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Granny of the Dead
Horror, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Tudley James
William Huw as PC Harvey
Edward Way as Billy
Tom Barker as Charlie
Steve Purbrick as The Postman
Josh Wood as PC Harris
Storyline: TudorFilms presents an action packed gore fest, following regular guy Ed (Marcus Carroll) who awakes one morning to find that his Nan (grandmother) has become one of the living dead. Trapped in his home, Ed struggles to handle the situation. With help from his friends, Ed tries to survive the day, but as his Nan becomes stronger, Ed is battling to keep his house zombie free, stay alive and save the day.
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Unique and hilarious zombie comedy
Granny of the Dead, the latest film from the makers of Sharknado, is another send-up of horror and B-movies. The film takes place in a quiet town where all the elderly have mysteriously been turned into zombies. The town's youth is forced to take on the undead in a fight for their lives. The main character, Ed, awakens to find his grandmother a zombie and becomes trapped in his bedroom. All Ed wants to do is get out and it leads to a hilarious cycle of Ed leaving his room only to wind up back in it moments later. Director Tudley James makes good use of the camera, constantly putting it in interesting places and POVs. James really captures the spirit of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse with its over-the-top violence and loving homage to B-movies. Similarly, Granny of the Dead never sacrifices its horror for comedy and vice-versa. It is at its best when the two are mixed together, like in a bedroom scene that you will certainly be talking about with your friends after watching this. The zombie comedy has become a well-trodden genre with classics like Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland, but Granny of the Dead carves its own niche with a unique premise and great gags. Fans of the genre will want to give this one a watch.
Zombie Genre Re-Invented
 Tudley James' "Granny of the Dead," has an interesting premise, and an even more interesting form of execution.  This new comedy horror, executive produced by the director of "Sharknado," follows a group of Welsh kids trying to survive the senile apocalypse. With a cast of quirky, idiosyncratic characters that recall the nuanced tone of Wes Anderson films, and a guttural, psychedelic mode of shooting aligned with the stylings of Edgar Wright, Granny of the Dead has become one of the most inspired releases of the year. Sharp, satirical, and with just the right amount of gore, Granny is guaranteed to become a cult and critical classic, revitalizing the tired Zombie sub-genre, and reinventing its traditions. Granny of the Dead is a charged and visceral experience, its gore matched only by its wit, a movie tailor made for both horror and comedy fans alike.
Great Horror Film with Humor
Frightful, funny, and thrilling are all characteristic of Granny of the Dead that can be seen throughout. This movie follows a group of teenage friends who wake up to find out there is a zombie virus that first starts with the elder that spreads on down to other age groups. This film shows not only what this group of teenagers will do to keep each other safe, but how they change throughout in order to now kill those who were closest to them. This films suspense, eeriness, and gory is captured through the use of close ups, shadows, and jarring camera movements that are only enhanced by the great use of music throughout. Through the use of situational humor, self-aware characters, and dramatized scenes this film is kept light and funny and creates a great balance humor and its suspense. I highly recommend this film to anyone who loves horror movies and looking for a great and different zombie movie that keeps you laughing.
Funny Thing About the Positive Reviewers
Okay, the movie is terrible. That's a fact. Lets just let that fact sit there festering on the floor.

But this is mentioned by another reviewer, here's an interesting thing to do. Go look at the first reviews, the ones that rate this smoldering turd of a "movie" the same way I rated oh, say..the Godfather. Click on their names, and you'll see the other movies they've reviewed. It's so funny, all the people who gave this movie great reviews all reviewed the SAME MOVIES and reviewed them all the SAME WAY. It's uncannily eerie. I wonder if they all live in the same community a la the Stepford Wives, or even worse, if the pod people from Invasion of the Body Snatchers have landed. Yes, the pod people are here, and their mission is to get us all to publicly praise terrible movies on IMDb so we can be shamed by our friends and family.
Hilarious and Thrilling Horror-Comedy
Granny of the Dead is a zombie-comedy that keeps you on the edge of your seat. This suspenseful film is full of surprises and I was truly impressed. The comedy was dry and reminiscent of British humor, which is right up my alley. Ed, your average guy, is being pursued by his grandmother- turned-zombie on a demonic rampage, and she's out for blood. I really enjoyed the visceral nature of the film and the front row seat I got of the action. If you loved movies like Scary Movie or Warm Bodies, you will love this film, or if you've been looking for a good movie to watch on a stormy night in, this is for you. Creative and satirical, this film reminds me of another classic, Sharknado, one of the best in the genre. An executive producer for this movie actually was the director of Sharknado. Entertaining and action-packed, this is the perfect movie to watch with a group of friends.
Hysterically eerie!
In this comedy/scary movie spoof, the grannies of a quaint English town are the targets of a demon's plague that transforms them into members of the undead. Their grandkids awaken to find that their grandmas are out for flesh…their flesh. In the matter of one day, the characters transition from hiding in their rooms to finding the courage to face their grannies head-on. The characters' communication with one another is comprised of sarcasm, oblivion, and shear humor that will leave you laughing hysterically and wondering how they can possibly joke under the circumstances they are in. It's a lighthearted scary movie and a gruesome comedy that will maintain your attention from beginning to end. The casual nature of the characters and their attempts to defeat their grannies is hilarious and though you won't resonate with the characters, it makes it even more amusing. You'll be shielding your eyes one moment and yelling at the TV screen in frustration of the characters' incompetence the next—but you'll enjoy every second of it. Hug your non-zombified grannies and enjoy the movie—it's unlike any other!
IMDb should do something about the fake reviews
I have to admit I didn't see the movie. I came to IMDb to check the reviews of this movie before spending any time on it. I realized reading fake reviews on this page must be even more interesting than the movie itself. If you check those reviewers with all the positive reviews, which are obviously fake ones, you will find out they all wrote reviews for the same movies. Unbelievable! They wrote reviews for ALL THE SAME MOVIES, no more no less.

What's in my mind is, damn, can you be a little more professional?!
General Sense says,it's a trap.
I just did what this movie failed to do and that is using stolen dialogue but slightly changed it up and made it somewhat smart and funny.

I only watched the trailer for this and it felt cheap and extremely unoriginal. It feels like an awful rip-of from shaun of the dead with mixed in dialogue from the alien franchise.

This trailer also showed me a lot of red flags and it seems to be in every aspect of this movie. The acting looks bad,the direction,the writing and even the cinematography with the best effect being a flying golf ball?(don't ask!)

The zombie make up sort of looked okay but seemed pointless if given to bad actors who seem to be making funny faces.

The last nail is that...I did not laugh once,not even a chuckle.

So be smart ,watch the trailer before seeing the movie and if you still want to see it... your not me.

This feels like a copy of a copy...fake.

I hope I've saved somebody's wasted time on this by advising them to first see the trailer.

Thank you and enjoy!...something else.
The fake reviews are more entertaining than the film
Notice how similar and consistent the fake reviews are, when they are all listed on the same page? Scroll down and look at them. Similar style of title, length, and writing style.

And then look at the negative reviews, all quite different in form and style.

For shame, naughty student-grade wanna-be film makers! Bad bad children, who deserve a lengthy time-out from ever getting near a camera again. There should be a license required, or at least some sort of proficiency test needed to prevent glorified Youtube production quality from being unleashed on the public.

This is one of the side effects of cheap digital cameras which a monkey with a few days of trial and error can operate. Any group of highly motivated (and dreadfully inept) individuals who are more suited towards jobs in retail sales, the janitorial arts, sanitation, or education (after all, if you can't "do", you teach)...can now make a motion picture.

Sure, there have always been horrible films. But the quantity has changed radically. Talentless, derivative, and just plain embarrassingly plagiaristic garbage is being produced in nauseatingly high numbers. In the days of film based production, the cost, difficulty, and technical skill needed to make a film, kept most of the riff-raff out.

Today, it's like the gates of the country club on the hill have been torn down, and the dirty low-rent kids are playing in the formerly clean pool, with their unwashed backsides and popsicle-stained faces.

Swimming in that contaminated water will give you a rash, which is what this film gave me. Right in the crack. It was uncomfortable, and needed cream.

In conclusion, my lovelies, dreadful zombie films have become like training wheels for horrible would-be film makers. Like a comedian who can only tell fart jokes. An unintentional admission of failure.

See this film!
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