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Romance, Comedy, Musical
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Andy Kirshner, Debbie Williams
John Lepard as Kenny Weston, Walt Whitman
Malcolm Tulip as Dance Instructor
Kristin Condon as Nikki's Ex-Girlfriend
Marcus White as Ballroom Dancer #3
Ellie Todd as Scarlet the Harlot
Briana Fogleman as Waitress, Choir Woman #2
Alfrelynn J. Roberts as Yolanda Jones
Jaclene Wilk as Liberty Smith
Chris Lutkin as Reverend Smith
David Wolber as Male Staffer
Cara AnnMarie as Nikki Levine
Rocco Guirlanda as Choir Man #1
Rusty Mewha as Dick Dinkler, Abe Lincoln
Storyline: Liberty Smith is the perfect running mate. She's American as apple pie, sings like an angel, and is the daughter of a prominent "family values" preacher - exactly what a floundering presidential campaign needs to energize its conservative base and rally the faithful. But when political novice Liberty falls for her spin doctor, who turns out to be female, is plastard all on cable news. What a catastrophe! Now Liberty must choose between the life she's known, and the love she can't be able live without, with all of America watching.
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A Feel-Good Movie For A Feel-Bad Time
In a time when politics is turning all the tables, there's no better escape than a film with the perfect balance of relatability, comedy, and music! Kick back and enjoy this All-American treat!

The style pulls viewers back to a time of Technicolor MGM movie-musicals, which is hard to find in new releases. Reminiscent of the beloved new release La La Land, this film resonates with lovers of theater, LGBT, and politics alike.

In 98 minutes, we experience a character begin in a wholesome religious life and, unlike many films of its kind, Liberty maintains her beliefs without becoming a martyr as she steps out of the closet and embraces who she is. It is a truly refreshing tale.
Enjoyable even with the flaws
It may not be the best musical but has so much charm, that the low budget works in the movies favor. I watched it on Amazon Prime and liked enough that I bought the film on Amazon. So it's with checking out if want some laughs in a good cheesy love story that comes from the heart.
Girl-meets-girl political satire musical
Very clever, lots-of-fun musical that supports same-sex marriage at the same time that it spoofs US politics and those who wrap themselves in the flag of "family values." The film has much humor, and the music and lyrics are wonderful!

This is not a polished movie, but a low-budget independently produced film. It's a little uneven, but over all it's worth the watching - light, funny, clever, and topical. It's a good film to show your Aunt Mary who needs to be educated about "gay marriage" while enjoying a show.
This is the musical the LGBTQI world has been waiting for. Far too often our stories have been told in gray tones, this movie brings joy and color to our relationships. The singing is great, the acting superb, in fact this should be a milestone, a gauge for all the gay musicals that are now free to be created.
Absolutely brilliant!
This is one of the most refreshing movies which deals with homosexuality where sexual scenes have not been overly emphasized. It manages to portrait a complete picture of average America where stereotypes are held in the most brilliant way. It's destined to become a cult! The lyrics and the music are so intelligently intertwined that you catch yourself singing along just after the first few lines. Expect to burst out laughing at any moment.I will watch it again!
Some spoilers not that it matters don't waste your time watching this.
Just wow. I read the plot and I was excited to watch it, it seemed like a good idea with potential. When it started I immediately wanted to turn it off but I didn't. I made a check list with everything I hated:

-The camera moving funny at some points was it filmed hand-held?! - The slow motion at some scenes NOT GOOD. -The singing is good the music however very bad. -What was that music over the montage? It didn't work at all. -What was with the green screens, just why?! -I love you?? after one kiss? sure they spent time together but you didn't build on the relationship at all that music over the montage took away from the depth so jumping into I love you was bad. -Omg I can't even start on the acting, Jaclene Wilk was the only one that acted somewhat okay everyone else was horrible but I don't know if it's because of the cast or the script. -The script was very bad it felt very fake and not how people talk at all. A character named Dick was the realest character in the film. -The lady that snaps the picture is the best character in the film. -I cannot stress enough how bad the script was. -What's with that parody of the TV show? -Seriously it made me so cringed out and angry that I want to talk to the dude who made it and find out what the heck was he thinking. -They get married?! What the.... man. -It felt like a parody of a parody.

Just a bad lesbian movie in general then you add the music and somehow it makes it worse. I cringed so hard I couldn't stop cursing. The LGBT community needs better movies and better representation than this. This can't be it!
Look I have nothing against lesbians, except of course Ellen who is just on some sort of drug they should cal "MeMe" But this was tripe. Too long, boring story and sweet 16 lesbians Its also too hard to see who is the shim and who is the she. On the other hand I loved the music and the dance blew LaLaCrap out of the water.
A Sweet, Wonderful Film
Beyond the lilting music, clever lyrics, spirited dancing, and wacky politics, Liberty's Secret is the heartbreaking and heart-enriching story of a young woman struggling to accept her love for another woman.

This basic story has not been told nearly enough in popular culture, and certainly not with the trappings of a classic Hollywood musical!

Jaclene Wilk, as Liberty Smith, brilliantly embodies the fear and doubt of a woman forced to love in silence. Behind her chipper, all-American pose, there is pain in her eyes as she asks herself the question, "I love her. Love is good. How can what I feel be so wrong?"

It's a sweet, wonderful film with a generous heart. Revel in it!
Great Film!
A wonderful film Great romance story full of uncertainty Camera movement was a little off sometimes The music was just good, but the dancing was wonderful Overall pleased. Wish there was less emphasis on her being a good Christian, but appreciate that she does not give up on her faith. Hopefully, see this movie be entered into some film festivals and win some awards.
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