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London Heist
Thriller, Action
Mark McQueen
James Cosmo as Ray Dixon
Shane Hart as Police Officer
Valentine Cawley as Robert Crean
Charlotte Lewis as Rachel
George Russo as Mason
Eddie Webber as Eddie
Steven Berkoff as Alfie Cregan
Nathalie Cox as Nicole Cregan
Tony Denham as Frank
Mem Ferda as Lenny Moore
Craig Fairbrass as Jack Cregan
Nick Moran as Wickstead
Storyline: Armed robber and career criminal Jack Cregan seeks to discover the truth behind his father's murder and his stolen heist money and in doing so puts his life in danger. The devastation that Jack soon discovers puts his very own existence into question. Set around Spain's glamorous Marbella and London's dark underworld, he battles to unravel the mystery and exact brutal revenge on all those responsible while being pursued by gangland criminals and a corrupt police detective. GET READY FOR REVENGE!
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Action packed fun U.K. flick
This was Mark McQueen's second major film he directed, and he did an amazing job once again. This is an action packed low budget U.K. flick with great cinematography and editing. It's nothing great, but it is fun.

Writer and lead actor Craig Fairbrass kicks some as* in both his screenplay and his acting.

Sure the story has been done before many times, but I can never get bored of this type of U.K. action flick, especially as a low budget entry into this genre.

Rating this film on its merits and as a B-type low budget film, it's a fun 8/10 from me.
Stare at the wall for 90 minutes, you'll be better off.
I am not sure who put up the money for this, but he would have been better off drinking it. Lame plot, wooden acting, and a total non-ending sum it up. Holes in the plot, timings and action out of sync, and the clichéd London hard man spiel is worn out. Not good overall. A waste of time.
Low Budget UK Action Flick - That Proves Crime Comes At A High Cost
Starts off with the lead character speeding off covered in blood in a suped up car with a bag full of money. Then the movie cuts back two weeks and you begin the tale of how being the part of a Heist sin't all what it's cracked up to be.

But it's not always plain sailing in the life of major gangland crime and heists... even more so when you have a seasoned cop hell bent on catching the lifelong robber and criminal who just wants his next job to be his last.

I always seem to enjoy Craig Fairbass in these type of roles.. give credit it is a low budget movie and another reviewer said it was not so good. I've seen a lot worse with better ratings and since it gives a different look at major crimes, quite a few action scenes and plot turns I rate it 8/10. It might be one I come back to as well.
What an utter waste of time. The script is right down atrocious, the acting is wooden, even from veteran actors, cinematography is non-existent. What can I say more? Stay away from this cheap shot at British gangster genre. The cast got a free holiday shooting in Spain, I guess...
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