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Crime, Comedy
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Mark David
Blake Clark as Grady
Luz as The Mexican
Andrew Delman as Brian
Sarena Khan as Tessa
Bradley Fowler as Charlie Hart
Kacy Owens as Reni
Jeff Lorch as Rick
Erik Fellows as Det. Jack Callahan
Dusty Sorg as Trevor Jeffers aka 'Skittles'
Andrea Bowen as Nikki
Priscilla Barnes as 'Stonewall' Rosie Callahan
Storyline: Rick and Reni came to California in search of a new lease on life. Unfortunately, all they found was each other... In a last ditch effort to save their struggling relationship, the duo twist their couples' counseling therapy into a plot that would see them turning back into their Texas low-life roots as petty criminals. As has been the case throughout the history of Rick and Reni's calamity plagued relationship, their haphazard scheme to hold up a dive bar goes horribly wrong. When a diverse cast of bar patrons gets caught up in their failed plot, Rick and Reni begin to not only wonder if they'll survive the day, but if they can survive one another.
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A Gritty Intelegent Ridiculous Comedy
At the Houston Comedy Film Festival I was ale to get into this packed screening and it did not disappoint. I honestly laughed out loud which is rare for me when watching a film. Jonny's Sweet Revenge is a bar, which get's held up by a guy who does it only to satisfy his girlfriend.

There are multiple story lines that all revolve around this bar, and it seems everyone is trying to rob it, besides these two bumbling 'Hollywood' wanna be cops which totally stole the show. Between the cops and the 'stoner' dude wanting to open a cobble booth at the farmer's market they made this film, and were standout funny.

I didn't really enjoy the female performances as much as the guys, but they were pretty to look at. Overall Jonny's Sweet Revenge is a solid comedy with some great lines and solid performances. I recommend a watch if you like films like Reservoir Dogs or Guy Richie type films, though Jonny's comes off more of a parody of those films...
underrated movie with some phenomenal moments
This will be a movie that in a few years we look back in and see how much talent was on screen. The actors and actresses raw performance & grittiness and subtleties is what takes this movie to a surprising new level.

This is a really funny movie with some ridiculous moments. it never takes itself too seriously which is why IT WORKS.!!!!
Entertaining, funny and clever
To be honest, I was not expecting much from this film. I can say with certainty, I was pleasantly surprised after seeing it.

The plot tends to jump all over the place but that is by design. The characters are all quite abnormal but it lends to the charm and style the film is meant to deliver to the viewer.

There is a lot going on despite (almost) the entire film being shot in a bar setting. Many nuances of the characters change almost in a flowing liquid way. To avoid spoilers, I will just say you don't know what to expect from the characters as they are introduced and things are not as they seem. This is a terrific quality of the plot and a testament to the film maker and the actors alike. There is some amazing "eye candy" for us guys out there, and solid acting by all as well as a great performance by "Adam Sandler films" reprising roles actor Blake Clark, who steals the show towards the end, IMO.

If you are into lighthearted dark comedies that don't take themselves too seriously, with a mix-match of Nutty characters and SubPlots abound, then you will definitely enjoy this film. Give it a won't be disappointed!
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