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USA, Australia, Canada
Drama, Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
James Mangold
Hugh Jackman as Logan
Dafne Keen as Laura
Al Coronel as Federale Commander
Boyd Holbrook as Pierce
Anthony Escobar as Federale
Frank Gallegos as Federale Lieutenant
Eriq La Salle as Will Munson
Elise Neal as Kathryn Munson
Patrick Stewart as Charles
Richard E. Grant as Dr. Rice
Reynaldo Gallegos as Rey (as Rey Gallegos)
Storyline: In 2029 the mutant population has shrunken significantly and the X-Men have disbanded. Logan, whose power to self-heal is dwindling, has surrendered himself to alcohol and now earns a living as a chauffeur. He takes care of the ailing old Professor X whom he keeps hidden away. One day, a female stranger asks Logan to drive a girl named Laura to the Canadian border. At first he refuses, but the Professor has been waiting for a long time for her to appear. Laura possesses an extraordinary fighting prowess and is in many ways like Wolverine. She is pursued by sinister figures working for a powerful corporation; this is because her DNA contains the secret that connects her to Logan. A relentless pursuit begins - In this third cinematic outing featuring the Marvel comic book character Wolverine we see the superheroes beset by everyday problems. They are aging, ailing and struggling to survive financially. A decrepit Logan is forced to ask himself if he can or even wants to put his ...
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Not bad for a superhero film
I usually can't stand modern superhero films, the only exception being parts of Nolan's Batman series. But the mood of the first half of "Logan" is quite reminiscent of Nolan's work, as it brings a realism and humanity to these familiar, fantastic characters. There's something fascinating about an old, broken down Wolverine limping around half-drunk. Maybe I'm strange, but I almost wish the entire movie was just like the beginning: documenting the uninspiring life of washed up superheros. However, they just couldn't help themselves and the film's final act devolves into the typical kind of nonsense I've come to expect from Marvel movies. It almost seems like a different film at the end from the one that started.

I can't help but feel this was a missed opportunity to make a true statement and break the mould of superhero movies (a rare thing indeed in today's world of movies by corporate committee). While "Logan" is entertaining and certainly worth watching, I was reminded of the 2016 film "Midnight Special," which also features a strange young child on the run, and perhaps does a better job of it.
Finally - Wolverine arrives
For years fans of Logan have been feeling a bit short changed by the Wolverine movies as Logan's true brutal and violent nature has seemed to be restrained. Here with a more mature rating Logan is unleashed. This is a character driven, violent, foul mouthed and emotive film with enough action to keep all the super hero fans happy as we explore a more human Logan. I won't use any spoilers here but just to say if you like the X Men and were left a little deflated by the previous moves then watch this and see Logan come into his own.
A must see, 2 downsides unfortunately.

When Hugh Jackman was approached to make this apparently at first he refused, he wanted it to be more real and out of the Spandex universe and I'm so glad he stuck to his guns because the film is an epic.

Even if you have never seem any of the previous X Men films you will enjoy this.

Previously the X Men films, whilst good didn't make you emotionally involved with them, it was just action and special effects but front the start, middle and especially the end of Logan you care.

A well deserved 15 rating as the violence is in your face and not as comic book safe as all of the previous X Men films so be warned.

A must see, 2 downsides unfortunately.

Firstly, Richard E Grant (why?) There are far better actors out there and personally I think his role should have been played by a female.

Secondly, there is one item referred too throughout the film (almost too many times for my liking) making it obvious how it will be used, especially when Hugh Jackman is recovering, but that said by the time it does happen your that engrossed and care so much for the characters it still works.

Don't go expecting Spandex and happy heroes but I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
Why the dark and sad episode?
I am a fan of the X-Men movies. They are all fun and exciting to watch. They are also beautiful to see. This is not true for Logan. Sadly.

The movie isn't fun, the surroundings are sad. The same for the characters. To see beloved heroes turn into decadent sad characters is awful.

They do die has heroes. But very broken ones.

Other characters are poorly written.

And I got the felling, at the end, that the "bad guys" were stronger, even if the mutant children got away. With the death of Logan, they run away into the woods, scared.

No teacher left behind to guide them and teach them to manage their abilities and hopefully save the world.

No. They are left alone in a dark world. Their hero was a drunken sad Logan, that didn't taught anything positive.

Sad, sad, sad. And ugly.
It's okay, but ordinary, not clever.
Bleak, depressing, and average, with occasional entertaining moments and action.

Not as good as previous X-Men movies. Writing is simple and predictable. Very early it becomes obvious the story is about how "down and out" Logan will beat the odds and save the day.

The little girl is good, and does provide some needed unique action. She's a copy in some ways of hit-girl from Kick-Ass, similar age and similar level of violence. So it's not that shocking to see.

Fight scenes were mostly about "killing anonymous bad guys" with various styles of stabbing blades through different entry points. Much like a video game, bad guys never learn that approaching a mutant with only a gun is not the best strategy, but they keep coming in a conga-line of stupidity.

Writers applied a cliché formula to most scenes and characters.

No doubt there's entertainment here, and a keen fan base will lap it up. Many will be happy enough with what's on offer. But the story is ordinary, and the deaths of both Logan and Charles are quite the anti-climax. Last scene with Logan's grave with rocks and a cross was very cheesy.

No explanation is offered for what happened to other mutants. The whole narrative is forced, designed to send off two iconic X-Men characters, (because the actors are too old). Fair enough, but a better movie could have been written to achieve this objective.

Anyone who rates this movie greater than 7 is lacking imagination, happy to take whatever is given.

In the end, it's just a movie, so who cares. It's a solid 5 or 6 out of 10.
Wolverine's story comes to a close in this dark, gritty masterpiece.
Welp, this is it, ladies and gentlemen. Wolverine's story has come to an end. Last time Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine ever in a movie. This is the masterpiece he decided to go out on.

James Mangold's direction was fantastic in this, really like his style and that he decided to do this less light and more gritty than 2013's okay-ish The Wolverine. This is a great move because this is what Wolverine deserves. A gritty, dirty, R-rated movie. And Jackman took a pay cut to ensure this was R-rated.

And hoo boy, does Mangold and Jackman use this to good effect. This film is extremely brutally violent. BUT THIS IS WHAT WE NEEDED FROM A WOLVERINE MOVIE!!! Bloodless carnage in the X-Men films was simply just not acceptable now that Logan is out.

The acting is phenomenal. From Hugh Jackman's grumpy, old, weak, down-on-his-luck Logan, to Patrick Stewart's old, crusty, senile Professor X, to the insane, crazy debut performance by Dafne Keen. All played masterfully.

The action is awesome, still has that Wolverine edge to it. Just with more blood. The action is spread out throughout the film, so obviously as to not miss out on any plot details.

The ending is something to remember for a long time. (I won't spoil it)

THE VERDICT: If you are a fan of X-Men or the Old Man Logan comic books, or just a fan of R-rated comic book movies in general, see it. You'll be glad you did.
Logan is everything you wanted it to be and more
Logan is the 2017 movie everyone has been anticipating after two great trailers and a R rating it delivers a surprising amount of heart to characters we have grown to love and know and also balancing a surprising amount of action within the first and third act climax, its violent but not blood for blood sake every cut is with reason.

Logan presents us with Logan (Wolverine), Professor X and Laura (X-23) and by definition its an escort mission involving X-23 but shes more capable than Logan and Professor X thinks and shes able to fend for herself. Logan is old and a grizzled shadow of what he once was and by going on this mission he unlocks some of the old wolverine inside of him and we see bursts of that throughout the movie, Logan also begins to realize things about himself through the vision of this little girl because they have striking similarities.

Every scene in this film feels necessary from the character development to the humor and action nothing is forced everything comes off natural which is a breath of fresh air and I was very pleased with it, I believe that this movie will be very well received by fans as it treats its characters with such care and embarks on an emotional and satisfying conclusion to Hugh Jackmans Logan (Wolverine).
Stunning Tribute To The ICONIC Wolverine
Half-man, half-beast. A brooding, violent mass of rage who shreds to pieces anyone foolish enough to stand in his way. Isn't that what all of us Marvel fans envision when we hear the name Wolverine?

I was a bit disappointed when I saw the trailer for Logan. The fierce anti hero we're familiar with is a shell of his former self. Suffering from pain and drudging through day-to-day life. Far from the short-tempered badass that characterizes Wolverine.

I went to view Logan with low expectations and sense of loyalty. After all, Hugh Jackman is nearing 50 years of age. His hard work and determination to give us a final Wolverine performance is admirable (hopefully I can deadlift half the weight he does at his age).

The plot is set in 2029, with Logan making a living as an alcoholic limousine chauffeur - while doing his best to look after an ailing Professor X. The tone is dark, gritty and somber. Unsurprisingly, Logan's attempts to hide away from the world is botched when a young girl shows up in his life.

The movie starts off depressing and slow, but the pace ramps up quickly. Rage-fueled slashing and hacking? Delivered in spades. The action scenes are extremely violent and gory. The R-rating is well deserved.

Hugh Jackman gives his best performance to date. He portrays Wolverine's nuances and inner struggles flawlessly. Dafne Keen, who portrays the young mutant Laura, gives an amazing performance as well (looking forward to her future roles). And Patrick Stewart delivers an exceptional performance as Professor X.

Overall, Logan blew away my expectations. As the credits rolled, I felt highly satisfied - and sad that Jackman's role of the character had come to an end. He reveals a vulnerable, humanistic side of Wolverine I'd never imagined - without omitting the ferocious, savage aspects we all know and love.
Hugh Jackman's swansong is as beautiful as it gets
James Mangold's Logan (8.5/10) About forty seconds into the movie, you confront a bloody Logan who isn't able to stand up while puny thugs decide to assault The Wolverine. And somewhere deep inside you feel a little uncomfortable. Probably because all you have seen Hugh Jackman do in the previous nine installments is watch the healing and indestructive Wolverine fend off anything that weakens him with utmost ease. It all fall aparts in Logan, Wolverine's swansong and an enigmatic crossroad of fear, uncertainty and reality. Wolverine is at his most vulnerable self here and yet far more courageous than all the rest of the X Men movies put together. And this is what makes Logan an extremely compelling watch; the chance and ability to finally empathize with a 'superhero' in a much finer sense and to witness whether they possess the same fortitude once their 'gift' has been taken away from them. Logan, set in 2029, narrates the endeavour of Wolverine, as he drives through the rocky, dusty terrains of El Paso with Laura, a mutant, blessed (with the same powers that he has) who needs to be sent somewhere safe. Along with her is a rugged, dying and somber Charles Xavier who wants to make sure that Logan is true to his word. Donald Pierce (played adequately by Boyd Hollbrook) is a raging current who needs the mutant and spreads considerable blood without any account of collateral damage. The repeated encounters take a toll on Logan's already dying self and even if he doesn't show it, over the course of time, he starts developing a bonding with Laura. He finds within her, the same embodiment of rage that turns people into monsters and sees Laura waging off the inevitable with a silent grace. The relationship which Laura and Logan share has several layers to it and can be interpreted in a much wider canvas. That's for another day. The influence of nineties western classics on the Logan is clear and critical. The homage is directly linked when Charles watches scenes from the 1953 classic Shane, and the lines are repeated again in a final scene. The dust symbolizes the ruins the mutant have brought upon themselves in their ideology of helping mankind marking their own destruction. Patrick Stewart is remarkable as a Xavier who is on the brink of death, set upon the call of epileptic seizures that capsize the lives of anyone near him and there is nothing he could do about it. All Xavier wanted his whole life was to stop people from getting hurt, and in his final moments he cannot stop himself from hurting people. This irony is a powerful strike to the entire genre which relies heavily on willing suspension of disbelief. Everything dies in the end, it's all about the manner in which it is achieved. Mortals, superheroes, they all do. Hugh Jackman could have become a lot of other things, a fine actor, if his brooded look would not have been entirely associated with Wolverine his entire life. And even if he strutted and limped along the way, in Logan he delivers his finest performance. Period. Every scene is a rave emotional experience and comes with a satisfaction of being content if not necessarily happy. He is in pain and so are we, and the audience agrees to be a part of it sailing across in the journey. Logan becomes an imperative movie in changing the face of the superhero genre. The need and allowance of superheroes to be vulnerable and uncertain instead of omnipotent and sarcastic is something I'd been wishing for a while. In Logan, James Mangold manages to capture every element which thrives on the edge of this conflict and the swansong he creates, becomes a painting. It is a magnum opus, a bloody opera and a massacred theatre room with audiences still lying out for view. And yet, it is beautiful.
One of the best films I've seen
Once they were the strongest on earth. They could even change the course of history ... But something terrible happened and now they are no more.

Logan - one of those units who are still alive, has already aged and drags on a miserable existence, working for pennies and watching how quickly his country and people around him are degrading. He no longer wants to participate in any conflicts, but simply wants to live in peace. But they do not give it to him. And even despite constant provocations, he does not want to harm anyone to anybody and attacks only when he is already being pressed. However, as you know, there is nothing more terrible than a beast driven into a corner. And then the offenders will regret that they dared to raise their hand against him and those close to him.

This is a very deep and humane film about an outcast, no one needs a single person, for whom his whole very long life was a constant struggle. Life is full of wars, pain, suffering ... disappointment. He never knew what peace was. I did not know what it's like when you are really loved, when someone very much wants to be alive and close.

Someone like him. The same tortured outcast is a loner.
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