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Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Daniel Espinosa
Jake Gyllenhaal as David Jordan
Elizabeth Vargas as 20 / 20 Anchor
Haruka Kuroda as Doctor
David Muir as 20 / 20 Anchor
Olga Dihovichnaya as Ekaterina Golovkina
Allen McLean as Student 1
Mari Gvelesiani as Student 4
Jesus Del Orden as Student 2
Rebecca Ferguson as Miranda North
Ariyon Bakare as Hugh Derry
Naoko Mori as Kazumi
Ryan Reynolds as Rory Adams
Hiroyuki Sanada as Sho Murakami
David Muir as 20 / 20 Anchor
Storyline: Six astronauts aboard the space station study a sample collected from Mars that could provide evidence for extraterrestrial life on the Red Planet. The crew determines that the sample contains a large, single-celled organism - the first example of life beyond Earth. But..things aren't always what they seem. As the crew begins to conduct research, and their methods end up having unintended consequences, the life form proves more intelligent than anyone ever expected.
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Life is full of illogical events.
This could have been a really great and interesting movie, but it is ruined by a string of illogical events.

Spoiler alert ! !

Some of these: - Kevin (the alien) seems to be totally fire resistant. At the beginning, one of the scientist chased it in the isolation room and hit it with a blowtorch multiple times. The alien did not even slow down a bit, but directly attacked back without seemingly having any wound. Knowing that only very few materials can resist heat above a couple of hundred degrees, that seems to be very unreasonable.

- The communication system broke down right at the beginning. No secondary system available in the whole ISS! ! A "radio" cannot cost that much in the age of telecommunication so designers of ISS would not build one or more backups of this essential tool into ISS. And that notion that the communication system would need special coolant ... Does not make sense at all.

- Scientist are mourning a lost crew member for seemingly a long time while having an all resistant and all powerful alien roaming in their tiny space station putting them in immediate mortal danger.

- The "genius" biologist let himself to be sucked dry and endangered the entire crew and the entire Earth, by smuggling the alien on his leg. Just because he thought the alien is not evil and just trying to survive.

- Whatever the crew did worked in favour of the alien. Like if an unseen hand (lame script) wanted to raise tension by always helping the alien. Trying to burn the alien in the tubes, the Soyuz capsule which was meant to push the ISS away from Earth, all pushed the station closer to Earth! Nothing happened benefiting the crew.

- The female scientist sacrificed herself for nothing. It was evident that the alien can jump with quite an accuracy, so it just jumped back from her dead body to the space station as could be easily anticipated even by me.

- The fuel just run out at the wrong time. It seemed that if the fuel would last a bit longer, the alien would suffocate. Surprisingly the entire space station lost all the fuel just before the alien died, so it could enter the space station again.

- Around the end all system failures worked against the humans and for the alien. The 2 escape pods went just the wrong direction. Of course they hit the debris around the space station causing both to take the opposite course the pilots wanted. Kevin (the alien) seemingly learnt on the fly how to navigate a human space capsule safely back to Earth while subduing the scientist in it. He learnt how the control works, what would be the correct entry path, how human system work on the fly. HOW? Moreover the astronaut in the capsule did not anticipate that if the autopilot is let run, than the alien would end up back on Earth. He clicked buttons, took the controls but these were not enough the diver the capsule away from the correct entry course. Could not even go on a burn up or skim off course at least....

There were lot more of these in the movie. Basically the movie had rarely anything logical in it. Even in movie Alien people were not these "unlucky" or movie script so lame. They fought back, they had their moments, the universe (script) did not conspire to destroy them no matter what.
Oh dear! More stupid, dumb, gullible "professionals" in space!
First let me get something out of the way, I apologise for the cretins who compare this film with such masterpieces as Alien, Aliens or any of the first 4 Alien films which are vastly superior to this piece of tripe. This film should be compared to the equally disturbing and lame "Prometheus", but those bunch of retards, sorry "astronauts" in that film obviously went to the same space academy as this sorry bunch of losers. My jaw just hit the floor from the very start of this pathetic effort. Catching containers from Mars like you were fishing for Sticklebacks in a pond? Are you ****in kidding me? Then scientist guy starts playing with an ALIEN life form like he's just picked a bogey out of his nose! While wearing kitchen gloves! I don't know about you but that thing was doing some freaky sheet and these are just a few things that would of concerned me: Does it bite, stab, explode, give off gases, radiate any sort of energy, could it control your brain? Before that thing started turning into a mini transformer and going for a mooch I would of been long gone and phoning home for a ticket back. When little alien called "Calvin" ...... (No I'm not making this up!) Decides to grab scientists arm and act all hostile (Due to Calvin having a nap, to be rudely woken up by being ELECTROCUTED) another of the brain dead astronauts wants to go in and rescue him! Later on Calvin is crawling all over Jap guy and two fellow crew are trying to pull him towards them into their part of the station? WHY? Just so much of this awful logic defying stuff is going on that I just couldn't take anymore. I was just wishing for Calvin to finish off these goons as soon as possible and I had a chuckle to myself every time one bit the dust. I vote 2 because the ending was so satisfying. If these bunch of sad goons represent the pinnacle of human achievement, the whole species can die. I would call this film "Prometheus 2 - squid takes out pathetic humans again"
Solid alien/horror film
Life was a solid horror/alien movie with a wonderful cast and well shot visuals. It is not a masterpiece especially considering the genre's many great entries, including the alien which seemed to be something that this film has modelled after.

I liked how this film in contrast to Alien seemed very plausible and realistic, focusing on the 'science' part of sci-fi. The mission in search of extra terrestrial living organisms is a very interesting topic and this film made the possibilities of this seem so much more plausible. At the same time Life also brings up an interesting idea of how little we know about the universe that we live in and how inexperienced we are. How alien life form could be so different to our expectations and hence the debate of whether we should explore and the consequences of human curiosity.

It carried a good amount of intensity and suspense and was gory and terrifying at times.The performances were quite good, the cast is pretty great though so there was no surprise there but it did fall flat in writing though, not that it was poor but it's a very straight forwards and rather clichéd trope that we've seen many times even though it was indeed well done.
Seen it before.
This is another alien replica, it looks and feels like an alien movie and the alien itself even looks like the one from the Alien franchise. The acting is decent, but Rebecca Ferguson does a fine job. The script is at times dumb and political correct. but what to expect when the director is Swedish.

For example when they talk about the syria crisis or when the astronauts acts like uneducated teenagers. Like they hadn't prepared at all before going into space. That enfuriates me or when they feel the need to explain that humanity hadn't found life in space before. Like the viewer is dumb enough to not understand that before going into the movie. I really dislike when the creators of the movie think that the audience of the same movie are retards. But the movie ain't a big long propaganda fest of political correctness, despite a few outlandish dumb decisions from the astronauts the movie picks up some pace and the good ending saves to movie from a total disaster. It's also so many similarities with the original two Alien movies,, so we've seen this before but done much better. There has been a lot of space movies lately and this one is somewhere in the middle if you ask me. Arrival still is my favourite from the last couple of space and alien movies.

The movie steps up towards the end and when it is all over it becomes a pretty decent sci-fi movie after a real shaky start.
Aw, please!
You know you *might* be watching a bomb movie when the main actor's character is killed in the first 15 minutes - just like Samuel L. Jackson getting out of Deep Blue Sea (1999).

A great cast, notable crew and good effects wasted away in a stupid story line that yanks away your suspension of disbelief from beginning to end.

As most fellow reviewers have observed, the "story" is just a sequence of characters stupid actions and unbelievable decisions that forces you to facepalm in amazement pretty much all the time

Should you REALLY want to watch this (instead of just reading the plot summary over in Wikipedia), lower your expectations. Way down

Ryan Reynolds is entertaining as ever, though. But that's it.
Seems like the alien algae had already won off movie, probably by releasing some kind of adverse chemicals on the station that hindered any human attempt at reasoning and intelligence. It's the same trope as in 'Arrival', where alien squids had already infected the protagonist off movie.
Mediocre at best
If I had to compare this title, Life would be a bad carbon copy of The Thing. Unfortunately, the suspense and realism is lacking in Life.

Life is predictable and, sadly, unrealistic. What do I mean by unrealistic? Well, you expect certain things to happen in a movie or story. You expect characters to behave as their role implies and that's logically consistent - it's just too much and too tedious to get into because this movie is strife with them. I'll give a few examples though *spoilers ahead*

Example 1: After the life-form escapes the lab, the characters do not seem worried and they even joke around even though one of them says 'it could be anywhere.' However, moments ago, while they were watching the brutality of the life-form attack and kill their colleague, they were shocked, scared, and frightened. This is an example inconstant and unrealistic behaviour.

Example 2: The numerous, and extremely lucky escapes of the life-form diminished any suspense that's left over. However, it's not just luck but also how badly designed the ship is, which adds to how unrealistic the whole story is. For instance, when the life-form is trying to escape the lab, they need to shut down the sprinklers one by one.

I could go on and on but you get the picture. In essence, it's mediocre at best and not worth watching in the cinema.
Gravity meets Alien with a very poor script
If you want to experience what the world's most stupid space crew would do when they encounter alien life, then this is the movie for you. You will be spoiled with one idiotic decision after the other, making you wonder if the alien life-form also has telepathic powers, using it to dumb down it's prey.

At the start of the movie the crew is besides themselves with joy when they manage to reanimate a single alien cell that has been dead for billions of years. Even when it starts to replicate and grow very fast, none of them feels any sense of possible danger.

After the alien life-form attacks the scientist, there still seems to be no hurry to just shoot the lab into space. After all, it's just mankind's future that is at stake. No, the most important thing is to save the scientist. This crew would have benefited from a sociopath in their midst or a protocol obsessed captain. That would have saved them many times.

To make matters worse, a huge chunk of the dialogue is redundant. You see that the creature has grown, then somebody says "Wow, it has grown". You see the alien make a fast escape, somebody says "Wow, it is fast". You see the alien being smart, you hear someone say "How smart is this thing?". You see the alien look for air holes, you hear someone say "It is looking for air holes" …you get the picture. Who on earth would write a script like that and not notice the stupendous redundancy?

The movie does have some great tense and gory moments that work well. There just is not enough of them to make it work as a good horror movie. The alien itself starts out very realistic, but looks increasingly CGI during the movie and the many close-ups don't help. It looks too surreal to be threatening.

All in all, it was a huge disappointment to me. With a star cast like that, you would expect more than just a very bland space thriller.
I'm get angry whenever I see SF movie without basic science sense
of course for big space station in future. Every crew represented the best professionals of their fields. Still movie projects them as extraordinary stupid peoples. Even a person with no interested in SF genre can understand basic logical relation which 'every one of biological quarantine stage needs requires different type of quarantine equipment'

1. it was extraterrestrial life forms and everyone was know it 2. they knew it changed from one cell to one organism which has muscles, nerves, etc.

at this stage, even an non-professional should know 'petridish level quarantine' isn't enough and the subject should move to higher level quarantine'.

Idk... everything looks very dumb to me. even more when creature break out from that 'petridish level quarantine' which was quite inevitable. other person break the lab room contamination seal. that script was even more shocking to me. for logical guess, that lab room which has purpose to examine extraterrestrial life forms must have separate life support system from other sector.

well. in summery I don't like the stupidness of the script I guess.
Creature Feature Genre Breacher
Science fiction movies of late have adopted a trend of pandering to the masses. Instead of creating a piece of art that has viewers pondering, debating and struggling to understand for several years to follow, the movies of this new genre are designed to have the shelf life of the popcorn eaten during its viewing. This cross-cutting and encompassing novel genre is Mediocre Crass.

The foundation of science fiction is making the plausible into possible and writing a What-If story based on this transmutation. The operative word here is plausibility. It stems from certain pattern of rules that govern the universe in which is story is set. The Fantasy genre relinquishes the limitations of our current universe and creates an alternate universe to facilitate a different pattern of rules, which in turn allows for different set of plausibilities. Highly regarded Fantasy works go to incredible lengths to meticulously create consistent and sensible alternate rules for their universe. The point being that even the Fantasy genre does not permit nonsensical random chaotic events.

Life (2017) is a science fiction story, set in our time on the International Space Station (ISS). The principal backdrop of this story is the ongoing Mars exploration, particularly search for life on Mars, which confers this movie its title.

Here is how science fiction works, the part about playing with plausibility. An average teenager, with no similarity to kids who actually end up being astronauts and scientists, can end up on the ISS. Very unlikely given any set of circumstances, but okay, I can buy into that, if the story provides even a tenuous plot. This teen can suddenly develop the knowledge and skills to operate the ISS. Pushing it, but sure, why not, brain implant or something, it is Sci-Fi after all. The story is pushing the limits of our suspension of disbelief but it is still in the realms of the plausible becoming possible.

Now consider the converse. Current ISS astronauts and specialists, who all have advanced degrees and advanced training and advanced intellect and advanced experience and advanced selection procedures, etc etc etc. suddenly become average teenagers. Not just regular average teenagers, but the Hollywood dumb teenager in a gore horror flick type. Now this is not plausible. This kind of nonsense would not be acceptable in even a Fantasy genre.

The way that most successful Sci-Fi movies have allowed for dumb teenagers to frolic with aliens in a gore fest in space is by placing the story well into the future and way far away from Earth. In this space and time, the crew of space vessels is not the creme de la creme of scientists but just your regular average folks. So a drunk abusive psychotic freight ship captain on Earth's seas is now a drunk abusive captain of a space freight ship. Now, the retarded behavior of people in the gore fest has become plausible. Highly annoying and unlikely, but plausible.

I can't help feeling that movies such as Life (2017) is like a revenge of the retards on the nerds. In the past, Sci-Fi provided much needed catharsis for nerds to have a laugh at the monumental stupidity of 'jocks' when placed in a new challenging environment. The gore fest was oddly satisfying, where the dumb jocks of this world finally got their just deserve for tormenting the nerds in real life. Movies like Life (2017), are made by the dumb jocks and for the dumb jocks to watch nerds being tormented on the big screen, as well.

You will either like this movie or feel deeply insulted by it. It depends on which group you identify with, jocks or nerds.
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