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Land of Smiles
USA, Austria, Thailand
Thriller, Adventure, Horror
IMDB rating:
Bradley Stryker
Olivia Cheng as Vendor
Kate Stone as Sobbing Woman
Luke Ditella as Felix
Amie Barsky as Tabitha
Caitlin Stryker as Jewel (as Caitlin Cromwell)
Leandra Ramm as Betsy
Jen L. Burry as Best Friend (as Jen Burry)
Jason Asuncion as Preacher's Voice
Storyline: A Young Backpacker is lured through the third world paradise of Thailand searching for her kidnapped best friend and unknowingly she becomes the object of a sociopath's obsession.
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The cinematography was very impressive. Hard to believe that it was a low budget film. The characters had me wondering about their motives. I wasn't sure who could be trusted. The number of awards and nominations from the film festival circuit peeked my interest. This one is a winner.
Great original movie
I loved this movie. It had me at the edge of my seat right to the end. I like when a plot is not too obvious. I thought the scenery was beautiful, the acting was spot on and the suspense fantastic. I don't know what the two bad reviews were about. They are so critical it seems almost a personal vendetta. Maybe they attempted to be in this movie and did not get chosen?
I REALLY enjoyed this movie!
To begin, the scenery was captured in the film. Absolutely gorgeous country and so beautiful as a backdrop. And the contrast of the country's beauty against the horror of what was taking place magnified the plot. The plot was mysterious and we continually tried to guess who was the clown and who might be assisting him/her. The actors fooled us with "certain looks" or "actions" that kept us off guard. We were never really sure who was involved until the end so it kept our attention. The music added another element to what was happening and was well done. The actors were at ease and did a good job of acting as they would being young travelers out for an adventure. Just what you would expect. I have recommended this to friends who enjoy a mystery and horror films. Also, what a great ending as they fast forward to the snow keeps us wondering!!!
Low Budget?? This is BEYOND Low budget!
This film infuriated me from the word go, really. I know a lot about low budget filmmaking and I understand that this film is not necessarily the worst low-budget film ever made... but it comes very close. Here are my two main gripes:

1. The acting - absolutely atrocious! From fumbling accents to people who can't cry/look scared properly, the acting in this stinker is all over the place!

2. The clown character in this is NOT menacing at all, with cheap costume, very bad acting (see above) and appalling voice characteristics, this character (who could have worked well) simply flopped.

Now, I am a veteran horror and low budget film watcher, 35+ years experience in watching them, and I have seen many films with HALF the budget of this which have been much better than this (not to mention half the trash that Hollywood spews forth every year).

There's no excuse for this - bad filmmaking that the director should be bloody ashamed of...
Don't waste your time.
1. Horrible acting. 2. Not scary at all. 3. Story is badly paced and stupid. Don't waste your time on this garbage. It stinks! There's absolutely no redeeming quality about this amateur movie. The clowns were just stupid looking. Just looks awful. Anyone giving this more than one star is obviously benefiting from the production of this badly made film. Probably friends of the cast members. Avoid this movie!
Kop Un Cap
A little glimpse into backpacking through Thailand - some common themes you encounter there ie being in the rain, drinking buckets, and talking about someone in the club who the night before kissed a ladyboy by accident. Drinking shroom shakes and haggling with the street market ladies.

If you've been there you will find this movie entertaining because of the subject matter. The horror theme tied it all together - I guess it is kind of Saw like - but nothing really happened and it was all unexplained. Kind of just some nice holiday visuals sprinkled with some backpackers drinking chang laced together with a psychopath being a psychopath for no reason.
From the beginning I was wondering who this young girl travelling alone could trust. The situation she found herself in was terrifying and you could not figure out how it would end. The scenery was lovely and the music was interesting and flowed with the film. I found the acting very believable. I was truly worried for the lives of the travellers involved in the situation as it unfolded.
Wouldn't recommend at all
OK, I generally love cheap/low-budget films, mainly because of the unique story lines and this one had potential. However, the execution of this move was atrocious. It was hard to follow the story line and the links that this movie tried to make was unbearable. (thankfully Ben died though XD)
Suspenseful, well crafted, and visually astounding.
Land of Smiles – A Film Review Thailand, a place of beauty, self discovery, and one of the world's hottest tourist destinations.

Through the eyes of Writer/Producer/Director, Bradley Stryker, comes a twisted and aesthetically gorgeous work of nerve-racking and suspenseful chaos.

"Land of Smiles" is the story of Abby, a fundamentally misguided college student who embarks on the journey of a lifetime and soon finds herself the unknowing victim of a horrific cat and mouse game at the hands of a malicious and ambiguous sociopath.

The lead in this picture is portrayed by Alexandra Turshen. Turshen brought with her a solidness to the role, almost a "immature" maturity that the role required. The character struggles with a roller coaster of emotions and Alexandra not only hit every mark, but she also gave the audience a glimpse into the old "Blair Witch" suspense that has been cast to the wayside as of late.

Keenan Henson costars as Ben, the self-indulgent and diluted amateur film maker who has been denied his grant to finish his film, and is running out of time and money to finish his work. Keenan really hits the nail on the head with this role, in all honesty he really makes the viewers feel for him, question his integrity, and constantly leaves them in a state of wonder.

Jewel, as played by Caitlin (Cromwell) Stryker, gives a solid and trusting foundation to the cast. In many cases, especially in the "who-done-it" cinematic universe, it's not uncommon for the more monotone characters to be ignored or easily forgotten, but it's their exact presence that builds the structure of suspense, and they offer reliable and necessary footholds for the plot to progress.

Bradley Stryker(Writer/Producer/Director) as Dale, and Amie Barsky as Tabitha are certainly both entitled to an honorable mention as strong, appropriately placed, and charismatic characters.

It's an absolute breath of fresh air, especially in this horror-soaked industry, to find someone with the vision, both artistically and substantially, who can take the watcher into a world that most are unfamiliar with, add reliable characters, a realistic and terrifying plot device, and just enough nostalgia to welcome one back from the mundane.

Well done, Mr. Stryker Thanks for reading, FEARCast J
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