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USA, Germany, Australia
Crime, Drama
IMDB rating:
Clint Eastwood
Christopher Carley as Father Janovich
Bee Vang as Thao Vang Lor
Ahney Her as Sue Lor
Brian Haley as Mitch Kowalski
Geraldine Hughes as Karen Kowalski
Dreama Walker as Ashley Kowalski
Brian Howe as Steve Kowalski
John Carroll Lynch as Barber Martin
William Hill as Tim Kennedy
Chee Thao as Grandma
Choua Kue as Youa
Storyline: Walt Kowalski is a widower who holds onto his prejudices despite the changes in his Michigan neighborhood and the world around him. Kowalski is a grumpy, tough-minded, unhappy an old man, who can't get along with either his kids or his neighbors, a Korean War veteran whose prize possession is a 1972 Gran Torino he keeps in mint condition. When his neighbor Thao, a young Hmong teenager under pressure from his gang member cousin, tries to steal his Gran Torino, Kowalski sets out to reform the youth. Drawn against his will into the life of Thao's family, Kowalski is soon taking steps to protect them from the gangs that infest their neighborhood.
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Clint should never have gotten behind the camera for this one, much less back in front of it. It's been stated over and over about how clichéd this movie is, and that's probably its strongest point. It's downhill after that. The acting-- Clint's in particular-- is dreadful. I applaud the use of Hmong character's, but they should also be able to perform. Nope. The worst part of this film, for me, is that it is supposed to be "courageous"-- so white-boy Clint spews as many slurs as he can, scattergunning epithets for every ethnic group he can come up with-- but dare not whisper the "N" word--even in a potentially "appropriate" scene-- which makes him totally unbelievable. If he was at all true to his character it would have popped out of his mouth smoother than "zipperhead", as living in Detroit would've afforded ample opportunity to hone that facet of his racism. His disdain for Asians had over 50 years to get rusty before the new neighbors showed up.

Beyond overrated. Had anyone besides our beloved Clint-- and I mean that!-- been involved in this we're talking' straight to DVD, because it's STILL not too lousy a movie for Hollywood to make.
Now, I really do like the American people....but i'm sorry some of the crap that comes out of Hollywood. How can this mediocre film get a full point higher than the similarly themed 'Harry Brown' (which is not without it's bad points,namely you feel like finishing it all when you get up and leave the cinema!)but is jaw droppingly visceral and has considerable realism and cinematic power.

There were moments watching this when I cringed in my seat in Embarrassment. The treatment of the gang members was so one dimensional and clearly no research had been made into gang culture. I can see that and i'm an ancient 37 yr old!! Clint Eastwood's character was dull and devoid of any apparent wisdom or subtlety.I would advise him to sell his lousy car and get a bird. It reminded me oddly of THE KARATE KID!!! At least that had MR MIAGI, he was wise and humorous.
What a shame.
When I first looked up this movie on IMDb, and saw the nominations along with the user rating; I thought this movie was going to be a blast. I started to watch it, with great expectations. But as the movie went on, with Mr. Eastwood constantly making inhuman noises, launching non-funny - but "all-american; I'm-a-RAW-son-of-a-b****, the world has hurt me, and left me to rot" jokes, and "mingleing" with the horrible cast - I just wasn't entertained. I'm still getting goosebumps of humiliation on behalf of Bee Vang (The actor who plays Thao), in the scene where he is locked in Walt's cellar; once again, horrible, horrible. At the end, I was just really disappointed in the movie. It could have been a great accomplishment - but it didn't, at all, rip itself off the Hollywood wallpaper. We have seen this movie a thousand times before, and will most likely see a thousand more of them (perhaps a few this Summer already).

So WHY this movie is rated 8,5 here, and has been nominated for a golden globe, is a mystery to me.

Footnote - Clint proves, that just because you have done a curtain thing for many, many years - it doesn't mean that you have gotten better and better.
Very well-meaning, but sadly lacking artfulness
Everyone loves this flick, and I wanted it to wow me the way Million Dollar Baby did. But there are just too many holes in the acting, writing, and directing.

One of the biggest oversights in production were "gang" scenes where it appears that substandard actors were told to wing it. Boy, that sucks, and I can't tell you how much it pains me to see Eastwood letting that footage get edited in to something with his name on it.

And this, coupled with other scripted scenes with lousy writing, just down the flick for me.

Again: I really, really wanted this thing to work. It may be the perfect film to point to when you want to explain the inadequacy of best intentions in the face of oversights in realization.
Didn't make my day
I am a Clint Eastwood fan, but not lately.He has decided to reveal a human side of himself - went to the Wizard and acquired a heart. He also revealed he is a wooden actor and a plodding, predictable director. Gran Torino is uninteresting at best and tedious at worst,worse even than Million Dollar Baby,and contains some of the worst actors ever subjected to the silver screen. I did enjoy the Christ-image at the end as he is sprawled on the lawn,which was an unintentional touch of humor. He says he is going to continue directing pictures and maybe next time he could hire a professional screenwriter.

Speaking of directing, the Directors of the IMDb website should monitor entries more carefully.Currently, Gran Torino has an 8.5 ranking, which is a travesty.Since this puts it in with some mighty good movies,modern filmgoers obviously haven't a clue regarding what makes a good picture.Perhaps a separate category could be designated for films made after,say,1980.That might separate the film lovers from the dilettantes.
Nothing Special
I've seen a number of Clint Eastwoods films, and although he is an excellent actor/director, this particular film lacked anything that could be considered as cinematic specialty.

The story is mediocre and the choice in actors were "okay" at best. The acting and the script didn't seem to come together well, and there was a lack of passion. Basically, it seemed like the actors were acting, like they WERE reading a script and not completely immersed in their roles.

I'm not saying it was a bad movie, i just mean to say it wasn't a GREAT movie. I was very surprised to find this title in one of the top 250 IMDb movies.
A Disappointing Chick Flick For Grumpy Old Men
This was on my to watch list for a while . Six years to be precise . How on Earth I never got round to seeing it I've no idea . It's highly regarded by my peers on this website and it's by Eastwood who if nothing else is an inspiration in the way he constantly churns out movies without pausing for breath . He might not be on a par with Scorsese or Aronofsky but he's definitely not some third rate journeyman hack director who thinks he's doing an MTV ident while over dosing on cocaine which seems to be the in house Hollywood directorial style these days . That said despite the praise it has received GRAN TORINO is a disappointment

The problem is that the narrative is an all too obvious redemption plot . Eastwood plays Ebeneezer Scoorge / Victor Meldrew with a dollop of bitter and twisted racist overtones thrown in to the uneasy mix . When he's referring to ethnic minorities in general and Orientals in particular with nasty racist names I kept expecting him to scream " I don't believe it " . As soon as he gets friendly with his Asiatic neighbours you understand where the story is going and there's little in the way or surprises . The tone is often a problem . The foul mouthed and racist tirades totally jar with the schmaltzt and manipulative plotting . Ask yourself if it didn't star Eastwood and didn't contain strong language would you not expect this to be a production from the Hallmark Channel ? That said it does the intelligent point if you want to survive in the American ghetto then running with the pack is probably the only option and Eastwood is always good value but I expected more considering the high praise this movie received on its release
Eastwood excels at storytelling
Gran Torino - They don't make them like they used to....

Mr. Eastwood has a knack for storytelling. Instead of being preachy or having an all to obvious agenda, he lets his viewers make up their own minds. His characters don't have a message, they have a life and make no excuses for who they are. In so many subtle and intelligent ways we are allowed to make our own choices. Like with Kowalski in the movie, you are not confronted with a role model hammering home all those "life's important messages", but rather with a movie saying "Look! This is the way it worked out for me. And I think I know a few tricks that might help you, but in the end it's your own life. However, you have to trust me when I say that there are a some things you don't want to see or experience!". Some people will leave this movie entirely untouched, others will certainly be crying their guts out. Not because some people "get it" and others "don't", but because it is a brilliant piece of entertainment reaching out to every viewer in its own specific way.

Eastwood's acting is top notch again, although the years have not been very kind to his voice. The rest of the cast are fine, but one can certainly spot their more amateurish backgrounds here and there which is the main reason why I could not give this one a 10/10.

Apart from that there is little to criticize. It's not an action movie, not a drama movie and certainly not a comedy (even though you get a few laughs out of this one). It's simply a good story about life.....and death.
Thats unquestionably the best word to describe Clint Eastwood. If this is indeed Clint's last hurrah, then its the way to go. Films don't often get to me like this did, but i had something in my eye at numerous points in the proceedings.

Seeing Clint taking care of business one last time was just superb and although the ending may be jarring to long time Clint fans, with a bit of thought it all makes sense.

Clint's character is an unapologetic racist and thats that, i fully understand that some people just cannot accept this, but the film doesn't apologise for it and neither should it. You either accept this aspect of the character and in doing so accept that he's not supposed to be a hero, so why is he talking like that ?

Or realise that in real life people like this exist, who can be good and bad in the same day, but are not solely defined by either behaviour.

There is plenty of warmth in this film and humour, but at its centre is an actor and director who has enjoyed critical and commercial success for nearly 40 years, has redefined genres and broken new ground and has brought me more pleasure than i could have ever thought possible.
Cheesy and awkwardly patronizing
Judging from the high ratings this movie gets on IMDb, you would expect it to be great. Or at the least a bit entertaining and well thought out. Gran Torino is none of the above. It is incredibly cheesy, poorly acted (Clint does deliver, all the other actors unfortunately do not) and quite patronizing in its 'teaching' of morals.

This is probably the biggest problem with the movie: many scenes are devoted to showing how Clint comes to appreciate his Korean neighbors and how Tao learns 'hard working values', but the movie shows it in such a completely expected manner that I could have predicted the end (won't spoil) after the first half hour. The thing is: I get it OK? Old grumpy man appreciates Korean culture after having fought in (ohw what a surprise) the Korean War. Just please don't take two hours of god-awful scenes to tell this. And on top of that, don't keep spelling out the meaning of every individual scene or event that takes place; I GET IT!

I am willing to put all the bad acting (mainly the Korean actors) aside, but the patronizing messages that are explicitly iterated over and over again left me wanting to hurl.
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