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Drama, Action, Sport
IMDB rating:
Thomas Napper
Ray Winstone as William Carney
Lee Latham as Boxing Ring Spectator
Kirstie Shannon as Boxing Ring Spectator
Ernest Vernon as Funeral mourner
Luke J.I. Smith as Damian
Haqi Ali as Passarby
Neil Bradley as Newcomer Michael
Johnny Harris as Jimmy McCabe
Ian McShane as Joe Padgett
David Cronin as Funeral mourner
Storyline: A former youth boxing champion, Jimmy McCabe (Johnny Harris), is a man in search of hope but looking in all the wrong places. When he hits rock bottom he turns to his childhood boxing club and the only family he has left: gym owner Bill corner man Eddie and promoter Joe. Back in training, years after anyone thought he was a contender, he risks his life, as he tries to stand tall and regain his place in the world.
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A no nonsense film that hits all the marks!
The story of a man down on his luck is as familiar as it gets. Boxing as a metaphor for human struggle and inner conflict is also very much tried and tested. So for star and writer of this redemption tale, Johnny Harris, to come up with something so endearingly heartfelt is a testament to the mans talent and ability.

I never write about a films plot, I only like to convey a sense of what the experience provided etc. This film will make you feel something; empathy, sadness, hope, pity - all the ingredients of a rock bottom and up film.

Yes, it's a boxing film. But that shouldn't deter viewers who don't enjoy the pugilistic genre or sport itself. This is a brilliantly written, produced and acted film that focuses on one man's incredibly bleak prospects and overcoming the insurmountable he has created for himself. A man who is proud yet lacking dignity and how he turns to the only vestige he knows in order to claw it back.

This is a no nonsense film that ticks every box you could hope for in an indie flick. Expertly directed by Thomas napper it manages to avoid all the many tropes and hackneyed marks that most boxing films run into and leaves you feeling privileged to have seen it.
The Anti-Rocky, and a Heck of a film
Take everything you thought you knew about boxing movies ... and forget it.

Instead of a movie about someone looking to break into the sport, here is a movie about someone looking to break into Life, having wasted most of theirs. And boxing is all he knows.

It is a testament to the skill of the writer and director that, by the time the big fight arrives, you the audience don't have a clue how it will turn out. That by itself is an accomplishment.

Speaking of accomplishments, Harris hands us one of the most amazing performances I have ever seen. To re-use a tired cliché, he literally delivers most of his dialog in this film with his eyes.

And Winstone may possibly have delivered one of the most subtle and nuanced performances of his career, and makes max use of every second of screen time.

You could possibly say it is a modern update of Requiem for a Heavyweight (1962). Or you could simply call it what it is -- an extraordinary movie.

Recommended? Hell, yes.
One of the better boxing movies
Imagine if you can that Mike Leigh or Ken Loach decided to do a boxing film then Jawbone wouldn't be too far away from they would come up with and that is by no means a criticism in fact I really liked this. This is the story of a former youth boxing champion Jimmy McCabe who, after hitting rock bottom, returns to his childhood boxing club and his old team, gym owner Bill and corner man Eddie but to make ends meet he agree to take an unlicensed fight against someone much bigger and younger than himself. This film is not so much about boxing but about the struggle against alcoholism. Johnny Harris is brilliant and the troubled fighter and genuinely looks like he can box. There isn't a bad performance in this film. Ray Winstone and Ian McShane do what they do best and Michael Smiley is great also. If I has to pick a hole in this film and believe me it's hard . its that the person they got to be Jimmy's opponent didn't look like he knew how to box despite being ripped. Overall though a very good film.
A movie with heart...
I really liked this UK movie about an alcoholic boxer who is down on his luck and is given a chance at redemption. Okay, not an original movie but certainly one where you care about the main character Jimmy. It could have been better, as it was slow in parts, but the last fifteen minutes are the best boxing moments I have seen in a movie. I was screaming at the screen for Jimmy (Johnny Harris, brilliantly played) and for him to recover from his pugilistic pummeling. Director Thomas Napper has done a great job, though he could have ramped up the tension if he's tried a little harder. Ian McShane and Ray winstone were only there to entice viewers to watch it and did very little for the film. But, nevertheless, I totally recommend this movie. I want to see more from Napper in the future.
Not what I expected
We normally enjoy boxing films, as well as any other sports movies. We like the overcome aspects, the sense of achievement. There is none of that in this film. The protagonist is an old boxer and you can't relate to him because he never explains what he is expecting to achieve, what is his motivation. The acting is good. It was just not what I was expecting.
Excellent movie carried by strong performances
I gave this movie a 10/10 review which seems a bit silly, but really for what it is I cannot really see it being much better. Acting, writing and direction was all really very good. The story is a simple one and familiar but very compelling for all that. The main characters were very real, relate-able and likable. Made me want to know them and I find myself wondering how they all made out. Jimmy portrayed the desperation of a real addict, but at the same time a quiet dignity and determination even in the face of his own weakness and the likelihood of relapse. Really liked it a lot and I don't say that about many movies.
Tremendous boxing Saga true to life....
There are only four or five reviews on this film thus far and the overwhelming majority rate it at 8 of 10, or above. There is always the token "nay-sayer", but, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Even when ridiculous.

This stellar film is about a Boxer struggling with alcohol and other demons were not privy to in the story. Nor does it make much difference as the film is more about the human spirit and will then anything else. Boxing is simply the vehicle it rides on that back of to tell its tale.

Anything with Ray Winstone and Ian McShane, IMO, is worth the price of a theater ticket. But , they have small roles in this film. They are, nonetheless, great in the scenes they are in, as expected. It's not the big Box office names that carry this heartfelt, gritty, anti-hero superb film, it's the awesome acting of Johnny Harris and Michael Smiley that make this bittersweet human interest story so great.

Of the decades of "Rockyesque" type boxing films, which are pure fiction, (although Rocky was a great film, every other, garbage) this was a realistic tale of a fighter down on his heels and suffering from life challenges, yet with a spirit unbroken. The protagonist is not out for fame and fortune, recognition nor revenge. He is an average man with little in his life and a loner. No spoilers I won't get too into the plot. I will say, with absolute certainty......if you are a fan of witnessing the strength of the human spirit and like to avoid the big Hollywood type nonsense usually regurgitated every few years on the silver screen using Boxing as its venue, then you will love this film.

I highly recommend it. It is 90 minutes that passes like 20!
British Grittville
A former boxer with promise returns to his old stomping ground on the mean streets of London hoping for one last chance of success

Stop me if you've heard this one before but .... what you stopped me as soon as I came to this page? Fair enough. JAWBONE is a traditional type of gritty drama of a washed out boxer trying to get his life back on track. If you're expecting the big budget feel good Hollywood factor try somewhere else because this is a gloomy British movie

Actually this is maybe a little bit too gloomy. It's got that British independent feel. It's well made where the social realism shines through but it's not a film where you walk out of the cinema clicking your heels. On top of that unlike a lot of boxing films you've seen from ROCKY to RAGING BULL director Thomas Napper ensures that if you're hit with a high velocity fist then it will hurt and cut you

One minor complaint is that some people be fooled in to watching a film starring Winstone and McShane and there can't be a single movie in Britain who doesn't love these two legends but the reality is their parts are minor with McShane literally appearing in one walk on scene . Instead it's Johnny Harris as boxer Jimmy and Michael Smiley who carry the film. Smiley in particular is very good but the story is one you've seen before
Deeper than just another boxing movie
I gave this film a 10 because it is a perfect piece of cinema. At the end I didn't find myself wanting to improve on any aspect, which I often find myself doing with so many films and TV. as I've seen so many in my lifetime that I suppose I am a hard man to impress. But, impressed I am.

The script is indeed, "TIGHT AND LEAN," as the previous reviewer mentioned.

Compelling from start to finish, this is a fresh story that shows a man fighting his demons in every waking minute. Such is this battle that it manifests as a form of continuous self punishment. But also the anger within, proves to be the fight inside that could save him.

An incredible acting performance by Johnny Harris, who I have had my eye on for some time now, I hope this propels him into more leading roles.

The direction is crisp and doesn't dwell unnecessarily in sentimentalism, but it isn't cold and stark. This is not Rocky, or The Wrestler, it is more. Powerful and engaging.

One of the best British films you will see.
Jawbone packs a punch
Boxing has proved fertile ground for writers and directors. Jawbone is certainly a welcome addition and deserves to be seen. One of the strongest elements to film is the tight script that like its protagonist is lean and, eventually, determined.

The film starts with Jimmy McCabe (Johnny Harris) having reached rock bottom, viewing the world through the bottom of a vodka bottle and close to eviction from his late mother's flat. Very much a character driven piece, the film involves and reveals slowly with small vignettes of Jimmy and those who supported him.

Ray winstone and Ian mcshane are excellent but it's Michael smiley who takes the plaudits as Jimmy seeks some kind of redemption. Well worth searching out!!
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