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Man of Steel
USA, UK, Canada
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Zack Snyder
Ayelet Zurer as Lara Lor-Van
Christopher Meloni as Colonel Hardy
Michael Kelly as Steve Lombard
Jadin Gould as Lana Lang
Tahmoh Penikett as Henry Ackerdson
Richard Cetrone as Tor-An
Dylan Sprayberry as Clark Kent at 13
Antje Traue as Faora
Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent
Michael Shannon as General Zod
Laurence Fishburne as Perry White
Russell Crowe as Jor-El
Henry Cavill as Clark Kent / Superman
Amy Adams as Lois Lane
Diane Lane as Martha Kent
Richard Schiff as Dr. Emil Hamilton
Harry Lennix as General Swanwick
David Paetkau as Threat Analyst
Storyline: A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.
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Worst movie. The opening had promise with Russell Crowe as Jor-El sending his son on his journey. The minimal dialogue revealed very little about the characters. Even Lois Lane is a shadow of her former self, with longing looks and not much of the spunk we expect from her character. Where is the fun news room banter? The entire project is based on computer graphics explosions and destruction. They destroy building after building after building, gas station, supermarket, skyscraper, until you are just bored with the repetitive plot. It is terrible. The fighting is a blur and Superman is just not his super self. Don't waste your money unless you are a young male looking for a movie that looks like a video game. I am so disappointed that they made an awful Superman movie. If you like anything besides violent fights and explosions, you'll be bored to tears. Save your money for the next Spiderman, Bat Man or Iron Man movie.
Shocking excuse for a superman film
This is an awful superman film. It Could have been any other ' aliens trying to take over the world' film. A storyline that got boring years ago. There is nothing really uniquely 'superman' about this film. It's just another sci-fi/alien film which has tagged superman on to it. The film would have been exactly the same if the superman elements were removed and they made the film as an 'earth being taken over to harness our power' film, like has been made far too many times before. The fight scenes are very long and drawn out. By the end it is pretty boring watching two people who can throw each other through walls just continually keep punching each other in the face. Although this point of the film, which must be the last half an hour, is the only real time he is actually superman. After the huge build up this film has had, I found it a truly massive disappointment. I really hope they do not follow this up with for us to be disappointed with.
One of the most frustratingly underwhelming experiences I've had in cinemas
After watching Man Of Steel, my opinion of pretty much everyone involved in a creative capacity was substantially lowered. To see the product of such a talented collection of filmmakers, many having created films I've thoroughly enjoyed, be so joyless and feel so unfinished and rough around the edges and blunt, is very disheartening. Ultimately after the film was over, it really felt like I had watched an imitation of a blockbuster film, made by people who just didn't know what they were doing, or trying to say.

The movie is technically brilliant. CGI is superb. It was shot on film using anamorphic lenses, which I really appreciate for the look it creates. But what the film actually captured, and what the CGI was overlaid on top of, the actual movie, the story, is a flatline. The filmmakers just strung together a bunch of trailer shots and told Hans Zimmer to "do that thing you do", and that is it. There is no substance here. There is almost no character interplay, so many scenes basically only has two characters interacting. There is no effort from the filmmakers to actually weave the characters in the film into an engaging storyline, playing multiple characters off each other, exploring the dynamics of superman having two father figures. Superman has only sporadic dialogue, of which only a small percentage actually has substance and isn't just written to be a cool soundbite for the trailers.

The rest of the film is just a blur of CGI destruction imagery you would be hard pressed to differentiate from Transformers or Star Trek, which I was devastated to realize while in the cinema. The last 3rd of the film is in essence a particle effects demo from the effects houses involved.

I really cannot recommend this film to anyone. If you haven't seen a few previous films that destroy cities on massive scales it might still be a novelty you won't regret spending money on, but for anyone who wants to watch a movie with characters that engage you emotionally, stay away until you can watch it free of charge. Considering the film wanted to explore the character, and the huge possibilities that lie with Clark Kents dual heritage, where he belongs, who he is as a person, this film is one of the biggest creative failures in recent memory.
What a treat, It's about time!
Minor Spoilers contained within this review

This is the Superman that all of us die hard comic book fans have been hoping for since the beginning. That said, it's fun and enjoyable for everyone. I took my wife to see this and she can't wait to see it again, this coming from someone who normally wouldn't sit through a Superman film.

Spoiler #1 There is no Kryptonite in this film, there isn't even the mention of Kryptonite. This is a bitter sweet victory for those of us that know Superman from the comics as well as the movies. Those who've only ever seen the movies are under the very wrong impression that Superman is completely indestructible accept for the influence of the green radioactive fragments of his own home planet. Fans of the comics, Smallville and movies alike know differently. We know that there are actually a variety of things that hurt him or that have affects on him.

Spoiler # 2 No Lex Luthor. With the exception of Superman III, never have we seen a Superman film that didn't have Lex or a villain that is at least somewhat like him.

Spoiler #3 This is probably the most important detail, Superman gets his hands dirty. This isn't a surprise to comic fans either but it is for the casual movie-goer.

The origin story was fantastic. We get to see more of Krypton than ever before and it has a different look to it. Although I like Russell Crowe as an actor, I had my doubts about him being Jor-El but he quickly won me over. His portrayal is better than Marlon Brando's if you asked me. For once, we get to see him actually interact with his Son rather than just giving him fortune cookie advice. This time around, we really get a feel for just how evil General Zod is. We also get to see the type of interaction with Jor El and Zod that we only got to see previously in Kevin J. Anderson's "The Last Days of Krypton". In fact, I wouldn't at all be surprised if Zack Snyder either read that book or if someone on his staff did. That book told the story about Krypton's demise perfectly. It really illustrates how ceremonial Kryptonians were, the bureaucracy and their hesitancy to see their imminent demise. A front loaded origin story didn't choke this down the way I had thought it would.

The metropolis scenes were amazing, the casting choices were great. Everyone pulls their weight too. Henry Cavill really does a great job as Superman. He still personifies what we all know about Superman but showing us a newer and darker side that we've never seen before. We really get to see what lengths he goes to to protect Earth. Speaking of the darker side of Superman, it's plain to see that Christopher Nolan had a strong influence with the making of this installment. This was even better than The Dark Knight and it easily paves the way for sequels and for the JLA.

Amy Adams was a great pick for Lois lane. They even managed to touch on the Army brat side of her that previously we got to see on Smallville. Fans of Smallville will be happy to see that a number of actors from that show were in this movie as well. Lots of familiar faces and characters finally come to the big screen for the first time.

Michael Shannon portrayed General Zod perfectly. It's hard to fill Terrence Stamp's shoes but he did so magnificently. He wasn't the one dimensional megalomaniac bent on revenge that we had seen before. There was so much more depth to his character than what we'd seen before.

In conclusion, this was an amazing experience. It was great to finally see them branch out with Superman and show us the things we'd never seen but always hoped too. They didn't just give us more of the same old or recycle old scenarios with new actors. It had a very dark side to it but also stayed true to its roots. At the same time, there are still a few funny moments in there to break up the seriousness. They really went for realism and plausibility this time around too. If I elaborate more, I'll spoil too much. This is the one movie that you have to see on the big screen, it's well worth the ticket price!
No Superman here...
Live action filmmakers apparently don't know anything about Superman. I should warn you, I think the best Superman adaptation has been in animation, especially the animated series of the 90s with Tim Daly as Superman. Superman is always the boy scout, the Captain America of the DC Universe, honest, noble, brave and true. This is not the case in Man of Steel. The filmmakers were confused by Nolan. Nolan created a realistic and dark, brooding Batman series. Here is the problem. Batman is not realistic. And neither is Superman. You can't make Superman a dark, brooding individual who's confused about who he is.

The worst line in the movie is when Pa Kent says, "You should've let the boy die." He is referring to when young Clark rescues a bus full of children. Pa Kent would never, ever in a million years, say anything like this. Pa Kent is the same as Superman, honest, noble brave and true, a small-time farmer who has the simplest and heartfelt take on life. He just said you should've let people die...wrong. Superman is not like Batman, you can't turn him into a dark character, because that's not who he is. Nolan for some reason became the Joss Whedon of Marvel. Simply because Nolan had a hit with Batman, doesn't mean he should sheperd all upcoming DC films.

Whedon gets the game; he knows the characters and has even written quite a few comics. Nolan is a one note filmmaker, and he's not the best person to oversee DC. Also, Nolan is overpraised as a director, I say. Onto Zack Snyder, one of the worst filmmakers today. Snyder has no directing style. He simply thinks if he puts in an absurd amount of slow motion, that it will turn into gold. That's not how filmmaking works. Warner Bros. simply hired him because he was cheap and he made a cheap Superman. Warner Bros. clearly hired the wrong man for the job. Duncan Jones was even in the run, a far more visual and stylistic filmmaker than Snyder.

Snyder thinks that if he puts it in slow motion, it's cool. Wrong, the Wachowskis only put slow motion in the Matrix when it worked, not the whole movie. Snyder overuses a zoom in shot 5 times simply because he's not a stylistic filmmaker. It's the same shot Abrmas used in STar Trek, when they're space jumping to the drill in the first film, and then the Vengeance is falling through the atmosphere to San Francisco. Snyder merely saw other better films, and decided to rip them off, saying "hey that scene is cool and better than mine, maybe I'll out in there." Man of Steel is like a stupid combination of Transformers and JJ Abrams' Star Trek series. When Superman is battling the earth eating device, for no reason, Transformers Michael Bay tentacles suddenly come out and start attacking him. Okay....Also, Zod is defeated by a black hole device, sound familiar Embassador Spock? Its embarrassing that the first 20 minutes of the film on Krypton rip off Avatar, another terrible film. The filmmakers even got Krypton wrong. Krypton is supposed to be a paradise planet, no war, no disease, like the Amazon. Instead, Krypton is a sterile and cold, wasteland like planet, and you don't really feel sorry for seeing it blow up. Even Zod is left something to be desired. Shannon is rather William Shatner hammy as the villain. Zod should have been more like Khan, from Star Trek Into Darkness. Zod doesn't need armor, just needing a simple motivation for revenge would be fine for him. Killing Jor-El was also a mistake, yeah spoilers, he kills Jor-El, with immediately killed for me the hope of seeing his revenge story. Zod's costume should have been more like Khan's in Into Darkness, and funny enough, that's what other versions of his costume looked like.

Perry White doesn't do anything in the film, not one thing, he's just there because he's Perry White. Lois Lane also doesn't do anything, she's simple there because she's Lois Lane and her primary role in the film is to be rescued by Superman. Wow, you just destroyed the character of Lois Lane already. She's supposed to be a tough, self reliant and powerful leading lady for Superman. In this she's taken into a secret military base studying aliens and taken onto the secret military jet to destroy Zod's world eating device, then Zod takes her onto his ship...for no reason at all, simply because she's Lois Lane. Reporters would never be allowed to see these things. Her only role in the film is to be saved by Superman.

The nail in the coffin is the end fight with Superman and Zod. Spoilers, Metropolis is completely destroyed, knocking over 50 skyscrapers in their fight in the process, killing thousands. Superman and Zod are locked in a death grip, Zod about to use his heat vision to kill 4 innocent people. Superman in an attempt to save them...breaks Zod's neck. Thousands of people are already dead and you're worried about 4 people? Superman would never cause such violent destruction, he would always put out fires, do everything to keep buildings from falling, vowing never to let go, lest he gets someone hurt, he even said this in the final episode of the Justice League series in his fight against Darkseid.

Superman finds a ship that contains his suit and Jor-El's memories. Yeah, spoilers, no one designs his suit, not his mother or father, he simply finds it in a ship. Why was it there? Who used it before? Are you implying that 1000 years ago when the ships landed, they knew a Superman would be there? Are you implying someone was Superman before Superman? That really kills your whole, you're unique Clark theme in the movie...Superman simply finds his suit, which I thought was a laughable plot device, ruining Superman's back story. Watch the animated Superman instead.
stupid plot..disappointing!!
All there is to say is what a disappointment. I even shelled out the extra bucks for the IMAX experience. That was a huge waste. Thin plot, ridiculously long fight scenes, way too much cg and terrible ending. I used to love superman and DC comics growing up. DC movies can't hold a stick to Marvel. The characters are too one dimensional. It's all eye candy and no substance. Two thumbs down!! I can't believe that they would even consider making a Justice League movie after this hunk of garbage. I usually rate movies as to whether they are worthy of seeing in the theater, video purchase or cheap bootleg. This, I would not even waste $5 bucks to see.
This Superman is Super Sci-Fi Adventure
This is the Superman film I have waited so long to see. It does not conform to a traditional 'comic-book movie' and is instead a serious, epic sci-fi adventure. In this sense, it surprisingly feels less like a Nolan inspired superhero movie and more like a science fiction equivalent to Jackson's 'The Lord of the Rings'. The film is not without a handful of flaws, and it does run a bit longer than it probably needs to, but Snyder's film is a solid and heartfelt blockbuster and hopefully the first of many new Superman films to come.

Let's start with the leading man. Muscular and handsome, Cavill is by far the most physically believable Superman we have yet seen. But it is his masculine gentleness and understated kindness that works so well in his version of Clark Kent/Kal-El. His performance is notably stoic and brooding, but also very warm and human. He does well as the titular 'Man of Steel,' and the rest of the cast compliments him nicely. Shannon and Costner are specially effective in their parts, and Crowe gives considerable gravity to the character Jor-El. Amy Adams scores with her portrayal of Lois. One only wishes she had had more screen time and her relationship with Clark given a little more priority in the big picture. This film's unique take on the Lois and Clark relationship is, however, one of this story's strengths - Lois knows Clark's identity and helps him form his persona and keep his secret. This is indeed a woman Superman would trust and fall for.

The first 45 minutes of the film are well paced. After the grandiose opening sequence on Krypton, the film cuts between a wandering adult Clark and the child growing up in Kansas in Nolan's characteristic non- linear narration. After the first hour, the film occasionally slips into generic summer-action-movie territory once the villainous General Zod arrives, but the visuals are impressive enough and Cavill likable enough for it to work. And the action sequences are indeed stunning, showing- off Snyder's visual flair, if in the end there is perhaps an action set piece too many.

My bet is that sci-fi and action fans will like this movie and be impressed with its ambitious set pieces, and serious Superman fans will love that their hero has been given a serious, epic treatment. 8/10
Man of Steel is what a Superman movie must be!
Great film-making. Superb cast. Wonderful screenplay. Decent dialogues. Heavy action. Splendid visual spectacle.

Henry Cavill does a wonderful job. So does Russel Crowe and Kevin Costner. Even the smaller, not-so-important-to-the-plot characters are given something useful to do (rather than staring at the fights and giving 'suitable' expressions). Amy Adams is believable and cute.

The Superman that we all wanted to see brought to life through a great effort by everyone.

Man of Steel is to Superman what Batman Begins was to Batman. Need I say more?
Instantly Forgettable
I wish I could burn this film from my memory for real. I'm seriously not kidding. I really don't know how to describe the dread I felt within the first half hour when I knew this was as bad as others had warned me it would be and even worse than most critics said it would be. It really was beyond cringe worthy and those space ships. Don't even get me started. I expected Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith to come crawling out of one with cigars in their mouth. Something blows up. A bunch of blurry images zoom by and then it starts again. And repeat. And repeat. Rinse and repeat. That's how I feel trying to wash out the bad taste this film left behind. Nolan should stick to directing and not producing. Snyder and David Goyer need to launch themselves into space so this planet never again has to be subjected to anything this illogical and monotonous.
Everything for everyone
When 'Superman Returns' first hit theaters, we all thought "Finally, a good superman film that we can all enjoy". Sadly, we were very, very wrong, and personally I'm glad I didn't wait for hours on a ticket. Point is, I had pretty low expectations when I heard about "Man of Steel", and the trailers didn't help that much either, so when I finally saw it a few weeks after it's release, I was literally blown away buy it's awesomeness! The action scenes were the perfect fan dreams finally realized, the way General Zod was portrayed in a non- over the top way (by the way, no offense to the original) finally seeing Krypton in it's grand size and wonder, the casting and every single performance, I loved it all. Then I saw it again on Blu-ray, and I loved it even more. First, the characterization is astounding, not too little and not bogging us down, the way we see Superman deal with and struggle in finding his place on earth just rising above everything, the symbolism used deepening the film and making us care even more, how we see Zod actually have a motivation for his actions willing to do anything to save Krypton and having him so focused on his goal, and the way this film actually makes us think and challenges us to think about the morals portrayed here. This film, for the serious movie goers/ mature audience can appreciate the non-clichéd characters, back stories and they're personality; the fan boys can appreciate the action/effects, etc. Now, I can see why there are those who dislike or flat out hate this film, and while I respectfully disagree, I also respect your decisions and reasoning. All in all, I love this film.
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