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Thriller, Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Animation
IMDB rating:
Jay Oliva
Alfred Molina as Destiny (voice)
Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Rath / Policeman / Father (voice)
Brian T. Delaney as Husbamd / Shroud Leader (voice)
Camilla Luddington as Zatanna (voice)
Matt Ryan as John Constantine (voice)
Laura Post as Business Woman (voice)
Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Alba Garcia / Black Orchid (voice)
JB Blanc as Abnegazar (voice)
Jeremy Davies as Ritchie Simpson (voice)
Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman (voice)
Jerry O'Connell as Superman (voice)
Jason O'Mara as Bruce Wayne / Batman (voice)
Nicholas Turturro as Boston Brand / Deadman (voice)
Fred Tatasciore as Ghast (voice)
Roger R. Cross as Alec Holland / Swamp Thing / John Stewart / Green Lantern (voice)
Enrico Colantoni as Felix Faust (voice)
Ray Chase as Jason Blood / Etrigan (voice)
Storyline: Justice League Dark is what it sounds like. It's the dark side of justice. A group of supernatural heroes who band together loosely to take on occult threats, supernatural threats - threats that the real Justice League may be powerless against.
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Its not perfect but it is enjoyable for comic book fans
Since this new 52 reboot in DC animation where all the films are based in the new 52 continuity they haven't been as good as they were previously. But as they have continued they really feel like there getting close. From the very start of the film it has this dark and deadly tone to it as we get some really gruesome scenes. Law biding citizens are doing heinous acts and things don't look pleasant.

Sadly the film's first halve doesn't live up to the rest. That right the scene that was released on the PlayStation network is probably the darkest scene in the entire film. Everything else is just par for the course and feels like every other Hollywood blockbuster with some over powered villain and some light in the sky.

The main antagonist really doesn't do the film any favors. He feels like he was plucked right from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is typical and kinda unneeded and is something we have seen before. There is just nothing new there.

The film does succeed tho with the way the characters are developed. Zatana, Constatine, Swamp Thing and Etrigan the Demon are given quite a lot of interesting development and we come to care about all of them. Deadman does also have a good role to play even if his voice doesn't really work for the character.

The voice work here overall isn't very strong. Aside from Matt Ryan returning as Constantine there are no notable performances which is kinda sucky. The casting director, Wes Gleason, needs some work. I wish they could get back Merdith Layne who worked on Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox and has Emmy Award on her mantle.

I know I sound like I am ragging on the film, but I did like it. I loved Constantine and Zatanna's relationship here. And I actually did feel all the other members got just enough needed screen time. I don't feel Batman was needed, but I didn't mind him when it was in the context of the film.I actually loved the way all the Justice League members were used.

So I would consider this a pretty good film. Maybe not worth the extra money on DVD or Blu Ray, but still a pretty nice film if your a fan of DC animation.
Why call it justice league at all.
The actual league was barely in the movie, except for Batman, who was also only there for pretty much nothing. Why add Batman to the team, if he was to be so useless. This movie was scripted by a John Constantine's super fan, who perhaps thinks that batman is overrated. The magicians were too powerful, enough to single-handedly beat super-man, and he is supposedly the strongest member of Justice League.
An adequate venture in the darker Justic League universe...
It was the cover/poster for "Justice League Dark" that made me decide to watch this 2017 animated movie with my son. Normally I am not keen on the superhero genre, be it animated or actual movie. But the cover and the synopsis for this movie sounded like it could be an interesting watch.

First of all I must say that I wasn't particularly much of a fan of the art style they used here. It didn't match that which was used on the cover/poster, so it was a sore disappointment to watch something that looked like a hybrid between the 1980s cartoon style and the Manga/Anime drawing style. It just didn't really work out that well for me.

While I wasn't a fan of the art style, I will admit that the animation itself was good, and the pacing of the story was quite good as well. The story didn't really have moments where it lost its breath and slowed down.

As for the voice acting, which is very crucial for an animated movie, then I must say that the actors and actresses that they had gotten together for "Justice League Dark" were doing quite good jobs.

The storyline was adequate, although it wasn't outstanding or particularly memorable. Sure, it was entertaining enough, but it had some gaps and plot holes.

Granted, I am not a superhero fan, but it was difficult to look at Wonder Woman in that particular outfit, and I must admit that I am not even familiar with the Zatanna, Destiny, John Constantine and that yellow demon character - I don't even know his name. So I guess parts of the plot and concept idea was lost on me.

Having watched it once now, I can say that I have seen it, and I know for certain that I am not going to return to watch it a second time around, because it just wasn't all that impressive. Plus, it is a superhero story after all, so not a win-me-over for me.
Moderately enjoyable
I put up this disclaimer before reviewing anything related to comic books and that is, I am not a very avid comic book reader because of it's unavailability here. I keep myself at pace via websites and I am certainly up to date regarding the DC animated movies. Believe it or not, but I've watched all of them.

SCREENPLAY - The story and the dialogues are very 50/50 but thank you DC, for making it R-rated. The banter is pretty good. Especially Deadman and Batman. They have the best punch-lines and Batman's "hmmm" always cracked me up. Without going too much into detail, a part of the movie felt a tad bit like Kingsman. If it's a reference to the comics, which the readers can point out, then it's cool but to me, it felt a bit clichéd. The expository stuff was surprisingly kept at a minimum. There was some of it of course but, I've seen in the other animated movies where everything just comes to a halt and some character is just hurling exposition. The callbacks between Zatana and Constantine sometimes felt over-used. I have watched the T.V. Show of Constantine, so I know what happened in Newcastle but they were ranting about things that happened all over the world. I mean, maybe it's entertaining for the comic-book readers but from a writer's point of view, using the same trope too many times reduces it's effect.

ART-DIRECTION - Let me get rid of the gripes I had about the animation. First of all at around 17 minutes into the movie, Deadman is opaque and transparent even when he hasn't been made visible by Constantine. Second, sometimes the expressions of the characters didn't change with the dialogue. I know it is nitpicking but you'll begin to notice after some time. If that would happen to a live actor, I would call it a wooden performance. Now, the pros. The action sequences were amazing. Especially the second last fight. That really got me pumped up. Earlier there used to be a lot of cut- away's during a fight sequence. The difference here was that each individual fight was done for a longer time before interjecting it with a scene. That increased the intensity of the fights by a notch.

VOICE-ACTING - There were a lot of known actors and actresses doing the voices like, Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman, Alfred Molina as Destiny and of course Matt Ryan as Constantine. It's so sad that his show got cancelled. It was the only DC character I was invested in, especially due to his performance. Nicholas Torturro was amazing as Boston Brand. I know people will be hypothetically punching me for saying this, but he felt like the Deadpool of the lot. All the others were great as well, no complaints in the voice-acting department.

FINAL VERDICT - At one point I was thinking that what is Batman doing in the middle of all this magic and hocus-pocus. Just then all these magical elements started to deconstruct his character and I was like,"Oh! That's why he is there". It is quite rightfully rated R because there is a lot of violence, but personally, I wanted a little bit more. Maybe I am sadistic but if you agree then give me some assurance that I am not as sadistic as I think I am. Do give this one a watch. I am sure DC fans will, but if you're a fan of animated movies, I am sure this one won't disappoint.
Go home DC, you're drunk
I don't even know why I gave the DC animated universe another chance. The new 52 movies have mostly been fail and I'm sad to report that this is no different. This isn't even a Justice League movie. They literally make a cameo. This SHOULD have been called Constantine but DC knows that only Constantine fans would have gave a sh!t if they did that; so they called it Justice League Dark and had Batman literally stand around watching while Constantine did his little magical dog and pony show for over an hour. The biggest problem with this film is that the story/plot seems like filler, almost as if they needed to throw in something to kill the time in between origin stories. Basically this is the plot: John Constantine needs help with something and visits someone who hates him. That said person refuses to help him but for whatever reason tells us their origin story and then reluctantly helps Constantine. That is pretty much the plot of the film... times four. And I'm guessing they gave the film an R-rating because Deadpool did that and it is the new cool thing to do now.. even if this film hardly deserves a PG-13 rating if they take away one bloodless suicide scene in the beginning of the film. I must have check how much time is left in the film about three times, and this film isn't even an hour and twenty minutes long. Oh, and if you randomly set a tree on fire SwampThing will come out of nowhere and tries to kill you.. brilliant.

The animated DC universe used to be somewhere we could run to when the live action DC films let us down. And with early reports calling Wonder Woman a gigantic heap of garbage, we need a solid animated DC universe more than ever. Or we can just do what Marvel fans did with Spider-man and force a hard reboot by boycotting Wonder Woman and sending a message to the chumps running DC. Plus we already know DC's game plan. Wonder Woman is going to su@k and a month later they are going to release an "extended edition" and promise us it is better and hope we are dumb enough to bite.
Take a walk with me on the darkside...........
So we finally have a Justice Dark movie, eh? Bloody hell its time.

Let's get one thing sorted though. Its nice to see Batman in the movie, and he has ties to Zatanna actually - but its a stretch to see his usefulness in this universe. But John and Bruce are actually quite alike, except for the backstabbing thing. They both see the world more black than white and are the ultimately escape artists with plans within plans. One is a human walking with gods, and the other is a conman playing the angels and demons.

Coming to the movie, the animation is solid and I loved how they used the spells with multi coloured sigils for different mages. The character designs are nice (though I could do with a more fresh faced John, that aftershave look was doing him no favours) and the action scenes are well rendered.

Story: There are actually three threads here, two are character stories and one the main A-plot. Both Deadman and Jason Blood get fleshed out backstories though I dispute the latter was in any way better than the one given in the Timmverse. That was actually tragic but it seems Jason's backstory keeps getting changed to the main plot whenever he's involved to make him more important. Deadman and his budding need for friends and love was more intriguing and he was a good comic relief. The main plot of Destiny resurrecting and plaguing people with nightmarish visions would have been bland if not for Ritchie being involved. So Ritchie is a seriously bad luck guy. His Hellblazer end was worse, but he was a nice twist when I was expecting someone like Felix or Winters to be a pawn of Destiny (we all know he was to be the main bad guy, c'mon!). All in all, the Deadman back story was shoehorned, but he was necessary for the plot. I just wish Bruce tied in better, especially given how awesomely he handled an alternative version of Destiny in the Timmverse.

So overall a nice introduction to the Dark Universe of DC and I'm hoping this can be expanded to a good two and a half hour life action feature film in the DC movie verse. Some points of improvement: 1. Don't include Batman in everything. Be confident in your other properties and take a chance DC! 2. If you replace Matt Ryan, do it well. He's been a great casting choice and hopefully whoever his counterpart is in the movieverse, lets hope he captures the character well (accent which has been a problem for Matt, is not as big an issue as his portrayal). And the romance with Zatanna was done well. Include that. 3. Etrigan was brilliant in this movie. But ensure he doesn't always have a backstory change just to be relevant! 4. Be better in integrating Origin stories. Deadman's was superfluous and jarring to the flow of the movie. This is one thing BvS got right in how they showed Batman's origin. I would have placed this origin at a movietime when Rama Kusha the deity connected to Deadman gave him the task to unite everyone. At the beginning of the movie maybe.

Overall an above par movie with a solid cast and a good story.
DC Comics coming back on the rails in the animations!
Simple but efficient. I do not see a better way to describe Justice League Dark. With a story that takes a universe already established within the animations, the film works very well its characters, in a simple way, not wasting time trying to tell its origins to the public, and with that, goes straight to the point.

The chemistry between the characters is very cool, and Batman adds a lot to the group's dynamics, with simply sensational speeches, giving us great moments inside the movie!

Finally, I think Justice League Dark shows DC itself the potential that this brand can have not only in animated films, but also in live-action. Please DC, make the Dark Justice League live-action! We want to see!

In summary, Justice League Dark fulfills its role, tells a cool story, with well-built characters and excellent dynamics, providing little more than an hour of pure of great entertainment!

Ps: Listening to Matt Ryan once again bringing Constantine to life is also incredible.
Different, but ended up being as superficial as a DC live-action movie
'Justice League Dark' follows the chronology from "the new 52" animated movies that was left in 'Justice League vs Teen Titans. The movie centers in a different and darker team of superheroes that have to join together in order to save humanity from demonic forces.

I think that this movie is a little bit overrated because, I mean, the animation was very good, and it was interesting for me to know these characters better, particularly John Constantine, and the movie started off very well, but then it became quite a bit superficial, to the grade of not understanding what was going on.

I also think that this movie was not worthy of an R rating at ALL! It is violent as any other DCU animated movie nowadays, but Son of Batman and The Dark Knight Returns Part II were far more bloody and violent than this one, and still they're PG-13. 'The killing joke' was definitely worthy of it, but this one is completely OK for anyone above 12. That was a big let down for me, because I was expecting something darker and much more violent than this.

Overall, it is worth to watch, but don't do it with very high expectations as I did, because you will be probably disappointed.
Justice League Dark
One of the most audacious decisions of DC Comics during the launching of The New 52 was the comic Justice League Dark, which promoted the integration of "magical" characters (such as John Constantine, Swamp Thing and Zatanna) to the universe of "normal" superheroes (like Superman, Flash and Batman). Many of those characters were kept for years (some ones even decades!) under the shelter of the publishing house Vertigo, in which editors such as Karen Berger and Shelly Roeberg organized a sturdy sub-universe theoretically included into the DC Comics cannon, but with its own rules and continuity, established by authors and artists akin to those themes. The comic Justice League Dark broke that barrier, and even though it never was a big sales success, it earned various fans throughout 4 years and 40 editions. However, I have never been one of those fans, and as a consequence, my expectations for the animated film Justice League Dark were quite low. Fortunately, the movie ended up being much better than I expected. The simple premise is pleasantly complicated with betrayals, false clues and the gradual acceptation of Batman by his "alternative" colleagues. In fact, I liked the magical plot of Justice League Dark much more than the one of the movie Doctor Strange, specially regarding the coherence in the villain's plan and the clarity in the answer from the "good" ones. I also found the humor much funnier, thanks to the sarcastic reactions from Batman when something completely away from his earthly experience happens. The voice performances are perfect, and the animation is above the average of the DC Animated Universe. In conclusion, I found Justice League Dark an excellent film on its own merit, and a very promising augury for future collaborations which had previously been relegated to the "fan fiction" world.
Good Movie, More then I was expecting
Bad expectations good movie. I didn't expect much from this title but this was actually a good movie, No spoilers but batman's "Hmmmmmmm"....LOL classic made me burst out laughing each time I heard it. Typical batman humor. As for the other characters the movie nails their characterization. I'm a huge fan of the comics although not as familiar with the magic side. However it was a great movie and I enjoyed it greatly. The action was good I didn't notice it was rated R until a Shi! bomb. But overall anyone 13+ should be able to watch didn't really see it as an 18 or older type of movie. A solid 9/10 because I'm a DC fan but unbiased 8.0/10
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