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Mystery, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jeff Garlin
Erin Foley as Detective Holt
Brent Bradshaw as Heckler
Lena Evans as Arresting Police Officer
Dino Battaglia as Detective Doc
James Garlin as Drive Thru Worker #1
Megan Ferguson as Amanda
Michael R. Carlson as Detective Rice
Hidekun Hah as Japanese Tourist #6
Ava Acres as Carys Vanderwheel
Natasha Lyonne as Detective Fleur Scozzari
Kaley Cuoco as Kaley Cuoco
Storyline: Gene Handsome is an LA homicide detective who tries to make sense of his life as he solves crime. Handsome's knack for solving mysteries is matched only by his inability to make sense of his own problems.
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Unfunny, boring, had to stop!
I'm always sceptical when I see the director is the writer and the main cast in his or her own film. Don't get me wrong, a director who writes his own film is one thing I really like, but he/she should not play the main character, that usually turns out really bad. And this is the case here again. I was mildly excited to see this one, Rated R, I believe, with Natasha Lyonne, which I really like, she's one underrated actress with a great film résumé, but what I got was so unfunny and just plain boring I had to stop after 20 minutes in. And I was also (little) annoyed by Jeff Garlin, his voice and his presence in all, I just couldn't stand him anymore.

I really don't get Netflix, they are able to do some nice works (Narcos, Sand Castle), and they can do this also..meh, 2/10
Despite stilted table read style of performances there's something to be said for this low budget picture. The comedic elements occasionally garner a laugh and the obvious lack of a powerful director allows the actors to be themselves which in and of itself has moments of surprising humor. The arc of the story sags and yet strangely, it's fun to watch.
I gave this one a chance, but I just could not watch it after 31 minutes and had to do a rare thing for me, turn it off.

Billed as a comedy, and for some it probably is funny, but I found it just bad.

I noted that Jeff Garlin wrote, directed and starred in it, well sorry Jeff, but your movie sucked.

I gave it 4 and I think that was generous.
MEMO TO LEAH REMINI: Fire your agent - MEMO TO NETFLIX: Leave comedy to the pros
Jeff Garland (as LAPD Detective Handsome) evidently left all of his considerable comedic talent on the floor when he left "Curb Your Enthusiasm" some years back (playing off the amazing Susie Essman, who was brilliant as his harridan wife).

In this ill-conceived one-off (hopefully, that is) film, Garland alternates portraying a bumbling, gelatinous detective and a really, REALLY creepy next-door neighbor whose sole companion is his dog. Less funny in this pic than he is as the stereotyped, long-suffering-dad in "The Goldbergs," I notice he also directed "Handsome." Stay behind the camera, Jeff, please.

The part of Garland's female detective partner is filled (notice I did not say "played") by Natasha Lyonne (rhymes with unknown), whose irritating, out-of-place Bronx accent and utter lack of chemistry with Garland inform her regrettable perf. She is just terrible.

The always mesmerizing Leah Remini would have been an infinitely better choice for the in-your-face, side-kick female detective, but instead some cretin relegated her to the bit-part of "Esta" buried somewhere in pic (I didn't see her at all in pic - her scene may have been cut, or I might have slipped mercifully into a catnap during the film).

Leah should fire her agent, you know, like today, before she gets straight-jacketed and typecast with any more Third-Banana bit parts. Leah was the shining star in "The King of Queens," stealing every single scene from the rotund and two-dimensional Kevin James through nine seasons. She is still a beautiful leading lady and a star, when given a chance to shine. Michael Caine warned actors in his classic book "Acting in Film" that a leading man or leading woman should only accept the lead in a film, even if it's not that great a film, rather than slip into that precipitous plunge into obscurity by accepting supporting parts.

Leah has gotten lots of ink recently with her courageous public defection from Scientology and also by shedding light on that "church" in a new TV documentary. She should leverage that new spotlight to propel herself into a producer/auteur in her own vanity comedy project. I'd bet money that Leah would blow the socks off of audiences and studio suits alike with her talent, given the chance to helm and star in her own project.

"Handsome" doesn't have a single laugh in it. Also, casting the porcine Garland as an L.A. cop is about as believable as booking celebrity chef Mario Batali as the lead in "The Bruce Jenner Story." Worst of all, you simply end up not caring about Garland's character or any of the other cookie-cutter supporting characters. "Handsome" turns out like that visit to the dentist you put off too long: you just want it to end.

MEMO TO THE PUERILE NETFLIX SUITS: This comedy thing is a little harder than it looks, right?
Too Bad
What has happened to film making? Do the people who make movies ever look at what they produce? They can't think that what they make is good. Maybe they think people will go for anything. Back to the drawing board for a good comedy. Jeff Garlin and I have something in common,we like the Cubs and we can't act.
Dark Wacky Eccentric Sexy and Funny
This seemed like a trial for a TV series in that it would fit very well into an episodic framework, oh, and it is very funny. Not everyone will find this funny just like not everyone finds Curb Your Enthusiasm to be funny, to name a previous Jeff Garlin incarnation. The humor is in the same vein as CYE where we find the lead character playing the put-upon guy in world of wacky and or eccentric characters, with the central character often being seen as schlubby by the eccentrics. Although Jeff Garlin as Gene Handsome isn't an eccentric like Larry David is in CYE, he plays in a similar setup for him to interact with, also with celebrities in bit parts, one even playing themself like in CYE. While this isn't on the same level of greatness as CYE, it is still very funny and not in the tiresome way which network TV presents in its attempts to be all things to all people, this movie is unapologetic adult humor, and I hope it does became a regular series. As for the other main parts, Natasha Lyonne steals every scene she is in as Gene Handsome's detective nympho partner, and Amy Sedaris is hilariously seductive as Gene's Lieutenant boss.
Laugh out loud funny
Maybe it is because I recognized all the actors in this film. I thought the jokes were hilarious and the story was meant to be just the backdrop to these wacky personalities. Every character was nuanced and fleshed out...even the silly receptionist for the fireworks company. Just relax , sit back and watch this, YOu will laugh.
How to review a movie this bad while not cursing? I'll do my best. It was the worst movie I've seen since Rollerball. Almost completely devoid of humor, dumb (and not dumbly funny either), boring, and a complete waste of time. I finished it just because it was so bad I kept waiting to see anything which validated Netflix's decision to make it. It couldn't have been the script (all over the place with only the weakest of narratives to sustain it); it couldn't have been the acting (ranged from dreadful to only okay); it couldn't have been the ham handed direction... In fact, the only decent part of this streaming pile was the cinematography. I don't understand how Netflix can make such great TV, and then produce a turd like this. The lesson for Netflix is to be involved in the creative aspect of creating films, and, in the event a film turns out this bad, don't release it and Sully your brand. Or at least release it quietly and under some other brand than that of Netflix. This is truly a cringe worthy film, and I highly recommend skipping it. I've already lost 80 minutes of my life to it so that you don't have to, too. What a gigantic waste.
Jeff Garlin is Lovable in this easy watch
Jeff's character was very lovable and relatable. This flick was an easy watch, with a fun mystery story line! It was a lower toned comedy and a good watch for a Friday night at home. I enjoyed the overall set design and coloring of the film. All the characters were true to their role and were all very believable with a subtle hint of comedy. I also love dogs so the Dane was a major plus!
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