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Drama, Fantasy, Romance
IMDB rating:
Roxie Blum, Matt Martin
Adam Russell as Burlesque Show Patron
Martin Ezelle as Nurse
Mark E. Howell as Mugger
Jasmine Hass as Burlesque Dancer 5
Cat De Lynn as Burlesque Dancer 3
Iggy Blanco as Pedro
Rosie Mac as Little Mermaid
Ali Cornetti as Burlesque Dancer 2
Lee Hudson as Everett (as Michael Murray)
Amber Borzotra as Sea Witch
Gerardo Davila as Carter
Storyline: Based off of the tale by Hans Christian Andersen, Little Mermaid tells the story of a young mermaid leaving the sea for a human she thinks that she knows. Everything isn't as it seemed and she must face the harsh realities of the world.
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Simple yet beautiful adaptation of a classic
An amazing interpretation of Hans Christian Andersons classic. It's modern twist on the complexities of the human world really brought the story line up to date and created a whole new meaning to the film. The story line was simple but captivating with a love story where the emotions were so raw proving that a movie doesn't need to have a huge budget to be great. Music perfectly complemented the film too enabling there to be moments where no words were spoken but you understood the moment. Worth a watch! The cast & crew did good! There were a few slight wobbles to the camera filming & the scenes were a little sketchy the way they went from one scene to another at times. However, I think that actually complimented the film well as it brought vulnerability and rawness to it and allowed me as the viewer to be more emotionally involved in the film. I rated a 10/10 because I know I'll watch it more than once.
Just horrible, amateurish... I regret every minute of it
I can't believe I am even writing a review. I don't know what the previous reviewers were on (may be affiliated with the creators) but this was probably the worst movie I've ever seen.

The modern take on this classic tale had so much potential but the execution was beyond terrible. This felt like a student project than anything. Obviously they had no budget, but you don't need money to tell an interesting story. This had nothing to say. The pacing was all off, the introduction doesn't make sense at all, bad acting and bad dialogue (almost on the level of The Room), bland shallow characters, did not buy the central love story at all, and the whole stripper thing did not make sense and felt exploitative!!!

It's a shame because there were some artful camera work, just the story and direction was so amateurish and made no sense at all.
Could have made a better film using my smartphone
Funny how the few "glowing" reviews of this are from people who signed up a month ago and wrote ONE review saying how magical this is.

Trust me, it's awful, slow, depressing, poorly filmed, woefully acted, reeks of micro budget and it's just a painful watch.

It's not often I come across a film like this, that is so terrible, it makes you question how some people really are allowed to make movies. This really does feel like something that was put together for public access TV.

I'm guessing that given another month or so, the rating numbers on here will drop drastically once the honest ratings from genuine movie goers are totted up.

Real bottom of the barrel stuff with zero redeeming features I'm afraid.
Modern Take on an Old Classic
This movie is not for your children! I have read many different versions of the old classic. Most people think the original telling was the rewrite by Hans Christian Andersen, where in the end she dies and becomes a "daughter of the air". However in his original telling was a much darker end than life after death, as she was denied an immortal soul and became seafoam after refusing to kill her prince when he chooses to marry another. He later rewrote the ending.

Though this movie was far from the Disney classic, the plot had much more in common with the rewrite by Hans Christian Andersen himself than the cute Disney movie. Yes, it's modern, yes the witch caused her man to go blind-which never happened in the fairy tale...yet, it has happened in many other fairy tales, like Rapunzel. And though she was stripping, the mermaid actually did dance for the prince in the old story...despite every step feeling as though she was walking on broken glass.

The ending is tragic and yet beautiful, as are traditional fairy tales, which were meant to teach life lessons to young children, rather than send children into a cruel world expecting "happily ever afters".

It wasn't a horrible movie, but the ending had me bawling like a baby, as I had expected a happy ending rather than a traditional one. Any critics saying this movie was awful have probably grown up on Disney movies and never read a real fairy tale in their life.
Not quite Disney's take
This is certainly not Disney's cartoon version for kids. Although there's no nudity, the titular character sleeps with a couple of men. She also gets a job at a strip club where the dancers only get down to their undergarments. The movie isn't about sex, but it is used to make points about people.

Really, what this movie shows is despair and how different people react to challenges in their lives. It's an interesting take on a classic story but not worth either the polar opposite reviews I've read. The acting is OK to good but clearly not a high budget movie. It also isn't a disaster of a film and worth the 90 minutes I spent watching it.
Well Done Keeping Integrity of Book
I have read the Hans Christian Anderson version of this classic tale since I was a little girl. I have watched many remakes and I give this one props for telling the story the way it should be. The main characters have raw chemistry. The title soundtrack adds to the flow of the film and leaves the audience in memorization of the love story. The only critique I will say is on the editing between camera shots. There were a few parts of the film where it was noticeable and distracted from the acting. Overall it had cinematic value while keeping the story true to the book. The ending of the film was beautiful, though could have choose a more soft sounding song to end with. Worth the watch on Amazon Prime!
How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
Little Mermaid, and independent and not widely known interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen's classic and most beloved fairy tale "The Little Mermaid" is a powerful, faithful and tragic retelling of the story.

Our heroine wishes to be human and sells her voice to the sea witch, classic right? But here they show us in vivid, intimate and hurtful detail just how big a part human interaction plays in this tragedy. Petty jealousies and misunderstandings unwittingly send the two lovers into a downward spiral that ends only in suffering. The Sea Witch plays a wicked part, too.

This is a true fairy tale full of all of the love and heartbreak that turns a simple child's story into an epic of character, emotion and essence. 8/10
Doesn't deserve this much negativity
I wanna start with, this movie was far from perfect. Far. But this much negativity isn't warranted. Also, it says based off of the ORIGINAL story by Hans Christian Andersen. Not based off the cartoon version by Disney. I got from the movie what I got from the original fairy tale. The OG fairy tales were dark and some of them (including The Little Mermaid) had sexual parts.

Was she a stripper in the original story? No. But the prince made her dance for him. So I can see the inspiration there.

SPOILER ALERT He sleeps with another woman (and marries her) in the original story. And they end the exact same. If you have a problem with this ending then I suggest not reading the OG story and stick to your kid friendly cartoon.

The acting by most of the actors was great I felt like. The main stripper girl and the guy at the beginning could've been better..... The sound was atrocious in some parts. Most of these people don't have many credits to their name (besides the sound guy surprisingly..............) so I think it was good all things considered. Would've rated a couple of stars lower had the negative reviews not been so drastically harsh.
I wish I could give this movie a -1. This has to be one of the worst movies I have ever watched. Does not make sense. At all. Cant believe I wasted my time watching it. I feel bad for whoever chooses this movie to watch thinking its going to be good, and finding out its complete garbage. Don't even bother watching.
Didn't make it 5 minutes
Spoiler: this movie is garbage. Say what you want about artistic interpretation, but this film had me banging my head against the wall from the opening scene. The constant slow-motion shots only prolonged the agony of poor acting, terrible white-balance, and complete lack of realistic character action. However, this is a great film to force your friends to watch if you are made happy by the suffering of others.
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