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Joe's War
IMDB rating:
Phil Falcone
Tom Sizemore as Captain Vickers
Cara D'Adamo as Dana
Holly Rokes as Paula
Constantin Tripes as Pvt. Wernikowski
Tina Grimm as Sarah
Kresimir Novakovic as Coach Walters
Edward Asner as Harry
Joe Lisi as Raymond
Robert C. Kirk as Uncle Nick
Armand Assante as Doctor Galante
Storyline: After two tours of duty, Joe's life unravels as he waits for PTSD treatment.
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Joes War
Great movie from beginning to end a must see. Very interesting to see what these men and women go through. A lot of them have no support when they get home maybe this movie will open a lot of eyes to what is goes on during war and if you have family members that have been there.. be supportive and have patience when they come home. Great acting and directing.
Joe's War, A deep movie
Watched "Joes War" twice, it is a very deep and compelling story. The acting was heartfelt and moving on a subject that needs much more exposure. I felt the story was true to life as I know many people that suffer from PTSD!!

I recommend this movie to be seen by everyone, as we are all affected in one way or another with this horrible disease. I believe this movie will shed some light and may possibly save someones life, who can ask for more!!
A must see!
An amazing, heartfelt movie that captivates your attention from the very start. You become invested in each character and find yourself wanting to learn more. A true insight into the lives so many war heroes lead, that the average person knows nothing about. A wonderfully produced and executed film. A must see!!
A fair account of PTSD
I suppose its a good movie depicting the effects of PTSD, however, the cinematography, acting, music and depth of plot lets this movie down. Having watched this, I'm now inclined to watch The Deer Hunter (1978) again for the 100th time,it is with out a doubt the best film of its kind.
Must See
I saw this movie at the film festival and i loved it, really shows how PTSD can affect someone, and what our hero's have gone through to give us our freedom, I highly recommend watching this movie! I also bought the DVD on Pre-order so i can watch it again, I can't wait to get my DVD.
WOW, What a great movie! So glad I watched this one.
Incredibly moving picture. The writing is fantastic. Highly recommended! I would recommend you watch this movie. The story line is an important topic everyone should watch. Great writing Great editing! All though some of the topics made me a little sad. Its the point of the movie to fill you with emotion.
Important and timely film
Joe's War is a very effective and relevant film. It focuses on the rapidly growing PTSD epidemic that's claiming the lives of many American veterans.

The film follows Joe (Michael Markiewicz) a soldier returning home from two tours in Afghanistan who can no longer face the "normality" of everyday life after experiencing the horrors of war.

It isn't long before Joe turns to alcohol and the relationships with his friends, family and girlfriend begin to deteriorate. A psychiatrist (Armand Assante) and a fellow veteran (Louis Vanaria) may be the only two people who can save him from total self-destruction.

This is what the Hurt Locker would be if it followed the Jeremy Renner character once he returned home. Now this isn't an all out war film but it does feature some very graphic battle scenes that are hard to shake.

I highly recommend this film. It's a great character study and it brings awareness to a very critical issue in our country.
Joes War
Jumping on the back of other war stories.. This is awful. the acting is terrible. Could have been a great story but falls down with the terrible acting. Its amost like they are reading from a board. There is no emotion or conviction involved with this movie. The actors should be ashamed of themselves. And so should the producers, just a shameful way of bringing in money from the real stories of soldiers in the fireline. If you want to tell a story, tell it well. And have respect.
Review OF Joe's War
Joe's War tells the story of a returning two tour soldier coping with the horrors of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). It tackles the hard realities surrounding PTSD in an honest, hometown way.

The Staten Island/Brooklyn feel and real world display of compassion and love so native to that area and it's people help keep the story moving. The musical score fits perfectly.

Props to the writer for his passion portraying an issue which deserves attention.

The acting was above par, with my highest ratings going to Armand Assante, Michael Markiewicz, and Lois Vanaria.
Very good movie to help understand PTSD
Excellent movie to help understand PTSD. I think it does a service on just this and hope it helps a family or family member struggling with service time. Thank you for this movie as no one has touched specifically or dedicated a whole move to just this subject. God Bless those that served and God help those in need after service.
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