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Drama, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
IMDB rating:
Bryan Singer
Ben Daniels as Fumm
John Kassir as Fallon
Chris Brailsford as Blacksmith
Joy McBrinn as Old Maid
Santi Scinelli as Soothsayer
Simon Lowe as Monk
Ralph Brown as General Entin
Ewan McGregor as Elmont
Ian McShane as King Brahmwell
Bill Nighy as General Fallon
Stanley Tucci as Lord Roderick
Daniel Lapaine as Jack's Dad
Eleanor Tomlinson as Princess Isabelle
Storyline: Sent to the market by his uncle to sell their horse and buy thatch for their roof, Jack meets the beautiful Princess Isabelle whom he rescues her from ruffians. He returns home only with a handful of beans given to him by a monk who claimed they were sacred but that does little to impress his uncle who tosses them away. In the night the Princess arrives having run off to keep from marrying Roderick who is clearly only interested in becoming king. Soon the beans take root with a giant stalk carrying away the princess and Jack's house. He soon sets off on an adventure with the king's guards to rescue the princess only to find that a mythical land filled with giants really exists.
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Very good fantasy
Wow - very cool. A good retelling of an old story without any smarmy adult jokes or insinuations, although I must say some moderately rough visual moments. But nothing my 7 year old couldn't handle. Commoner Hoult finds himself helping out princess Tomlinson on more than one occasion, the most serious being when she's held or chased by giants. Of all the actors McGregor charmed me the most in a calmly confident role as head of the king's Guardians. Hoult and McGregor battle the giants in the clouds and then engage in round two when the giants come to earth. Tucci is good, as always, in this case playing the villain. The special effects are well done but not overdone (as is so often the case nowadays). The story is pretty much told straight, without a lot of fluff, although the running time of about two hours was probably more than it needed to be. Somewhat derivative but very enjoyable nonetheless, it's recommended.
A great adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk
Plot: The plot is as simple as it can be; it stay mostly true to the original fairy tale. A farmer boy (Jack) got his hands on magical beans, and one of them fell on the ground beneath his wooden house. A beautiful yet adventurous princess (Isabelle) took shelter at his home when the bean grew into a giant beanstalk, bringing the princess (and his house) up to the kingdom of giants. Now, it is up for Jack to save Isabelle (and subsequently the human nation on the ground) from the ruthless, mad, human-eating Giants who have hold their revenge against human for centuries...

Review: As I said before, the plot is very simple. Yet, the fact that the storyline is simple and uncomplicated makes the movie very enjoyable to watch. The director clearly focus on entertaining the crowd with good humor and charm, and thrill the crowd with fast-paced action which never gets boring. Well done to the director Bryan Singer.

The castings are a bit surprising. Using mainly British actors, only Ewan McGregor and Stanley Tucci are the actors that I can recognized. However, the lead character, Jack (Nicholas Hoult) gave an plausible acting in the movie. He did a good job as a likable and humble farmer boy. Though to be fair, his character is rather simple. Isabelle, played by Eleanor Tomlinson, is a princess who is adventurous and wants some independence from his boring royal life. Jack & Isabelle (hmmm...Jacob & Isabella from twilight..coincidence?) is perfect for each other,and bring a jolly and cheerful feel to the audience. General Elmont, played by McGregor, stands out with his charm and comedy. The choice of Trucci as Roderick, the human villain is somewhat refreshing, as he played a comedic evil guy who is very easy to hate. All in all, the castings played a good job in their role, as what was to be expected from their simple, straightforward character.

The cinematic in the movie was stunning. The giants were rendered in detail. And there were many of them. Some of the scenes can be gory (giants torturing human, eating their heads out, stomping on them like bugs etc). The effect of the beans grow to their gigantic size was epic. Well, this is a big budget movie after all.

In conclusion, this movie is fun to watch, whether with friends or family. There are many funny moments, beautifully rendered scenes, and there's the love line of a farmer boy and a princess. And they live happily ever after. What more do you want? This is a fairy tale after all.

Final Verdict: 6.8/10. A light-hearted movie, suitable for all. Recommended.
Jack Slays.
Jack the Giant Slayer (2013): Dir: Bryan Singer / Cast: Nicholas Hoult, Eleanor Tomlinson, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Ian McShane: A giant surprise epic based on the popular childhood story. It regards conquering fears although parents may wish to discern young children due to frightening scenes of giants attacking and eating people. It stars Nicholas Hoult as young Jack who is sent into town by his uncle to sell a horse. He ends up with magic beans, which when wet sprout a magical descending beanstalk into the clouds to a land occupied by giants. Legend has it that the previous beanstalk had been cut down severing connection. The hero was King Eric whose crown held the power to drive off the giants. Now years later the current king is betrayed by the successor who is suppose to marry his daughter. She is now the target of a rescue when she becomes prisoner to the giants. Jack joins several of the king's soldiers in the climb to uncertainty and danger. While the second encounter between Jack and the princess is too corny and contrived the screenplay is detailed and punctuated with a clever and heroic solution by Hoult, who as Jack, is the one character of any depth. Eleanor Tomlinson as the princess is about as lively as a feather pillow. Ewan McGregor as the leading soldier is flat despite nearly being baked alive. Stanley Tucci's villain Roderick is a familiar cliché. Ian Mcshane plays the one-dimensional king who would be more interesting with his Hot Rod persona. Director Bryan Singer successfully translates the fable with stunning visual appeal that render it a giant of a good time. Score: 7 ½ / 10
Fun, Fast and Brilliant
I took my 16 year old brother to watch this and we both loved it! The whole movie was quick paced and fun. The dialogue was funny and engaging. (I think that my brother and I were the only ones in the theatre who caught McGregor's "Star Wars" reference, because we were the only ones who freaked out haha) CGI was amazingly well done! The giants looked fantastic and they were grossly hilarious! :) Overall the movie was great, but, I gave it a 9 stars out of 10 because the ending was weird. What's with the toothy kid at the end?? They should have just ended it as the tour guide was talking and then had everyone walk away. We found that the ending like that quite distracted us from the awesomeness of the rest of the movie. You should always end on the best and strongest note. Not end leaving your audience confused...
Not A Giant Movie, But Enjoyable
Jack the Giant Slayer is a new take on the old Jack & The Beanstalk tale. It follows Jack getting beans, it grows into a big bean stalk, he climbs it, find giants and that is about the only similarity. Without giving away to much, there is a twist to the story that makes it very enjoyable. The giants are believable and this is a huge leap from the giant that I remember Bud Abbot singing around in the Abbott and Costello movie. I think it found a bit hard to believe that giants would bow to a crown, and whoever was wearing it, is then, it is a fairy tale. For a kids movie, this is enjoyable adventure and not to scary. I enjoy Nicholas Hoult as Jack and Ewan McGregor as well. Good enjoyable kids movie, for kids 10 and above.
If you like your fairy tales with big budget thrills, plenty of CGI and live action
"Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman, be he alive or be he dead, I'll have his bones to grind my bread" The fairy story is recounted by low born young Jack and his father, juxtaposed with a young princess Isabelle, enjoying the story in plusher surroundings with her mother.

According to legend, giants occupy a world between heaven and earth, whilst not playing well with humans. Ultimately they have been banished to their own land after being cowed by kindly Erik the King, with a handy crown made from a giant's heart.

This is retelling or "re-imagining" of the classic "Jack and the Beanstalk" story, with actual giants, giant budgets and A-List director in the shape of Bryan Singer.

"Jack" (Nicholas Hoult) is the naive, rather disorganised orphan looked after by his long suffering uncle. They plough the fields they scatter and generally act like good peasants to the largely well liked King and his princess daughter.

Travelling to the castle one day to sell their horse and cart as times are hard, Jack assists a jostled princess and subsequently gets mixed up with a monk who buys his horse for some worthless beans, which must never, ever get wet.

Rather handily, seemingly minutes later Jack and Princess Isabelle happen to meet again back at Jacks run down abode. Before young love can truly blossom, the bean/H2O interface occurs, ensuring the only blossoming is in the green fingers department with the story moving vertically very quickly.

With the hapless princess stranded in giant land, the story swiftly moves into classical quest mode. Jack tagging along with the King's guard Elmont (McGregor) with his trusty men and Roderick (Tucci) the arranged husband to be of the princess and all round pantomime bad egg, with trademark evil side kick "Wicke" (Bremner).

Up the beanstalk they all go and the CGI kicks into overdrive. The effects are impressive, the giants are almost photo realistic, clearly this is where much of the $195m budget was spent, yes an estimated $195 million.

This is sword and sorcery, good kings and derring do stuff and overall is far more fun than you imagine it might be. Hoult makes for a reasonable Jack, Isabelle (Tomlinson) is feisty and gets a few sequences where she can help rather than act as the standard damsel in distress.

The actors on occasion are hideously exposed, many of them looking like they just want their agents to get them out of there, as they act in ridiculous outfits and are saddled with wooden dialogue. Ian Macshane clearly paying a few bills with this leaden role as the fairy tale King with a daughter in distress. McGregor in particular is landed with a curious accent and one assumes he never thought his acting career would peak as a pig in a blanket roasting in a giant, giants oven.

Without doubt, this is fun in parts and just when you think the story is winding down, it bursts into life again for an extended climax that accounts for most of the budget in special effects spend.

In the extended denouement, the film dips into the "if you can see it we can blow it up", school of film making. On occasion the sequences are similar to Game of Thrones without the gravitas, sex and graphic violence, although the body count is surprisingly high.

A curious mix of family friendly entertainment, almost pantomime characterisations and dialogue coupled with state of the art effects. The film did not perform well at the box office and watching it is not difficult to see why, certainly no disaster but perplexing as to how and why so much money has been ploughed into the film.

Overall, fun in parts but overall a misfire from an A-List director given too much money to realise a questionable dream project. Almost like an extended special effects show reel interspersed with a medieval movie of the week with quality actors slumming it whilst on their holiday break.


If you like your fairy tales writ large, with big budget thrills, plenty of CGI and live action, you can do worse then spend a couple of hours in Jacks company.

There is enjoyment to be had with plenty of eye candy on show but the story and acting remain firmly rooted on the ground.
Worth Watching
Nice to see Ian McShane in anything and Stanley Tucci in a role giving him a chance to show off some acting skills. The movie itself was a nice surprise as I had few expectations of another film whose chief selling point seemed to be CGI effects. But there is actually a plot here: a real story with characters who are interesting. Nicholas Hoult and Ewan McGregor as Jack and Elmont actually give their characters some life. And when you expect the story to be over it takes a nice twist giving the old tale of Jack and the beanstalk a completely new life. Somehow this film just wasn't marketed effectively as it provides a nice opportunity to sit and watch and munch some popcorn.
A popcorn entertainer
This is a movie with a simple story, not the best acting performances and giant visual effects. So if you're up for some eye-candy and want to give your thinking brain a rest, go for it; but like I've heard from others, pick the best and biggest 3-D screen in town. Keep in mind however that this is no Life of Pi in terms of effects either.

The story is the clichéd young boy-princess-evil others trio, without much added creativity in terms of dialogues and I wasn't impressed by Nicholas Holt's acting skills either and there were some gross sequences involving the Giants, in case you like that stuff but apart from the effects I do not think it has much to offer.
Family Faire
It's pretty much a guarantee that if you grew up with fairy tales, you would certainly know the story of Jack and The Beanstalk. I know I have; when I was a kid, this story was everywhere. I saw it played out by Mickey Mouse in the "Fun and Fancy Free," by Snoopy in "The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show," and by Bugs Bunny in "Jack Wabbit and The Beanstalk." The tale is a timeless child's fantasy story, and for that alone, this movie mostly succeeds.

After the opening credits, the film opens with an introduction of our two main characters: Jack (played by Nicholas Hoult, fresh off his role in last month's "Warm Bodies") and princess Isabelle (played by Elanor Tomlinson). Just like in the original fairy tale, Jack is a poor farm hand who is tricked into trading valuable livestock (in this movie it's a horse rather than a cow) for supposed "magic beans." Princess Isabelle, however is pretty much the textbook definition of a Disney princess. Her mother is dead, her father is an over-protective king who wants her to marry someone she doesn't like, she's tired of her boring life in the palace and dreams of adventure. When I first came across this character, I immediately planned on chastising her as extremely clichéd in this review. However, once I began watching this in the context of a kids movie, I found this to be much more tolerable. Though in a 2013-released film, it still feels kind of dated.

Those expecting another "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" will be disappointed. This movie is pretty family-friendly overall and has a light hearted attitude throughout. Despite this film's hefty body count, the characters consistently joke around and get themselves into shenanigans. It could very well be irritating to those expecting a more mature fantasy based on the rating and advertising, as it does admittedly feel too silly at times. However, as a family film, the combination of violence and silliness makes it somewhat a fusion of the family films of the 80's and 90's respectively.

The rest of the characters are decently developed, including the sinister Lord Roderick (played by Stanley Tucci) and the noble knight Elmont (played by Ewan McGreggor). No character was given that much development, which I actually didn't really mind. I knew enough about each character, and in a fast-paced fairy tale like this, keeping the plot moving and interesting were the most important aspects.

The giants were pretty interesting too. In a way, they reminded me of the trolls in last year's "The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey," as they are excessively gross, uncivilized and high-tempered. I'm certain that kids will get a laugh out of their flatulent, booger-eating ways. I was initially concerned that this film would just portray them as unstoppable villains with no personality. Instead, the film fleshes them out a bit and gives them a motive for their actions. I certainly wouldn't mind a prequel film giving more meat to their hatred for mankind.

The cast gives their all, especially Nicholas Hoult. Here he brings to Jack the same charm and timidity he gave to R in "Warm Bodies." I feel that he he has the capability and likability to carry a movie as the lead role, and I look forward to his future endeavors next year.

"Jack The Giant Slayer" will reasonably divide critics and audiences, but if I had kids, I would have no problem taking them to see this. It's a fun little adventure that kids and open-minded adults will get a kick out of.
Might not climb over the cloud, but Jack the Giant Slayer is a decent endeavor on fantasy foray
Here's a storybook retelling by Hollywood that isn't completely rubbish. Jack the Giant Slayer stands proudly on the verge of decency, but doesn't really achieve greatness either. It is a stylized version of Jack and the Beanstalk that caters to more contemporary viewers. With the help of its stars, it provides a more palatable reinterpretation of fairy tale, although the script doesn't really shine. Effects are good throughout, gigantic creatures may have been digitally constructed before and while the giants here don't rewrite how they should be portrayed, they do have more humane motions in an attempt to include them more as characters and not mere monsters.

Nicholas Hoult as Jack is an appropriate pick. He doesn't stand out as the heroic type, leaning more towards an urchin type of protagonist. His love interest Isabelle, played by Eleanor Tomlinson, is a princess who longs for an adventure. If I didn't know better, I'd say the first few scenes are from old RPG game, and truthfully. It starts slow and predictable, almost overly cliché. This is a movie that has slow beginning but eventually builds up to more interesting sequences.

Stanley Tucci, Ewan McGregor and Ian McShane are no strangers to fantasy movie, these veterans are charming and act their parts ardently. They give more color to the otherwise wanting movie, I personally like Ewan McGregor as he steals the scenes even only as supporting role. Writing is somewhat inconsistent, some dialogues are corny and seem forced, and for those who aren't, they are decent at best. The pace is brilliantly tight however, the scenes are set in hasty fashion, not prolonged mundanely, and they are chained together fluidly.

Action is integrated well, the ones towards the end are pretty amazing. It has compact and comprehensible battles, things happen quickly in sorted recognizable order, it's a good trait to have, considering the numbers of people involved are plenty at times. The use of 3D is serviceable, camera placement for the action are tailored for it, although not in invasive way as most 3D movies do. The switch to first person view briefly at some events is a nice touch.

Wardrobe for the cast deserves credit, outfits are medieval yet seemingly have modern ambiance to them. Armor designs fit the theme, the characters look fine as each respective garment insinuate their personality more. Jack the Giant Slayer is a movie which isn't overly epic, it does have some issues and doesn't really make for a grand journey. However, the solid acting and good pace will likely amuse audience.
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