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Drama, Adventure, Biography, History, War
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Luc Besson
Rab Affleck as Comrade
Stéphane Algoud as Look Out (as Stephane Algoud)
Edwin Apps as Bishop
David Bailie as English Judge
David Barber as English Judge
Timothy Bateson as English Judge
David Begg as Nobleman - Rouen's Castle
Andrew Birkin as Talbot
Dominic Borrelli as English Judge
John Boswall as Old Priest
Matthew Bowyer as The Bludgeoned French Soldier
Paul Brooke as Domremy's Priest
Storyline: In 1412, a young girl called Jeanne is born in Domrémy, France. The times are hard: The Hunderd Years war with England has been going on since 1337, English knights and soldiers roam the country. Jeanne develops into a very religious young woman, she confesses several times a day. At the age of 13, she has her first vision and finds a sword. When coming home with it, she finds the English leveling her home town. Years after that, in 1428, she knows her mission is to be ridding France of the English and so sets out to meet Charles, the Dauphin. In his desperate military situation, he welcomes all help and gives the maiden a chance to prove her divine mission. After the successful liberation of Orléans and Reims, the Dauphin can be crowned traditionally in the cathedral of Reims - and does not need her anymore, since his wishes are satisfied. Jeanne d'Arc gets set up in his trap and is imprisoned by the Burgundians. In a trial against her under English law, she can't be forced to tell ...
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Milla Jovovich good as crazed zealot
This is Luc Besson's grand take on the heroine Joan of Arc. He takes on his legendary historic figure with lots of gusto.

Milla Jovovich certainly has the crazed intensity of a zealot. Sometimes, it drifts towards camp. Considering she got the job because she was married to Luc Besson at the time, it could have gone a lot worst.

The basic storyline is well known, and this follows it without much deviation. The best parts of the story happens midway in the movie. That's where the big battle scenes occur. Certainly the battles are big especially for using real action in modern movies.

After the battles, the story drags as she gets captured and tried. It may be better to climax the film with the big win in Orléans. Keep the slower parts as a postscript.
Well done Mr. Besson
This movie manages to handle a religious theme without being to

moralizing or kitschy. The acting is first rate and the

cinematography is state of the art. If you can stand some rude

knight fights and powerful battle scenery, then come and enjoy this

well done movie. I especially enjoyed Dustin Hoffmanns

appearance as the dry commentator and mirror of Joan's pure

conscience. 8/10
Not the greatest war movie, but a good movie, and a somewhat true-to-facts portrayal of Jeanne d'Arc
Luc Besson usually makes spectacular movies; Leon, The Fifth Element, etc. Joan of Arc is no exception. It details the life of Jeanne, the maiden of Lorraine, who in and around the year 1431, helped France defeat England, and win a war that has lasted for almost an entire century. The plot is great, and it has a very good pace. I am almost never bored when watching this film, despite the fact that it's fairly long(about two and a half hours long), and I've seen it at least half a dozen times. What I've found to be great about the film is the re-watchable quality it has; I've seen it many times, yet I haven't grown tired of it. Up to the very end, it always has a scene or two that you can look forward to, either because it's exceptionally well done, has very good cinematography, has great acting and/or dialog, or every one of those qualities. The acting is great. Every single actor gives a great performance, even the child actors were convincing. The performances that impressed me the most, however, were those of Milla Jovovich and Dustin Hoffman, as Jeanne and her conscience, respectively. They never cease to amaze me. The characters were well-written and credible. I particularly liked the way Jeanne was written as having a very notable temper and being very decisive. I also very much enjoyed the various supporting characters, the best being La Hire and The Conscience. I liked the way the film seems to question Jeanne's sanity; whereas most believe that she *was* in fact, sent by God, this film sits down and asks the question, if she really was, or if the signs and miracles weren't all in her head, and caused by everyone wanting to believe it. The very last scenes especially puts doubt in the viewer. It was quite a gutsy move by Besson, to question his own country's hero. I will admit, the film does really make it seem more like she is crazy rather than sent by God, but it doesn't feel like Besson is pushing his view onto us, telling us that that's the way it was; it feels more like he tries to make us question it. The action and the war scenes were very well done, very chaotic and disturbing, very intense and bloody. This isn't the best war movie ever made, nor is it the most factually accurate; it might not even be the best retelling of the legend of Jeanne d'Arc. But I have found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable, well-acted, well-choreographed, well-done film that makes you think. And that's good enough for me. Several scenes are quite memorable, as are some of the lines. All in all, a very enjoyable war-drama, with an authentic story and some well-done battle sequences. I recommend it to fans of the actors, of Luc Besson's other work and of war movies/dramas in general. Just don't expect a full-out war movie; it's two hours and thirty minutes long, and I don't think more than forty-five minutes in total are spent fighting. 7/10
The Enigma of Joan Continues
Did Besson cop out by not taking a clear stand on whether or not Joan of Arc was inspired by God or not? The use of Dustin Hoffman's "presence" in this film seemed to me to be Besson's own musings about the fifteenth-century French peasant girl. 'Maybe she was, maybe she wasn't'. Overall an excellent portrayal nevertheless. The two most powerful images in the film were undoubtedly: - the first time that Joan impatiently takes her own Communion and pours the dark red wine into her mouth too fast and it spills down her chin - the scene from above where Joan is lying in the tall grass of the meadow with her arms spread out (as if in a representation of Christ on the cross) and a gleaming sword is seen in the grass just off from her outstretched hand. I had CHILLS all over when I saw this. Definitely an IMAGE gem from Besson!
Was the life of Joan of Arc this boring?
It seems to me that there must be more to the life of Joan of Arc, a figure about which I have heard all my life, than is portrayed in this film. Perhaps it is a difficult subject to dramatize, although the summary sounds dramatic enough to me. What comes through here is rather a critique of religion and spirituality and mysticism. The result is Joan of Arc as misguided child, Joan of Arc as psychotic young woman. These criticisms for what they are worth do not help make the film entertaining. While I was initially taken by the historical detail, I ended up spending most of my time wondering how France could have fallen for this child. Hunger Games, for a modern example, presents a much more credible heroine who is used by the powers that be for their own ends. That to me is an interesting story that has emotional content. Joan of Arc the film raises interesting questions but it is not entertaining or moving and I suppose in the end when a girl gets burned at the stake I want to be moved. I think the film could have been improved by a more faithful treatment of the history which I must believe was more interesting than this film for the name Joan of Arc to come down to us so prominently through the ages.
Simply a magnificent, as well as educational, film!
In my opinion, it is a blessing to have a writer/director such as Luc Besson in the industry. This movie, "The Messenger Joan of Arc," is simply one of my favorites, with great performances from Milla Jovovich (one of my favorite actresses and I'm still doubting whether I spelled the name correctly or not!) I feel this is excellent, as well as educational, for I never would have known as much as I know about Joan of Arc if I had not watched this film. I can't wait for Luc to come out with some more movies that I just may be able to catch in theaters! Thanks for reading my response and have a great year.
Joan of Arc as An Hysteric: Possible Spoilers
I'll credit Milla Jovovich with an excellent performance within the framework of Luc Besson's interpretation of the tale of Joan of Arc. Besson borrows quite a little from other writers and directors in this film but his chief borrowing is from 20th and 21st Century psychiatry. In the end, he tells viewers through Joan's visible conscience (portrayed by Dustin Hoffman) that her "voices" were the product of hysteria and that the Messenger from God simply told her what she wanted to hear. To make this approach credible, Besson introduces the murder and subsequent rape of Joan's elder sister, which she witnesses when she is 10 years old through cracks in the door to the closest where she is hiding. "Hysteria" is a modern and plausible explanation for religious visions, but there is no historical evidence to serve as background -- and I found the modern day psycho-babble more than a little jarring, even though Dustin Hoffman does his best with the role. Fay Dunaway also performs very effectively but John Malkovich is John Malkovich, not the Dauphin. Despite acting that is generally good, I found this to be the least satisfying version of the Joan of Arc story that I have ever seen, and I've seen most of them at one time or another.
Good, but not Besson's best work.
This is a good film. I wouldn't venture to say that it's the best, because it's not. It's definatly worth seeing for history buffs (though I would heavilly question it's historical accuraccy.) It does however have a heafty dose of one of the things I dislike about Besson's work, there sometimes isn't enough contrast between tension and a lack thereof. This is especially the case in The Messenger. I would recommend this, but be advised: Besson's other works (The Professional, Nikita) are much, much better.
interesting interpretation
This movie is very well directed and has impressive battle scenes,costumes and locations.

The interpretation of Joan of Ark as played by Mila Jovovich is interesting and succeeds in the part of being a fearless and couragious military leader that soldiers followed.The part about her divinity is more controversial and the movie does not really explain it.

I didnt like the fact that everybody spoke English and i think the movie loses enormously because of this.

All in all however, i think it is a powerfull movie and tells an impressive story but i dont know how much it has to do with historical fact.
worse movie star ever
i never wrote any movie review before, but I felt that it's too bad to let someone else suffer by watching it. the movie star was a disaster and totally fake. i think any other actor could've played it better than her.if i could give it below 1 as rating i would but unfortunately, 1 is the least. 2 hours wasted for nothing.
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