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Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Robert Dyke
John Ager as Computer Tech
Michael Stephen Bryant as Truck Driver
Damon Dayoub as Daniel Allen
Steven Dutton as Trucker
Chris Newman as Carter
Jennifer Kincer as Nicole
Sarah Butler as Scout
Loretta Higgins as The Engineer
Charles Shaughnessy as Richard Kontral
Christopher J. Courtney as Truck Driver
Storyline: A long forgotten ancient spacecraft discovered on Earth. Investigations carried out by Scout transport her to the moon whereupon she meets the impressive machines preserving the wisdom of that long lost civilization.
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Forgotten already
I watched this movie 3 days ago, from anticipatory beginning to completely baffled end. Can someone please remind me of the premise and/or the plot of this film, as I've have totally forgotten.

I was so bored by the end, I don't even remember the robots that other reviewers talk about. Seriously!

I do remember a scene or two, involving a gallery of blurred outlines of some people supposedly in charge of something, but that's about all I remember. Honest ......
WOW! Dreadful on a level I've rarely seen
I never leave reviews but felt a duty to the rest of humanity to do so here. This is literally the worst movie I've ever seen. I love sci-fi. I will watch bad sci-fi just because its all that's available. I went in with low expectations and was still surprised at how bad a movie could be. Could not make it more than half way before I gave up.

I think my kids have turned in better video projects than this for school. I find it hard to believe there was a professional anywhere near this mess.

stay away - even if you can see it for free, you would have more fun reading the tax code.
Message about God
Daniel (Damon Dayoub) and his girlfriend Scout (Sarah Butler) are attempting to raise funds about a discovery of a large female head statue. Meanwhile, and apparently nearby, a pyramid is uncovered with writing estimated to be 14,000 years old. They are called in by a group (them) to decipher the meaning. Scout is able to decode them, by a means that seems to be more of channeling their meaning than an actual deciphering.

Anyway, Richard Kontral (Charles Shaughnessy) is a bad guy and people die to keep the secret. The plot doesn't have any decent twist and oh ya, there is that moon thing at the end, a moon that has the same gravity as Earth something the special effects people ignored. There were a couple of bots, nothing overly impressive. The film has a New Age theme. Sarah Butler wears a revealing gown and has some blurred side view nudity.

The film felt like it was written for the Saturday morning crowd, but then they added the risqué outfit and some awkwardly placed F-words, spoken by people who don't know how to swear. Sarah Butler was very unconvincing. Nice red outfit.
A plot in search of a suitable story
Somewhere in this plodding, underdeveloped mish-mash of a movie there is a story worth doing. Sadly, it wasn't done correctly here. You will find yourself wondering why they didn't do "X" or "Y" all the way through it. That is, if you can stay with it long enough. This movie could have been done in half the length of time it took, and the result would have been far superior. Vast chunks of time are wasted on long, lingering shots of ...... nothing important. Or s-l-o-o-o-w pan shots that do nothing to advance the story. The SFX are mediocre, at best. The dialog goes from snappy to dull in the blink of an eye. With a few more bucks in the budget, and a director and cinematographer who actually cared, this could have been a half decent B flick.

Save your precious dollars, and find another flick to watch.
Just Say No
I gave a extra point for the lovely "Scout" (Sarah Butler) who in the first 15 minutes is also a cunning linguist, delivering dialog in a gravel pit outside Troy, Michigan while standing next to an 8 foot plywood pyramid. Bravo.

While other reviewers say this film is bad, I say it's hokey and consequently, entertaining to some. YMMV :)
Truly dire and Awful
what can i say about this title i knew within the first 2 minutes how awful this was going to be but to my better judgement i carried on watching the acting was ham the story was like a 5 year old wrote it the whole thing was so bad towards the very end my DVD player stopped dead i think my DVD player had become sentient and decided to terminate itself i paid £5 to watch this DVD and i am going to blow torch it so no one else has to suffer this dire piece of trash.
Depending on your mood it can perhaps be an okay movie
Never expect a sci-fi movie to make sense.

The movie has a lot of nonsense to the story. Some of the characters act in a very illogical way. The reason they act in such a way is partially explained by way of a conspiracy (and a weird script). Some of the story is nonsensical filler, that makes you search for a deeper meaning that isn't there. The movie does not become embarrassing, but it's pretty close to. I give this movie a generous 4 stars because it's so unique, odd and it's a bit better than the average B-movie. Don't expect too much and you will hopefully not get disappointed.
how bad could it get?
saw this advertised thought "intresting" saw reviews and thought it cant be "THAT" bad, and i was right it wasn't that bad was worse i was thinking of writing some spoilers but after 5 Min's in any one with an IQ above own shoe size could tell you what is going to happen. do NOT waste time money your memory .
Do bad movies also need a worst sequel?
I have to say that the story doesn't sound bad but just by watching the full trailer (and the robot fight which is pretty much a 3d version of the Red vs Blue board game) you can assume how horrible this movie is.

Low Budget, Low Quality. This movie is a sequel of the 1989 sci-fi horror film called 'Moontrap' and it was written by the same guys who wrote the original film but it seems this time they had a budget of $500 and hired a youtuber for the special effects.

Very, very slow pace, a few sci-fi cliché tropes, awful effects (had to say it again) keeps you bored until the end. Don't waste your time.

If you are brave enough to torture yourself for roughly 100 min, do it all by yourself.
What the hell did I just watch?
This film had so much potential – and it squandered all of it.

The editing was off, but my primary complaint is that the various characters never acted as if they were real people. Case in point, a main character loses what would have appeared to be the love of their life, yet shows virtually no emotion about it whatsoever, even to the point of seeming to completely forget about that person's existence shortly afterward.

The plot is disjointed at best, and the entire film seems to be a series of set pieces strung together in a very haphazard fashion.

As for the ending of the film?

Well, it ended. It didn't make any sense, but neither did the rest of the movie.
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