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USA, UK, Canada
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Zack Snyder
Ayelet Zurer as Lara Lor-Van
Christopher Meloni as Colonel Hardy
Michael Kelly as Steve Lombard
Jadin Gould as Lana Lang
Tahmoh Penikett as Henry Ackerdson
Richard Cetrone as Tor-An
Dylan Sprayberry as Clark Kent at 13
Antje Traue as Faora
Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent
Michael Shannon as General Zod
Laurence Fishburne as Perry White
Russell Crowe as Jor-El
Henry Cavill as Clark Kent / Superman
Amy Adams as Lois Lane
Diane Lane as Martha Kent
Richard Schiff as Dr. Emil Hamilton
Harry Lennix as General Swanwick
David Paetkau as Threat Analyst
Storyline: A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.
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A well deserved and long awaited portrayal of Superman
After a disappointing start to summer movies with Iron Man 3, 2013 seemed like a weak year for movies. Followed by a decent Star Trek sequel, a very successful and unexpected Fast and Furious 6 as well as an out of nowhere decent flick Now You See Me, the reins were handed to Man of Steel to be the summer blockbuster to blow everyone away.

Man of Steel is a solid movie as a whole. The plot suffers from clichés and it is rushed to death, but some substantial stuff is there. Performances all around are good but special mentions go to Russell Crow and Kevin Costner for an outstanding job. As far as an action flick goes...expect a lot of it. If you thought the previews had all the action...boy, you're in for a surprise. The movie is nonstop action, things blow up and get destroyed at least five minutes within one another and the last hour of the film defines mayhem. As a superman film, here is where Man of Steel succeeds.

Henry Cavill was an outstanding Clark Kent. His portrayal was on point: charismatic, fragile but strong, charming but menacing, and a pretty boy for the ladies if they felt turned off by the Fourth of July over the top action sequences that were taking place around him. The storyline was very fragmented but his character was made out to be a lot more interesting and less cheesy than other films, but still had its flaws.

Now, for General Zod. As excited as I was to see a villain that can rival Superman and a break from the overused Lex Luthor, he was too much for the first film. Why do I say this? His character was developed rather poorly and his dialogue sounded very similar to that of many other villains that we have seen before. Despite that, the final fight scene was memorable. You get what you expect. Two titans go at it for a good amount of time and if there fighting does not pump your adrenaline, go check your pulse.

Man of Steel. The best of summer 2013 so far, one of the best Superman film (if not the best to date), amazing action flick (believe it or not, people might say it has too much action), and overall one of the much better superhero movies out there only rivaled by Nolan's batman trilogy (Someone give the Justice League a green light, Bale and Cavill? That would be unbelievable). Forget the critics, everyone has something to enjoy here, thats for sure.
This review may contain spoilers.

Again, I don't usually write reviews, but I feel compelled to this time considering the mixed to negative reaction this is getting from critics. First of all, all I can say is that whatever movie the "critics" were watching, must have really been a different movie. Or they had blindfolds on. Don't listen to the negative hype. This has happened with countless movies before. A week before a movies release all of these "edgy" and "original" critics will give negative reviews toward a movie. A lot of the complaints are actually things that work in this movies favor.

This movie is much more serious than the previous Superman movies. This isn't Superman Returns serious. This is, "the shizzle just got real" serious. People were complaining about how dark and serious this was. With all the events happening in this movie it would be highly inappropriate to have jokes thrown in. There was so much death and violence. This movie also has a lot of action. Many people said it was over the top. It damn well should be. This is hands down the best portrayal of Superman's capabilities in any movie we've seen so far. Henry Cavill is Superman to me now. I always liked Reeve, but damn, this guy is Superman. Amy Adams was alright as Lois Lane, and I'm sure here character will grow in future films. The rest of the cast is very good. Zod, though different from Stamp, is pretty fierce. This Zod is much more menacing.

This movie might just be the best superhero movie ever. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. It had the action of the Avengers, and in moments, the heart of the Batman movies. Don't go in expecting The Dark Knight though. This is a balls to wall action movie. We see Superman kick some serious ass in this and if this is the DC movie to kick off what will be a swarm of DC movies, then I'm a happy camper.

Hated it. Donner's vision was so much better....
I truly hated this film. In fact I consider this the worst Michael Bay-esque film that wasn't directed by Michael Bay.

KRYPTON. We begin as with Donner's film on Krypton which is on the brink of destruction because the Kryptonians are harvesting the core for power resources but are apparently too advanced to realise this is a stupid thing to do. We hear throughout the film that they settled all over the galaxy but for some reason can't survive without Krypton so also the settlers all died after Krypton is gone. Fair enough.

I hated the depiction of Krypton. The flying dragon reminded me of Avatar and this unnecessary rip off really sucked I thought. We even got a little dinosaur esque creature thrown in there at some point. This reminded me of the unnecessary Special Edition dinosaurs in the Star Wars trilogy we got. Everything seemed so over the top, space ships everywhere, yet no one survives and the planet explodes with of course Kal-El sent off safely to planet Earth to become Superman.

Lara is quite forgettable in the film and I think they really missed a trick here. Perhaps the mother figure could have played a bigger part in the film as she was totally not used in the Donner versions. But no. Hollywood has not really advanced that much it seems and we stick with 2-D female characters mostly again.

Russel Crowe is OK as Jor-El but doesn't seem to have much chemistry with his wife.

General Zod gets banished to the Phantom Zone (or is it a Black Hole?) but this is done in a large space ship. Yeah space ships. There are tons of alien space ships in this film. Am I watching Superman or Independence Day or Avatar?

The whole depiction of Krypton I thought was disappointing and I longed back to Donner's vision; dignified, no physical fighting, an advanced race who seemed relatively clever but not as stupid as in Snyder's film.

BECOMING SUPERMAN. So we get a bit of back ground story here. We see some gritty stuff about Clark Kent working on a fishing boat. In fact all the grit / real footage was pretty much in the trailer. I thought we would get far more realism as with The Dark Knight trilogy. So where is young Clark I thought? Oh flashbacks. Yeah and plenty of them. They just appear out of nowhere and mess a bit with the pacing I think. So fair enough young Clark saved some kids on a bus, was bullied but couldn't use his powers and saw his dad die in a Twister. So that stuff isn't that bad really. However was it necessary to tell this tale in flashbacks? I think a more interesting movie would have been the simple linear approach as in the original Superman.

Cavill was fine as Superman. The cast really wasn't too bad actually.

FINDING OUT WHO HE IS. This was weird. No ice palace but an old Kryptonian space ship (yes another) that had crash landed on earth (one of the settlers) 18.000 years ago. Some strange computer that attacks Clark and Lois who already meet. Clark Kent isn't Clark journalist Kent with glasses until the very end of the film for some reason - so there is ZERO attempt at disguise here. In addition the world doesn't really get to know who Superman is. There is no "is it a bird, is it a plane" moment whatsoever. Everyone just goes along with everything beng destroyed. I don't quite understand that this was deemed as acceptable in the screenplay.

APPEARANCE OF ZOD AND THE Roller-coaster RIDE. Zod appears out of nowhere after looking for ages to find Kal-El and some thingy he has which allows Krypton to rise again. He dares Superman to hand himself over to Zod with his "thingy" and in return Zod won't attack earth (which he does anyway so he can terraform Earth into Krypton). As soon as Superman hands himself in this film hits a downwards hill on a roller coaster which does not stop for a second. NO breather, nothing. 1 1/2 hrs of constant CGI mayhem, destruction, "action" and violence.

So that's Superman in 2013. No heart, no funny moments and pretty much no humanity. Metropolis is completely flattened and I lost count of how many skyscrapers were destroyed. But somehow Clark Kent (terrible disguise and Lois Lane knows who he is?) has a job at the completely rebuilt Daily Planet in the last minute of the film and someone has tickets for the game. So all is good in the end.

This Hollywood destruction approach in movies is boring I think and there is nothing here that interests me very much. Perhaps 10 minutes of background story of young clark was quite watchable but in reality Donner has done all of this stuff better anyway. What was the point in remaking this film? Money I guess. There certainly wasn't really a story to tell here I think.

I passionately hate this film. Loved The Dark Knight trilogy and that felt very engaging, not much CGI and what was used just blurred into the film better but Man of Steel is a digital animated turkey which I hope doesn't spawn any sequels. Preferred Singer's Superman Returns as well. Waited years for this film and wanted to walk out of the cinema. Can't quite understand why so many here like it but maybe I'm just getting old. You can't entertain me with 2 1/2 hours of CGI I'm afraid, no matter how well it's done.

Worst Superman Ever
I have NEVER been so disappointed in a movie in my life. How in the world can the story of Superman be screwed up so badly. I wish I could get my money back. The storyline was bad, the acting was bad, the action scenes were too much. Why would they do this to such a great story. I honestly do not see how anyone could like this movie if they have ever known anything about Superman. The scenes from Krypton were bad, the way they used flashbacks to tell the Smallville story was bad, the whole Zod storyline was poorly written. The battle scenes look like they destroyed Metropolis yet Clark goes to work at the Daily Planet at the end???? This was an overproduced poorly written movie with a storyline that has so much potential. I suggest everyone save their money.
God awful
Worst film I have seen in about 10 years. I was originally going to see star trek, but watched this due to the fact some of my party had already seen Star trek into darkness. What can I say? Shallow characters, bad acting, terrible script, long winded hard to swallow fight scenes combined with a storyline that made no sense. It started off alright, Russel Crowe's performance was solid and the storyline seemed good, but then it fell apart, with characters so weak that you didn't even care if they lived or died (sorry Laurence Fishburne & co).

Maybe it was due to the fact I kept expecting it to get better but I sat through the whole thing (not to mention that it seemed to go on forever), Cheesy lines and boring fight scenes don't mix. Oh yeah the fight scenes, Jesus, nothing more exciting than seeing two people knock each other through buildings only for them to get up completely 15 times? I get that they have superhuman strength, but surely they should be able to hurt each other?

I LOVE films, love sci-fi too but this film is fit for the bin. Can't believe how much positive feedback it's getting. weak =(
Would Superman Please Make Himself Known to the Audience
Here's the problem.

To make a successful Superman movie you only need one thing...


Not hard is it.

Why is it then that he is completely absent???

Sure there's a blue and red blob that zips from one scene to the next but I didn't pay to watch a pixelated blur.

I came to share a couple of hours with my favourite super hero of all time.

The guy who, when I was a kid, was on my bed clothes and whose outfit I proudly wore to every fancy dress party.

Alas it was not to be.

I'm not knocking Henry. He ticks a lot of the boxes but we just didn't spend any time with him. We didn't get to know him. We didn't care for him.

How could the writers of the brilliant Dark Knight series and the director of the equally brilliant Watchmen get it so wrong. Those films were all about character development.

We got to know them as human beings. We could relate.

Like the Iron Man trilogy, those movies weren't about the men in the suits, they were about the men. It made the moments they were in their suits so much more powerful.

And yet no. It was not to be.

I only hope they get it right next time.
For the critics who wrote bad reviews about MOS! This is absolutely a great movie!
I have read some critics here, the great, the good, the so so, and the bad ones. I understand everyone has right for his opinions, and I certainly understand some people have high standards. But what I get out of these negative reviewers is they are just haters. Haters are going to be haters. No other ways to put it.

First of all, when you walk into a theater to watch a blockbuster movie like MOS, what do you expect. Anyone who has seen the trailers should pretty much guess the story line, because general Zod's name was mentioned. So for these people to expect great story line completely blow their mind, they are simply asking for way too much. After all, superman's story has been told SO many times, there are certain things you simply can't just change. I think this movie did a great job to add some novelties to the character.

Secondly, for those complain about too much fighting scene, imagine this really happens in a large city like New York or Chicago. You expect Zod will take it easy simply because it's earth? The whole point of this movie is to make it believable, we are not living in a world of 1970's any more. Things have to follow real law of physics if they want to look real. If superman can fly faster than a bullet, this is what he should fly like, not just floating in the air, so people can see how he flies. If you want to do that, go back to see the superman from 1978. That's the year you should have never grow out of. Unfortunately, this is 2013. I hate people give low scores to a film simply because they can without justifying the score while brag about their intelligence. I don't see any of that intelligence showing from their reviews at all.

Finally, like every movie, this movie has its flaws, I think the kissing scene was way too sudden after all the big fights, it was not very convincing they would feel such a strong urge to kiss each other rather than looking for survivors. But again, as much as I liked Revengers, how much fighting scenes in that movie was believable? Blackwidow kicking ass using a hand gun against flying aliens, yeah, that really made sense! The point is, sometimes, you just need to throw all your prejudice out of the window and treat the film with respect, and learn to enjoy it. If with an open mind, it still turns out to be a bad movie, then by all means. I think this is a solid 9/10 superhero movie deserves better reviews.
Swing and a Miss!
"Man of Steel" is not just a failure on it's story, but a catastrophic meltdown right down to the fundamental core.

1.) If you didn't have tinnitus going into the movie, you will when you come out. This is one of the most unnecessarily decibel cranking movies I have ever seen, that's not me being oversensitive, i've sat through plenty of loud movies.

2.) The Krypton story. I appreciate that time was taken to explore Superman's home planet, parents, and how he came to be on Earth. It's also when I started to become uneasy with this movie. Zod & co. are convicted and sentenced, and a huge spacecraft collects them for punishment.

I could accept that perhaps this supposed advanced culture's arrogance stopped it from seeing it was doomed (I'll reluctantly give it a pass, it's been in every Superman i've ever seen, But why didn't Jor-el utilize a bigger ship? Surely he'd figure out how, or own one of his own. I didn't question this in the original Donner version because no Spacecraft scene was there, only the weird mirror.

3.) The Codex. Jor-el swims through fields of growing babies left over from the Matrix, grabs a skull, dissolves it, and infuses it into his baby. Couldn't we just stick with he obtained powers from passing through a sun?

When you suck all the mysticism and wonder from a story, something is lost in translation. (that's you Star Wars prequels).

Likewise this happens when you try to shovel in as much ridiculous crap as you can.

4.) Pa Kent. Wasn't this supposed to be the surrogate father that Clark loved, respected and who helped to mold him into a good man? Watch as he treats his son with indifference and coldness. His demise, a scene that is supposed to be powerful and poignant, is instead boiled down to a stupid action scene for no real reason at all. Costner really phoned this one in.

5.) Some stories are means to be dark and full of drama and angst. Superman is not one of them, and it shows. It's a huge trend now to make every super hero story dark and depressing, this works great for comics like Batman or Watchmen, but backfires horribly for Superman,(Take a note from "The Avengers" guys, it's possible to be successful and convincing without being dark all the time.)

Am I saying he can't be frustrated, angry or upset? No, of course not. Reference again the Donner version for how this can be achieved properly and effectively.

6.) Numerous miscasts. Don't care for Henry Cavill...I just couldn't get into him as Superman, and I tried, I really did, he just didn't convince me.

Likewise on Amy Adams, who took me so far outside the character of Lois Lane there was no going back. She also lacks any chemistry what-so-ever with Superman.

Fishburne is well...there, but nothing about him is memorable. Diane Lane is serviceable.

7.) Superman doesn't act like Superman, and may actually cause more casualties that any villain, device, in this movie. Huge buildings are destroyed, countless people are incinerated, crushed or seemingly blown up, and it goes on forever.

This contributed greatly to the further removal of myself from the Superman character, frankly this molds him into more of a douchebag hellbent on personal vengeance than it does as a hero. (btw there is continuance here of the "Jesus" savior references from the last movie..ridiculous.) There no way I could invest in him, I promise I tried, I did.

8.) Other misc. stuff thrown in that bothered me. Lois in the Arctic, there was absolutely no reason for her to be there. The dumb Arctic spaceship and the equally ridiculous contents therein. The anti-climatic death of Zod.

9.) Lois Lane on board with the army/Air Force with the baby ship. Why do movie makers constantly feel the compulsion to have characters do things for the sake of having them in some big action scene. Lois functions best as the snoopy reporter, and occasional damsel in distress.

A few things I liked about the movie:

1.) The terraforming machine was cool. I "guess" I could buy the explanation about terraforming other planets. It's not the worst plot line they could've come up with. I liked the way the CGI/special effects for it were done.

2.) General Zod. One of two characters I actually enjoyed. Too bad they didn't develop him more or give him some real dimension. But Michael Shannon does a great job. After a while his scenes were the only ones I looked forward to. At least he had some passion, conviction, and reasons behind him doing the things he's doing. After the disaster the rest of this movie is, you'll find yourself rooting from him. (um, filmmakers, this is what you intended right? You didn't want me to root for the hero did you?)Too bad we won't be seeing him again as Superman offed him horribly.

3.) Jor-el was great. Russell Crowe did a great job. He was a highlight for me. There was more intensity and emotion in interactions between himself and Zod (both "hologram" Jor-El and person Jor-el) than collectively between anyone else in the entire movie. Great job guys.

Skip this one, you'll feel mad at wasting your hard earned money on the ticket. If you were a fan of the Donner series (I am.) Remember your hero as Christopher Reeve portrayed him, brave, honorable, kind, and properly angsty and emotional.

2/10 for Shannon and Crowe, and for some of the effects.
Buildings blowing,pumps exploding,guns blazing,CGI and special effects overflowing...NOT WHAT I WANTED
I had been waiting for Man Of Steel for more than a year. Watched all its trailers on IMDb itself. And look what they did.

Snyder wanted to make his masterpiece. He probably considers himself a genius. But seriously are we so foolish that we consider such a movie with no decent plot and no clever twists or character development not only good but GREAT.Well its not.

The first half is basically introducing kal-el and his extraordinary abilities and hiding them from the world. It is slow , uninteresting but however provides decent possibility of a lift up in the second half

Now is when it gets worse.

The second half is filled with special effects, CGI and nothing more.The last half hour had me yawning and cursing zack snyder.

This could have been a masterpiece. It had all the elements but missed the thread that ties it all together. And i do not think that nolan was associated with the project in any creative way. The first half was nothing special and the second half was just blowing stuff and 'aliens' beating each other,buildings been torn apart and similar BS.

Almost all the actors were wasted.Although Kevin Costner was good in the screen time he had. Russel Crowe was completely wasted and so was adams. Henry Cavill didn't have to do much but to make weird sex faces while flying. Nothing special about the others either.

I had great expectations from this but they were not met. Rather i left the theater bored, cheated and poorer.

So i suggest not to waste your money on this.The 3d was nothing special either. Overall this was a huge disappointment.

And please don't compare this to Batman Begins. Its not even in the same class.

1/10 and thats because i am a generous fella........and i don't have a choice.
The Greatest CBM Ever !!
I was lucky enough to get into an early screening along with 3 friends.

We were all stunned beyond belief at how EPIC MoS is..i know the word EPIC is thrown around a lot now but this was the most EPIC movie i have seen in my 32 years on this planet.

My 3 friends and me have already bought tickets to see MoS on Friday and Sunday - one of my friends - a die hard Superman fanatic has vowed to watch MoS 10 times before its run is up....i think i too will end up watching it at least 4 times if not more.

The cast is superb, the score by Zimmer is top notch and the action combined with the score will make your spine tingle.

I have seen some negative reviews by some critics - They are obviously either bitter old men angry that new Superman is not the smiling, Cat saving Superman from the Donner era or frustrated women who wanted more 'romance' and 'feelings' for which they can just watch Superman Returns.

Go watch MoS - it is the Superman movie the world has been waiting for.
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