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Romance, Comedy, Family
IMDB rating:
Tom Ropelewski
Diane Keaton as Daphne (voice)
Caroline Elliott as Kid at Schoolyard
Sandra P. Grant as Accountant (as Sandra Grant)
Vanessa Morley as Kid at Schoolyard
Tabitha Lupien as Julie Ubriacco
Kirstie Alley as Mollie Ubriacco
David Gallagher as Mikey Ubriacco
George Segal as Albert
Danny DeVito as Rocks (voice)
John Travolta as James Ubriacco
Storyline: In this, the third film, it's the pets who do the talking. The Ubriacco's find themselves the owners of two dogs, Rocks, a street wise cross breed, and Daphne, a spoiled pedigree poodle. James has a new job, pilot to the sexy and lonely Samantha. Mollie's just lost hers and is stuck at home.
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Look Who's Talking Now
Awful third film with the dogs doing the talking this time.

Voices of DeVito and Keaton add no humor or life to this faded series of films.
Not brilliant but still an underrated movie.A nice family film.
Looks Whos Talking now isn't a brilliant film but I find it to be underrated,it still quite funny,with a nice storyline and enjoyable for the whole family,John Travolta and Kirstie Alley have great chemistry and I enjoyed how they made dogs the ones talking this time instead of doing something like,having another baby.

Christmas is on the way and the Ubriacco family get two dogs,James gets a new job which involves a lot of travelling while Mollie gets fired.This time the dogs do the talking because the two kids are all grown up,Daphne (voiced by Diane Keaton) is a pampered poodle and starts to fall for the other new dog Rocks (voiced by Danny Devito).
The Series Goes to the Dogs.
Another near-worthless installment in the silly series has pet dogs (voiced by Danny DeVito and Diane Keaton) dominating the action. The babies are old enough now to talk on their own so a new idea had to come about. The likeable cast once again seems lost in the stupid film. A cameo by then-NBA superstar Charles Barkley and the artificial suspense generated in the film's final act are not near enough to save the movie. Not as bad as the second, but then again few films are. 2 stars out of 5.
John Travolta and Kirstie Alley are great.
John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, and Lysette Anthony are wonderful in this funny, funny film. James and Mollie Ubriacco (John Travolta and Kirstie Alley) now have 2 more bundles of joy...dogs! Danny DeVito lends his talent as the voice of Rocks, a street dog who now belongs to Mikey. Diane Keaton is the voice of Daphne, a poodle that's dropped off by James's boss, Samantha (Lysette Anthony) who's got her sights on stealing James from Mollie. This is a great movie that is really enjoyable for everyone in the family.
Well it was better than two.
This movie is part of one of the worst set of trilogies ever made where all the movies somehow made it to the theater. This one is quite bad, but at least it isn't part two so no Roseanne doing the voice. Here we have Danny DeVito and Diane Keaton doing dogs voices. Not really worth watching and there are probably lots of dog movies that are better. This one has the family being hateful to each other again. Let's face it Travolta and Alley have to be the worst screen couple ever, they always have problems. All in all not worth watching, but at least it is more tolerable than part two, but I say skip the entire set movies as none of them are good.
Well, there are puppies... adorable puppies... gotta love puppies... you know I had to try
OK, yes, I do think we are all a little sick of the Look Who's Talking sequels, even though I did enjoy Look Who's Talking Too, it was just taking a really great concept and not putting the effort into it. Look Who's Talking Now is just plain pathetic on the level that it's more for the kids vs. the adults, I think because they found that Look Who's Talking had a children's love as well as an adult's, because it was just all together a great comedy. With Look Who's Talking Now, we have a more "family friendly" movie with puppies that surprise, surprise talk. Not to mention that the silly plot line that they put in where it seems like the dogs more revolve around the characters instead of the characters we have grown to love.

A young cross bred puppy is up for sale and we can hear him talking, he sees Mikey passing by him and begs him to take him home. Mikey however has to hurry past in tow of his mother, and two harsh looking individuals buy the puppy. The puppy manages to escape them and starts his life as a stray. James is a private air pilot working for Samantha, who we see has a crush on him and is always trying to extend the trips to spend more time with him. Mikey tells Santa that he wants a dog for Christmas, James feels the time has come to give Mikey the present he has always wished for and tells his boss Samantha about this. In the meantime, Mollie is a top accountant at her firm but because her salary is so high, she is suddenly fired in order for the firm to save money. Unable to acquire a decent job, Molly gets a job as one of the Elves for the mall Santa for the holiday season. During a visit, Mikey discovers to his horror that that Santa Claus is a fake and becomes upset with disbelief. One day though the dog gets caught by the animal rescue force and taken to a kennel, where several other dogs are kept - presumably also found on the streets. The dog is about to be put to sleep on the same day that James brings Mikey to the kennel to select a dog, overjoyed Mikey bumps into the dog he saw as a pup, and takes an instant liking to him and decides to take him home. When James, Mikey and Rocks the dog get home, they see that Samantha is at their house and has brought over her dog Daphne who is highly trained and she wants James to have it as a present from her. Molly discovers that James had gone and gotten a dog for Mikey without discussing it with them and after a brief argument, they can't take Rocks back to the kennel or he will be put to sleep, and James does not want to offend Samantha by refusing Daphne. And now realize they are stuck with two dogs. And of course these dogs talk as well to narrate the story that Mikey cannot narrate any more.

Is Looking Who's Talking Now the worst movie ever? No, not really, it's certainly not terrible, but it's just pointless. It was just a different way of making money off of the franchise. I think that this is a silly movie, but it did have a couple of random laughs here and there, but for the most part it's just silly with the whole story between James and his new boss, Samantha who has a crush on him, more like an obsessive crush where she just throws herself at him, maybe she saw those Welcome Back, Kotter episodes one too many times and was in love with Vinnie Barbarino. But anyways, I wouldn't really recommend this movie to too many people, more for the really young kids who just wanna see really cute puppies, that's about it. This movie doesn't have much to offer except for… puppy love! Oh, you know I had to make a lame joke.

What can be said? In an attempt to milk the "celebrity voices something that doesn't have it's own speaking voice" schtick, the Look Who's Talking series wanders from babies (which they did twice) to dogs. I half-expected them to continue the series after this outing by focusing on the talking tapeworms in Kirstie Alley's stomach or some similar thing.

Sure, it's cute and has its moments, but ultimately this movie's a big fluffy nothing with Danny DeVito doing some of the worst voice work of his career, and Diane Keaton doing the worst acting of her entire life, voice or not.

How many "awwww" moments does it take to get to the sappy center of a "Look Who's Talking" movie? The world really doesn't need to know.
I love this film i am forever watching it i think it was a really good idea to make the dogs talk like humans i just wish the kids could under stand them.My favourite character is 'james' he is really funny and makes the kids laugh.I think he is a real goof-ball and thats why molly likes him I think the characters are really good.My least favourite character is 'samantha' all she is trying to do is ruin the relationship and I really don't see why anyone would want to take her out for dinner because of the type of person she is.I also like it when Julie imagines that she can fly and then she trys to be like peter pan and climbs on the book case and her mum catches her a lands in the dogs urine.
The series hits rock bottom, but hey, it wasn't that far a drop
Well, at least this was the last they made(*no*, Hollywood, that was *not* a dare). In that they had run out of different genders of children to give celebrity voices to, they turned to the pets. This time, they give the family two dogs, one of each gender, give them each a voice and lets the kids rest their inner voices. Why is it that infants, right from the womb(which we, again, see, because there apparently can not be an entry in this franchise without that), have the voice of people who are about middle-aged, give or take a handful of years or so? Apparently, even dogs. Oh well, at least these two actors, DeVito and Keaton, aren't too bad(not that I had a problem with Willis, at least as an actor), and the former's voice fits rather well for a canine. Take that any way you want. At least Roseanne is gone... but they make efforts to make Julie as annoying without her, having her tell knock-knock jokes so lame that even the parents would ask her to stop... she also apparently fantasizes about beating Charles Barkley, who must have liked the part, as he did the same thing again three years later, in Space Jam. Dukakis shows up again, in what can only be loyalty(in a film with dogs as main characters, how fitting). Heckerling neither wrote nor directed this... when the very *creator* of a franchise steps down, you ought to know there's something wrong. There is no trace left of any charm the series ever had(which was all found in the first). I would say that the franchise by this point just has overstayed its welcome, but it could be argued that it achieved that before the end credits of the original film. More nightmare sequences, this time being ridiculous(a first for the series; usually, they were just misplaced and more unsettling than anything a young child should watch). The main conflict is essentially rehashed from the first two, only dumbed down. Lysette Anthony shows up, her acting performance being at the same level that it was in Trilogy of Terror II(that would be poor). This film will insult the intelligence of anyone beyond the age of seven, but some of the humor remains above what they will(or should) understand, or ought to watch. The very ending was almost too much. I recommend this to people who like dogs, and men attracted to Lysette. 3/10
Look Who's Sucked!
Ok.. John Travolta needed some money to buy a plane so my guess is that's why he starred in this poorly written/idea of crap. Instead of throwing this one to the dogs, they should have given these two old tykes another sibling to make their lives hell.. but of course someone just said hey, why don't we try animals.. and again these people failed... The original and it's copies should be on the 100 most lamest movies ever made and be burned! Enough Said.
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