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Oceans Rising
Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Adam Lipsius
Rickey Alexander Wilson as Tom (as Ricky Wilson Jr.)
Kevin Young as Phil
Jeff Harms as Nick
DeJean Brown as Earl
Jason Tobias as Josh
Cedric Jonathan as Rob (as Cedric Jonathan)
Paola Menacho as Marjorie
Roy Abramsohn as Ron Livingston
Paul Statman as Dr. Zicree
Storyline: A scientist builds a boat after his warnings of an Earth-destroying flood are ignored. But when it's evident the disaster will occur, those who maligned the scientist now turn to him in desperation, boarding the ark and seeking his answers before the world drowns in a never ending sea.
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One word description: UGH.
I was scrolling thru Netflix and saw this title. I hopped on here to read a synopsis and thought that it would be a fun Syfy movie. I usually enjoy their B-rated sub-prime dribble, but this is just wrong. He does NOT build an ark. He doesn't build anything except gas in my body. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people that can't just stop watching a movie. Once I've invested 15 minutes, I have to see it through to the end. Lets just say I was able to check all my emails, shop a little on ebay, and do a little face-booking during this movie. Don't waste your time.
Where can I start?
This movie is so awful and the acting is so bad, it should be categorized as comedy. The movie does not make any sense. The dialogues in the whole movie do not make sense. The description of the movie is nowhere near what the movie is about. There is no ark, he doesn't build one either. He has a fishing boat which somehow makes it from Galveston, TX to Switzerland in less than a day. Half of the earth is covered in water and the sun has destroyed earth's satellites, but somehow they have cellphone reception and internet where they go. The CGI scenes are so amateur it looks like some teenager who's just learning how to do fx's did it. I cannot even begin to describe the acting. It looks like a fifth grade play script. Nothing makes sense in the whole movie. There's a scene where one of the flood survivors dies and it's so bad acted it's hilarious and about 10 minutes pass and the lady goes to see how the woman's boy is doing and she sees him sad and she asks the boy"what's wring? Why are you so sad?" And the little boy tells her he's sad cause nobody loves him AND I'm over here like: wait a minute, didn't that kid's mother just die? I guess the lady and the little boy forgot about that in just 10 minutes. I tell you, whoever wrote this movie deserves to be fired and whoever directed it needs to practice something else because direction is not his strength. Ohhhh! And somehow they managed to build a mile long circle with sandbags where water can't come through but somehow water could destroyed the rest of the world, and all this was built in less than hours which is the time they had. Bottom line, what a waste of time this movie is.
Should have been allowed to sink.
What exactly is this? It rivals some of the worst parody films ever made, but seems like it is trying to be scientific and profound. Was it written by a 12 year old? Special effects out of the 1960's. Totally improbable premises. Actors who look like they are waiting for Guffman. Like watching a slow motion train wreck. You want to look away but you are fixated by total disbelief. Don't get trapped. Hit the exit button before it's too late.
I am so nice to give a 3 stars
Maybe it can count as a disaster movie, but it is not a science fiction for sure. More like a soap drama, empty and boring. I am so nice to give a 3 stars, and a 2/5 on amazon. If the characters dead at the end, I probably will give a 4/10 for this movie. Unfortunately they survived. Does the previous sentence can be count as spoiler?
Because the end is near?...
I do like catastrophe movies and natural disaster movies, however the vast majority of these movies turn out to be disasters themselves. And when I saw that this was a SyFy Channel and The Asylum collaboration, then I must admit that my expectations immediately dropped from mediocre to none. Why? Well, just look at the history of movies that have been spawned by The Asylum; not exactly the best of track records.

Regardless, I still continued on and progressed to watch "Oceans Rising", on the snowballs chance in Hell that this might actually turn out to be a good and enjoyable movie. At least I could be nothing but positively surprised by it with an expectation level of zero. But still, I was sitting with the impression that this will be one of those types of disaster movies where the entire world is in peril and a small group of people manage to thwart this and save the world from massive destructive natural forces. And that impression turned out to be true, and even the character Pam cemented that when she said "You're Earths last hope, Josh." Yeah, she actually said that!

And we are off to a positive start at least, with a cast ensemble of unfamiliar faces. That is something that I actually do enjoy in a movie, because I find it refreshing to see new talents, and who knows there might actually be some budding talents here waiting to sprout and impress. So that was a definite plus in my book.

One thing that really bugged me about "Oceans Rising" was the camera work, because the camera was constantly in motion. I loathe that kind of presentation of a movie, because it just has that whole home-made and low budget feel to it. Sure, some enjoy that; I don't! If I invest money and time into watching a movie, then I expect to be properly entertained by something that passes as a proper movie, and not by something that feels like I could have very well be the one who made it. So points off for the questionable camera work that was used throughout the course of "Oceans Rising".

And being a production from The Asylum, of course "Oceans Rising" came with some more than questionable CGI and special effects. But that hardly comes as a surprise, especially if you are familiar with the many, many movies that The Asylum has put out there.

As for the acting, well people were doing adequate jobs actually, despite having a generic script and weak storyline to work with. So they definitely had their limitations to struggle with in terms of having something worthwhile to guide them and steer them in the right direction.

I was somewhat baffled that there were no casualties and debris floating around in the wake of the first massive wave that Struck, especially with the sheer size of that wave. It just felt so amateurish and laughable. And even more so that it just came out of nowhere and with no alarms or warnings issued by the government instances.

Character-wise then "Oceans Rising" was adequate, at least in terms of disaster movies go. Generic and stereotypical? Sure. But they served the movie and storyline well enough.

Most of the movie took place on a small boat with a handful of people, so it was fairly limited in terms of story development, character growth and general ability for the movie to maintain interest from the audience. So this wasn't a particularly great accomplishment from writer and director Adam Lipsius.

After having watched "Oceans Rising" then I am still waiting for the day to come when a hundred foot tall fake CGI wave to come and wash me away.
Cheesiest Movie EVER!
I can't give it a 1, but I WON'T give it a 10! Typical story - end of the world! Copycat of "The Core", but with worse acting & cheesy special effects! Besides that, Galveston is in Texas - since she flew, her car should NOT have had California license tags! So stupid it's entertaining!
By far worst movie ever....
I am glad I spent the money for renting this movie! Why you say, when its the crappiest movie ever!? Well, only because I never before woken in the middle of the night, and just started laughing, thinking of how TERREBLY bad this Movie is ;) As it has been listed by others, the text and Picture is way of, he don't build an arc, but he has bought an old motor boat tall as a sky scraper, not the boat type you want if you expect a sunami! One of my favorite scenes is after the sunami hit and they are driving around picking up people from ocean, they spot a mian in an inflatable boat in the middle of the ocean, he wonders if they have any food, wen the confirm this he agrees to come on board (as if its a gesture to everyone else????) The boat however is incredible fast, one scene the main character is asked how far it is to the place they are going, you can see they drive slow cruising speed (idle rev) but he claims they go 38 knots at the time, This boat is not built for that kind of speed, and if they went that fast, the man would be steering the boat instead of being outside. After they drop of the female main character and someone else, the people in the boat have to go to the other side of the eart to find another proton accelerator cannon, good thing they have a super fast boat, because after a short short while, they are middle between USA and Europe?? The next day, they have sailed 5200 km to Switzerland (altough this country has no coastline), they arrive at a beach, drive a van up an hill, then they are in the Alps! Everey thing about this movie is so crappy, I will almost recommend that you see it yourself ;)
Lame, just lame...
The special effects and acting remind me of Sharknado, and not in a good way. There are so many things that are ridiculous in this movie that it's actually funny. And the boat used is hardly an ark. It's basically a large fishing boat. I don't recommend anyone watch this film, unless you're bored and need a laugh.
It's The Best Movie Ever!
Rarely do you get to see such a wonderful action packed and well acted movie as this one. It's truly a gift that keeps on giving. Just look at all of the one of kind things you get to experience:

1) 265 foot sea level rises that completely swallow entire continents and completely toss the interior of a 25 foot boat, while allowing the man outside of it to hold onto lines one handed and simply climb aboard.

2) In the aforementioned scene, said boat is dry docked one second and in the next is at least 8 miles out to sea in glass smooth water, and the man has been underwater the whole time it was getting there.

3) Obvious day sailors in small sailboats in the distance, and only two survivors shown in water with no visible method of them having gotten out there.

4) 28-30 year old Lindsay Wagner double as President of the US

5) Ozone holes that burn people below decks yet can't penetrate a plastic window in the bridge to burn the star actress, and that disappear in time for romantic scenes on the bow.

6) Single row sandbags stacked 60 feet high in less than two hours by a group of 9 people that are expected to hold back the entire Atlantic Ocean with no bracing.

7) Aforementioned 25' boat that makes it from Long Island to Switzerland in a single day and night on a single tank of gas.

8) Surreal levels of unrealistic science purporting to explain how a Hadron Collider controlled remotely can generate two black holes and control them, restarting the Earth's magnetic field.

9) Death Star - like laser effect as the magnetic field recovers itself in less than 5 seconds worldwide.

10) Black holes out of control within station, but the lead actress can outrun hers since they have absolutely no effect outside of the computer and adjoining rooms.

11) Axe-actuated single cable disconnection feature.

12) Survivors who have absolutely no idea what's going on with the molecular physics the entire movie who high five with complete understanding when it works.

13) Tiny weird Gandhi - like scientist who needs to get up on a chair to tell 8 people that the lead actor saved the world

14) Lead actress who takes 480KW of power through an ax blade and then wakes up pretty much in time to wink and thumbs up the camera.

15) Boat that throughout the movie is portrayed during outside shots using a small model in a tank.

And much much more!

You must see this movie. It is the finest example of film making ever produced. Even finer than Zombie 90 and Black Sheep! No seriously! Even Better! Don't take my word. Rent now!
I agree bad, really bad, but I found it fun in its awfulness
The acting is bad the special effects are not even amateurish and the science makes no effort to make sense.

The fun in this movie is discovering just how bad it is! There is no provision given to plot and the features visible in the frame of the film that totally contradicts the premise.

Emotions portrayed at any given situation are, at best, inappropriate.

I liked it but it is bad, bad, bad!
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