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Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
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Daniel Espinosa
Jake Gyllenhaal as David Jordan
Elizabeth Vargas as 20 / 20 Anchor
Haruka Kuroda as Doctor
David Muir as 20 / 20 Anchor
Olga Dihovichnaya as Ekaterina Golovkina
Allen McLean as Student 1
Mari Gvelesiani as Student 4
Jesus Del Orden as Student 2
Rebecca Ferguson as Miranda North
Ariyon Bakare as Hugh Derry
Naoko Mori as Kazumi
Ryan Reynolds as Rory Adams
Hiroyuki Sanada as Sho Murakami
David Muir as 20 / 20 Anchor
Storyline: Six astronauts aboard the space station study a sample collected from Mars that could provide evidence for extraterrestrial life on the Red Planet. The crew determines that the sample contains a large, single-celled organism - the first example of life beyond Earth. But..things aren't always what they seem. As the crew begins to conduct research, and their methods end up having unintended consequences, the life form proves more intelligent than anyone ever expected.
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Ignore the hate and give it a go!
I've seen a loooot of bad reviews for this movie, the primary reason for the hate being that the plot was 'unrealistic' or 'implausible'........ uhm.........what the f**k, haters? If you want to watch a sci-fi alien monster movie that's 'realistic', go watch some NASA documentaries, don't come to the cinemas.

Another reason for all the bad reviews seems to be that it 'tries to imitate Alien but fails'. Well, f**k, then no one else should ever try to make another space monster movie ever! Lets just keep watching the 1979 'Alien' again and again........seriously.....

So, why do i think this movie is so much better than all the negative press it is getting ? Well for a change it's set on the ISS, not a fictional planet or space-ship floating around 100s of light-years away.....(implausible they say). It has people who seem to be astronauts, dealing with a growing life form, rather than space heroes shooting space guns at space monsters (unrealistic, they say). The horror, suspense and intrigue (which critics say stems for unrealistic situations) is in my opinion a near-perfect example of Murphy's law in action. Then, the acting (another prickly point for the critics) is actually very well done given the situations the characters find themselves in. Reynolds, Gylenhaal & Ferguson all deliver solid performances in an era where all the 'acting' talent is reserved for sentimental Oscar-bait movies. As for the plot? strong, fast-paced yet coherent enough for us uninitiated every-day astronauts. And a SOLID twist at the very end.

So, all-in-all, ignore the hate and give this movie a try \m/
Mediocre at best
If I had to compare this title, Life would be a bad carbon copy of The Thing. Unfortunately, the suspense and realism is lacking in Life.

Life is predictable and, sadly, unrealistic. What do I mean by unrealistic? Well, you expect certain things to happen in a movie or story. You expect characters to behave as their role implies and that's logically consistent - it's just too much and too tedious to get into because this movie is strife with them. I'll give a few examples though *spoilers ahead*

Example 1: After the life-form escapes the lab, the characters do not seem worried and they even joke around even though one of them says 'it could be anywhere.' However, moments ago, while they were watching the brutality of the life-form attack and kill their colleague, they were shocked, scared, and frightened. This is an example inconstant and unrealistic behaviour.

Example 2: The numerous, and extremely lucky escapes of the life-form diminished any suspense that's left over. However, it's not just luck but also how badly designed the ship is, which adds to how unrealistic the whole story is. For instance, when the life-form is trying to escape the lab, they need to shut down the sprinklers one by one.

I could go on and on but you get the picture. In essence, it's mediocre at best and not worth watching in the cinema.
Oh dear! More stupid, dumb, gullible "professionals" in space!
First let me get something out of the way, I apologise for the cretins who compare this film with such masterpieces as Alien, Aliens or any of the first 4 Alien films which are vastly superior to this piece of tripe. This film should be compared to the equally disturbing and lame "Prometheus", but those bunch of retards, sorry "astronauts" in that film obviously went to the same space academy as this sorry bunch of losers. My jaw just hit the floor from the very start of this pathetic effort. Catching containers from Mars like you were fishing for Sticklebacks in a pond? Are you ****in kidding me? Then scientist guy starts playing with an ALIEN life form like he's just picked a bogey out of his nose! While wearing kitchen gloves! I don't know about you but that thing was doing some freaky sheet and these are just a few things that would of concerned me: Does it bite, stab, explode, give off gases, radiate any sort of energy, could it control your brain? Before that thing started turning into a mini transformer and going for a mooch I would of been long gone and phoning home for a ticket back. When little alien called "Calvin" ...... (No I'm not making this up!) Decides to grab scientists arm and act all hostile (Due to Calvin having a nap, to be rudely woken up by being ELECTROCUTED) another of the brain dead astronauts wants to go in and rescue him! Later on Calvin is crawling all over Jap guy and two fellow crew are trying to pull him towards them into their part of the station? WHY? Just so much of this awful logic defying stuff is going on that I just couldn't take anymore. I was just wishing for Calvin to finish off these goons as soon as possible and I had a chuckle to myself every time one bit the dust. I vote 2 because the ending was so satisfying. If these bunch of sad goons represent the pinnacle of human achievement, the whole species can die. I would call this film "Prometheus 2 - squid takes out pathetic humans again"
Weak story not worth watching
This review contains spoilers


If you are looking for a movie with no common sense, no basic logic, not even a good story line, by all means go ahead and enjoy. Otherwise I totally suggest you skip this one.

The story line is really simple. A horrible alien octopus ate all smart professional astronauts on a spaceship. To be honest, if this was an octopus eating a group of teenagers in a cottage while they were on holiday would be more entertaining, and what's with octopus anyways? All recent alien/monster movies seem to favor octopus.

Apart from this ridiculously​ nonsense script, this movie lacks basic logic, I could go on for miles listing all of them but I just decided this is not really worth my time.

So again, if you really enjoy watching octopus eating humans, please by all means. If you don't, just steer away from this one.
Insultingly stupid variation of Alien
A good sci-fi movie generally must violate some law of nature but, having done that, presents an internally consistent plot. This catastrophe violates virtually every law of nature that pertains to it and then imposes a ridiculous plot.

I had a list of some of the things that most bothered me. However, previous reviewers already have covered most of them, so I won't repeat them here. I only insist on dwelling on the utter implausibility of the alien itself. It starts as a single cell that can perform all the functions of a multi-cellular organism: nervous, muscular, endocrine, mobility, intelligence, learning, you name it, this single cell can do it all. Totally ridiculous. The cell multiplies, and the mass of cells aggregate into a larger being. (That actually is believable and happens here on Earth with organisms such as cellular slime molds). Despite having been asleep for millions and perhaps billions of years, the alien quickly figures out how to use a human tool (it has not met humans or their tools before) to free itself from the observation box it is in (it has not met observation boxes before), and then it figures out how to get out of the lab (it has not met human labs or habitats before), which the crew was too stupid to seal until it was too late. What a remarkable beast! Later when it is outside the space station on one of the crew members and the crew member pushes herself away from the space station hoping to take the alien with her into deep space, the alien outsmarts her by jumping back onto the space station. Go figure: the alien eats living creatures, the crew member is alive and the alien knows it, the crew member is warm, the outside of the space station is extremely cold (temperature in outer space is about 2.5K, or about -455F), yet the alien knows it should abandon a piece of food and jump onto an inorganic extremely cold metal object. Right. Still later, the alien gets inside an escape pod and fights with the crew member who is trying to override the pre-programmed autopilot sequence to take the pod safely back to Earth. The crew member wants to take the pod into deep space. Somehow, the alien (who has not met an escape pod before) knows it should battle the crew member so that the autopilot (the alien has not met a human computer or an autopilot before) can land the pod safely on Earth. Really believable, right? In fact, how does the alien even know that Earth is there? It arrived on the space station in a frozen soil sample from Mars.

The foregoing are only a few of the utter idiocies of this film. Other reviewers have done a good job listing and explaining most of the others.

This movie is an unimaginative, unintelligent variation on Alien that offers nothing new except for its depth of stupidity.
It's life, Jim, but actually as we know it.
Life is an average sci-fi picture, one that gets by on effects and general sci-fi values. Plot is utterly familiar. OK! It's always going to be unfair to judge a film of this type by the bar raiser that was Ridley Scott's Alien (1979), but really the familiarity on show here is tantamount to being naughty.

A group of space explorers discover an alien life form and after the initial wonderment and excitement subsides, things quickly turn bad, with the potential for threat to mankind as we know it...

That's pretty much it, really, the cast go through the motions of being in a play that is basically the characters being picked off by an alien manta ray thingy. Standard formula takes a grip of the viewer, who will be killed? who is next? will anyone survive? and etc. The makers - just to continue the unadventurous theme - throw in a Deep Blue Sea moment, while Hiroyuki Sanada has wandered in off of Sunshine's Icarrus II to feature aboard the International Space Station. The ending has and will infuriate many, but personally I liked it, very much from The Twilight Zone dimension, to which it lifts the piece just above averageville.

Not recommended with any conviction, especially to sci-fi fans stung by serious science defects and logic holes, while casual sci-fiers would be better off with the brilliance of Alien or something more fun packed and unpretentious like Leviathan (1989). But as it is it's a decent enough time waster. 6/10
Beautiful looking but no different then the movies it copies
Apart from its admittedly interesting and unexpected ending, there is little here you haven't seen before. A movie attempting to recapture the same thrills and chills that we have already been given in movies such as Alien, Predator and The Thing has a lot of work to do. It needs to hit as hard and have as much visceral and gut impact but sadly, this does not reach that bar. Gets into the nasty things jumping on people part too quickly, with great actors playing uninteresting characters, though Jake Gyllenhaal is mildly intriguing but not explored enough. The high production value and great score also makes it so much more disappointing that it doesn't strike the memorable chord. It's 2 thirds of a good movie, with the missing third being the pacing and genuine suspense. Thankfully isn't the queasy shaky cam of Daniel Espinosa's last movie Safe House, this goes the traditional route hold the camera in place and cut cut cut. Too bad I couldn't cut to the good parts in the theatre, there was a lot of dead space in between them.
You should NOT compare this to Alien (1979) - SPOILERS!
This movie isn't even Alien-light. If you're looking for a movie on par with Alien (1979), you should look elsewhere. SPOILERS AHEAD...

The character development is horrible. Personally, I didn't care who lived and who died. There was a particular character that you were expected to sympathize with (I suppose), because his wife just gave birth. However, after seeing the events that led to this character's death, I wasn't remorseful at all.

For a crew full of astronauts/scientists/Ph.D-level personnel, they were pretty stupid. They let emotions get the better of them, even though they surely were trained to follow specific procedures - no matter what. They should have known that any deviation from procedures and protocols could lead to injury or death of themselves or someone else on-board. Well, sure enough...

Yes, the crew did try to anticipate the creature's next move, but while the crew was playing checkers - the creature was playing multi-level chess. This brings me to my next gripe with the movie: The creature was far too smart and calculating. I'm not saying that other life-forms can't be intelligent. However, I'm saying that the creature in this movie became too intelligent...far too quickly.

The creature was also (seemingly) indestructible. Every time a crew member tried to kill the creature, it effortlessly out maneuvered the "smart" humans and survived despite impossible odds.

Other annoyances:

I rolled my eyes when the creature attached itself to the disabled crew member's leg. Granted, the man seemed to be paralyzed from the waist down, so he couldn't feel the creature....but couldn't he at least see his pants squirming around?

I rolled my eyes when the Japanese crew member fled to his sleeping pod and he had a straight on view of the creature's face. The animators for the scene even added inward slanted "eyebrows" to the creature, to give it an angry human quality. BTW, the overall physical attributes of the create was cringe worthy....(unlike the menacing creature in the Alien movie).

Towards the end, when the remaining two people are developing their "final plan", I knew exactly how the movie was going to end. I'm not patting myself on the back, because I often have a "I didn't see that coming" moment when watching movies, but the male character gave the audience huge clues as to the outcome of the plan.

Overall, I blame the silly script for the demise of this flick. If you sat through the previews of this movie, you do not need to see any more. Save your time and money on something better.
Enjoyed but it could have been better.
The film has some scientists who are working on the ISS (International, Space, Station). With 3 supposedly main characters (Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson) I was extremely annoyed that one of my favorite actors (Ryan Reynolds) was the first one to be killed I expected him to survive very long seeing as he was on the front cover of the disc and is the first one to appear if you search up 'Life Cast' I think it was a bit of a waste of a good actor. The alien in the movie is very well made and feels quite original. The ideas felt original the ISS all that it made it feel very realistic, but it was set just now (2017) and in the film they have holograms so... yep that kinda takes out part of the nowadays feel to it but it's easily miss able. The characters I didn't find the most attachable to but I felt some were in parts of the film. The ending of the film is very good I find it can be predictable but not too predictable it ends with David Jordan (Jake Gyllenhaal) trying to get an escape pod and having the alien go on it as we'll he attempts to fly the pod away from earth while Miranda North (Rebecca Ferguson) tried to take the escape pod back to earth it makes you think that the plan to kill the alien goes well in the end but it certainly doesn't... I found the movie a mix up of Alien (the horror) Gravity (the space) and Prometheus (the alien) over all I would recommend it 12+ with parental guidance or 14+ without.
Rooting for the "Evil Space Chewing Gum"
Life is yet another pseudo, post-modern politically correct scifi from the ignoramuses from Hollywood. Its appalling stupidity rivals that of Prometheus and Covenant.

As usual we have a parade of dumb, shallow characters, "scientist" with an IQ lower than an amoeba's doing stupider and stupider things in succession, from using their fingers to play with an alien creature ( a biologist did the same in Prometheus...), to opening containment areas to retrieve infected crew members, and so on. And the scientist are all "Doctors", who probably got their PhD from some correspondence school.

Besides these and many other things the film is slow, tedious, full of idiotic stupid clichés and with a dialogue that is for the mot part an abomination.

They tried to make another "Alien", instead what they made is the "Attack of the Evil Space Chewing Gum".

Even the "The Blob", filmed more than 50 years ago is better than "Life".
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