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UK, France
Drama, Romance, Comedy
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Tim Sullivan
Richard E. Grant as Jack (as Richard E Grant)
Judi Dench as Margaret
Imogen Stubbs as Sarah
David Swift as Michael
Kate Hardie as Pamela
Ian McKellen as William
Bianca Lee as Baby Sarah
Sophia Lee as Baby Sarah
Sophia Sullivan as Sarah as a Toddler
Niven Boyd as Nathaniel
Storyline: Jack always lands on his feet. He lands on his feet when he marries the beautiful Sarah. He lands on his feet when he buys a luxurious new home. However, when Sarah goes into labour, he takes a tumble down the stairs and lands on his head. When he comes around he discovers he is the proud father of a baby girl, but deficient in the spouse department to the tune of 1. He hires the help of a novice nanny, but at the end of the day, it's Jack who's left holding the baby.
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Very sweet
Jack (Richard E Grant) and Sarah (Imogen Stubbs) are parents-to-be and they are thrilled. They are so happy. Jack has a successful career and a fine house. All this change when Sarah dies while giving birth to their first child. Jack is now a widower and a single parent. He has so much work load and he can't just take his baby girl to work everyday, so now he's desperately looking for a nanny.

When asked what the baby's name is, Jack decides to name her after her late mother- Sarah. One day, at a restaurant, he meets Amy (Samantha Mathis), a young waitress from the States. Seeing how loving she is when taking care of Sarah, Jack soon hires Amy as Sarah's nanny. But Amy is inexperienced regarding baby care and because of the fact that she's an American, Jack's family members and friend William (Ian McKellan)don't get along with her. Things get even more intense when Jack's mother, Margaret (Judi Dench) realises that they two fall for each other...

This film is about two love encounters (not one, but two!!) that take place in the least expected situations. It is hear-warming, entertaining, sweet and touching. If you've got tired of heavy action and special effects, why not give this one a go?
What a good movie
Completely unheard of this movie...Caught it on T.V...What a great movie...Excellent cast wonderful plot and heart warming acting...In these days of special effects and no heart movies it was a refreshing change...About the only movie I'd pay to go see ...And as an ex-pat the scenery was so good got home sick....If you get the chance to see take it is hard to find...Chick flick yes but still a great movie...
Shoudla been titled "Jack and Amy"
"Jack and Sarah" is all about a British man, Jack, who finds himself stuck with a new born daughter, Sarah, while mourning the loss of his wife. As he struggles with his grief, he takes on an American nanny, Amy, (Mathis) who, with and in spite of assorted family and friends, helps him find happiness again. A tad long for a romcom at almost 2 hours, this easy-going and light hearted flick gets moving and keeps moving with enough side characters and subplots neatly knitted together that the time passes swiftly. Unabashedly sentimental but with a little edge to it, "Jack and Sarah" works well, doesn't stereotype too much, ignores the obvious opportunities for culture clashing, and passes on the schmaltz. Cute, fun, and fresh, "J&S" should make an enjoyable watch for anyone looking to wile away a couple of hours with some romantic comedy fare. Now on broadcast with R-rated language and G-rated CC's. (B)
Flawed but very difficult to dislike
A British man, Jack (played by Richard E Grant), is widowed and has to care for his baby daughter all by himself. He hires a young American nanny, Amy (Samantha Mathis), to care for the child. After a time he views Amy as potentially more than a nanny...

A sweet but clumsy movie. Well-intentioned and emotionally manipulative but plot is a bit haphazard and quite trite and contrived at times. Can't fault its charm though...

Decent performances by Richard E Grant and Samantha Mathis in the lead roles. Good supporting cast which includes Judi Dench and Ian McKellen.

Flawed but very difficult to dislike.
Jack & Sahrah, a 10!
This is a very well thought out movie. The plot is not predictable, it is very funny, and touching at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and it seems to be one of the best British films ever made.
a nice little film
I saw this film today, mainly to see Judi Dench,Ian McKellan and Elieen Atkins ( all 3 acting greats) in the same film. Ian and Elieen were in a off Broadway play (along with Ian McShane) in 1969. It ran 3 months. So its safe to say, Ian and Eileen are good friends from way back. I liked this film very much. I did wish Judi,Ian and Elieen had bigger parts. All three are cast well in their roles. Ian is a hoot. he is usually cast in more serious roles. A light fluffy bit of fun.The entire cast is good. The actor in the lead is quite good.The girl is good as well. Not a bad film at all.A nice way to spend 2 hours. Go check it out.
painfully contrived
I spent an hour hoping this movie was going to finally get in gear before deciding it just wasn't going to happen. It has its moments, but the story is ridiculous, as are the actions of the characters, the humor is mild and the drama is maudlin. While the main problem is the drab script and pedestrian direction, the movie is also harmed by Mathis' performance. This is not to say that she is particularly bad, but she is not warm and loving and charming to make the film's absurd premise work. She seemed kind of ordinary, and that is exactly what the role does not call for. I like Grant, and he's decent in this, although I think he only really shines in more prickly roles. This just doesn't make it.
I Wanted to Like This
I wanted to like this movie. I like romantic comedies. And anything with Judi Dench and Ian McKellen must have something to offer. But I came away from this movie with my face all curled up, not in a good way.

Jack and Sarah is a movie about a carefree young lawyer named Jack who has a lovely, level-headed wife named Sarah. She's pregnant with their first child; they're moving into their first house, and everything seems like things can't get better. But when Sarah announces she's in labor, Jack panics and injures himself and wakes up in the hospital to discover that Sarah has had the baby (also, later, named Sarah) -- and died (from some undisclosed complication; we're never told.) He leaves his daughter and goes on a bender. He is joined by his homeless friend William (McKellen, in a wasted--pardon the pun--role). He's well on his way to being a lifetime drunk when his well-meaning parents and mother-in- law sneak in and put his baby into the bed with him and then refuse to help him. Suddenly Jack is a model of sobriety and loving fatherhood. He has to go back to work, so he takes the baby along, but that doesn't work...he interviews nannies but no one's good enough for his daughter.

Enter Amy, an American waitress working in a café where Jack chances to dine. Coincidence brings them together and he offers her the job of nanny--although she doesn't even know how to change a diaper, she's more qualified than the professional nannies.

Ever watch a romantic comedy and find that you can't root for the couple to get together? I end up doing it now and then; I don't want to, but when you're shown two people who have nothing in common except adoring the baby, it's just difficult to see the attraction.

But that's the whole problem with the movie: there's very little character development. Amy gets none. We have no idea why she's even in England. She's not much good at her job, whether it's waitressing or doing laundry. We don't know what kind of music, books, or movies she likes, or anything about her except that her boyfriend left her for someone else, and that she has a friend she occasionally hangs out with. She loves little Sarah, but heck, the baby or babies portraying her are so adorable that you'd have to be a lizard-like space alien not to, so it's not a real accomplishment.

There's a lot of Jack going through his grief and mending his relationship with his father, but that's about it. I don't know, beyond little Sarah, what it is that draws Jack and Amy together, nor do I much care.

The film is very disjointed, leaving me to think it was planned as a longer story and a lot of the (best?) scenes probably ended up being cut for time. Ian McKellen serves no purpose in the movie that I can see--and that's a shame, because he could have and should have been interesting. We see him as a lovable drunk, then at some point Jack apparently adopts/hires him as sort of a butler, and he of course tells Jack he's a dummy during the "boy loses girl" segment, but even that serves no purpose because everyone else tells him that too. (And I keep wondering why, because Amy's not an interesting person...) His major role seems to be in the surprise ending, and while that's certainly an eye-opener


he marries "Phil" (the mother of Jack's wife Sarah), even that's one that doesn't really make sense. It may make you laugh or cry, but if you think about it for longer than 30 seconds, you'll stop laughing and start going "but why?"

The person given the best treatment, I thought, was (Jack's wife) Sarah's mother "Phil," played by Eileen Atkins. She's good in every scene she's in, a loyal friend, a loving mother figure, and understanding when it's most needed. Of course that also serves to make you ask why, then, did she push Amy and Jack together, and why did she marry the sweet drunk?

There's even a character I was sure was supposed to be important ...her name was Pamela, and I'm not sure whether she was Jack's or Sarah's much-younger sister. Early on, it seemed as if she'd have something to do, but she abruptly disappeared after a few minutes and didn't show up again until the ending.

I know the movie title is "Jack and Sarah," not "Jack and Amy." And I get that in addition to a romantic comedy it's also supposed to be about Jack learning to be a parent. But even that's messed up, as Amy points out when she leaves him, since he's still irresponsible. Sure, he loves Sarah when he's around her, but he's not often around her--he's sloughing her off on nannies and grandparents so he can continue to work and go to bars and go on dates. I suppose the movie title could even be inferred to be about Jack's relationship with his wife Sarah, since he really loved her. But then he seems to get over her death remarkably fast, too, going out on dates with "Anna" his office boss and by his own admission trying to get laid. So physical need transcends grief. Okay, whatever...?

Maybe this is secretly one of those "existentialist" movies that people occasionally toss out there to make us question our existence, and what people see in each other that draws them to another person. Of course it offers nothing in the way of answers, but it's certainly confusing enough to make you ask a lot of questions.
A good romantic comedic movie.
Jack and Sarah is about a man who suddenly loses his wife and instantly becomes a single father. A series of mishaps and conflicts happen when he put his life in order to find a nanny for his child. The performances through out the movie is excellent. I do not mind watch this movie again.
Gentle entertainment
I thought this film was great - obviously not a cinematic leap but real entertainment. A real weepie without being sickly. Richard E Grant as always is perfect in this role - totally convincing. To the viewer that expressed concern about the use of the baby - IT'S A FILM - don't take it so seriously!!! 10/10
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