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USA, Germany, Australia
Crime, Drama
IMDB rating:
Clint Eastwood
Christopher Carley as Father Janovich
Bee Vang as Thao Vang Lor
Ahney Her as Sue Lor
Brian Haley as Mitch Kowalski
Geraldine Hughes as Karen Kowalski
Dreama Walker as Ashley Kowalski
Brian Howe as Steve Kowalski
John Carroll Lynch as Barber Martin
William Hill as Tim Kennedy
Chee Thao as Grandma
Choua Kue as Youa
Storyline: Walt Kowalski is a widower who holds onto his prejudices despite the changes in his Michigan neighborhood and the world around him. Kowalski is a grumpy, tough-minded, unhappy an old man, who can't get along with either his kids or his neighbors, a Korean War veteran whose prize possession is a 1972 Gran Torino he keeps in mint condition. When his neighbor Thao, a young Hmong teenager under pressure from his gang member cousin, tries to steal his Gran Torino, Kowalski sets out to reform the youth. Drawn against his will into the life of Thao's family, Kowalski is soon taking steps to protect them from the gangs that infest their neighborhood.
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Not enough Character development
Overall, This movie was bad in my opinion. I'm not sure why so many people gave it high ratings and seemingly overlooked all of its flaws. I'm assuming Clint Eastwood fans got caught up in his acting performance.

The movie begins and ends with Clint Eastwood's character while almost every other character is uni-dimensional with little or no depth at all. The kids from the local gangs might as well be witches from your typical fairytale. They are just about as mean and despicable as the storyline needs them to be with no context behind their actions. There's a random scene where (one of the key characters) a Hmong-American girl walks with her white boyfriend, and encounters a group of 3 African American kids who appear to be some sort of gang. The incredibly predictable interaction is just a bunch of awkward cliché lines thrown back and forth between the white guy and the gang. But of course, Clint Eastwood magically appears at the right time to save the girl from the evil gang. That scene came out of nowhere and completely threw me off balance. Sadly, it wasn't just a bad scene, it pretty much set the tone for the rest of the movie.

The best way to describe this film would be something stuck between a heavy drama and a feel good story. Every time the story threatens to get too dramatic, you suddenly get pulled back into the "feel good" setting and vice versa. It goes head on on heavy subjects like racism, gangs, life and death, hatred, and war, yet it doesn't fully develop on any of them. One thing that really bothered me was: Why would Thao's cousin (the main "antagonist") attempt to murder members of his own family following Clint's assault. He basically sprayed his auntie's house with bullets, and raped or ordered the rape and/or assault of Taoh's sister (his own cousin!?). and we know nothing about who he is or his true motivations.
Cheesy and awkwardly patronizing
Judging from the high ratings this movie gets on IMDb, you would expect it to be great. Or at the least a bit entertaining and well thought out. Gran Torino is none of the above. It is incredibly cheesy, poorly acted (Clint does deliver, all the other actors unfortunately do not) and quite patronizing in its 'teaching' of morals.

This is probably the biggest problem with the movie: many scenes are devoted to showing how Clint comes to appreciate his Korean neighbors and how Tao learns 'hard working values', but the movie shows it in such a completely expected manner that I could have predicted the end (won't spoil) after the first half hour. The thing is: I get it OK? Old grumpy man appreciates Korean culture after having fought in (ohw what a surprise) the Korean War. Just please don't take two hours of god-awful scenes to tell this. And on top of that, don't keep spelling out the meaning of every individual scene or event that takes place; I GET IT!

I am willing to put all the bad acting (mainly the Korean actors) aside, but the patronizing messages that are explicitly iterated over and over again left me wanting to hurl.
Save yourself the price of admission!
I have always liked Clints work and after seeing this movie I was sadly disappointed. I thought his character was well played and more or less well developed, however everything after the initial 10 minutes or so was just awful. The Asian actors were absolutely horrible not to mention completely unbelievable...there was a glimmer there with the young girl who first approached Clints character, but she was quickly lost in a bad script and the audience was left wanting to care about her but there just wasn't enough screen time to allow us to. I won't go into wasn't a complete bunch of garbage...but the second rate acting made this movie a huge disappointment. I hope Clint makes something else soon because I would hate to think of this as his last work to remember him by. Save yourself the price of admission and if you're a real fan of Clints it...don't buy it!
Another top-notch, Clint Eastwood film that entertains and teaches.
Manohla Dargis writes in the New York Times: "Dirty Harry is back, in a way, in "Gran Torino," not as a character but as a ghostly presence. He hovers in the film, in its themes and high-caliber imagery, and of course most obviously in Mr. Eastwood's face. It is a monumental face now, so puckered and pleated that it no longer looks merely weathered, as it has for decades, but seems closer to petrified wood. Words like flinty and steely come to mind, adjectives that Mr. Eastwood ... expressively embodies with his usual lack of fuss and a number of growls." More praise for Eastwood comes from Joe Morgenstern in the Wall Street Journal, who comments: "No one makes movies like Gran Torino any more, and more's the pity. This one, with Clint Eastwood as director and star, is concerned with honor and atonement, with rough justice and the family of man. It raises irascibility to the level of folk art, takes unapologetic time-outs for unfashionable moral debates, revives acting conventions that haven't been in fashion for half a century and keeps you watching every frame as Mr. Eastwood snarls, glowers, mutters, growls and grins his way through the performance of a lifetime." Elizabeth Weitzman in the New York Daily News remarks that "it's clearly a career-capping work." Kenneth Turan in The Los Angeles Times writes that the movie "is impossible to imagine without the actor in the title role. The notion of a 78-year-old action hero may sound like a contradiction in terms, but Eastwood brings it off, even if his toughness is as much verbal as physical. Even at 78, Eastwood can make 'Get off my lawn' sound as menacing as 'Make my day,' and when he says 'I blow a hole in your face and sleep like a baby,' he sounds as if he means it."

There are at least four reason why I like this film: 1. Clint Eastwood shows that the character he is playing is willing to serve in a war-- and die if necessary--to preserve freedom (and he has a medal to prove it), 2. he has grown old and the whole world has changed (and everyone around him seems to indicate--in one way or another--that he is no appreciated or needed), 3. even with a transformation, he demonstrates that people tend to be reactive--rather than responsive--and are slow to change (this is particularly true with bias, discrimination, and prejudice), and 4. that tolerance can lead to understanding (he tries to give tough love, but he becomes softer in his response--instead of his reaction--after giving and receiving genuine love). It seems that everyone around him wants his Gran Torino and everything else he owns, before he even has died, instead of being interested in him. He lives in a community that is transformation, and he knows absolutely nothing about culture, diversity, ethnicity, race, or sexual orientation. He does know about aging, however (if nowhere else, he learns about it from people's adverse and negative reactions, everywhere around him). He isn't exactly treated with dignity and respect, so why should he treat anyone else with dignity and respect? And, trust must be earned.

If this is Clint Eastwood's last film, I can only say that that his performance, in this stunning film, is what legends are made of. There are some wonderful performances in "Milk" (Sean Penn), "Australia" (Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman), "Changeling" (Angelina Jolie and director Clint Eastwood), and "The Dark Knight" (a riveting performance by "Brokeback Mountain's" Heath Ledger). In viewing all of these films, there are performances that are not only superb, but they evoke every one of the emotions and carry the intellect and intelligence of human cognitions to the highest pinnacle of excellence. As a gay person, I must say that I am moved by Sean Penn's portrayal of Harvey Milk, I am moved by the romantic chemistry between Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman, and I would be remiss if I did not mention Angelina Jolie's flawless and moving performance. But, I give the top honor to Clint Eastwood for giving us films that educate and entertain. And, "Gran Torino" (2008) is no exception. One cannot walk away from a Clint Eastwood film, without saying that they haven't learned something, or without saying (just like the legendary Ethel Merman used to sing) 'there's no business (quite) like show business'. I rank "Gran Torino" (2008) a 10 out of 10. Clint Eastwood's performance is more than another version of 'Dirty Harry'. In fact, his portrayal is reminiscent of the Paul Newman character in "Nobody's Perfect".
I don't think my heart can take watching this film one more time...
I can't even begin to tell you how much I'll forever cherish this film. He really outdid himself this time! I've never dreamed I'd lay eyes on such a heart-wrenching film. If I ever get the choice to see one last film on the final day of my life, this will be it.

As I walked out of that theater, crying uncontrollably, people who had watched a different film that night (as well as the workers), wondered what on earth happened in that movie theater... I can only hope they'll ever get the honor to find out.

Thank you Mr. Eastwood, for everything. And the spoiler? Clint wins the Oscar and... my heart.
Well, I have seen much better from Clint
Clint Eastwood is one of my all time heroes both as an actor and as a director so I was really looking forward to watching this film in which he does both jobs. He also has a knack for depicting the crack in the American dream as illustrated by Million Dollar Baby, Mystic River, The Unforgiven, and so forth -- but this time the whole thing appeared to be more about racist Paleface Clint becoming a better person than anything else, so I came away somewhat disappointed.

In what might well be Clint's final acting performance (he is beginning to look old and creaky) I witnessed a rehash of all the Dirty Harry and man with no name stuff under the guise of an old man who seemingly cares for no one and is tough as nails but underneath is a real softy. He retains all his well established celluloid courage as an old dog of war that keeps the young and fit criminals in their place.

The way he wins over the Asian neighbors that he keeps insulting and turning away really stretches your imagination. But at least the intention is good and it is refreshing to see his exchanges with the untiring Catholic priest who does his utmost to get him to confess and save his soul.

In a finale reminiscent of John Wayne in "The Shootist," Clint commits public suicide and apparently places his faith with a number of witnesses that had up to that point been very wary to report anything on the criminal gangs for fear of retribution. Personally, I thought it a pointless suicide. I'd much rather have seen Clint go out blasting away and taking with him a few bad eggs. But that is my obviously very subjective viewpoint.

I am giving this film a 7 but 6.5 would be closer to the mark. May Clint live many more years and direct many more great films. This one and The Changeling have provided blips on the lower side of the quality graph but they are still well worth admission price.

And - I'm sure Clint will bounce back with more quality films in the near future!
Stinking pile
I'll be honest, I slightly enjoyed this movie as it was playing. And I was touched by the ending. But thats it.

This movie is another in a long line of Clint Eastwood directed/acted movies where it is just another opportunity to further Eastwood's narcissism. I don't have a problem with redemption stories or flawed main characters, but its the fact that his movies are always about Eastwood. This is why a director who is acting in his own movies is no good. Its just no good at all.

I thought back to the other Eastwood movies. Million Dollar Baby is about Eastwood as the trainer, not the boxer. This movie is about an old war vet, not the community he lives in. On surface you would probably tell me that this is fine, but I think its very degrading. Eastwood had a family's house shot up, a young girl raped, another burned with a cigarette and almost killed JUST so he could go out and save the day. Million Dollar Baby is the same way where the movie is about the decision of a trainer, not the heartbreaking story of the boxer.

Now, a one off isn't bad. Even a two off. But every movie that Eastwood acts/directs, you end up with everyone falling into the background while Eastwood's ugly mug comes to the foreground.

Now I completely understand why the acting community loves him. Not only is he an actor turned director, but he has developed a manner to take an actor's ego to a new level. With this backing, the public supports him no matter what. I wish Eastwood would pick one or the other as I really enjoyed mystic river. But skip any movie that is the Eastwood combo.
Gran Torino shows Clint Eastwood in great form
The film is about a Korean war veteran, Walt Kowalski, who lives with his dog. He'd lost his wife recently and doesn't have a good relationship with his sons. Walt is bitter and tormented by the war's ghosts. Besides, he's getting annoyed with the increasing presence of immigrants in his neighborhood.

One of his neighbors, an Asian boy named Thao, tries to steal his car, a 1972 Gran Torino, in order to be accepted in a gang but is stopped by Walt and his gun. After some events, Walt and Thao become friends while having to deal with the violence of the street gang.

I think the script is very good. It explores themes such as racism, friendship, anger, revenge and redemption in a creative (and sometimes funny) way. It's about life and death and how the death of one person can bring life to another. Clint Eastwood does a great job reviving his "tough-guy" type but this time with lots of emotion and experience. Very Good!
Make My Day! It Could Be My Last...
Don't get me wrong! I like Eastwood, I really do. He's a fine if limited actor and he's a solid handyman director whose movies often touch on interesting topics. There's just one teenie-weenie problem: many of his movies, both as actor and director, simply aren't very good. I think there's one main reason for his directorial failures: Most issues Eastwood chooses to build his films around need a director with a more intellectual, a more imaginative approach than he is able to achieve. He's a mainstream-thinker trying to do art-house cinema. Sometimes, he gets away with it through pure craftsmanship. But not in this instance.

This basically old-hat plot of the old curmudgeon mellowed by his adolescent Hmong neighbours into grandfatherly feelings and, of course(!), revenge and vigilantism is stock-full of amateurish acting, hoary plot machinations, lame culture-clash jokes and cardboard characters. Not to mention that solemn showdown.

Technically, the pic's well accomplished, but who cares after two long hours.

3 out of 10 geriatric action moves
Now, I really do like the American people....but i'm sorry some of the crap that comes out of Hollywood. How can this mediocre film get a full point higher than the similarly themed 'Harry Brown' (which is not without it's bad points,namely you feel like finishing it all when you get up and leave the cinema!)but is jaw droppingly visceral and has considerable realism and cinematic power.

There were moments watching this when I cringed in my seat in Embarrassment. The treatment of the gang members was so one dimensional and clearly no research had been made into gang culture. I can see that and i'm an ancient 37 yr old!! Clint Eastwood's character was dull and devoid of any apparent wisdom or subtlety.I would advise him to sell his lousy car and get a bird. It reminded me oddly of THE KARATE KID!!! At least that had MR MIAGI, he was wise and humorous.
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