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Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie
Mystery, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jeff Garlin
Erin Foley as Detective Holt
Brent Bradshaw as Heckler
Lena Evans as Arresting Police Officer
Dino Battaglia as Detective Doc
James Garlin as Drive Thru Worker #1
Megan Ferguson as Amanda
Michael R. Carlson as Detective Rice
Hidekun Hah as Japanese Tourist #6
Ava Acres as Carys Vanderwheel
Natasha Lyonne as Detective Fleur Scozzari
Kaley Cuoco as Kaley Cuoco
Storyline: Gene Handsome is an LA homicide detective who tries to make sense of his life as he solves crime. Handsome's knack for solving mysteries is matched only by his inability to make sense of his own problems.
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Hopeful it will get better if serialized
It seems like this is being set up like Columbo, perhaps a series of mystery movies. Like most first episodes, this one gets hung up in the character introductions. I think it could get better, especially if they realize vulgarity in and of itself isn't actually funny. I do look forward to a second movie.
"Mystery" I do not think that word means what you think it means.
Spoiler alert: This movie spoils itself.

This movie, right from the start, lets you down. It is not a mystery. In a baffling move from the film makers, the actor who plays the killer introduces himself as the actor who plays the killer. Thus spoiling itself. If this scene had not been included then this movie would have been a mystery. If it was meant to be funny, it failed. Telling us who the killer was at the start had zero pay off.

I enjoy episodes of Columbo, but never do I consider it to be in the mystery genre because you always see the murder and murderer right from the start and then the enjoyment is watching Columbo first getting onto them and then hounding them in his pleasant way while gathering whatever clues they left behind. In the case of detective Handsome, he was not really enjoyable to watch work.

Another reason I decided to watch this movie was because I thought it might be like another comedy mystery I have seen called "No Clue" starring Brent Butt. That movie was a low key comedy but not too low, and it was an actual mystery the viewer got to follow along with.

This movie is a low key comedy but too low key for my tastes. I watched this movie from start to finish hoping for a few bits that would be memorably funny. I was let down in that regard. I barely cracked a couple smirks.

The best thing I can say about "Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie" is I didn't hate it.
Netflix, please tell me you're kidding
This pathetic Netflix original makes me wonder if they're running low on product.

"Handsome" is a murder mystery starring Jeff Garlin (who also co-wrote and directed). It concerns the murder of a neighbor's babysitter. The murderer tells you who he is before the actual story starts - don't ask.

This film tried to be wacky and funny, but it wasn't. The characterizations and the dialogue went too far so that instead of wacky and offbeat, it came off as forced, as if someone sat down and said, what can I throw in here to make it seem wacky and offbeat. Unfortunately, that someone was not the Coen Brothers.

There were cameos by Joe Kenda of the ID Discovery Channel and Kelly Cuoco. As far as I'm concerned, Leah Remini also had a cameo, and it was less than Kenda and Cuoco had.

Some people on this board stopped watching. I was tempted but persevered to see just how bad it could get. Verdict: Pretty bad.
Not funny
I gave this an opportunity, because I like comedies, I like wacky comedies, I think Netflix is doing a great job with its productions and I think Jeff Garlin have talent.

But I was able to stand just 20 minutes. After that, I just stopped before the damage were permanent and looked for other stuff to escape from the showhole.

Handsome is simply dumb, slow, absurd in a bad way and uninteresting. What is the worst fault of a comedy?. Yes: being unfunny.
Despite stilted table read style of performances there's something to be said for this low budget picture. The comedic elements occasionally garner a laugh and the obvious lack of a powerful director allows the actors to be themselves which in and of itself has moments of surprising humor. The arc of the story sags and yet strangely, it's fun to watch.
Jeff Garlin is Lovable in this easy watch
Jeff's character was very lovable and relatable. This flick was an easy watch, with a fun mystery story line! It was a lower toned comedy and a good watch for a Friday night at home. I enjoyed the overall set design and coloring of the film. All the characters were true to their role and were all very believable with a subtle hint of comedy. I also love dogs so the Dane was a major plus!
Perfectly slow and Very Funny!!!
From the trailer I thought this was going to be an ensemble type cop TV show where every member of the team had these wacky quirks. Happily surprised that it wasn't that, and that it wasn't a show but a movie. It was so hilariously slow and befitting the main character, every second was like a big sigh of "Is this really my life". The camera lingers on how uncomfortable he is in certain situations as everyone around him says things that are wrong, yet he's resigned to "this really is my life". It's not mean spirited at all but an observation of LA and "well it takes all types". When he asks Natasha Lyonne's character to "Do the thing" with the iPhone text?!! Now I DO want it be a show that comes on a few times a year and a new neighbor moves in next door and Natasha Lyonne meets some new witness and I sit back with some coffee and enjoy every second. I won't even get into the layers of murder mystery movie of the week spoofing that help propel the story, but knowing full well who did it is half the fun of watching everyone get there. As I'm writing this I want to watch it again right away to see one of the characters say "did you sign off on this" again and again. I don't write movie reviews ever but I wanted to help at least one person out there look past the other reviews, "take a breath" and enjoy a great movie.
Unfunny, boring, had to stop!
I'm always sceptical when I see the director is the writer and the main cast in his or her own film. Don't get me wrong, a director who writes his own film is one thing I really like, but he/she should not play the main character, that usually turns out really bad. And this is the case here again. I was mildly excited to see this one, Rated R, I believe, with Natasha Lyonne, which I really like, she's one underrated actress with a great film résumé, but what I got was so unfunny and just plain boring I had to stop after 20 minutes in. And I was also (little) annoyed by Jeff Garlin, his voice and his presence in all, I just couldn't stand him anymore.

I really don't get Netflix, they are able to do some nice works (Narcos, Sand Castle), and they can do this also..meh, 2/10
I gave this one a chance, but I just could not watch it after 31 minutes and had to do a rare thing for me, turn it off.

Billed as a comedy, and for some it probably is funny, but I found it just bad.

I noted that Jeff Garlin wrote, directed and starred in it, well sorry Jeff, but your movie sucked.

I gave it 4 and I think that was generous.
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