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Mystery, Comedy
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Jeff Garlin
Erin Foley as Detective Holt
Brent Bradshaw as Heckler
Lena Evans as Arresting Police Officer
Dino Battaglia as Detective Doc
James Garlin as Drive Thru Worker #1
Megan Ferguson as Amanda
Michael R. Carlson as Detective Rice
Hidekun Hah as Japanese Tourist #6
Ava Acres as Carys Vanderwheel
Natasha Lyonne as Detective Fleur Scozzari
Kaley Cuoco as Kaley Cuoco
Storyline: Gene Handsome is an LA homicide detective who tries to make sense of his life as he solves crime. Handsome's knack for solving mysteries is matched only by his inability to make sense of his own problems.
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Netflix, please tell me you're kidding
This pathetic Netflix original makes me wonder if they're running low on product.

"Handsome" is a murder mystery starring Jeff Garlin (who also co-wrote and directed). It concerns the murder of a neighbor's babysitter. The murderer tells you who he is before the actual story starts - don't ask.

This film tried to be wacky and funny, but it wasn't. The characterizations and the dialogue went too far so that instead of wacky and offbeat, it came off as forced, as if someone sat down and said, what can I throw in here to make it seem wacky and offbeat. Unfortunately, that someone was not the Coen Brothers.

There were cameos by Joe Kenda of the ID Discovery Channel and Kelly Cuoco. As far as I'm concerned, Leah Remini also had a cameo, and it was less than Kenda and Cuoco had.

Some people on this board stopped watching. I was tempted but persevered to see just how bad it could get. Verdict: Pretty bad.
Too Bad
What has happened to film making? Do the people who make movies ever look at what they produce? They can't think that what they make is good. Maybe they think people will go for anything. Back to the drawing board for a good comedy. Jeff Garlin and I have something in common,we like the Cubs and we can't act.
This is why i watch movies
Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie is doing the columbo thing. Only in 2017 and it is way quirkier.

The face paced dialogue, wacky characters had me laugh out loud more than a few times. I totally enjoyed this film and i would like to see more of detective Handsome and co in the future.

Like said above this film is weird and quirky and totally deserves to be turned into an ongoing series!
MEMO TO LEAH REMINI: Fire your agent - MEMO TO NETFLIX: Leave comedy to the pros
Jeff Garland (as LAPD Detective Handsome) evidently left all of his considerable comedic talent on the floor when he left "Curb Your Enthusiasm" some years back (playing off the amazing Susie Essman, who was brilliant as his harridan wife).

In this ill-conceived one-off (hopefully, that is) film, Garland alternates portraying a bumbling, gelatinous detective and a really, REALLY creepy next-door neighbor whose sole companion is his dog. Less funny in this pic than he is as the stereotyped, long-suffering-dad in "The Goldbergs," I notice he also directed "Handsome." Stay behind the camera, Jeff, please.

The part of Garland's female detective partner is filled (notice I did not say "played") by Natasha Lyonne (rhymes with unknown), whose irritating, out-of-place Bronx accent and utter lack of chemistry with Garland inform her regrettable perf. She is just terrible.

The always mesmerizing Leah Remini would have been an infinitely better choice for the in-your-face, side-kick female detective, but instead some cretin relegated her to the bit-part of "Esta" buried somewhere in pic (I didn't see her at all in pic - her scene may have been cut, or I might have slipped mercifully into a catnap during the film).

Leah should fire her agent, you know, like today, before she gets straight-jacketed and typecast with any more Third-Banana bit parts. Leah was the shining star in "The King of Queens," stealing every single scene from the rotund and two-dimensional Kevin James through nine seasons. She is still a beautiful leading lady and a star, when given a chance to shine. Michael Caine warned actors in his classic book "Acting in Film" that a leading man or leading woman should only accept the lead in a film, even if it's not that great a film, rather than slip into that precipitous plunge into obscurity by accepting supporting parts.

Leah has gotten lots of ink recently with her courageous public defection from Scientology and also by shedding light on that "church" in a new TV documentary. She should leverage that new spotlight to propel herself into a producer/auteur in her own vanity comedy project. I'd bet money that Leah would blow the socks off of audiences and studio suits alike with her talent, given the chance to helm and star in her own project.

"Handsome" doesn't have a single laugh in it. Also, casting the porcine Garland as an L.A. cop is about as believable as booking celebrity chef Mario Batali as the lead in "The Bruce Jenner Story." Worst of all, you simply end up not caring about Garland's character or any of the other cookie-cutter supporting characters. "Handsome" turns out like that visit to the dentist you put off too long: you just want it to end.

MEMO TO THE PUERILE NETFLIX SUITS: This comedy thing is a little harder than it looks, right?
Jeff Garlin is a great comedian
I love Jeff Garlin. He's a great comedian and he was great on Curb. But, I have to wonder where his mind was while writing this script. The movie is totally flat, lacks an interesting story line, and has no opportunities for even a slight chuckle. Not to mention it's boring enough to make 81 minutes feel like 3 hours. I'm sorry, I really wanted this to be good. And I really want good comedians like Jeff to be successful when they branch out and attempt to make movies. But this one is miserable.
Despite stilted table read style of performances there's something to be said for this low budget picture. The comedic elements occasionally garner a laugh and the obvious lack of a powerful director allows the actors to be themselves which in and of itself has moments of surprising humor. The arc of the story sags and yet strangely, it's fun to watch.
Quirky Something Different
Not sure why there can be any hate or dislike for this Handsome movie

it's just a light Quirky do no one any harm throw back to Columbo or Cannon with a Wacky Characters

all the performances are great and it Zips along

Jeff Garlin gives us a quirky 80 min escape from our crazy & ugly world

add some HANDSOME to the day and give it a watch
"Mystery" I do not think that word means what you think it means.
Spoiler alert: This movie spoils itself.

This movie, right from the start, lets you down. It is not a mystery. In a baffling move from the film makers, the actor who plays the killer introduces himself as the actor who plays the killer. Thus spoiling itself. If this scene had not been included then this movie would have been a mystery. If it was meant to be funny, it failed. Telling us who the killer was at the start had zero pay off.

I enjoy episodes of Columbo, but never do I consider it to be in the mystery genre because you always see the murder and murderer right from the start and then the enjoyment is watching Columbo first getting onto them and then hounding them in his pleasant way while gathering whatever clues they left behind. In the case of detective Handsome, he was not really enjoyable to watch work.

Another reason I decided to watch this movie was because I thought it might be like another comedy mystery I have seen called "No Clue" starring Brent Butt. That movie was a low key comedy but not too low, and it was an actual mystery the viewer got to follow along with.

This movie is a low key comedy but too low key for my tastes. I watched this movie from start to finish hoping for a few bits that would be memorably funny. I was let down in that regard. I barely cracked a couple smirks.

The best thing I can say about "Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie" is I didn't hate it.
A True Casual Comedy
This film, "Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie" has me laughing three days after I saw it. First of, Jeff Garlin is a genius when it comes to this types of productions. The film is relatable, casual, and somewhat reminds me of an old sitcom style of directing. Anyways, watch it on Netflix. Give it a try, you might like the style.
Not bad Jeff Garlin, not bad
This may be Murray Goldberg's big break and he certainly could have done worse.

While nothing groundbreaking, this quirky film hits all the right notes. A gem within the film is just how well Garlin's detective subordinates are written and acted.

One word of caution: while this film does something unique and daring for a so-called mystery and reveals the killer in the opening scene. Typically films centering around solving a mystery involve characters whom are extremely perceptive or buffoons who end up being the person least suspected to solve the case. This one meets halfway; the detectives all have their respective skills and flaws, The main charm to the film isn't the crime or plot itself but simply seeing the main character go about his job and life while investigating.
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