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Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Janicza Bravo
Jeff Garlin as Guy Roach
Hank Chen as Lee
Fred Melamed as Howard
Robin McDonald as Client
Inger Tudor as African Woman
Rhea Perlman as Esther
Brett Gelman as Isaac
Shiri Appleby as Ruthie
Nia Long as Cleo
Judy Greer as Ramona
Megan Mullally as Simone
Michael Cera as Alex
Storyline: A man watches his life unravel after he is left by his girlfriend of 10 years.
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A criminally underrated gem
Do yourself a favor and don't watch this movie if you like to be spoon- fed humor or if you have the emotional intelligence of the main character. The acting is on point and the scene editing done in this movie is absolutely phenomenal. It's a story about love, envy, loneliness, everything and nothing. Mixed together with some hilarious comedic absurdity and a whole lot of dark humor, it's a real treat and Michael Cera's hair is the cherry on top.
Tries very hard to be something it never will be
This is the only movie that I have ever taken the time to write a review for on IMDb, and my sole motivation is the hope that someone will see this and save themselves the 85 masochistic minutes that I just put myself through. This is one of those movies that you want to turn off from the moment you start but you just keep watching in the hopes that it will get better, and the next thing you know it's an hour in, the movie is still terrible, and screw it - you might as well finish it at this point because the prescription opiates haven't worn off yet.

My girlfriend roped me into this debacle with a trailer that promised a mix between Juno and Wes Anderson, but what I got instead was A Serious Man after it had been eaten by a 400 pound trucker named Larry, poorly digested, and ultimately deposited into a toilet bowl at a rest stop. This movie is so bad that I actually felt it was below Michael Cera to take this role. Michael Cera is too good of an actor to be in this movie. Let that sink in.

This "film" feels exactly like what it is - a poorly executed imitation of some of the great indie films of our time, written by a man and a woman who likely knew that no one in their right mind would make this thing so they had to make it themselves. It has all awkwardness and low-budget characteristics of Napoleon Dynamite but with none of the charm, and its attempts at humor are so forced that I'm not sure an entire bottle of Dulcolax could have moved things along.

We as a society love a good bit of cringe in our films, since art often imitates life. If you like a good cringe every now and then, you might look forward to the scene in which the protagonist (whatever his forgettable character name was) attempts to kiss his (also forgettably named) male co-star. On the surface, this scene should have made my skin crawl, but instead my skin was crawling as I thought about the fact that someone actually invested time and money to put this lightly-polished piece of garbage into the annals of film history and expect people to revere it as art. If this is art then the scab I tore off my leg while watching YouTube earlier today is a Van Gogh.

I could further analyze on a scene-by-scene basis, but frankly I am close to nausea already as I rehash just exactly how angry it made me to sit and watch attempt after attempt to be a quirky indie movie fall shorter than Tyrion Lannister.

I would rather lobotomize myself with a chopstick than watch this movie again.
Great Cast - Horrible Movie
Watching this movie is like listening to someone drag their nails across a chalkboard. I'm confident that worse movies have been made made but something about this film was so offensive to my senses that withing the first half hour it registered deep within my psyche as THE WORST movie I've seen. It was stilted & disjointed with lifeless performances (I assume by direction) of detestable character. Everything about this movie screamed out the pretentiousness of the film maker. It plays like Janicza Bravo decided to make an inspired film, put all the wheels in motion and then set out to find the inspiration. I've read positive reviews that tacitly accused me of failing to appreciate the dark, deadpan, absurdist humor. My response to those reviewers is to go see 'The Lobster'. 'The Lobster' was a dark, deadpan, absurdist comedy that was inspired and expertly executed. Lemon was, to use a colloquial pun, a lemon.
Front Runner for worst release of 2017.
What a total piece of garbage Lemon was. My god. From the over done art house approach to the monotone boring protagonist this movie was absolute trash. I can appreciate an abstract or absurd comedy such as "The Comedy". But what makes this one fall flat on it's face is the fact that it just seems like it's being abstract for the sake of it rather than being a comedy that happens to be weird. It's also incredibly dull and is by NO means a legitimate piece of art house cinema. AVOID this movie you will be glad you did.
The Best Films of the year
Lemon takes a quirky and comical view of a socially awkward going through the aftermath of a long doomed relationship. The Director has captured this through original camera shots, awkward laughs & overall thought on how to capture the story. I wish Lemon could be a box-office success but many cannot accept the beauty and tone of this quirky MASTERPIECE!!! (Also a great soundtrack)
Opening film of Rotterdam film festival 2017. Misplaced choice and lacked contents overall
This was the opening film of the Rotterdam film festival 2017 (, and as such may give rise to expectations of something remarkable or otherwise special. Alas, I cannot think of many positive remarks about this film. Several people around me had a lot of laughs throughout the running time, but I had mostly trouble to produce even a tiny smile. Maybe I'm embarrassed seeing a definite loser on a definitely downhill path, where everything he does fails on him. And it would certainly have helped when Isaac had only been just a tiny bit of sympathetic. Now it is all just sad, nothing humorous about it. I know that many people delight (schadenfreude) in the suffering of others, but I'm not one of those. (Counter example: I love all the Ulrich Seidl movies, where you also find yourself embarrassed while watching, wondering whether you can stand it much longer. Nevertheless, I always endure to the end and even watch these movies more than once. Best example: his Paradise trilogy, especially Paradise: Love.) Anyway, apart from me the audience was not happy with this movie either, as it ranked a lowly 158th (out of 172) place for the audience award.

There were some links between Isaac's life at home and the acting classes (like the "I I I" that offended his girlfriend in an early scene). Are these classes an artificial construct, introduced by the film makers, in order to make a point?? (If yes, I missed it.) Or is it just a means to humiliate others or to showcase his own shortcomings?? (Partly, see next paragraph.)

The final Q&A clarified several things. For example: this movie resembles the lives of the film makers, feeling out of place (black, Jewish, etc), and it resembles their personalities too. There was a question about music and composer, but the answer escaped me. There was a very valid question about acting classes, coming down to: are they really that way?? The answer was that teachers are very abusive and impulsive as a rule. They can quit class and run out, or behave otherwise very crazy. There was a question about the family reunion, whether it was for real?? The answer was that a comedy can make sweet what is shown on screen. It is something not happening to you, so you can feel good in spite of it, like feeling less lonely. Lastly, the Q&A clarified the title of the film: Lemon stands for a lame person or thing, or something useless or crappy. As the film makers explained, that meaning of the word is obvious to all native English speakers.

Finally, a positive remark, in spite of everything: in the closing scene where Isaac's car is taken away to a garage or more probably a scrap yard (Isaac: "it just died on me"), we see the final credits roll by. For that reason these credits seemed not overly long, unlike the feeling I have with other movies. I've the impression that credits become longer every day, exhaustively mentioning even the smallest contribution in full (catering, chauffeur, and so on). It can be that this all is necessary in the context of financing the project, but it borders on annoying and only forces you to grab a flashlight and leave the venue before the lights get on.
Pulling a fast one!
Honestly I think the director 'pulled a fast one' on these actors to make fools of themselves!

I watched it start to finish and the entire time the thought WTF was going through my head. It's just a long line of incomprehensible dialog, acting, scenes, and the plot just sort of rolls around like a loose orange in the floor of a moving automobile.

Picking at a scab is more meaningful than this sorry movie.
I saw it for the actors in the movie but that was a horrible decision. Calling this movie garbage would be a kind review. Makes absolutely no sense at all and feel like its being made boring by choice. Wannabe art cinema. I don't see what was the point of ever making this movie. Definitely not worth a watch.
Should not have watched it
This film tells the story of a socially awkward man, whose girlfriend of ten years left him suddenly. He tries to live his life as normal, but his life is anything but normal.

Honestly, the first ten minutes of the film is already horrible. The protagonist is such an socially awkward man, and he just does not know how to be around people. The film itself is super awkward as well, as there are dialogs such as a man saying "I need you", then the woman replies "my sister is double parking". This type of illogical conversation happens constantly in the film. The dialogs are so ridiculous and logically unconnected, that the plot just makes no sense. I do not find the film funny, engaging or sympathetic at all. It is a waste of my time, and my poorly informed decision to have watched this film.
Pointless rambling
My girlfriend and I wasted around 15 minutes on this movie before turning it off, which is 15 minutes more than it deserves, and I generally like weird movies. Just because something has that quirky/indie feel to it, that doesn't automatically make it a masterpiece. Well, maybe in some circles, but you know, these days when people have very little spare time and can choose from an ever increasing number of entertainment options, rambling on too long about nothing is not a very good strategy to captivate the audience. Get to the point.
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