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Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Adam Gierasch
Michael Bowen as Harry
Amiah Miller as Emma
Guy Nardulli as Galuzzo
Mark Berry as McKendry
Anne Dudek as Karen
James Callis as Scott
Lee Garlington as Dr. Llywelyn
Storyline: Story follows the Morgans, a loving yet troubled family hoping to reconnect while on vacation. When their autistic 10-year-old daughter (Miller) begins to fixate on a mysterious friend who may or may not be real, she retreats further into her own world and family tensions rise to the surface.
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Holy Crap
I got the tingles from this thing

The relationship between hubby and wifey is in the stage that a lot of marriages eventually get into, where they are at each others throat and pretty much ready to part, but seeing if they can grind it out. Generally movies don't touch on this aspect of marriage so realistically, hel its one reason people watch TV and movies, to get away from this kind of reality. This Hel stage of marriage is a very central concept to the movie. Its not over the top but done in a way that has U thinking its two actual married people unhappy with how things are going.

There is even a strong moral message in this movie to couples who expose their children to their bickering/fighting with each other, many parents don't really give a sht what this does to their kids.

I think the traditional movie threads U get in this kind of flick were tossed into the blender on purpose, because we have been programmed by dozens of prior movies to have certain expectations as to characters and outcomes.

I kept guessing and predicting as to what was going to happen, and crossing my fingers that I would be wrong for a change, and for once got my wish.

The acting in this movie was realistic, the manner in which the kid's autism is manifested lends itself to the ending. I'm guessing some viewers will be wanting something more over the top in this department.

A lot of people may not care for this movie, they are going to want formula adherence. Some expectations will not be met. There is very little if any 'filler', most things are in it for a reason. Even the very ending when one spouse looks at the other and then cutting to the credits with the closing song gives us a resolution to the marriage. Very well done movie

As for me, I felt like I was watching a real couple with real issues, {the 'mom' stuff was particularly gritty.} I kept trying to guess at stuff and was wrong enough for the movie to keep me engaged for a change, and I was creeped out by the way the story unfolds instead of being creeped out by buckets of blood.

Acting A, Direction A, effects C, Script A, Camera work B, music B-

8 from me, probably something much lower from the general viewing public
House by the Lake: Lackluster at best
This horror thriller tells the story of a couple who move to a beautiful house beside a lake with their 10yr old autistic daughter.

They hire a nanny to assist them with the struggles of having such a high maintenance child but when the kid starts taking stories of her imaginary friend The Fishman too seriously it becomes questioned whether there is more to the story.

Sadly this is one of those films where nothing really takes place until literally the last 5 minutes and it leaves the film feeling somewhat incomplete.

The concept isn't terrible, it just feels like it needed padding out more and in its current form simply isn't that entertaining.

The Good:


The Bad:

Feels incomplete

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

If your child is missing a logical place to check is the dryer
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