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Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
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Daniel Espinosa
Jake Gyllenhaal as David Jordan
Elizabeth Vargas as 20 / 20 Anchor
Haruka Kuroda as Doctor
David Muir as 20 / 20 Anchor
Olga Dihovichnaya as Ekaterina Golovkina
Allen McLean as Student 1
Mari Gvelesiani as Student 4
Jesus Del Orden as Student 2
Rebecca Ferguson as Miranda North
Ariyon Bakare as Hugh Derry
Naoko Mori as Kazumi
Ryan Reynolds as Rory Adams
Hiroyuki Sanada as Sho Murakami
David Muir as 20 / 20 Anchor
Storyline: Six astronauts aboard the space station study a sample collected from Mars that could provide evidence for extraterrestrial life on the Red Planet. The crew determines that the sample contains a large, single-celled organism - the first example of life beyond Earth. But..things aren't always what they seem. As the crew begins to conduct research, and their methods end up having unintended consequences, the life form proves more intelligent than anyone ever expected.
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A "typical" horror movie as always
OK, we have limited resources and we have to choose our scientist carefully to launch into space to study about alien life, but better choose them as much stupid as they can so we can have a horror movie to watch. I know, i know, it is just a movie but how the plot thicken is unacceptable in scientific pov, because as a scientist whom launched into space, they must be smarter than bunch of idiot on earth to let that disaster happen, how could they think about "oxygen" so lately ?
attack of the astral Peeled Banana
Movie began well, eerie music in the beginning, another repair mission that seems rather cliché this days, CGI was great and great actors on it... it seemed promising. Then the "handshake" began, a scientist strangely messes around with isolated cells, with only reinforced rubber gloves... really?... So all the technology available and they couldn't even get a robotic sensible hand to do this job for him. When I saw that little creature handshaking him.. I had a feeling this might be another flop.... I wasn't disappointed, flop wise. It felt like sponge bob was alive in space.. until it grew.. The creature, after considerable growth, looked like a transparent "peeled banana", it was like watching Adam's Family "hand" terrorizing an entire helpless crew.... Mistakes were made, again and again and each time Rebecca Ferguson talked about her firewall expertise, I couldn't help but want to roll on the floor laughing. The creature wasn't scary, the deaths either, more twisted or sick than scary. Shoot entirely in zero gravity, some cool concepts here and there, the crippled man who could be himself out in space, an implosion of blood bubbles everywhere, but nothing that made me jump from my seat. I think the creature, plot holes and constant security mistakes being done by highly trained personnel, buried this for me. I wonder if the giant "peeled banana" will strike again, I sincerely hope this ends here, enough of badly scripted movies already.
Good quality sci fi horror
Just got back from seeing this and I have to say that I thought it was a really good film.

I see that RT only has it at 65% and it's being made out to be a cheap Alien clone but I think that is doing it a dis-service. I felt it was intelligently made, set characters and situations well and created a palpable sense of tension. Criticism that it's a blatant re-run of Alien are unjustified. Granted, it's about an alien life form in space but that to me is where the similarity ends.

Alien isn't the only scary film set in space that is allowed to be made and if Prometheus is anything to go by, Ridley has no right to be the only person allowed to make sci-fi horror films. It captured well the excitement of discovery, the wonder of space and the precariousness of facing any problems up there.

The effects were good, you could see what was going on, there was unease and dread and it kept me thoroughly absorbed and entertained. I don't want to elaborate anymore for fear of giving away spoilers but if you like a bit of tension with your sci-fi, it's worth checking out. Try to avoid the critic reviews if you can as I think going in a little blind will help your enjoyment.
You should NOT compare this to Alien (1979) - SPOILERS!
This movie isn't even Alien-light. If you're looking for a movie on par with Alien (1979), you should look elsewhere. SPOILERS AHEAD...

The character development is horrible. Personally, I didn't care who lived and who died. There was a particular character that you were expected to sympathize with (I suppose), because his wife just gave birth. However, after seeing the events that led to this character's death, I wasn't remorseful at all.

For a crew full of astronauts/scientists/Ph.D-level personnel, they were pretty stupid. They let emotions get the better of them, even though they surely were trained to follow specific procedures - no matter what. They should have known that any deviation from procedures and protocols could lead to injury or death of themselves or someone else on-board. Well, sure enough...

Yes, the crew did try to anticipate the creature's next move, but while the crew was playing checkers - the creature was playing multi-level chess. This brings me to my next gripe with the movie: The creature was far too smart and calculating. I'm not saying that other life-forms can't be intelligent. However, I'm saying that the creature in this movie became too intelligent...far too quickly.

The creature was also (seemingly) indestructible. Every time a crew member tried to kill the creature, it effortlessly out maneuvered the "smart" humans and survived despite impossible odds.

Other annoyances:

I rolled my eyes when the creature attached itself to the disabled crew member's leg. Granted, the man seemed to be paralyzed from the waist down, so he couldn't feel the creature....but couldn't he at least see his pants squirming around?

I rolled my eyes when the Japanese crew member fled to his sleeping pod and he had a straight on view of the creature's face. The animators for the scene even added inward slanted "eyebrows" to the creature, to give it an angry human quality. BTW, the overall physical attributes of the create was cringe worthy....(unlike the menacing creature in the Alien movie).

Towards the end, when the remaining two people are developing their "final plan", I knew exactly how the movie was going to end. I'm not patting myself on the back, because I often have a "I didn't see that coming" moment when watching movies, but the male character gave the audience huge clues as to the outcome of the plan.

Overall, I blame the silly script for the demise of this flick. If you sat through the previews of this movie, you do not need to see any more. Save your time and money on something better.
A predictable homage to "Alien," lacking the key ingredients that made "Alien" so terrifying.
"Life" being an "Alien" ripoff should not come as a surprise to anybody; it's been marketed that way since day one. Compared to the majority of what the genre has been spewing out lately, though, a derivative sci-fi thriller can be seen as a breath of fresh air. And in many ways, "Life" succeeds as one. It's fluidly directed, well-acted, sporadically suspenseful, and thoroughly entertaining. The space setting lends itself to impressive visuals and claustrophobic scenarios, of which "Life" has no shortage. The problems with the film lie underneath the surface.

Part of what made "Alien" such a terrifying experience was its bleak atmosphere. The exploration of a cold, desolate, seemingly uninhabitable planet; traversing through the long, white corridors of the ship; the lingering sense of unease, not knowing where the alien was at any given moment. "Life" is more streamlined, its action taking place entirely on board an indistinctive space shuttle. Some scenes serve as clear homages to "Alien," such as David (Jake Gyllenhaal) floating through uncertain corridors mirroring Dallas' maneuvering of the airlocks, and one of the crew members being in isolated danger, forcing the others to decide whether or not to assist them and risk endangering the rest of the crew. These scenes work well enough to generate a modicum of suspense, but their impact is severely reduced because of the fact that we've seen it before. It's difficult to be truly scared when you know exactly what's going to happen to who and when.

Perhaps the biggest issue with "Life" is its characters. None of them have distinct personalities; we're hardly given a chance to get to know them. Some of the most effective scenes in "Alien" were simply watching the crew sitting around and chatting - we saw how they interacted with each other under normal circumstances, we noticed their quirks firsthand, we understood what their priorities were early on; so when crap started hitting the fan, those subtle characterizations made the tension all the more visceral and relatable. In "Life," we're introduced to caricatures who spout bland dialogue and do consistently stupid things. All we really know about them is their jobs, so you don't feel an impact when any particular character bites it.

Still, "Life" is too well-made to be completely dismissed. Sci-fi horror fans will likely find enjoyment from a one-time watch, if only for the constant callbacks to "Alien." It fails to break any new ground, but it's a perfectly serviceable and moderately thrilling addition to the genre.
Good Night Moon
... And good night original, meaningful, functioning movie plots and scripts.

***Spoiler Alert*** The book "Good Night Moon" figures prominently in this story for some reason. Perhaps it has something to do with astronauts sneaking heavy useless payload onto the space station? Who knows?

Evidently, "Good Night Moon" adds a layer of sentimentality to the story so the cast can say they remembered the book when they were young, or their father used to read it to them. It's as though someone required a touching moment so the viewer might care about this mediocre movie, the actors, the creature, the special effects or the gaffer?

Forget it. Nobody cares. The plot has been done many times and rather than create something original, these losers decided to bring out the dead horse once again for a spin around the block. Good night.

Get ready for the sequel Life II where the creature climbs the Empire State Building or whatever.
God-awful movie that makes Prometheus look like a brilliant sci-fi movie
This has to be the worst sci-fi movie I have ever seen (and trust me I have seen a lot). It is an insult to anyone with just half a brain. But let me give you a little taste of this gem:

It starts off with a capsule with a soil probe from Mars on its way to Earth that is out of control due to a crash with little meteorites. The ISS, where the probe should be processed, has to catch it manually, which they do by means of an extendable arm. Okay. I wont go into the physics off this, but if you have ever seen how much energy is set free when a car crashes into something with 100km/h relative velocity, you should know that such a catching maneuver is bound to go south (not even talking about the problem of maintaining a space station in geostationary orbit with nothing but little jet nozzles whilst trying to get it into a configuration such that it has low relative velocity with respect to a capsule that is headed straight for Earth with something like 20000km/h). Mind you, at this point we are 5 minutes into the movie and the science was already thrown out of the window.

Fast forward. We are in the CDC approved lab, which is a plexiglass shielded section of the ISS with nothing but a plexiglass door without any further safety precautions. Inside this section is a glove box, where they keep the probe. Turns out the probe contains life which has been idle for about 4 billion years without decaying (obviously entropy doesn't apply to aliens). Well, how about we try to wake it without further investigation? Yeah, let's do that.

Fast forward. It has grown to a hand-sized organism, but has fallen into a slumber again. It's still inside the glove box and attacks the biologist who tried to wake it by electrocuting it. It breaks his tool and his hand, which causes him to faint, and leads to its escape from the box by means of using the broken tool to cut open the glove of the glove box. (yeah, it only took earth's organisms like 3 billion years to learn to use tools, this thing does it in less than 12 hours). But fear not, whilst the life form is busy eating a rat, a colleague hops in the lab and pulls the biologist out. Surprise, surprise, the organism latches on him, so that the other guys have to seal him into the lab. He tries to burn the organism with an oxygen torch and with a flame thrower (which they obviously have ready to use on a space station, ofc). Welp, it doesn't help, this carbon-water-based organism is immune to fire (hey, because chemistry doesn't apply to aliens, didn't you know?). Subsequently, the organism kills him and eats him from the inside. The fire has caused the air vents to open, which somehow can only be closed one by one, and gives the organism time to flee.

Jup, we are not even 20 minutes into this masterpiece but the stupidity is mind-boggling. I could keep on writing about a lot more of this utterly dumb movie (like the organism being able to survive in space for prolonged times, the space station being out of fuel just at a time where it is convenient for the "plot", the organism drinking toxic liquid coolant, the space station going on a descent right after it has been pushed outward on an ascending course (because screw logic), etc.), but let me finish by saying that in the end of the movie this organism has figured out how to read instruments in an escape pod, how to steer said escape pod and how to safely reenter it into earth's atmosphere, all whilst fighting the astronaut in the escape pod. (Which was tried to be masked as plot twist. but you could see that one from a mile away). And although it has killed every astronaut basically on sight, it decided to leave this last one in the escape pod alive with itself latched to him. Wanna know why? Because it has anticipated that, despite it successfully completing the landing of a space ship, it won't be able to open the door of the escape pod and someone on the outside has to do it for it. Which some fisher men actually do, despite the fact that they can clearly see that inside the pod there is a bloody, heavily injured astronaut with a man-sized alien octopus attached to it.

I urge you to not go to watch this movie. Waste of time and money. I have suffered through it. No need for you to suffer too.
It had great potential
After watching the trailers I thought this film had great potential. I love sci-fi movies and was looking forward to this one. It started quite well, I noticed some details such as tablets computers being put down on a table or a chess set and chess pieces resting there as if it was not zero gravity (ok lets say it's all magnetised, maybe...), and actors looking more like they're dangling on wires rather than floating in space. But that alone would have been fine. Unfortunately it became stupidly ridiculous.


Kevin is a creature that was dormant on Mars because it could not cope with the environment there, a creature that needs an early earth atmosphere to function, yet it's "running" around in space for ages, overpowering a human in a space suit, searching for a way back in to the ISS, surviving being blasted by several thrusters (that is after surviving being torched early on). And yet, knowing it survived this, the solution the crew came with to make it dormant again, is lure it into a section of the ISS and starve it of oxygen. Errr... it survived the vacuum of space!

The other thing that "puzzled" me is that apparently it's possible to go from outer space into the ISS by just entering through a thruster. There's nothing stopping Kevin from travelling in as it pleases and get back to the crew. I'm not sure how they managed to keep the ISS pressurised with this going on.

I won't even comment on the lack of professionalism from the crew themselves.

It could have been very good but it fell flat for me.
Bait and switch!
This movie reminds me of Godzilla 2014, Ryan Reynolds is stuck all over the trailer and then is only in like 20 minutes of the film. Annoying as the only reason I went to see it was because he had top billing. Also there are a lot of inconsistencies and plot holes galore. It actually made me angry with how dumb and coincidental everything is. The creature starts off looking good in the beginning but by the end it just looks ridiculous. Like they ran out of budget. Throw in a stupid "twist" ending and yeah it was a huge letdown. Not recommended.
Leave The 'Alien' Movies to Ridley Scott
In all fairness, "Life" was a good in theory, bad in practice.

How I felt about the movie going in was much different from the experience, and then leaving the theater. I went from, this is kinda cool, spooky, emotional, scary, even more emotional, to a plot twist at the very end that simply was wrong for the movie. That left me with a very poor taste in my mouth about "Life", so my review of this movie is focusing on its negative aspects.

First I will start by saying DID have potential, had the writers, producers, and director had not taken the angle that they did. Originally, because of the ending, I had given the movie 2-Stars, but due to the theater's wonderful recliner seating, I was able to muster- up another star.

Right from the beginning, the story was moving way too this action, drama, horror, comedy, science fiction? I was left aimless trying to figure out which genre to choose from. The character development did become a little more developed as the movie progressed, but it did so at odd and unpredictable times. This left me asking "What?" too many times during the film.

Catching a probe carrying Mars soil samples with an 'arm' at that velocity would have torn the arm off the movie-version of the International Space Station. This is where "believable-fiction" went straight to "science-fiction".

Next, they find a single celled organism in the soil samples, alien in nature, and let's wake it up! I think Ryan Reynolds said it best: "This is some real Re-Animator s***". The children of the Earth name it "Calvin". In what seems to be an extremely short period of time, "Calvin" becomes a multi-cellular organism and starts interacting with its environment. Why? Writer's Scapegoat - it's alien, it has and endless possibility of script-killers!

"Calvin" goes into survival-psycho-killer mode because the foolish scientist let the gas valves leak into the chamber, injuring our newly found friend, and effectively putting it in a 'coma'. But, like a little kid, let's bathe the creature in even more food and while we are at it, let's take a zapper and start poking at it. No wonder it crushed your hand and tried to kill the whole crew. I'd be pretty pi**ed off too! Really begins to make you wonder what mail-order- university these crew members studied at...

NASA has a backup plan (of course!) of sending a Soyuz capsule as a booster rocket to dispense of the crew (whomever may be left), the creature, and the station to prevent the Earth from being contaminated by "Calvin".

This is where it completely defined the movie: The Plot Twist. Plan - get Calvin and Jake Gyllenhaal into an escape pod where he nobly sacrifices his life for mankind, shooting himself and "Calvin" into deep space, and have the other female crew member use the second escape pod and get back to Earth safely to live to tell the tale...

Had the movie ended on this note, I may have given it 6, maybe 7 stars (and that is pushing it). Nobility self-sacrifice for the greater good are traits that are hard to come by these days.

BUT NO! Through the cutting between the capsules launching and what was happening inside the capsules, you really BELIEVED this is what was happening. Come to find it was the female crew member's capsule that was flying off into deep space, and Jake Gyllenhaal's capsule splashing down on Earth with him and "Calvin" - Apocalypse!

The worst horror-plot twist in existence, and they had to go and put it in "Life".

Don't spend the money in the theaters - rent it, get it from Red Box, Netflix, Hulu, or wherever it ends up.
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