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Tim Woodward Jr.
Lue Brandi as Nurse
Britain Simons as The Kid
Terral Altom as The Stranger
Max Bogner as Jenkins
Shane P. Allen as Horse Rider
Luke Hemsworth as Wild Bill Hickok
Kaiwi Lyman as John Wesley Hardin
Trace Adkins as Phil Poe
Robert Catrini as Sherif Akers
Bruce Dern as Doc Rivers O'Roark
Kris Kristofferson as George Knox
Storyline: Legendary lawman and gunslinger, Wild Bill Hickok, is tasked with taming the wildest cow-town in the west. While delivering his own brand of frontier justice, the infamous hard-drinking gunfighter's reputation as the fastest draw in the west is put to the test.
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The most boring Western I've seen in a long time.
Minor spoilers may follow. I picked up this movie I'd never heard of at Family Video last night. The cast list drew my attention, as well as the fact that it's a new western in an age with far too few of those. The stars who drew my attention were Luke Hemsworth (the other Hemsworth brother), Trace Adkins, Kris Kristofferson, and Bruce Dern. The latter three interested me the most, as one is a country singer I like and the other two I know as decent western actors. I figured it might actually be a decent western. Well...not so much. I mean, it was shot well and for a low budget direct to DVD movie it sure looks good, but that's about all I can say for it. For a movie about the legendary Wild Bill Hickok it is incredibly boring! The lead actor is alright, and I'm sure could've made a good character in another movie, or even a side character in this movie- but as the lead here he just does not have the charisma needed to pull it off. There are a couple of scenes where he almost does, but unfortunately it doesn't last. Trace Adkins plays the villain of the movie, and if I closed my eyes I would almost think it was Sam Elliot in the part, so that's... something. To his credit, he is perhaps the most convincing actor...but that isn't saying much. Kris Kristofferson plays the Mayor of the town who appoints Hickok as Marshall (unlike the real life Hickok, who was elected) and barely has any scenes. Also, I hate to say it, but you can tell he's barely trying with this movie. Bruce Dern is a little bit better as the town Doctor, but one misses the days when you could love to hate him as a dimwitted villain in Support Your Local Sheriff, or as the cold-hearted villain who (SPOILERS for a movie that's nearly a half century old!) kills John Wayne's character in "The Cowboys." Here he provides a moment of amusement, but that's about it. The movie itself is very by the numbers, and doesn't do anything new as a cowboy movie. In fact, it cannot even really be enjoyed as a tribute to old clichés because several of them are missing. For example, when Hickok enforces the new "No guns in town" law, one would expect to see a montage of him actually enforcing said law, but nope- it skips straight to having a bunch of people in jail with the town mostly quiet, with only a few grumbles from the denizens of the villain's saloon. At this point, I was so bored with the movie that I literally looked up the real life Wild Bill's Wikipedia page and read it while the movie played. And you know what? It was far more interesting than the movie! I learned quite a bit about the legendary gunslinger, including the fact that many of his exploits were wildly exaggerated by him and others, and everyone knew it, but let it go because they were good stories! Also, the movie has several inaccuracies, such as the fact that Abilene was not the first town he was a lawman in, as the movie suggests, but was in fact just one of several. Also, the love interest introduced in the movie, one of the main source of Hickok's rivalry with the villain, evidently does not exist at all, and was created solely for the movie. Which explains why her subplot felt so forced and tacked on- that's exactly what it was! At around the one hour mark I pretty much gave up on the movie and paused it to write this review, and I do plan to finish the last 20+ minutes of the movie, but I can't imagine how it could improve at all at this point. Maybe there'll be a decent final shootout, and maybe they'll even include the interesting bit of history that I learned from the Wikipedia page about the final confrontation Hickok had with the villain of this movie, in which wild Bill accidentally killed a fellow lawman while fighting the saloon owner, an event which cost him his position in the town and which evidently haunted him the rest of his life, but I don't see how they could do that Justice in the short time remaining. As it stands right now, this is the most boring Western I've ever seen (not counting old-school black and white westerns, which ranged from masterpieces to snore fests) and I give it 2/10 stars. It would have gotten one, but like I said, the movie actually looks really good for a direct to DVD movie. Heck, I'd have tossed in another star for some halfway decent music, but the score is extremely bland and unremarkable. Worst $3 I ever spent. OK, that's probably an exaggeration, but still- it's pretty bad.
don't waste your time
This movie was just plain bad. Nothing about it was remotely factual to true events of Hickok's life. That might be the only thing true to who he was. He was a notorious liar or blow hard about events in his life, but that is the only thing common to this movie that holds true. The acting is shyte. Not one person who is in this film has a sense of who they are playing, so they just seem lost as to what they are supposed to do. The opening of this movie depicts hickok in his union days having to leave a wounded soldier to die, thus leaving him with remorse........ no accounts of this at all in real life, so why put it in the script. In fact the only two things Hickok ever had remorse for was the very first man he killed, whilst hiding behind curtains. He paid that mans widow 35 dollars, and said he was sorry for doing it. The next was him killing his own deputy who was trying to come to hickoks aide. Nothing in the movie about these things. For heavens sake, they didn't even bother to look the part. Hickok had long curly red hair....... hemsworth short dark brown. I honest don't know why they would have made this movie, my guess is trying to capitalize off the success of films like Unforgiven and Tombstone, sadly they don't come close to either film. Hickok was a real piece of work, but he survived having tremendous luck, (until it ran out) and grit. A good story could have been told about that, and I am sure would have done well.
Wild Bill Hickok (Luke Helmsworth) comes to Abilene, a western cow town that needs taming and Mayor Knox (Kris Kristofferson) makes him the Marshall.

This is somewhat disappointing because there are good acting scenes and poorly acted scenes. You decide how correct I am. The scenes with Hickok and Dr. O'Rourke ( Bruce Dern) were very good; and also the dialogues between Hickok and Mayor Knox were spot on; and I even liked the banter between Hickok and John Wesley Hardin (Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau). All the rest of the scenes and dialogues were not as good, but the talks between Hickok and Mattie (Cameron Richardson) his love interest were okay. Trace Atkins is okay as Poe, the owner of the saloon. He originally likes Hickok, but after Hickok affects his business by not allowing guns in town, he does everything to have his boys kill Hickok.

Was I looking for a shoot-out between Hickok and John Wesley Hardin? Of course. Checking with Wikipedia we see that Hickok and John Wesley Hardin did know each other and when Hickok told Hardin to turn in his guns, he did. But in the movie he didn't. In the movie, Hickok made him a Deputy Marshall.

Yes, Hickok does pretend that John Wesley Hardin is not John Wesley Harden for if he was, then Hickok would have to arrest him because Hardin is a wanted man. Interesting take here.

Was this a really good western? No. A lot of stuff needed work, mostly quicker responses from the players at times. Let me say this: if the bad guys were better bad guys, then this may have saved the movie. Didn't happen. For example, the bad guys shoot into a cabin where Hickok and Mattie are and throw a stick of dynamite into the cabin. Hickok tosses it outside, but the bad guys think they killed Hickok and didn't check. See? This was just one small example.

Also I kept hearing that this was Drover town, but I didn't see one cow. A Drover is someone who drives cows to market. We should have seen at least one cow. Bummer.

A sort of interesting aside: I noticed most players wore their guns in not the usual place on their hips.

All in all this was watchable, and yes, somewhat disappointing, too, and we wished it was better. (5/10)

Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: Yes, almost when Hickok and Mattie get together. Language: Small stuff and not much of it.
No Grit...
Hickok is an attempt (at what appears to be a made for TV) western starring Luke Hemsworth, Trace Adkins, Kris Kristofferson and Bruce Dern. Unfortunately the story is unoriginal and at times the acting is amateurish as are the western sets.

Wild Bill Hickok played by Hemsworth is shown charging confederate soldiers and leaving a friend to die at the beginning of the film. Seven years later he is almost arrested for horse theft. He runs and ends up in a small town where he becomes sheriff virtually overnight. He institutes a policy where no one is allowed to carry firearms withing town limits. Obviously this displeases a lot of people who then try to kill him. This is basically the plot of the movie. There is a love interest and old flame thrown into the mix who just happens to be engaged to the main villain.

Overall Hickok is a low budget production with characters resembling cardboard cut-outs. It also seems to borrow quite heavily from other westerns: charging the confederate soldiers in the beginning (From Dances With Wolves), almost being arrested while in the bath in a hotel (Maverick), the final shout-out in the Saloon (Unforgiven). The acting for the most part appears wooden although that might be due to the lack of an actual story. In the end, the movie seems like an attempt to cash-in on the surname of the oldest Hemsworth brother and may also appear to the fans of country star Trace Adkins. As a Western however it is an uninspired and weak attempt.
Doesn't get any worse than this
Disappointing is a word I would normally use when discovering a below par movie, but I did not expect much from this movie to begin with so the bar was set quiet low in my expectation. Somehow the director managed to lower that bar considerably. Terrible direction, no style of any kind whatsoever.. terrible sound editing,, a gunshot sounds like someone farted loudly.. awfully clichéd dialogue, wooden acting at its worst, lighting was poor, cinematography was childlike and vacuous,. This was a calamitous endeavour from start to finish. Watch it only to learn how not to make a western.
No attempt at all to bring Wild Bill back to life as seen in Deadwood and other great Hickok recreations will give young generations a completely false view, i hate this kind of dead sterile film making. From the acting to the sets nothing inspired. Was really looking forward to this but i am sure the legend of Wild Bill Hickok will survive this.
Wild Bill's early years
The best film I've seen done on Wild Bill Hickok is White Buffalo where Charles Bronson played the legendary frontier marshal. It was set at a different time and place during his life. This film Hickok is set at the beginning showing some of his Civil War service and the beginning of his time as marshal of Abilene.

Unlike Wyatt Earp who rarely used his weapon and before the OK Corral business had only killed one man, Hickok was as fast as rumored and had a few kills listed to him. That's what is shown here. Luke Hemsworth who plays Hickok also carries a shotgun as most peace officers did. What counted was to make sure hit your target. He has quite the standoff with John Wesley Hardin who in real life never made it as far north as Kansas. He certainly wasn't Hickok's deputy. Hardin is played here by Kaiwi Lyman-Mesereau.

The film moves at a tortoise pace attributable to some bad direction and the characters never engage you the way the cast in the Bronson film did. Having such veterans as Kris Kristofferson and Bruce Dern help a bit. But this is not the final cinematic word on Wild Bill Hickok.
Average Western with disappointing action and plot
I am a fan of well done, action packed Westerns but this movie fails to deliver any exciting or believable fight scenes. The gun play sequences are poorly paced and not very believable and the transitions between scenes are awkward. The worst flaw was the lack of continuity between scenes. A young boy is shot in the right leg and we watch as the bullet is removed by a half drunken doctor but in a scene five minutes later, the boy is shown sitting with a bandaged LEFT leg, only to be shown later with an injured right leg again. Overall this was a promising movie that did not live up to my expectations.
"A Hedonist With No Ambition"
In the Abilene of the 1870s depicted in this film, the residents are urbane and literate, speaking lines like the description of Wild Bill Hickok as "a hedonist with no ambition." But to what degree is the film an accurate representation of William Hickok and the Wild West?

In the bonus segment of the DVD of "Hickok," director Timothy Woodward, Jr. discussed his goal of finding a balance between biographical truth and the drama of the traditional Western films. As it turned out, the balance fell much too heavily on the standard structural features of tradition of Western filmmaking: melodramatic villains; romantic intrigue; big shootouts; and the flawed but decent hero.

The film also accurate in depicting a relatively young Hickok, as played by Liam Hemsworth. It is also correct that Hickok only served as the marshal of Abilene for a brief period. Still, there could have been a stronger attempt to individualize Hickok with more personalized details from his life. The depiction of Hickok's "moon blindness" (or poor eyesight at night) had the potential of unique character trait. But the film did not go far enough in explaining this disability or following through on Hickok's life after he left Abilene.

This film is very much a companion piece to "Traded," another Western directed by Woodward. In each case, the standard elements of the film western were plugged in to a rather predictable formula. If Hickok were truly the hedonist of Abilene, the pleasurable pursuits of the gunslinger could have been presented in much greater detail in this film.
I was looking forward to seeing this and well well well, what a huge let down.

I really do not understand why the movie makers decided that this should see the light of day. It was bloody awful.

The story line was so bad, the scenes unrealistic and worst of all.....the acting. The acting is so wooden, there is no emotion from any of the cast.

One of the worst westerns i have ever seen
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