it out. What they said. Not even worth the battery on my laptop to type it out. What they said. Not even worth the battery on my laptop to type it out. Five lines?....
It's The Best Movie Ever!
Rarely do you get to see such a wonderful action packed and well acted movie as this one. It's truly a gift that keeps on giving. Just look at all of the one of kind things you get to experience:

1) 265 foot sea level rises that completely swallow entire continents and completely toss the interior of a 25 foot boat, while allowing the man outside of it to hold onto lines one handed and simply climb aboard.

2) In the aforementioned scene, said boat is dry docked one second and in the next is at least 8 miles out to sea in glass smooth water, and the man has been underwater the whole time it was getting there.

3) Obvious day sailors in small sailboats in the distance, and only two survivors shown in water with no visible method of them having gotten out there.

4) 28-30 year old Lindsay Wagner double as President of the US

5) Ozone holes that burn people below decks yet can't penetrate a plastic window in the bridge to burn the star actress, and that disappear in time for romantic scenes on the bow.

6) Single row sandbags stacked 60 feet high in less than two hours by a group of 9 people that are expected to hold back the entire Atlantic Ocean with no bracing.

7) Aforementioned 25' boat that makes it from Long Island to Switzerland in a single day and night on a single tank of gas.

8) Surreal levels of unrealistic science purporting to explain how a Hadron Collider controlled remotely can generate two black holes and control them, restarting the Earth's magnetic field.

9) Death Star - like laser effect as the magnetic field recovers itself in less than 5 seconds worldwide.

10) Black holes out of control within station, but the lead actress can outrun hers since they have absolutely no effect outside of the computer and adjoining rooms.

11) Axe-actuated single cable disconnection feature.

12) Survivors who have absolutely no idea what's going on with the molecular physics the entire movie who high five with complete understanding when it works.

13) Tiny weird Gandhi - like scientist who needs to get up on a chair to tell 8 people that the lead actor saved the world

14) Lead actress who takes 480KW of power through an ax blade and then wakes up pretty much in time to wink and thumbs up the camera.

15) Boat that throughout the movie is portrayed during outside shots using a small model in a tank.

And much much more!

You must see this movie. It is the finest example of film making ever produced. Even finer than Zombie 90 and Black Sheep! No seriously! Even Better! Don't take my word. Rent now!
wow bad even for syfy
The acting is awful, just awful. A high school drama club could do better. The script is ridiculous. The science doesn't even pretend to make sense and the dialogue is completely unrealistic. The worst thing though is the special effects. The tiny model boat they use for the ocean scenes doesn't look anything at all like a real boat, let alone the boat the people are in. The ocean even looks fake. I don't know for sure but it looks like the ocean scenes might have been filmed in a kiddy pool with a fan blowing over the surface. It was not funny enough to be funny, campy enough to be another Sharknado, or good enough to be a time killer movie. Really, really bad.
Seen The Producers?
To anyone who has seen The Producers, it's pretty obvious what's going on here. Probably lots of investors, total shares equaling 900%. So their solution was to produce a flop, and nobody finds out. As Max Bialystock says, "We got the wrong play, the wrong director, the wrong cast. Where did we go right?" I'm proud to say, after reading the reviews here in, that I did not waste my time watching more than a few minutes of this movie. Apparently nothing went right.
By far worst movie ever....
I am glad I spent the money for renting this movie! Why you say, when its the crappiest movie ever!? Well, only because I never before woken in the middle of the night, and just started laughing, thinking of how TERREBLY bad this Movie is ;) As it has been listed by others, the text and Picture is way of, he don't build an arc, but he has bought an old motor boat tall as a sky scraper, not the boat type you want if you expect a sunami! One of my favorite scenes is after the sunami hit and they are driving around picking up people from ocean, they spot a mian in an inflatable boat in the middle of the ocean, he wonders if they have any food, wen the confirm this he agrees to come on board (as if its a gesture to everyone else????) The boat however is incredible fast, one scene the main character is asked how far it is to the place they are going, you can see they drive slow cruising speed (idle rev) but he claims they go 38 knots at the time, This boat is not built for that kind of speed, and if they went that fast, the man would be steering the boat instead of being outside. After they drop of the female main character and someone else, the people in the boat have to go to the other side of the eart to find another proton accelerator cannon, good thing they have a super fast boat, because after a short short while, they are middle between USA and Europe?? The next day, they have sailed 5200 km to Switzerland (altough this country has no coastline), they arrive at a beach, drive a van up an hill, then they are in the Alps! Everey thing about this movie is so crappy, I will almost recommend that you see it yourself ;)
Oceans Rising: I was rooting for the ocean
In this brand new shiny Asylum mockbuster we see the earth flooded with no ark in sight! Just two scientists and their small craft and a few people who somehow someway survived the torrents of water.

Being an Asylum movie as you can imagine it's awful! From the sfx, to the cast, to the script, to the entire movies creation.

Ridiculous concept, countless flaws and plot holes and just little to no redeeming features.

I've always said that The Asylum should stick to slapstick comedy as the few bearable movies they've done have come under that category.

When a story about a flood is less realistic than the biblical one, you know you have a problem!

The Good: Nothing

The Bad: Usual Scyfy pseudo science

That bloody kid

Things I learnt from this movie:

Sand bags can feasibly be stacked 60ft AND maintain their integrity. If someone betrays you, hijacks you and shoots you then they can be forgiven by the next scene as if nothing happened. It takes approximately 2 minutes and 1 tear for a child to get over the death of their mother. Everything can be fixed with laser beams, everything!
This movie should be shown to film students as a cautionary tale
It's been said before, but I will add my voice to the chorus. This really is one of the worst movies anyone has produced--it is just amazing people spent money making this. There is not one scintilla of anything believable in the film, not from the characters, not from the plot, and heaven knows not from the scientific nouns and verbs they toss around in almost random fashion to explain what's going on and what they are trying to do to fix it.
Worst movie ever made
I wish IMDb made a special 0 rating for such a movie. Never in my life have I been this disappointed. I swear I could have made better scenes with a 4K camera with a drone and a small boat. The acting I mean what the f looks like they took a high school drama team and paid them in Doritos. They should all the prosecuted for wasting my time.
Forget Shards of Bamboo Being Jammed Underneath Finger/Toe Nails
Three (3) possible future outcomes from the advent of this brutally bad movie being released (and the context of the word 'future' here is quite relative).

1. Undergoes a similar metamorphosis' to Director Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room' in that, it attracts an insane, cult-like following from movie goers that, possess a tit-twisting fetish, for watching flicks that, are so poorly done on every possible level that, it is tantamount to passing a fatal accident on an Interstate and trying to look away.

2. The US military pay big bucks to acquire the exclusive rights to this film, for use in covert opts, as a last resort means to brutally torture a combatant, traitor or outright sworn enemy. Unfortunately, if the Geneva Convention were allowed to view this film, prior to it being classified for warfare, it is highly likely that, the Geneva Convention would immediately restrict such usage (as inhumane).

3. Serve as inspiration to any wannabe director, actor or other individual, looking to break into the movie industry realizing that, if this film found financing and distribution that, it can only go UP from here.
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