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USA, UK, China
Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Paul Greengrass
Matt Damon as Jason Bourne
Neve Gachev as CIA Agent
Lasco Atkins as Conference Attendee
Emeson Nwolie as Businessman
Alexander Cooper as City Worker
Marla Aaron Wapner as DC Diner
Daniel Eghan as Bare-knucke fight spectator
Kaya Yuzuki as Hacker
Lizzie Phillips as Cyber Hub Tech
Ben Stylianou as Greek Van Driver
Scott Shepherd as Director NI Edwin Russell
Tommy Lee Jones as Robert Dewey
Julia Stiles as Nicky
Bill Camp as Smith
Vinzenz Kiefer as Christian Dassault
Riz Ahmed as Aaron Kalloor
Storyline: Jason Bourne is again being hunted by the CIA. It begins when Nicky Parson a former CIA operative who helped Bourne who then went under and now works with a man who's a whistle blower and is out to expose the CIA's black ops. So Nicky hacks into the CIA and downloads everything on all their Black Ops including Treadstone which Bourne was a part of. And Heather Lee, a CIA agent discovers the hack and brings it to the attention of CIA Director Dewey, the man behind the Black Ops. He then orders Parsons be found and hopefully Bourne too.
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Very Good!!
Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is beginning to regain his memory, but that does not mean that now the most deadly agent of the CIA's elite corps knows everything. Twelve years have passed since the last time Bourne had to operate from the shadows. But what has happened since then? He still has many questions to answer. In the midst of a convulsive world, plagued by economic crisis, financial collapse and cyber-war, various secret organizations struggle to seize power.

In that context of unprecedented instability Jason Bourne reappears unexpectedly. From a dark and tortured place, this peculiar agent will resume the search for answers about his past.

Based on the characters created by Robert Ludlum, this fifth installment of the Bourne saga is directed by Paul Greengrass (Captain Phillips, Green Zone, Protected District, United 93), who also writes the script with Christopher Rouse, editor in charge of The Ultimatum Of Bourne (2007) and The myth of Bourne (2004), and the actor Matt Damon (Mars (The Martian), Behind the Candelabra, Promised Land). Damon returns to the saga of action films playing Jason Bourne, and Julia Stiles (The Silver Linings Playbook), Dexter, The Prophecy) also repeats her role in the franchise as Nicky Parsons. The new actors who join the star cast are Alicia Vikander, Anna Karenina, Tommy Lee Jones, and Vincent Cassel (My Love, The Tale of Tales).
If you like real action this is movie for you
The basic story is good but plot holes are let down. The acting was actually quite good especially for Cassel, Damon and Vikander. Tommy Lee Jones did only so-so and politically correct character played by Essandoh was ridiculous and irritating. The action sequences, locations and fast story were riveting. Camera work, immersion and angles were excellent, especially since most of the shots had minimal CGI. I have to admit that the plot holes did not bothered me as much because it is fast pace movie. There are many reviewers that are complaining about the plot and rightfully so. I'm not sure why such big budget movie did't pay more attention to the movie plot. For Jason Bourne fans this movie will not disappoint. Director Greengrass scored really well on fast pace spy movie.
Jason Bourne
For any fans of previous installments, do not see this movie. It ruins its own legacy with ridiculous and incoherent plot, bad acting, unnecessary characters and totally repetitive action sequences we all seen before. Especially acting in second-hand and I am surprised by wooden performances from usually great actors like Tommy Lee Jones. Matt looks fat, uninspired and totally lacks any energy which was so captivating in previous movies. Vincent should be most un-scary killer in the history of cinema. Alicia is utterly unbelievable as a CIA cyber-chief. Previous episodes, while stretching imagination a bit ( this is Hollywood at the end), at least tried to portray all action, reasoning behind it and technology as possible. Jason Bourne discards this completely and transforms it in Marvel-type action hero movie. Again, do not see it in theater, save some bucks and rent it for boring evening with fast-forward remote nearby.
it seems Tony Gilroy was the true talent of the Bourne series
Let's be blunt. Jason Bourne (2016) is awful.

Made as a lazy, cynical cashgrab, conceived when Damon's career was in freefall and inspired by a childish feud with Tony Gilroy - the writer of the classic Bourne films.

Greengrass tries to take on writer duties himself, revealing another cinema discipline that he has no talent for.

Damon looks bored, Cassel looks fed up, Stiles looks old and Tommy Lee Jones looks very, very ill.

The plot is a composite of the previous Bourne movies. Bourne's -or rather David Webb- story was finished in the Bourne Ultimatum ( some would argue it was finished at the end of the Bourne Identity). There is nothing original here in terms of story or character. Just a lazy retread of what has gone before.

As in the Bourne Supremacy , an attempt is made to generate some drama by summarily despatching Bourne's "girl". No-one really cared about the death of Marie all those years ago, and the death of Nicky is even less interesting. This is not helped by the fact that Julia Stiles seems to be reading her lines from a card, and the manner of her death is a blatant rip off of the female death in Supremacy.

There is , as usual in a Greengrass movie, way too much shakycam . There was too much shakycam in Greengrass' previous Bourne films , but the use of shakycam has increased tenfold. The climactic fight scene was ruined by the inability to see what was going on.

The car chase- which must have cost millions- is unwatchable because it looks as though it was filmed at night during an earthquake.

Wait for it on TV
Dizziness inducing boring underwritten flick
First of all I want to clarify that Matt Damon and his friend Ben Affleck are in my opinion the smartest actors of this generation. They avoid Hollywood gossip and always try to make smart or at least deeper movies, even if sometimes they commercially fail. However the Bourne franchise as directed by Greengrass was never my cup of tea. Greengrass style produce me motion sickness; but besides that there is completely lack of humor and after the first three movies; there is no much memory to recover. James Bond on the contrary; was always filled with jokes (sometimes cynicism perhaps) and more open story lines. This four installment (with Damon) is by far the worst of the pack; the action scenes are too long and never produce any kind of emotions. The car persecution in Vegas it is almost too close to the cars so the spectacular stunts get diminished.

The full movie it is basically a brief start, four long persecutions (Greece, Berlin, London and Vegas) and an epilogue. Damon barely talks on the movie and does not kill anybody; Cassel as the villain, kills everybody and has far more dialog lines than Bourne. Tommy Lee Jones just uses a little charisma and gets the job done without any effort. Viklander however has the most important character; but somehow her motivations do not add up. In fact most of the things she is related seem forced.
No one seems to notice they are in an earthquake
I never liked any of the BOURNE movies, mainly because of the shaky camera work. Nothing has changed with this newest BOURNE film. Why more people or reviewers don't comment on this terrible way of filming a movie is beyond me. The plot of this latest BOURNE movie is terrible; even if it was good you wouldn't know it as the camera is always shaking so you can't focus on the story. Do the filmmakers think this kind of photography makes the film more exciting and real? They better watch CNN when the reporters are in the middle of an attack. The camera is rock steady. I blame mostly the director, Paul Greengrass, for the lousy way this movie is filmed. If they do anymore BOURNE pictures they need to get a new director.
I had motion sickness for 1/4 of the movie
Director Paul Greengrass has "spun" this new Bourne movie in a disappointing direction... supposedly to pick up a younger generation of movie viewers who are use to watching immensely substandard videos taken via their iPhones. Why Paul? Why take a successful movie series and destroy it?

What I'm talking about is the one second frames, blurry scenes, fake hand held camera shots and the camera moving too quickly across a scene. These new, but useless camera tricks don't make it better action movie, they detract from what actually makes the Bourne series good.

Have you forgotten Paul what is good about the Bourne movies? Have you? Let me remind you: Jason Bourne has the ability to get out of any situation. He walks into a room unarmed, is surrounded by two or three men who are armed, and he uses whatever is at his disposal as a weapon. Even mundane things like phone cords and magazines become lethal in his hands. An ordinary house can be made into a bomb in seconds. This is what makes Bourne so fascinating to watch. And when I say "watch" I mean I want to see his every move. I don't want to have blurry scenes where I can't see his hands when he's fighting. I want to see everything he's doing.

The only way to watch this movie is to watch it at home on your TV. Why pay the movie price and sit with your eyes closed for 1/4 of the movie because of the "too fast", blurry action.

I left the movie theater feeling sick: both from motion sickness and because of the fact I just paid full price and missed a large portion of the movie due to the fact that my eyes were closed. Next time I see Paul Greengrass's name as Director on a movie I will skip the theater, save my money and wait for it to be free to watch on my TV.
Worst Bourne Yet
This was the worst Bourne flick yet and there is no way I will watch another one.

What began as a refreshing alternative to the stale James Bond franchise has become even less imaginative, and the latest installment was nothing but formulaic schlock.

Bourne staples:

- Bourne living in a 3rd world country minding his own business when something happens to make him leave his life and reengage with the CIA

- Female CIA agent sees the good in Bourne while the evil white males in charge conspire to kill him and infringe somehow on civil liberties in the name of freedom

- Bourne has flashbacks and finds out more about his past

- Multiple car chases

- Multiple scenes of Bourne taking out guys with guns in close combat, in many cases taking their guns

- Use of tracking devices

- Use of hacking

- Bourne outwits pursuers after arranging public meet

- Bourne takes a train somewhere

- Aerial shots of European capitals

- Bourne races the clock

- Bourne tempted to "come in"

- Bourne is faced with another agent called an "asset" who is almost as good as him and will never lose him in a chase but never quite good enough to beat him in a hand to hand fight to the death

- Bourne thumbs through old passports

- Bourne fights on despite serious injuries
Who asked for this?
So... I haven't seen a Bourne-film since two. But I decided to see if I was missing out on something, after 30 minutes in I got several flashbacks to why I stopped following this series.

In this mishmash there is shaky-cam to simulate gritty action (however, it makes the movie look like a five year old with parkinsons was in charge of the cinematography). Close ups so close that I can count the blackheads on Tommy Lee Jones' face, 46. The direction is, nicely put, cluttered; another black-ops to uncover (is not uncovered?), Jason's father's murderer tries to kill Jason (killer is killed), and some hypocritical side thing about a social media mogul not wanting to play ball by selling the information about his users to the CIA, but that can't happen to the CIA, especially not for free!

But in all seriousness, if you like the Bourne series by all means this is probably the movie for you. I just don't see the action for all the close ups, makes the whole point of an action film to fail if you ask me, so does the shaky-cam. Also, the script seems to be lost within itself and leads it back to square one, progress...

Enjoy it, hardcore fans.
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