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USA, UK, China
Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Paul Greengrass
Matt Damon as Jason Bourne
Neve Gachev as CIA Agent
Lasco Atkins as Conference Attendee
Emeson Nwolie as Businessman
Alexander Cooper as City Worker
Marla Aaron Wapner as DC Diner
Daniel Eghan as Bare-knucke fight spectator
Kaya Yuzuki as Hacker
Lizzie Phillips as Cyber Hub Tech
Ben Stylianou as Greek Van Driver
Scott Shepherd as Director NI Edwin Russell
Tommy Lee Jones as Robert Dewey
Julia Stiles as Nicky
Bill Camp as Smith
Vinzenz Kiefer as Christian Dassault
Riz Ahmed as Aaron Kalloor
Storyline: Jason Bourne is again being hunted by the CIA. It begins when Nicky Parson a former CIA operative who helped Bourne who then went under and now works with a man who's a whistle blower and is out to expose the CIA's black ops. So Nicky hacks into the CIA and downloads everything on all their Black Ops including Treadstone which Bourne was a part of. And Heather Lee, a CIA agent discovers the hack and brings it to the attention of CIA Director Dewey, the man behind the Black Ops. He then orders Parsons be found and hopefully Bourne too.
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Avoidable Garbage
The biggest let down. I love the Bourne series including legacy which was without Matt Damon. This movie is poorly thought out and has a weak script which we all have seen and heard before. Camera work is what really put me off - show me perspective, not in your face cameras with flashing lights. The camera work is so poor at times that even the car chase on the Vegas strip with tanks and RVs is less exciting and a poorer construct than the slow little red car chase in Paris in Bourne Identity. Tommy Lee Jones looks like 95 years old and the woman trying to get his job looks like 25 !! How believable is that ? The only thing good was the movie moves quite quickly from city to city - sometimes without reason. Save your money and watch something else.
DIsappointing at best (Spoilers ahead!)
Jason Bourne is back! A decade after swimming away into the abyss of the east river in Manhattan, the title character is pulled out of hiding to find out more about his initiation to Operation Treadstone and take down whatever suit may stand in his way.

As a fan of the original trilogy I wanted to like this movie. Knowing that Matt Damon passed on the forgettable "Bourne Legacy", I approached this film hopeful that I would at least have an entertaining 2 hours of action. I left the theater with the familiar sense of disappointment and disenchantment with the series as a whole. The script had the depth of a paddling pool and the major plot points recycled from prior films. Even some action sequences felt distinctly familiar (jumping across rooftops in hot pursuit of a target, T-boning a car during the inevitable car chase). There were many things that set this installment apart from the others (in a bad way) which I shall dial down in the interest of time.

- It seems as if the character of Jason Bourne has missed many lessons in Hollywood's school for spies. Mistakes that elicited sighs of dismay from my fellow moviegoers include: standing in plain view of windows, using the same tactics to meet contacts (just choose the most populated place in the city, they'll never find us there...), using a laptop connected to a network to review classified information. Though I will say in his defense he did finally wear a baseball cap to delay the usual 5 minuted identification once entering a building. Way to go.

- The antics of the CIA have reached the James Bond (Brosnan era) level of outrageous. Here we are presented with one dimensional villains with access to every computer, camera and cell phone combined with an unlimited amount of minions at their beck and call. Also having the CIA as the main antagonist with an unnamed assassin as the accomplice??? I liked that plot better in the previous films.

- Having the head of a Facebook-esque platform host a recruitment panel with a director of the CIA while simultaneously facing privacy concerns is laughable at best. And how many times did they really have to saw Snowden?

- Alicia Vikander was egregiously miscast in this role. Ignoring the fact that she was in middle school during the events of the first movie, the actress had no chemistry with any of her co-stars and presented her lines completely devoid of any emotion. Maybe she thought this was Ex-Machina 2? Watching her walk around holding a brief case, wearing a poorly fit suit, and giving her best "serious agent" facial expression almost convinced me that I was watching an advertisement for take your daughter to work day instead of a major movie. She looked completely out of place. To go from Joan Allen (who had her faults but held her own) to this character was a huge step down. This also left the audience without a strong female lead.

- Which brings me to the most infuriating aspect of this movie--> the complete waste of Julia Stiles' character. After spending 3 movies developing this character, you have a potential lead that the audience trusts and have emotionally invested in. There was also a missed opportunity to see how the past 10 years have changed her (it was nice seeing her go from the chick who sobbed uncontrollably the first time Bourne confronted her to now knocking out guys in the depths of an Islandic hacker den). And again, killing off a known female character within the first 30 minutes? How very 2004 of you.

I'll give this movie 4 stars for quality action sequences, hand-on-hand combat and Matt Damon doing the best he can with this material. With a 60 million dollar opening there will no doubt be another installment (the screenwriters smartly included that in the conclusion of this movie). Lets try a little harder to go back to the roots of the Bourne Saga. After all, when it comes to action movies, entertainment and rational thought are not mutually exclusive.
Lots of potential and some great stuff in movie
After a long time Jason has returned and he did great job. Movie started slowly and kept building it's tension up to the end. There are many jumps from scene to scene so you need to keep up with everything. Bourne keeps changing with every movie as he learns more and is the dangerous and probably most deadly human in Bourne franchise. Some plot holes happened but there is nothing to worry about as there is no need for their explanation. Alicia Vikander is strong backup in the movie and delivers her powerful performance. As much as she's in there, it would be nice to find out some more things about her character. Damon just plays his character as good as any other time. Greengrass delivers enjoyable, predictable and violent sequel, it is not good as last but it can keep up in some areas, for instance there are some visually astonishing action scenes. It will be interesting to see the next one considering how this one ended, it could be full of entertainment, more action, deeper character development and Bourne trying to take everybody at the agency down. 8.7/10
A violation of the Bourne Trilogy's reputation
The main story in the trilogy was all about Jason trying to find out his true identity. That search came to an end in The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), answering all the questions and bringing the series to a satisfying closure. The negative critical response on The Bourne Legacy (2012) should have been a warning for any filmmaker with plans for a reboot or spin-off. When they announced the release of Jason Bourne (2016) I did not have high expectations of it. I found it unnecessary and close to impossible to create a successful installment without infecting the reputation of such a great movie franchise. And my feelings were right. I almost fell asleep in the cinema. The forced plot of tempting Jason Bourne to come out of his retirement was lame, the characters were boring, the acting was nothing special and the car chase scenes were too exhaustive and boring. Save yourself some time, don't watch this movie, even if you liked the Bourne Trilogy. It will ruin the way you'll remember Jason Bourne.
Best One yet
I was not expecting much as the last movie wasn't really that good. However as a Bourne fan I was willing to give it a go and was pleasantly surprised. Bourne is always haunted by the past and trying to clear up loose ends so to speak and this is no different. As the movie progresses at a very fast pace this seems different more subtle in smoothness like perfectly aged wine. Action packed with a big brother is watching and moving under tone... This is not like the other Bourne movie in some ways so it seems fresh and reinvigorated. Excellent acting and plot, What more could you want? I hope that they do make another...
Any true fan of Jason Bourne knows Matt Damon said that the next Bourne after Ultimatum should be named The Bourne Redundancy. He was right! The story line is stupid and lazy. The directing is also lazy. The special effects are good. Bourne is no longer a meticulous planner, his actions are ridiculously reckless and would make you wonder WTH !!!!! The technology used by the CIA is fantasy technology imagined by the kind of people who don't know anything about technology or even science, you would probably laugh at the programming language used by the CIA in the first few minutes of the movie, and it only gets more ridiculous from there. This movie also serves as a advertising tool for some very wealthy and infamous businesses, and those scenes showing the business names are so painfully long and awkward. The story line also has to serve those special interests.Go see it and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. In general, don't waste your time, other people's time, and money to see this piece of junk.
The cinematic equivalent of a broken pencil....
The tagline reads 'you know his name'.

Well if the script is anything to go by, you'd be hard pressed to forget it, because a character must utter the titular characters surname almost every minute in this film.

In fact, you could play a drinking game with this film, take a finger of alcohol every time Bourne is said, you'll probably have a lot more fun.

Years after the events of the wonderful Ultimatum, former CIA assassin Jason Bourne resurfaces just as his former employers are implementing a new program aimed at hunting him down.

Now fully recovered from his amnesia, Bourne teams up with Nicky to uncover the truth behind his father's death, while simultaneously exacting revenge and evading the government forces hot on his trail.......

Now whilst the film was far from terrible, it just seemed such a pointless exercise to make another Bourne film with Damon. Ultimatum finished with such a belter of an ending, there was no need to revisit this particular character. This is like Murray and Johannsen filming a short sequel to lost in translation where we find out just what was said.

Greengrass keeps the tension reasonably high, but the score really takes you out of the film. It's just so urgent and so dramatic, you may as well have had a Voice over shouting 'this is a tense part, Bourne is in danger, that's why he's wearing a peaked cap and putting something into someone's pocket for the umpteenth time'.

Damon is fine, but he says less than Arnie did in T2, so he has nothing more to do than look broody, perplexed, injured, and run quite fat at times.

Granted, the final fifteen minutes are pretty spectacular, and the car chase is wonderfully choreographed, but a spectacular set piece does not make a good film.

Jones is Jones, he's been playing the same role for 23 years now, he may as well have been auditioning for The Fugitive 3 (or would that be The Fugitive..........Free?), but he's always watchable, so you can forgive his shortcomings.

Shaky cam is back with a vengeance, as is the fast editing, and it really takes you out of the final showdown between Damon and Gallo.

So while it's not a terrible film, it's a pretty irrelevant film, showing hypocrisy toward elements of the wonderful trilogy.

If you are desperate to see What Bourne Did Next, there are a two very good book ending set pieces, and it does have throwbacks to the trilogy, but they are few and far between, and in turn make this rather 'still Bourne'.

So all in all it's the cinematic equivalent of a broken pencil.........

WHY is VOMIT CAM still a thing in 2016?
I want to watch spy thriller. I don't expect superb plot, just classic Bourne quality will suffice.

Instead, I got served some boring, stomach churning, UN-WATCHABLE 3rd grade thrill rides...

...with pointless intentionally extra-grating violent chaos sound effect to top it off!

Seriously? This is how people win awards and next big projects these days?

The camera simply refuses to let you ignore its SICKED, EVIL PRESENCE - even during quiet restaurant latte-sipping white table cloth discussion scene! No, the camera cannot STAY STILL!

The sound has to be cranked to 11 so that old grannies can hear cars and humans in the process of being DESTROYED!

Apparently, someone reckons bad sound and bad cam work equals bad-ass!

Because the camera guy is so ruined by 90's drugs and partying and golfing his hands are shaking from premature arthritis!

Oh wait maybe Vomit Cam treatment is actually a necessity! If the cam stays steadily focused on scene subjects, we will notice how EMPTY the plot and character design is?

You know, the insecure but loud types, how they refuse to speak properly, refuse to let you look them straight in the eye and make big pointless gestures to distract you from their vacuity?

Oh it's not some little insecure guys doing this to us?

It's actually some OVER-CONFIDENT OVERPAID BIG NAME director and his VIP cam guy buddy showing of their so freaking cool over-the-top latest hottest virtual reality style run-down-everything- in-your-path destruction joy rides?

Their sons should introduce them to VR360 car racer games with 100X more smooth and steady cams?

Who let the grit-craving flabby-brain aging cowboys out of the retiree golf clubs?

Hollywood degenerating into pseudo-angry old man town stuck in (their still unresolved) teenage angst mode?

Is this how they try to relate to young people? With their mental vomit and noise plus plus?

I would just laugh this off if I didn't pay extra to watch Bourne in the premier theater!

Plush sofas and HD sound system just made the whole dizzying ugly audio visual experience all the more vomit inducing and painful!

Sheesh, Matt Damon, what have you done to your baby franchise? It's growing into a loud ugly monster and you don't care?

I'm not even that fussy. I'd pay to watch anything entertaining, just for the ride. It doesn't matter if it's Zootopia or shallow mainstream aging cowboy spy thriller like James Bond. Bourne series a few notches of plot realism integrity above James Bond series.


Maybe I'm just too soft, I don't understand the fun in that sort of mental ejaculation.

Maybe spy thriller means random excuses to simulate speeding through explosive riots in European public square full of perishable human meat.

Maybe there's a positive angle in psychotically jamming the latest product placement posh car into hotel lobbies and unsuspecting CBD pedestrians.

Maybe it's cool to do ANYTHING it takes- including risking the lives of the commoners - all in the name of catching your personal villain.

LOL Matt Damon. Project Greenlighting anything these days? Feeling broke?

So heroic and worthy. It is important, I'd risk everything. I'd come out of my unnecessarily brutal and muscular and sweaty existence, back into the limelight of spy cams. Because?


I don't have to worry too much, the agency is obsessed with me, because I'm The Only One. Those spy chicks, they always risk their own lives for me, for really personal reasons. Because I'm hot, so muscled up for my age, I guess.

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible has more humor and humanity than the latest Matt Damon. I mean Bourne. Tom's hero actually laughs at the ridiculous one man anti-hero trope, actually team-play, actually tries to do good, actually mocks the (fantasy pretending to be realism spy) genre.

Bourne? Now he tries not to run over too many dogs and pedestrians while he pulls his self-serving stunts.

How noble of the new Bourne. Noble enough I guess, in the half blind half deaf perspective of aging cowboys co-producers.

Matt Damon totally wasted his clout, esp when he charges a million a line. Surely he would notice how awful the production quality is, how pointless violence brings him down.

But never mind, it's not Damon's job to save the franchise. This genre is a glut of cliché upon cliché?

If Damon is retiring Bourne then I understand. The aim is achieved.

Tommy was a yawn and the visual rep of post-addict post-arthritis aging cowboy directors with nothing but gritty bravado to offer.

To watch it or not, depends fully on your tolerance for Vomit Cam. Not for pregnant women that's for sure. I wish I watched it at home, so I could frequently go to the fridge when the most exciting as in boring Vomit Cam sequence start.

Warning: there are 3 of those too-long bore Vomit Cam sequences.

Those undeterred, watch it for Matt's new born physique, Cassel's sharpness and the subtle lethal Vikander, the sole redeeming thing of this cowboy wasteland effort.
Hopes were crushed
In my opinion.

"Jason Bourne" was just above average. I was personally looking forward to the continuation of the Bourne Supremacy, but this film has left me with a bad taste in the mouth and I honestly think it was a waste of my time.

The good Action packed, car chase, fighting, shooting & explosions. (too much IMO but nicely done)

The bad

No story (linear), at no point did I feel any sympathy for Jason Bourne which I should have done since his objective was a noble one

The ugly

Again no development, acting was poor, Jason doesn't express any feelings once he accomplishes his task no gratification of achievement, no sorrow, hardly any dialogue.

I know he is supposed to be this killing machine but earlier in the series at least he cared a bit more.
Lacks intelligence of all previous
Lacklustre story line lacking intelligence, dialogue, and character development.

I am a big fan of the franchise and my expectations may have been too high for this sequel. Was hoping for same kind of substance and kept waiting for something impressively unexpected, like previous. Legacy was a better film. Even fight scenes and car chases from all previous had a different "feel" than typical action films, but formula made these redundant and confusing, not fun like others. The predictable plot had me thinking, hoping for intelligent twist that did not happen. It's a good rental I suppose.
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