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Drama, Sport
IMDB rating:
Ron Scalpello
John Hurt as Leslie Salmon
Jennifer Brooke as Trixie Marks
Ruth Alfie Adams as Mrs. Anderson
Decca Heggie as Blockie Johnson
Robert Goodman as Bobby Sunlight
Charley Palmer Merkell as Carrots McLean
Josh Helman as Lenny McLean
Martin Askew as Jim Irwin
Chanel Cresswell as Valerie McLean
George Russo as Frank Warren
Michael Bisping as Roy Shaw
Rita Tushingham as Reenie Joyce
Nick Moran as Johnny Bootnose
Storyline: The life story of one of Britain's most notorious bare-knuckle fighters, Lenny McLean, also known as "the Guv'nor."
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Ruined by the Gurning!
As mentioned by a previous reviewer, the film was ruined by the ridiculous face pulling antics of the "Gurner" playing Lenny McLean.

Scene after scene destroyed by stupid, over the top facial expressions.

Why oh why did no one simply tell the fool to stop making stupid faces and twitching in every single scene.

Wasted opportunity, waste of time, better watch the real documentary.
Could of been a good film
Bad directing and annoying performance from the lead role, the life story of lenny mclean could be made into a great film, this film does not do it justice, the lead actor comes across as if he has tourettes, it only focuses on a small part of lennys life was disappointed in the film, hope a good film about lennys life gets made
Definitely worth watching
An interesting overlook on lennies boxing and very entertaining to say the least, not quite sure what all the bad reviews are about, I enjoyed learning a little about a a very small aspect of this guys boxing and fight ability but I'd like to see a sequel which covers more in depth of what Lenny did in the underworld, when he was a bouncer, but good film and definitely worth watching
Very poor effort
Nearly all the main characters in this film seem to be playing caricatures of their East End counterparts. Its a bit like watching an American interpretation of East End life, the same way they think all the British elite walk around in bowler hats saying "Whato" like Jeeves and Wooster. Its so exaggerated and artificial it's like watching an episode of Spitting Image. It's a bit of a shame this is the last thing I've seen John Hurt cast in, but as expected he's very good, as are a lot of the minor cast. The problems don't lie with the actors in my opinion, I think it is the direction that's really causing this one to suffer.

If you think that's as bad as it gets, you'd be mistaken; the facial gymnastics of the lead will either have you cringing in antipathy, or laughing in hysterics. I don't know what was going on with the direction here but it's way off track, and the other factors are far from ideal. The story is ridiculous anyway, and inaccurate to the point where it makes The Beano look like a serious publication.

it does have a little entertainment value, but it isn't anything to write home about. I would give this one a miss as its just not worth seeing.
Another great British film
Highly recommend this great movie, giving us a insight to the life of Lenny,i don't think you could have picked a better person to play the part - i think we will be hearing and seeing a lot more of Josh Helman in the future, the whole production was filmed top notch well done to all involved
Life story?
A very thin slice of Lenny McLean's life washed clean to within an inch of none existence.

The real Lenny Mclean was a criminal, thug, enforcer, street fighter and unlicensed boxer, who was far from invincible and who also ducked out of many challenges from more skilled opponents.

Later in life McLean ended up as an actor too, before being struck down at just 49.

An interesting life that is pretty much ignored in this film.

Instead we are presented 'lovable rogue' stereotype keeping his neighbours safe, a cartoon character, and his three fights with Roy Shaw.

And if that wasn't enough, McLean's facial ticks are exaggerated to a crazy level, rendering him a gurning fool.

Not good. Avoid.
God Awful, A Waste Of 90 Minutes Of My Life........
I gave this film 1 star because I couldn't leave a zero star rating!!

What a load of old pony, making a hero out of this bully is an insult to the memory and family of Gary Humphries!!

If you're bored, or have a penchant for low budget and even lower quality 'English Gangster Flicks', such as all those crappy 'Essex Boy Drug Dealer' films, you'll probably like this load of old tosh too.

Can I have that 90 minutes back please?
Could be so much better
The dialogue is often what people outside of East London imagine it should be but is far from authentic. The humour that is often implicit in the language is missing. As for the main character, to see critics describe him as a hero is laughable. He may well have been know in unlicensed fighting, and in some of the cubs, but the average East Londoner in the 70's and 80's would not have known who he was. The actor playing McLean at least gets across the manic nature of McLean but his facial expressions are a bit OTT. In fact most of the acting is a bit naff with the exception of some of the more established thespians, who do their best with a script that is jerky and direction and post production that is not the best. There is a story to be told here but it needs better actors, a better crispy and much better direction.
It is supposed to be a film about Lenny McLean and his struggles in his life. But Josh Helman just ruin the character by terrible acting and awful impersonation.

Also the story was not well written, it didn't had any depth at all. The characters were weakly displayed, none of the characters had proper build up to give them a strong base.

It will be terrible mistake on your part if you go and watch the film because regardless of who you are it doesn't worth your time.

Not Recommended.
Miscast and too forced
I was really excited about this film but unfortunately I couldn't even make it through. The shear blatant mis-cast for the lead role is just too much to bear. He's obviously done his homework but unfortunately Josh Helman comes across as an awkward and cringey caricature of Lenny. And did people really say boy that much?

In addition, the camera-work for the fights was absolutely awful, just a complete jumbled mess. Not sure if this was done on purpose to represent the atmosphere of the crazy east end unlicensed boxing nights, who knows.

They had a world class martial artist in Bisping playing Shaw, I'm sure they could have used him more and imitated the fights properly.

This film could have been great, but the casting let it down before it started. Better luck next time.
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