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Crime, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Zach Braff
Morgan Freeman as Willie
Matt Dillon as Hamer
Melanie Nicholls-King as Cary Sachs
Maria Dizzia as Rachel Harding
Lolita Foster as OR Nurse
Josh Pais as Chuck Lofton
Joey King as Brooklyn
Seth Barrish as Dr. Helton
John Ortiz as Jesus
Ann-Margret as Annie
Alan Arkin as Albert
Storyline: A reboot of the 1979 movie that was directed by Martin Brest and featured George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasberg. Three seniors, who are living social security check to check and even reduced to eating dog food at times, decide they have had enough. So, they plan to rob a bank...problem is, they don't even know how to handle a gun! A social commentary on growing old in America and what we are sometimes driven to, due to circumstances.
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Zach Braff's third film
Personally, I really like the works of Zach Braff, I fell in love with him in the series "Scrubs", which, thanks to the actor's play of Braff, delighted the fans for many years. Later I became interested in his first feature film "Garden State", which showed an unusual director's style of Braff. Then, after many years, the second film "Wish i Was Here" appeared, in which the matured director shared with the audience his experiences about the upbringing of children and death. Before watching "Going in Style" i found out that the film is a remake of the same picture released in 1979, this prompted me first to see it. Let's move on to the film itself.

Actors Actors on the main roles, Braff took the first magnitude: Morgan Freeman, Michael Kane, Alan Arkin. Each of the actors is already a professional in their field, so they played at their good level: convincingly and vigorously. This film is the sixth joint work of Morgan Freeman and Michael Kane after the trilogy of Christopher Nolan about Batman and the "Now You See Me" dialog. Not a bad role was the young actress Joey King, who played the granddaughter of the character Michael Caine. I think that the actress will have many good and interesting roles in the future. Also pleased with the appearance of Christopher Lloyd, who was remembered by the majority for the role of Dr. Emmett Brown in the trilogy "Back to the Future".

Story As I wrote earlier, before watching this film, I already looked at the version of 1979. When I went to the film, I assumed that I would see the story one by one, only with the eyes of another director. But, as it turned out, the film's writers foresaw this and pleasantly surprised me by changing the plot in key places. Both films, the 1979 film and the Braff movie are based on the work of Edward Cannon.

Cinematography Separately, I would like to note the excellent and beautiful camera-work of Rodney Charters, which positively influenced the film and created for him a memorable style.

The Result Although the film is not based on the original script of Zach Braff, his style is still very clearly traced in the picture. I believe that under the leadership of Braff, the film turned out to be much more energetic and cheerful compared to the previous interpretation of the work of Edward Cannon. Remained pleasantly surprised and pleased of film. I look forward to the next product of Braff.

9 out of 10
Grumpy Old Men meets Ocean's Eleven
Three lifelong friends (Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin), decide to pull a bank heist after feeling robbed of there pension by the bank, but the problem is do they have the means to pull it off, cause there not exactly young men, or will get caught?

Caine, Freeman , and Arkin all seem to work well together, you get a sense that they all are good friends, cause there chemistry really works. It's an enjoyable caper that does not take itself seriously. Ann Margaret and Matt Dillon are also good in there supporting roles. I understand that this is a remake that came out in 1979, that starred George Burns, and one day I hope to get around to watching it. But I was entertained by this film.
VIEWS ON FILM review of Going in Style
Zach Braff has directed three movies. They are Garden State, Wish I Was Here, and Going in Style. "Style" (my latest review) is the best out of all of them. It's not as complicated, it's more commercial, and it's not quite as pretentious. Oh and Braff isn't in front of the camera this time. Now does that make Going in Style a better film overall? Not necessarily. This is completely different fodder from what Zach has helmed in the past. "Style" as a spring comedy slash crime mantra, just wants to have a good time.

Better than old timer foil like The Bucket List and Last Vegas, Going in Style has Braff channeling his inner Jon Turteltaub (minus the technological gadgets). There's the film score by Rob Simonsen that sounds like erratic spy music. There's also the fast cut editing and split screen shots detailing "Style's" pivotal bank robbery (and bank robbery planning). Lastly, there's the whole, we-get-it-you're-old plot element vested upon us. In jest, a lot of Going in Style feels like you're watching a comedic National Treasure complete with AARP interludes. Zach Braff casts three legendary actors (Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Alan Arkin) and with a breezily tone, makes them all seem likable.

Distributed by Warner Bros. and shot around parts of Brooklyn, Queens, and summertime Manhattan, Going in Style is about three lifelong pals named Willie (Freeman), Joe (Caine), and Albert (Arkin). They are insolvent, over the age of 75, and have their pensions revoked after the company they worked for, becomes restructured. Their solution and inspiration: Pull off a bank heist of over a million dollars with the guys wearing Rat Pack masks and donning firearms with blanks (examples of the Rat Pack are Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Joey Bishop). Look for a test robbery featuring Freeman and Caine knocking off a lowly supermarket. Also, be on the lookout for a scene where the three senior citizens toke up on some potent ganja (you know, the urban definition for weed).

All in all, "Style" despite a small twist, comes off as predictable, a little too happy happy, and altogether trivial. Yup, not much feels at stake. However, it's jolly, entertaining, and chuckled in a PG-13 sort of way. "Style" is a remake of a 1979 film saddled with the same title. I've never seen that George Burns vehicle and I may never see it (unless I decide to order the Blu-ray on Amazon). No matter. This new version of Going in Style probably has a "style" all its own anyway. Oh and I almost forgot, watch for famed actors Matt Dillon, Ann Margret, and Christopher Lloyd in small, supporting roles. They add to "Style's" lighthearted fun. Rating: 3 stars.
Come on these guys!
I just have to give it 10 just because it's 'these guys'. I think of Taiki Waititi's great 'Hunt for Wilderpeople' and 'What We Do In The Shadows' and his 'feel good uplifting movies' and join it with Zach Braff's 'Going in Style'. It's good to see an American director so talented to make me laugh and feel good and have fun without resorting to gimmicks. This is straight on brilliant work. Great dialogue. I don't think i heard a vulgar word and that's refreshing. A comedy. Once or twice i thought how robbers could give a bank employee PTSD in a real situation but pulled back in order to lighten up and realize 'i'm watching a show' which is tugging at my heart strings that know banks and corporate America are bilking us all the time and we all wish, secretly, we could rip them off and get away with it IF NOBODY GOT HURT. Ann Margaret, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin, Matt Dillon, Kenan Thompson etc etc etc. Everyone in this flick did an excellent job and i do think they had a blast making the show. I had a blast watching it. Light hearted, smoothly paced, well thought out, wonderfully directed. I loved the ending where i'm made to think Alan Arkin died. I loved that tension and the way Zach pulled the rug out from under me. I fully anticipated that Morgan or Alan died during the operation. So, the camera showed Michael Caine giving the 'eulogy' which wasn't a 'eulogy' at all (wedding speeches can sound like a way they are tee hee) but a mushy speech for Alan's marriage. This ending uplifted me even more and made for a perfect ending. Wonderful flick and probably a great date night, eh. Good job.
I'd Rather Not Get Old Anytime Soon
You are older than you ever were before. Now you are older than you ever were before. Now you are officially older than you ever were before. Day by day, minutes pass by, and we all fear the approaching retirement age, when we face unimaginable health problems to remind us of our vulnerability. We begin to question, "Where did our lives go?"

Going in Style explores the feeling of seniority when the past only looks like a presentation of lost opportunities. Although here, it seems like getting old means time to ignore authority and commit thievery. So nothing can possibly go wrong, right?

Three old men drive director Zach Braff's buddy movie, all of them Academy Award winning actors. One of them, portrayed by Michael Caine (The Cider House Rules, Sleuth) lives with his daughter and granddaughter, which adds to the pressure of his overdrawn checking account. Another one of them, portrayed by Morgan Freeman (Million Dollar Baby, The Shawshank Redemption), lives with his longtime roommate, and refuses to make public his desperation for a kidney transplant. The longtime roommate, portrayed by Alan Arkin (Argo, Little Miss Sunshine), has had it with his living as a music instructor, and fights the urge to start a romance with a convenience store clerk who can't stop flirting with him.

All in all, these three senior citizens will waste no more time, and their leader (Caine) decides to rob a bank after experiencing a robbery first-hand. He understands his desire to stop living mundanely, and takes action to ensure a satisfying retirement.

First they try to shoplift a convenience store, which is actually quite a hoot to watch. Alas, their first baby step fails pretty miserably. Some extra preplanning is needed by an experienced professional, who coincidentally happens to be a Mexican named Jesus. Yes, I know: "Wow. A professional Mexican terrorist in New York City—exactly what our country could benefit from!" Seriously, such a casting decision in light of recent events is morally irresponsible.

Anyways, on they go into a month-long setup for the big day, a situation open to numerous narrative possibilities worth over four minutes of montage, even though it winds up doing just that. Too bad for us, as their plan deserves a much deeper exploration into the meticulous detail; but what we are shown still looks well thought out against the unkind legal system. While the police force's functionality may defy believability here and there, you'll overall buy into their wild adventure against the law.

Then the mission's stakes continue to get higher as they don "Rat Pack" costumes at the official heist. Awesomeness lands in these three old men's endeavors of the little time they have left, especially when considering the individual conflicts each of them faces. Yet when the whole scene finally comes up, it does not last as long as desired.

Thankfully though, the attempted bond between the three leads should guarantee an impact, both with one another and their outside families. I say "attempted" because none of the performances by any of the cast delivers any genuine sorrow for the quiet moments. All players here fall along the lines of poor, below average, or somewhere in the middle. Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) gives the only good performance as the old loon who runs the men's elderly community, even though his dialogue suggests nothing beyond weak comic relief.

You may by now see Going in Style as a mere Redbox rental worth a one-time watch, and only if you're a man over middle age seeking a unique perspective of growing old. Well I can certainly attest your assumption—this type of entertainment probably would work better if aired straight to TV. You can expect a slightly satisfying taste, just don't expect to remember any of it a week later.
Going Out in Style Balances Its Lack of an Edge With 3 Solid Performances and a Sweet Message About Friendship
*Minor Spoilers Ahead* Joe (Michael Caine) has headed into the bank to address a troubling issue. His mortgage payment has tripled due to some shady business practices by his bank and his pension payments aren't coming in when they're supposed to. He's not only responsible for himself; his daughter and his granddaughter Brooklyn (Joey King) have moved in to save money for Brooklyn's schooling. His banker treats him like an idiot and the conversation starts to escalate. They're interrupted by 3 masked bandits who rob the tellers in the bank. Joe offers his wallet but the robbers refuse, saying they're only there for the bank's money. When Joe tells him how much of a jerk the banker was, the thief takes his wallet as punishment. They exit quickly but Joe notices a distinct tattoo on one of the robbers. When he tries to tell Det. Hamer (Matt Dillon), he gets brushed off and told to go home.

Joe's possible foreclosure isn't the only issue. His best friends Willie (Morgan Freeman) and Albert (Alan Arkin) are having a tough time. Willie needs life-saving surgery, he's not going to keel over tomorrow but his time is limited if a solution isn't reached. Joe and Willie have families to console and while Albert is facing similar money issues (they all worked at the same steel mill), his issue is loneliness. What he doesn't seem to get is that the solution is right in front of him. Annie (Ann-Margret) is the grandmother of a student of his and she's giving him all the signals. Money is still the key issue however and with the cancellation of their pensions, they are short on legitimate solutions. Joe considers how easily the thieves got away and the size of the payday they got away with. He comes up with the idea to rob the bank that screwed him over and to refund their defunct pensions with the proceeds.

This review will be fairly short. This movie is driven completely by the performances by it's 3 lead actors. Caine, Freeman and Arkin are Hollywood legends for a reason. Their chemistry carries this movie and you believe in their friendship. The movie is a tad on the sentimental side but that specific tone helps put a nice light on how sweet and enduring their characters' bond is. The supporting performances are a little hit and miss (Matt Dillon, Josh Pais and poor Christopher Lloyd are all playing characters that are either painted as caricatures or played up for cheap laughs) but I actually really liked Ann Margret as Annie. Peter Serafanowicz gets a small amount of screen time but he does good work and his character actually went against type (he's Brooklyn's dad and instead of being a drunk or a abusive parent, he's just a flake who means well but can't get his life together). The movie also has a good message. The real dirt of the situation is largely avoided but they do get across the message of standing up for yourself against a corrupt system and how your life doesn't have to be done after you get past a certain age.

On the flip side, this movie is intermittently funny but I felt it plays things way too safe. Minus the use of guns and some jokes about marijuana and sex, this is a largely G rated movie about bank robbers. Its very reminiscent of Last Vegas where nothing taboo comes up and risqué subjects are side-stepped for old people gags. Something seems off about that, I don't need every heist movie to be a hard R rated flick like the Town for example but this is movie is needlessly sappy. The actual heist doesn't seem plausible at all and the cops are painted as morons. I know this movie was going for the family demographic but they could have provided a deeper story or a movie that would have stuck with you if they had just taken a couple of chances instead.

This movie is like a nice cup of hot chocolate. It will warm you up for a bit but you might be thirsty again an hour later. I laughed a little watching Going In Style and I was impressed by Caine, Freeman and Arkin. I wouldn't nominate this for any awards but this is a safe choice for what to see in the theatre right now.
Absolutely loved it
This movie is absolutely entertaining, and might be the best of this year. The acting is absolutely superb. You want to be part of their friend group, and it definitely feels as if they have been friends forever. It made me miss my grandpa. It also made me be upset with our neoliberalist society for not taking care of our elders.
Ten Thumbs Up
Words can't begin to touch how much I loved this movie! Four of my favorite actors, good story, funny, touching, this one has it all. Saw it with my elderly mother who described it as 'the best film ever'. If you knew her, you would know that that is high praise indeed. You owe it to yourself to go see this!
Bad Banks
Lots of political monologue on poor getting poorer; wealthy getting wealthier; legally and morally bad banks/financial institutions robbing everyone such as taking the hardworking peoples' houses from them for a quick dollar or two. All justifying our Robin Hood trios rationale to hit back and take a couple million as compensation for losing their pensions, and, of course, give half to charities (sure!). Lots of jokes about old age with concurrent mental/physical decline to make the task worth a movie's storyline (not that it hasn't been told countless times before). Lots of clichéd banter to try and rescue fairly rote acting. Final message of our predictable happy ending's planning unfolds is that "Society should take care of it's elderly." I wonder if the script, in part, is a gentle slap at Trump business philosophy developed from his inherited wealth and property flipping financial gains at society's expense. At least they didn't pile on his supposed mild bone spurs and multiple student (haha) exemptions to escape service in the Vietnam war.
Star-Studded Cast and Straight Forward Comedy.
What do you think of when you see the names Morgan Freeman, Michael Cain and Alan Arkin? Aside from thinking "Ellis 'Red' Reddig", "Harry Brown" and "Grandpa Edwin Hoover"? You think, "This is going to be a good one". And well, your right.

"Going in Style" is a great watch, it's not the greatest comedy I've ever seen but it's stars and gags do it justice. If your looking for a straight up comedy with good laughs and a good cast then look no further, you won't be disappointed.
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