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USA, China
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Edward Zwick
Jason Douglas as Sheriff
Christopher Berry as Onlooker at Diner
Madalyn Horcher as Sgt. Leach
Hunter Burke as Onlooker at Diner
Teri Wyble as Mrs. Prudhomme
Marisela Zumbado as Smuggled Woman
Sue-Lynn Ansari as D.O.D. Girl
Tilton Lipoma as Military Police
Chase Savoie as Guard
Steven Grossman as Parade Spectator
Alexandra Lucchesi as Smuggled Woman
Judd Lormand as Local Deputy
Sabrina Gennarino as Candace Dayton
Robert Knepper as General Harkness
Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher
Cobie Smulders as Susan Turner
Robert Catrini as Col. Moorcroft
Patrick Heusinger as The Hunter
Lizeth Hutchings as Smuggled Woman
Storyline: After accomplishing the assignment of dismantling a human trafficking organization, the former military and drifter Jack Reacher goes to Washington to invite his liaison Major Susan Turner to have dinner with him. However, he meets her substitute Major Sam Morgan that explains that Major Turner is arrested accused of espionage. Jack seeks out her veteran lawyer Colonel Bob Moorcroftthat explains that Major Turner is the also accused for the murders of two soldiers in Afghanistan. Further, he also tells that Jack is being sued, accused by a woman of being the father of her fifteen year-old daughter Samantha. When Moorcroft is murdered, Jack is accused of being the killer and sent to a prison. He sees that Turner and he have been framed and also that Turner will be killed by two assassins. However he rescues her and they flee; soon they realize that there is a conspiracy involving military people from the army and a contractor that is a powerful arm dealer. Jack also learns that ...
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Not good enough
Unfortunately this 6 out of 10 goes only for Tom's part in the film. What's wrong with this movie, is that they changed the main characteristic that had the first movie. It's like they tried to change a great recipe.

Jack Reacher was a bad guy with no sentiment at all and comes back as a good guy who is in love with a woman, who wants to be a father and who even gets bitten up from time to time.

In my opinion a very good movie who should not be named Jack Reacher 2. Anyway, I believe Tom Cruise is the real deal and his worst movie is way above average.
A more sentimental Jack Reacher...?
Yeah, but... is that what we want? I caught this on opening night up here in Canada, and, now that I am a senior, I get in for 8.50 Cdn$ (approx 4.25USD). At that price, this was a reasonable exercise. Maybe the best scene was the opener: the one (we see in the ads) with the ringing phone in the restaurant, with Reacher and the 2 Sheriffs (one of whom is crooked, or so we are told).

After this, Reacher heads to D.C. to try to land a date with a (apparently pretty) military officer he has assisted, but never met. Upon his arrival, he learns that she has been arrested for corruption, or something. Jack has some history at this military base and there is now an allegation that Reacher fathered a daughter 15 years earlier. So, Jack begins 'investigating' the corruption case, the Reacher way. He gets framed too, has to escape from jail with his intended girl friend, elude the bad guys (whom the real police haven't noticed are killing people), and get to know his alleged 'daughter', all in short order. That's a lot for a guy who usually talks less than Jason Bourne.

Passable 2nd entry in this series. Missed the dark moodiness of the first one, (and the irreplaceable supporting work of Robert Duvall, of course!).
Jack Reacher Never Go Back has me going back
When the First Reacher movie came out I was aghast that 5' 7" Tom Cruise was to play a 6' 5" character. After the second movie he is growing into the role. He really is starting to capture some of the intensity and character of Reacher which makes the books so enjoyable.

This second movie in the franchise is more kinetic than the first which had a few longueurs where the action stopped so the plot was explained. This time, despite a few alterations to the book plot the action and the character of Reacher take precedence; and it works.

The novel, Never go Back, is arguably the most personal of the books. It is a good choice for the movies because it supplies some background to the Reacher character.

The movie continues the introduction of a character who in time will rival and surpass Bourne. Bourne really has nowhere to go beyond the dominant theme of corruption in the US security establishment. Reacher is a character who in time and if the flavour and themes of the books are followed will show the nature of freedom in a society like the US.
I kind of liked the first Jack Reacher movie. It had a solid story and Tom Cruise played the Reacher character with enough quirks to keep me interested. This new movie is so preposterous I wanted to slap my face near a dozen times. You pretty much know how it starts out if you've seen the movie trailer which was everywhere to an obnoxious level "That phones going to ring and your going to be wearing these cuffs.. blah blah blah". They should have started with a little more action IMO. Apparently Jack Reacher is like a homeless stalker who is constantly calling Cobie Smulders character, Turner, and flirting with her via pay phones. He finally makes it to DC (hitchhiking) and finds out she's been arrested for espionage. Holt McCallany (wasted in this move) also informs Reacher that he has a kid(?) and he's a deadbeat dad. So now we have this kid involved played by Danika Yerosha with WAY to much hair. Soon Cruise is arrested, break him and Turner out of prison and they're running around DC like they're Jason Bourne. I've been to DC, you don't f!ck around in DC like this! They are set up and implicated in so many assaults and deaths they would be shot on sight in most countries. So it seems a little strange when Cruise is knocking people out on plan flights and leaving them in the bathroom? I think they check those before landing? And I don't think you can RUN outside airports on the tarmac in ANY major airport in the US and I'm positive you can't do it in New Orleans. And you know what else you can't do in New Orleans? Find anyone on Bourbon Street during Halloween (and sorry but they don't do parades down Bourbon Street). If your separated your done, just go get a Hurricane and chill. And this isn't the OLD WEST, if you've been implicated in murders and assaults it doesn't matter if one guys believes you, your still going to jail (or shot on sight). Now I'm not a Tom Cruise hatter. There are a bunch of Cruise movies I love. But he's starting to look his age. He's in great shape for 54 but he's never playing a 54 year old dude in any of his movies. Keep your shirt on bro (comes off twice). His acting is like he's trying to act like he has no emotion and it is uncomfortable. Anti-acting? Finally at the end of the movie he does his red face-red eyes-I'm full of emotion-look. He can get you right in the feels with that. I'm positive there are better Lee Child books Tom could have picked from? Maybe one without an annoying daughter side story and more believable sequences (I'd say action but.. not so much)? Or stick to the Mission Impossible flicks. I give this a 2. If you like brainless action you might like this. or just watch the first one again and enjoy you some Werner Herzog! _ Stay Sick!!
Not bad
Not a bad sequel. Some parts were predictable and have the "yeah, right" moment, but lots of action. Tom Cruise showed he's aging like the rest of us, Cobie was pretty bad ass! Could've done without the "daughter" aspect, but I guess they needed another target for the bad guys. Please don't ruin it by doing another!
Jack Reecher
Of course making a film has many elements for it to get money for it to be made and I suppose that Tom Cruise has many contacts in this regard and the money men do not care about the character being portrayed.

Having said that the people who watch the film and then read the books will get a terrible shock at Tom Cruise being Jack. Jack is 6'5" weighs 250 LBs which is not me reiterating this fact it is the author every chance he gets he remind the reader of this fact in order to emphasise the damage Jack can do when fighting or moving through tunnels or obstacles.

Tom Cruise turns the character into a comic figure, a film cannot survive on mean looks to get by it is a shame that an actor could not be found to go somewhere near the stature of Jack. We all know that Tom Cruise is very tiny and the settee jumping will follow him forever but with him in this part Films which could possibly be 7 to 8 will always be in the 5 to 6 range just because Tom as Jack is Unbelievable.
Shouldn't have gone there in the first place
There was no reason to ruin a good character in pulp fiction. Anyone can come up with a Tom Cruise ego trip story, where he is a super bad ass who can beat up a dozen people in a single fight with ease. Same regurgitated overconfident nonsense that sounds like something coming from your executive guru. In 15 seconds that pay phone is going to ring and I'm going to have all your butts kicked.

For reasons unexplained, Cruise is after the sexy military lady he's never actually met. And since he has nothing else to do in his sorry excuse for a life which he somehow survives on with pocket change, he's decided to come back to save her from some unknown sinister plot. Throw in some ridiculous subplot that will change his life forever, although he doesn't seem to have paid much attention. Only good enough to have the subject of his attention somehow use the same tricks and same lines on him as he uses on others. Wow, is this some much too clever way of saying "you two must be related?" Or is it a red herring? This film is too clichéd and full of stupid lines that try so hard to be clever.

I had a difficult time making it through the first third of the film since, as usual, it's just way too easy for a bad ass like this Reacher guy who "they ran out of medals" to award him for his awesomeness. It's a Cruise ego trip with a paint by number story where the good guys make all the things that would seem so very hard seem so simple and where security you'd expect to encounter just happens to be conveniently missing. They should never have tried to do these novels in the first place. A straight to cable quality B movie. Don't spend money on this one.
Plenty of action but the plot and the story are too weak
I loved the first film of "Jack Reacher". It really was a great content packed motion picture. From start I didn't expect too much from Jack Reacher 2 but after having watched it I felt like it wasn't worth the 2 hours cinema experience. The Film begins with a story which for me isn't the most interesting and then takes an air of "Taken" with Tom Cruise playing the father who wants to protect his "fictional daughter" from being kidnapped. There are also some moments remembering me the opening action sequence of "James Bond Spectre". In total the plot is not interesting enough and you assist in the end to an action packed commercial movie. The movies had also something "too americanized" feeling to it which in my humble opinion was negative for the viewers experience... I could imagine watching it again once but I wouldn't buy it on Blu-Ray.
The aptly named: Never Go Back
Alas, the production team didn't take the lead from the name of the film. Instead of never going back to this character, they put together a mediocre crew of Tom Cruise connected writers who set the tone for this weak sequel.

The lazy story and pathetic dialog didn't provide the cast and director with much to work with, so we're left with a pale offshoot of the Christopher McQuarrie penned first film.

On its own, this would probably be passable, but in comparison to the first it's just shameful.
Fun, well done B movie fare
Eventually Tom Cruise will have to grow up and realize he can't be an action movie star any more, but in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back he's still soldiering on (pun intended). I think he's actually a pretty capable actor (recent examples e.g. Edge of Tomorrow, Oblivion, and going back to Minority Report, Magnolia, Jerry Maguire, Rain Man). But this Jack Reacher outing is just a by-the-numbers actioner. The plot is all conventional, but it's well done and consistently fun to watch. I saw it on Netflix last month to give me something to watch while on my exercycle, and for that purpose it was just fine.

So, Reacher (now retired from the military) and his former colleague Major Turner (the versatile Cobie Smulders) have both been framed by an insidious group inside the government for something-or-other, and they have to go rogue and undercover to eventually expose the conspiracy. Along the way they pick up the tritely rebellious girl Samantha (Danika Yarosh, who's no more than OK in the part) who may or may not be Reacher's previously unknown daughter. The rest of it is just enjoying the ride through a complex series of settings and incidents. And of course we get to see Mr. Cruise indulging his obsession for dramatic running -- lots of running. When he can't run any more, maybe that's when he'll realize it's time to hang it up.

All in all, a good popcorn flick that does well what it sets out to do.
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