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Crime, Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Adam Randall
Storyline: After being shot while calling for help trying to stop a violent attack on his high school girl, a 16 year old boy awakens from a coma to discover that fragments of his smart phone have embedded in his brain, giving him superhero powers. He uses this knowledge and technology to exact revenge on the gang responsible for the attack.
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Pretty Bad
I gave this movie a watch despite it's poor title choice. It's not particularly engaging and doesn't have a very good hook. Although the acting and cinematography are good.

A boy gets his smartphone smashed and embedded in his head, and gets super powers from this. His powers are never really explained, but it looks like he gets a heads up display of electronic items. As well as being able to control electronics with his mind. Such as speaking over radios and taking money out of online bank accounts.

Most of the characters are high school students and small time criminals. It's supposed to be gritty and street, but it's hard to believe. How are these kids so well armed? Why do they have access to all these drugs? What is ANYBODIES motivation? These are only some of the unanswered questions.

I think one of the main shortcomings is that audience age demographic wasn't properly decided on. Most of the actors are high school age, as well as most of the drama and comic relief. But the plot line and suspense is something from a more adult crime movie. The result gives us some incongruous action and unbelievable characters.

It's like a cross between 'Attack the Block' and '71'. Taking the characters from Block, and the convoluted plot from 71. But lacking all the congruity and charm of each project.

It looks good though and is well made. Everything but the plot is well executed. The super power angle ends up taking a back seat to the same old re-hashed Brit crime tropes after the first half. The climactic ending seems familiar. The establishing shots of London are the same as always. The cockney crime boss is just as menacing as in every other movie....


You could completely avoid this movie and you'd miss nothing. Or if you like faux gritty Brit street movies then you'll find the good in this.
0% Sense
***** Review contains spoilers ***** (Can't help it).

Starting by what is in my opinion a terrible pick of cast for this type of movie, scene after scene we see it getting worst. The story stands on an indescribable non-sense consequence (Really? A guy holding a phone gets shot and the phone goes inside his head? I mean really?) which causes the main character to be able to control any device... Powered by electricity? I'm not even sure if I understood what it was that he could connect to (???), because sometimes he controls mechanical devices too? *Confused*

Mid-film playing we surely see the epic "hero?" comebacks that almost.. Almost! bring us back to being interested, but that lasts a few minutes and it all goes back to non-sense. The character that it's supposed to have such an open access to the world-wide digital/electrical network, never goes much further than his little neighborhood/close friends? Gets scolded by (I don't even understand the reason) his grandmother that we believe to be a secondary character but all the matters related to her that seem to be good to push the story back are never known. Questions and topics that just suddenly stop being talked about and end up with no answers.

Not really sure how is this a Netflix produced/supported film, worst movie I watched since Sharknado, and I actually understand that Sharknado was supposed to be bad.

It looks very amateur in all the ways, for a Netflix production/supported film I was surely expecting way more!

Sad, that they made such a promising actress like Maisie Williams on a fast-growing career moment, act in such a bad movie.

Will for sure recommend this film to all the bricks i know! :D
Great Entertainment!
A great double feature movie would be "Attack the Block," and "iBoy."

Bill Milner, playing an offbeat nerdy looking hero, commands every scene he appears in, which is pretty amazing, since Maisie Williams steals every scene she's in with her own unique beauty and a to-die-for personality. Ya, I've been a fan of hers since day one on "Game of Thrones."

"iBoy" has plenty of action, but it doesn't skimp on taking the time to get inside the character's heads. The special effects look cool, without overpowering the camera work, and the sets are perfect for the story.

Rory Kinnear, who I shall always remember as the Creature in "Penny Dreadful," gives us a near perfect villain, although I really wish they had given him more screen time.

Take a leap of faith and accept that having parts of an iPhone embedded in your brain turns you into a talented cyborg, and you will have a grand time. In other words, don't pick the movie apart. Just enjoy it.
Bad Ending
Not sure why but Netflix have great releases on the whole.

This film was great up till the last part which made me cringe to watch,it really sucked.

All the direction,actors,effects,camera,etc everything was well done,the way i'm usually receiving it from Netflix releases.

But then toward the ending,things started going sideways...

The hero is this omnipotent being,but then his suddenly not? There's no valid reason for it as well. Like give some justification for this, would still have sucked ,but at least,would take the film ,a bit further till the end. Instead the director created a series of unconvincing faults,which led to the even up, between the "forces" of good via evil.. which made absolutely no sense. That pretty much destroyed the enjoyment I had, up till that point.. Except of that ,it was really agonizing to see, Princess Arya Stark(Maisie Williams),play this dysfunctional girl,she was soo incompetent toward the ending,making stupid mistakes one after the other,which went well with the whole making no sense thing.

I would have given this film an 8,but because of the extremely poor ending, i lowered it to 5.
It's British and a good movie!!!
Is it a drama, a romance, a sci fi story? Maybe all these. Also a revenge story - one of my favourite types! It's based on a book but it doesn't seem to be. Most book adaptations are far more involved/complex with more plot points. This seems to have been written for the screen (not a compliment in this case), but perhaps the book was light.

Not familiar with Bill Milner who is fine and good but not quite 100% convincing, but love Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) (and wondering why she's doing this). Miranda Richardson didn't need to change her socks but Jordan Bolger is excellent as the tough black good guy (but is he?) mate. Would like to see if he has more range. I'm guessing he does.

Anyway, in spite of a few lapses this movie is worth watching. It just doesn't fall neatly into any of the SF, superhero, romance, revenge categories which may be a good thing or a bad thing.

Oh, and it's British! Bonus points there for being British and pulling it off.
iBoy good or bad ?
Dear friends, When I have completed the iBoy movie, I came across with a question of "is he good ?". I am going to criticize the movie in the view of "content" and "categorical".

In the view of content; a. The question of "good" or "bad" boy is not clear in the movie. The boy uses drugs, uses slang words, not studies his school courses, cheats in exams etc.. b. He makes final judgement about the crimes, no worries about accessing bank accounts (no one his account) c. The audience accepts (a) and (b) as normal teenage life steps. Nothing wrong with them (!) -Specially granny-

In the view of category; a. The scenario is about the new one (phone embedded in brain). It is a contribution to the Sci-Fi movie domain. b. The flow of actions is keeping audience until they see the end. In other words, you can entertain yourself by watching this film. c. The world has new superhero :) "Phoneman"...

"The end" has missing parts which make us to wait "part 2"... I am recommending to watch.
An approach not yet explored, in a genre (superheroes) so saturated in the present times.
A great movie. I consider myself a somewhat "inexperienced" viewer in the cinema, but certain basic concepts have already set in my head. One of them is an "attraction" to productions with that "English way", which really show a different way of seeing (and doing) cinema, than we are usually accustomed to the great productions of Hollywood. And iBoy, of course, goes into that classification. I say this, to probably "justify" maybe a goodwill that may be considered by others, excessive with the film.

Speaking of more tangible features now, iBoy is a new movie of superheroes, at a time when the film industry is overflowing with theme projects, but in my view, it brings a concept that involves themes that are very much present today in our Society (the technology itself) and incorporates into the genre of superhero, showing something that no one has yet shown, and that to me is the film's great asset. Still in this view, we have the "negative" side. It is quite possible that in a short time, the production will be extremely dated and unattractive to a public that would come in the long term, but as the analysis should be done now, this is not something that validates criticism, because in the period that is coming out The film talks very well with the viewer. The story is very cool, being built in a way that you feel the anger that the protagonist, Tom (Bill Milner), has of the evildoers and rogues of the region. And plot follows that line well "Hero's Journey," but it has a very dramatic and dense approach, somehow looking "dirty" in many places, with Tom standing in a faint line between the nickname "hero" and "Anti-hero", which also can generate a very legal discussion within the analysis of the elements of the film. In addition to Milner, she also highlights Maisie Williams (Lucy) and, in general, all supporting actors, who competently perform what is expected of their respective roles.

In summary: iBoy comes in this big wave of hero movies, but it takes a different approach from all the others we've seen, it talks very well with extremely familiar elements in our modern life, and with all this it is very competent to entertain the viewer, In its 90- minute duration.
IBoy is about a guy gets a serious tech advantage, but fails in the most pathetic ways of using it.
This movie hypes up as it starts right off the bat with this kid getting shot and gaining a sort of super power. He apparently, sort of, blocks the shot with the bullet hitting the phone then his head as the phone was being held to his ear. So, shards get stuck in there and now he can control all electronic things. Super cool holographic user interface for him and everything.

However, he's a pathetic snowflake and fails to do anything meaningful or lasting with it. He tries to white knight for a female rape victim (BTW, he of course likes her and is too shy to talk to her about it, aka: tired trope).

So, mister White Knight tries to take on the rapists and get's them some meager jail time by hiding drugs at their houses.

Then, the big bad boss comes around bails out rapists and little lily boy, ahem, IBoy get's shook. He panics and wants to lose his power so everything will go back to normal. You guessed it, it doesn't work and Doc blows him off.

Big bad boss man puts his family and friends lives in danger and still this little twerp cowers and won't go scorched earth on the pricks.

It all ends with the snowflake apologizing to the rape victim for trying to help. Worse, she actually makes him feel better after everything.

In conclusion, this is only gets a few points for novelty. It loses big time because of the message that you should stay a victim and never fight back and if you do fight back, you're somehow also a terrible person. UNBELIEVABLY LAME.

Best, Aaron

PS: The terrible gang is still operating in the end in case you missed that.
Solid, but a missed opportunity to make something really great.
This movie has a lot of good qualities. A largely unknown cast come together nicely, and the cinematography, special effects and score are all very well done.

The story as a concept is pretty simple, and in the early stages of the movie things were looking very promising and I was enjoying it a lot. As the movie reaches its climax things began to run out of steam and a few unnecessary writing decisions opened up a number of plot holes which had me scratching my head at times. This movie didn't require the big ending it went for. Some more subtle twists and craft would have taken it to the next level and I can't help but thinking some big opportunities were missed.

Regardless, much of this movie is highly enjoyable and entertaining. I've certainly seen similar concepts executed far worse.
A new hero has risen and his name is iBoy
Awkward teenager named Tom(Bill Milner) is kind of a loner, lives with his grandma(Miranda Richardson) and has a crush on fellow student Lucy(Maisie Williams). One day Lucy asks Tom for help with her homework. That night when goes to Lucy's place, he discovers a crime has been committed, Tom is shot after one of the mask assailants see him. Tom awakens days later, but discovers a unique thing has happened to him, fragments have gotten into Tom heads from his iPhone, and has the power to listen on other conversations, and the power to control calls at will. So Tom decide to use his new found skills, to help flush out the bad guys that hurt Lucy.

A good new concept of a kid getting powers type story. Tom Milner does play the Peter Parker type pretty well, becomes quite the bad ass once he becomes super, but at time begins to doubt himself on what's it all for. Maisie Williams plays Lucy pretty well, not just the typical girlfriend of the movie, but very strong willed. Miranda Richardson has some good moments has Tom's grandma. I also liked the way the villains where not portrayed has comic book bad guys, but has real life scoundrels , typical evil trash you read about in the newspaper or watch on the news. The effects are very well done. Will this be a franchise, only time will tell.
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