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Tim Woodward Jr.
Lue Brandi as Nurse
Britain Simons as The Kid
Terral Altom as The Stranger
Max Bogner as Jenkins
Shane P. Allen as Horse Rider
Luke Hemsworth as Wild Bill Hickok
Kaiwi Lyman as John Wesley Hardin
Trace Adkins as Phil Poe
Robert Catrini as Sherif Akers
Bruce Dern as Doc Rivers O'Roark
Kris Kristofferson as George Knox
Storyline: Legendary lawman and gunslinger, Wild Bill Hickok, is tasked with taming the wildest cow-town in the west. While delivering his own brand of frontier justice, the infamous hard-drinking gunfighter's reputation as the fastest draw in the west is put to the test.
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Beyond awfulness
Where to begin. This movie was beyond awfulness. It is as if some guys had way too many beers and in a stupor wrote out the script on a dirty napkin. The acting was deplorable. It was as if they were reading cue cards that were to far to read. The acting was wooden and in slow motion. They had a excellent opportunity to make a half decent western with Kris and Trace in the mix. Even Bruce could have done much better even though he is as old as dirt and really needs to stop acting. I think he was thrown in the mix to make a interesting cast that fell flat. Who in their right mind would cast Hemsworth to play Hickok anyway. This man can't act out of a wet paper bag guys. The script was awful and the direction was just down right bad and the acting was on a whole level of terrible. It was just like someone else said, it was like watching a train wreck, you couldn't stop watching it because you was hoping it would get better but never did. This was a 101 lesson on how not to make a western or any other kind of movie. This really was a very bad movie. I was wishing for more because I really love westerns but man oh man this thing stunk.
No attempt at all to bring Wild Bill back to life as seen in Deadwood and other great Hickok recreations will give young generations a completely false view, i hate this kind of dead sterile film making. From the acting to the sets nothing inspired. Was really looking forward to this but i am sure the legend of Wild Bill Hickok will survive this.
What a shame.
This had so much historical fodder for storytelling and they did this. The writing was terrible, the direction worse, and many of the actors seemed to be just phoning it in fora paycheck.

The most sad thing of this had to be Kris Kristofferson who seemed to be reading from a slow loading dialogue delivery system of some sort. The only actors that did well were those with few paychecks behind them.

Action and SFX were beyond poor and the entire film was a train wreck in that you can't stop watching to see if it can get any worse.

Kris and Bruce? It's time to retire. You had great runs but it has gotten down to the point that peeps might think you just don't give a shot anymore. Loved you both in your earlier stuff.
don't waste your time
This movie was just plain bad. Nothing about it was remotely factual to true events of Hickok's life. That might be the only thing true to who he was. He was a notorious liar or blow hard about events in his life, but that is the only thing common to this movie that holds true. The acting is shyte. Not one person who is in this film has a sense of who they are playing, so they just seem lost as to what they are supposed to do. The opening of this movie depicts hickok in his union days having to leave a wounded soldier to die, thus leaving him with remorse........ no accounts of this at all in real life, so why put it in the script. In fact the only two things Hickok ever had remorse for was the very first man he killed, whilst hiding behind curtains. He paid that mans widow 35 dollars, and said he was sorry for doing it. The next was him killing his own deputy who was trying to come to hickoks aide. Nothing in the movie about these things. For heavens sake, they didn't even bother to look the part. Hickok had long curly red hair....... hemsworth short dark brown. I honest don't know why they would have made this movie, my guess is trying to capitalize off the success of films like Unforgiven and Tombstone, sadly they don't come close to either film. Hickok was a real piece of work, but he survived having tremendous luck, (until it ran out) and grit. A good story could have been told about that, and I am sure would have done well.
Doesn't get any worse than this
Disappointing is a word I would normally use when discovering a below par movie, but I did not expect much from this movie to begin with so the bar was set quiet low in my expectation. Somehow the director managed to lower that bar considerably. Terrible direction, no style of any kind whatsoever.. terrible sound editing,, a gunshot sounds like someone farted loudly.. awfully clichéd dialogue, wooden acting at its worst, lighting was poor, cinematography was childlike and vacuous,. This was a calamitous endeavour from start to finish. Watch it only to learn how not to make a western.
Believable Characters Breathe Life Into The History of the Wild West
I really enjoyed watching Hickok. It brought back fond memories of my childhood watching westerns with my family, and it was nice to watch something that wasn't all about SPFX. The casting with Hemsworth, Adkins, Richardson, Dern, and Lyman nicely balanced the story line providing us with believable characters. It's also hard to beat Mr. Kristofferson. This film allowed me to suspend reality for a short while as our guides breathed life into the history of the Wild West. Enjoy honest and engaging storytelling with this one!
I was looking forward to seeing this and well well well, what a huge let down.

I really do not understand why the movie makers decided that this should see the light of day. It was bloody awful.

The story line was so bad, the scenes unrealistic and worst of all.....the acting. The acting is so wooden, there is no emotion from any of the cast.

One of the worst westerns i have ever seen
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