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Thriller, Documentary
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Bryan Fogel
Bryan Fogel as Himself
Nikita Kamaev as Himself (archive footage)
Storyline: When Bryan Fogel sets out to uncover the truth about doping in sports, a chance meeting with a Russian scientist transforms his story from a personal experiment into a geopolitical thriller involving dirty urine, unexplained death and Olympic Gold-exposing the biggest scandal in sports history.
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Amazing. Rarely write reviews, but best documentary I've seen in years.
I almost never write reviews for anything, but after seeing this movie and seeing a completely spiteful, misinformed review from another poster I feel obliged to post. This is an incredibly powerful documentary that had me at the edge of my seat for nearly the entire two hours. Honestly have no idea what movie the other poster was watching or if they're simply bitter or don't enjoy the documentary format, but I highly recommend this to anyone in an interest in sport, current world politics (US/Russia), or conspiracy. Both the director Bryan and protagonist Grigory are engaging and entertaining, and the movie will seriously leave you feeling like you just got a backstage pass to a very recent global conspiracy between Russia and the world.
gripping documentary
I saw this at Sundance 2017, and it blew me away like no other film I saw there. The filmmakers started out on an interesting enough story in worldwide sports, but then uncovered a massive conspiracy beyond their imagining. Very exciting. Highly recommended to anyone who can see this.
A deliciously brilliant sucker punch
Icarus starts naively enough, like most documentaries with a desire to learn something. A "what if" that could make a good story; perhaps an episode-long piece on "60 Minutes" or "20/20".

Bryan Fogel, who directed it, is like a man wanting to learn what is like to be a tiger and, in wanting to get closer to the truth, inadvertently locks himself in the tiger's cage.

Icarus is like two stories. The silly, and somewhat egotistical quest of Bryan Fogel to prove that doping is rampant and easy to get away with (duh!) while helping himself win the amateur race that has eluded him for years. It is difficult to find a way to sympathize for any person during this part of the story. Then Bryan meets a very amusing and very cynical Russian scientist named Grigory Rodchenkov, who is going to help him. They talk via Skype frequently, and even their dogs participate. We then go into the obligatory montage of training, preparation, and failures that seems all too familiar. That is, until something changes.

There is a marked and brilliant turning point in the movie when Grigory, a smiling and joking class clown up until that point, faces directly at the camera in a Skype conversation with Bryan and asks "have you seen a movie about me?" From that point on, the story's point of view changes from Bryan to Grigory and we learn something that we cannot unlearn, and realize that there is no going back. We learn that Grigory is the real protagonist and we are heading in a very dark and dangerous direction for Grigory, for Bryan, and for those around them.

One cannot blame those viewers who, prior to that point, were bored and wondered if this would be yet another expose on how privileged guys like Bryan were cheating the system for a moment of temporary glory and how doping had permeated into the weekend warriors scene. One cannot blame those viewers for walking away (I almost did), if they thought that's where we were going. I am sure that's where Bryan thought he was going too. That is, until the cage locked behind us...

What I call the second story in Icarus is based on terror; a terror of the light, not the dark, to borrow a line from Grigory. Real people get killed (allegedly) - this is a documentary, so death is very real. The ride is frantic, claustrophobic, and bitter-sweet. There is an ending but, then again, there isn't one. At the end of the story, we care deeply for Grigory, Bryan, and even Max the dog, and continue to wonder "what if".

Icarus is one of the most brilliant documentaries that I have ever seen.
The target of the whole movie is manipulate you against Russia.

The director although has failed to do so in my opinion:

First if you want to show how evil are Russian athletes then do not put in footage (not even mention him with a word) of the biggest cheat of all sports in the whole world who is actually very much American Lance Armstrong.

Second if you want to show how good is doping for athletes and that is the reason why all Russian athletes have won gold medals then again... please don't put in your stupid personal example where you have basically got a worse result on the cycling race after doping for 6 months with the help of the "evil" Russian guy who helped theoretically hundreds of Russian athletes to win gold medal.

This documentary is a waste of time. Does not show you the real problem. If you think other countries are not doping then just remember even the movie use Lance as the worst example... The money is too big in sport to dismiss doping. Furthermore look at the director's terrible experience with doping. He got a worse result than before and he did not understand how the best cyclists are still so much better than him. Conclusion? Maybe not everything depends on doping.
The imagination of the story writer was amazing and it was acted well with the actors. Its fun watching i got excited and nervous. I thought its just a boring American propaganda but i tried to watch it since i'm alone in the house I didn't know Russian athletes dope. I wont spoil anymore watch it guys.its a great movie
Just a bit too slick to be totally believable
I'm not saying that the cheating didn't take place. It did. But the movie spent a great amount of time and energy making us like the corrupt to the bone testing lab guy, and making him out as a victim. And it was just a bit too slick for a true documentary, with the victim's Orwell quotes and philosophical musings. Still, I acknowledge that it was well done and still worth the watch. Just not the 'best documentary I've ever seen', as many have proclaimed.
When The Truth Has The Heaviest Consequences...The Grigory Rodchenkov Story.
This is a explosive expose that really started with amateur world-class biker Brian Fogel's exploration of personally doping himself with performance enhancing hormones for the world's premier amateur cycling event held annually in Europe. The word explosive is in no way hyperbole. Fogel's desire to test negative led him to Russian chemist Grrigory Rodchenkov. Fogel soon became immersed in how Rodchenkov, the head of the system the Russian State drug testing lab, might be able to help him be able to pass drug testing while doping. After an introduction was made by a reputable US scientist Fogel and Rodchenkov became partners of sorts.

Rumblings surrounding the rumor that somehow Russian athletes dope while testing negative became louder. A few cracks opened and Rodchenkov looked like a goner. He even became temporarily institutionalized for his well-being. After a Putin reprieve he was once more doing The Russian State's work, but things were different. He now knew his safety was in jeopardy. He was a pawn, a slave, and he could just as well be expendable should another situation arise. This time preservation of life was his top priority as he decided to come to The US hopefully acquiring asylum. It would explode into a situation in which a deal to testify would be his only chance of remaining in The US as some of his fellow Russian collaborators met mysterious deaths back in the mother country.

Suddenly Rodchenkov became the epicenter of the entire world's doping problem. You think Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong's cases, and troubles were big, Rodchenkovs were on a whole other scale as in life or death. This was one man accusing Russia of heinous crimes on a world stage and Vladimir Putin as the master criminal.. Because he could tie the various players in this illegal doping, right up to Putin, he had to give up everything and remain in The USA to insure his safety. His wife and child's passports were taken by the Russian government in attempts to rein the, now, criminal dissenter in. It's conceivable he may never see them again.

Icarus is a real-life high-stakes story of a man who dared to come clean about the work he was doing at the direction of the most powerful men behind a country that still believes The Olympics are their finest world showcase of superiority…that is outside of the unthinkable. You should give this a watch as it's as worthy a thriller as a Ludlum novel only the stakes are real. Brian Fogel may have never became a professional world class cyclist, but with this movie he makes a strong case that he is that league of documentary makers.
Whistle blowing the biggest doping scandal of the 21 century.
After watching this documentary you understand that real life events are so much more interesting and often far scarier then a roller coaster Hollywood blockbuster.

The documentary start with a simple investigation what doping does but end in a dramatic unfolding of epic proportions of whistle blowing how Russia used there athletes in the greatest doping scandal of the 21 century.

This is for sure a must watch and deep respect for the people behind the story.
Baggy and overlong, but nevertheless shocking documentary
Say what you will about Netflix, the multi-million dollar streaming service used the world over that has come under intense scrutiny in the past year for its debatable participation in the Cannes Film Festival, but its ability to fuel water-cooler chit-chat has done wonders for the documentary genre. The 10-part true crime series Making a Murderer became a phenomenon, proving so popular that it managed to cast doubts over the guilt of its subject and on the American justice system as a whole. The service's most recent conversation-starter is Icarus, directed by amateur cyclist Bryan Fogel, which started out like a Super Size Me expose on the world of doping but evolved into something else entirely. While it certainly has its flaws, it's an astonishing tale that would have been missed by most on a limited cinema run, but in the wide-reaching hands of Netflix, it has a chance to cause a stir.

Director Fogel's only previous directorial credit is 2012's little- seen Jewtopia, a gross-out comedy which does little to suggest he is a natural fit for a crusading documentary filmmaker. But, in the early stages of Icarus, he proves himself adept chronicling his journey from amateur cyclist to doped-up competition-winner. Hoping to replicate the process adopted by the likes of exposed drug cheat Lance Armstrong, Fogel spends much of the films first half-hour injecting testosterone and God-knows-what-else into his thighs and buttocks, and hitting the gym to prepare to win a gruelling seven- day cycle across France. He seeks guidance from Grigory Rodchenkov, the head of anti-doping in Russia, who seems to know every trick in the book on how to cheat the drug tests and avoid detection by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). Yet while his tests show a huge improvement on his physical prowess, he struggles to make any impact on the race, with a huge margin remaining between him and the top 10 racers. It seems his entire documentary is crumbling around him.

Then the news breaks of Russia's participation in a doping operation that dates back decades, and Rodchenkov starts to worry for his life. When his friend and colleague dies under mysterious circumstances, Rodchenkov flees to America to turn whistle-blower, and Fogel, having formed a close friendship with the charismatic, larger-than-life filmmaker's dream, gets the scoop. The director wisely relegates himself into the background as Rodchenkov's story and personality take over, and the film takes on the tone of a thriller. It's a story you have no doubt read about in the media, but Icarus boasts the opportunity to hear it directly from the horse's mouth, and Fogel is happy to let his subject talk. Having stumbled upon a goldmine, it's a wonder why Fogel chose to keep so much of his original narrative in the movie. While his lack of vanity in accepting his failure is admirable, it would have worked better with 15 minutes or so shaved off, and the film feels baggy and overlong as a result. Still, Icarus has the ability to shock, revealing that the scandal goes all the way to the very top, and may have been employed as a politic tactic by Putin to justify his invasion of Ukraine.
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