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Horror, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Tudley James
William Huw as PC Harvey
Edward Way as Billy
Tom Barker as Charlie
Steve Purbrick as The Postman
Josh Wood as PC Harris
Storyline: TudorFilms presents an action packed gore fest, following regular guy Ed (Marcus Carroll) who awakes one morning to find that his Nan (grandmother) has become one of the living dead. Trapped in his home, Ed struggles to handle the situation. With help from his friends, Ed tries to survive the day, but as his Nan becomes stronger, Ed is battling to keep his house zombie free, stay alive and save the day.
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OK if you're running low on zombie movies to watch
I was expecting utter trash but was reasonably entertained throughout. By no means is this a good movie but if you are running low on zombie movies to watch and enjoy gambling your time on low budget fair it really isn't all that bad.

Effects are adequate, and the main character and SOME of the supporting cast do a passable job.

They did fail to adhere to some of the standard zombie ABC's though which was disappointing.

1. don't give away the origin

2. have 1 good zombie gutfest of someone being eaten alive

In general as long as you got those you've got a solid foundation.
Amusing in places
I suspect that viewers in South Wales will get a lot more out of this film than a general audience.

Some of the performances are quite OK and zombie make-up is occasionally pretty good, but the whole thing is very patchy.

The biggest problem is with the structure of the scenes and the editing. I think the director and editor were trying to create the feeling of frenzied panic, but at times it's just a bit too chaotic. Random face close-ups cutting to other random face close-ups. More establishing or medium shots would have made the whole thing "flow" more evenly.

As low budget zombie films go, though, this kept me entertained and amused.

Good effort. Some of the other reviewers should lighten up a bit. This ain't supposed to be Tarkovsky.
Fresh zombie film!
Granny of the Dead follows a group of teens who wake up one morning to the surprise that the elderly in their town have turned into zombies! Fighting to stay alive, this outlandish humor of this spoof reminds me of Shaun of the Dead. This parody has the pop up scares, gore, and surprises you want to see in a scary movie. It also has the laughs, unique story line, and twists and turns you want to see in a parody. I loved the scary movie group of friends aspect as this film focused on each friend and what they were going through at their own home. The special effects were crazy and unlike anything I've ever seen! I loved this movie and I recommend it to any who wants to see a fresh take on a zombie movie.
General Sense says,it's a trap.
I just did what this movie failed to do and that is using stolen dialogue but slightly changed it up and made it somewhat smart and funny.

I only watched the trailer for this and it felt cheap and extremely unoriginal. It feels like an awful rip-of from shaun of the dead with mixed in dialogue from the alien franchise.

This trailer also showed me a lot of red flags and it seems to be in every aspect of this movie. The acting looks bad,the direction,the writing and even the cinematography with the best effect being a flying golf ball?(don't ask!)

The zombie make up sort of looked okay but seemed pointless if given to bad actors who seem to be making funny faces.

The last nail is that...I did not laugh once,not even a chuckle.

So be smart ,watch the trailer before seeing the movie and if you still want to see it... your not me.

This feels like a copy of a copy...fake.

I hope I've saved somebody's wasted time on this by advising them to first see the trailer.

Thank you and enjoy!...something else.
Had its couple of flaws - but a good indie film overall
The film had its couple of flaws, but as a regular visitor to Wales, I am one of those who can relate and "get" the humor behind it, and from that aspect I thoroughly enjoyed the script to a degree. Some reviews on here are pretty mean, and are kinda exaggerating, but they are forgetting this isn't a Hollywood film!

Anyway, my negatives on this film are: There wasn't much back story on the characters, and not much friendship development. Instead of separating them through the whole film until the very end, it would have been cooler to have them reunite sooner. Whether one bumped into another along the way during the film.

From an acting perspective, the only characters I couldn't relate to much was Dai and Gemma. But I loved Will and Charlie (Ricky Valentine and Tom Barker) who made me laugh in all their scenes "brainy brainy". And then there's Ceri (Sabrina Dickens), who was also enjoyable to watch. Her character is pretty bad ass and cute considering she is covered in blood and dirt throughout. She is also the serious character of the group, which broke down the humor of the film quite nicely.

Finally - The camera shakiness was a bit too much, and kinda ruined the film in parts, other than that, the zombies were pretty cool, good special effects, and a good laugh for a low budget film!
Funny Thing About the Positive Reviewers
Okay, the movie is terrible. That's a fact. Lets just let that fact sit there festering on the floor.

But this is mentioned by another reviewer, here's an interesting thing to do. Go look at the first reviews, the ones that rate this smoldering turd of a "movie" the same way I rated oh, say..the Godfather. Click on their names, and you'll see the other movies they've reviewed. It's so funny, all the people who gave this movie great reviews all reviewed the SAME MOVIES and reviewed them all the SAME WAY. It's uncannily eerie. I wonder if they all live in the same community a la the Stepford Wives, or even worse, if the pod people from Invasion of the Body Snatchers have landed. Yes, the pod people are here, and their mission is to get us all to publicly praise terrible movies on IMDb so we can be shamed by our friends and family.
My Nan's a zombie and ate my cat
Old people in Wales are turning into zombies, something that may have something to do with the first church scene that was as poorly developed as the characters with cell phones growing out their ears. The rest of the film consists of young men dealing with their zombie grandparents while talking on a phone being filmed by someone who doesn't think a tripod is necessary for a decent film.

The film had its attempts at situational humor, nothing that reached my funny bone. The acting was bad and the zombie growls got real old at the end. The main take away was in case of a zombie apocalypse, stay put and supply up. That advice got old too.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
The fake reviews are more entertaining than the film
Notice how similar and consistent the fake reviews are, when they are all listed on the same page? Scroll down and look at them. Similar style of title, length, and writing style.

And then look at the negative reviews, all quite different in form and style.

For shame, naughty student-grade wanna-be film makers! Bad bad children, who deserve a lengthy time-out from ever getting near a camera again. There should be a license required, or at least some sort of proficiency test needed to prevent glorified Youtube production quality from being unleashed on the public.

This is one of the side effects of cheap digital cameras which a monkey with a few days of trial and error can operate. Any group of highly motivated (and dreadfully inept) individuals who are more suited towards jobs in retail sales, the janitorial arts, sanitation, or education (after all, if you can't "do", you teach)...can now make a motion picture.

Sure, there have always been horrible films. But the quantity has changed radically. Talentless, derivative, and just plain embarrassingly plagiaristic garbage is being produced in nauseatingly high numbers. In the days of film based production, the cost, difficulty, and technical skill needed to make a film, kept most of the riff-raff out.

Today, it's like the gates of the country club on the hill have been torn down, and the dirty low-rent kids are playing in the formerly clean pool, with their unwashed backsides and popsicle-stained faces.

Swimming in that contaminated water will give you a rash, which is what this film gave me. Right in the crack. It was uncomfortable, and needed cream.

In conclusion, my lovelies, dreadful zombie films have become like training wheels for horrible would-be film makers. Like a comedian who can only tell fart jokes. An unintentional admission of failure.

See this film!
Granny of the Dead: Pitiful welsh nonsense
I'm a huge zombie movie fan but my interest in the sub-genre is waning. The reason? Too many zombie films being released and far too many of them are dreadful. This welsh effort certainly comes under that category and is a failure on every front.

Unfunny comedy attempts, practically no storyline at all and so poorly made it could be confused for a student film.

The idea of the "Granny" zombies is short lived and quickly descends into yet another low budget zombie film with no identity and nothing to set it apart from the rest.

The Good:

Neat Jurassic Park reference

The Bad:

Those accents!

Terrible camera work

The premise isn't followed through with

Things I learnt from this movie:

I should avoid welsh cinema for a while
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