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Crime, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Zach Braff
Morgan Freeman as Willie
Matt Dillon as Hamer
Melanie Nicholls-King as Cary Sachs
Maria Dizzia as Rachel Harding
Lolita Foster as OR Nurse
Josh Pais as Chuck Lofton
Joey King as Brooklyn
Seth Barrish as Dr. Helton
John Ortiz as Jesus
Ann-Margret as Annie
Alan Arkin as Albert
Storyline: A reboot of the 1979 movie that was directed by Martin Brest and featured George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasberg. Three seniors, who are living social security check to check and even reduced to eating dog food at times, decide they have had enough. So, they plan to rob a bank...problem is, they don't even know how to handle a gun! A social commentary on growing old in America and what we are sometimes driven to, due to circumstances.
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Warner Bros. gives Americans tips for surviving TrumpCare . . .
. . . in one of the USA's most cutting-edge social documentaries since director William A. Wellman's 1933 masterpiece HEROES FOR SALE, also from Warner Bros. Not so ironically funded by the Trump Administration's Secretary of Money, Steve "The Foreclosure King" Mnuchin, Warner's GOING IN STYLE warns the Angry Grey Geezers who voted for Trump that it is now Open Season on their pensions, because the Oligarchical Billionaires control EVERY branch of our so-called government. If one of these Geriatric Gas-Passers needs a kidney transplant, like GOING IN STYLE's Morgan Freeman, their ONLY survival option will be bank robberies from now on. With Trump, Mnuchin, and their Henchmen eliminating ALL banking "industry" regulations and consumer protections, Warner suggests that most Trump voters will be evicted into the streets by the time of the next election (if any). With food stamps on the cusp of being zeroed out as well, Mnuchin further recommends that average Americans will need to shoplift Spam from their local groceries, while he and his Fat Cat Cohorts blimp up from overdosing on caviar and truffles.
A-List Actors Ham It Up
So three old farts lose their pensions. We're talking Morgan Freeman, reportedly worth 200 million and Michael Caine, reportedly worth 75 million, attempt to play seniors who have lost their pensions. I'm sorry, but this just doesn't fly with me. Michael Caine has the better grasp of this, being the poorer of the two. It never felt like they had their hearts in this one. We've seen variations of this theme with Grumpy Old Men and similar. Boys, give it a rest and let someone else have a go.
Probably funnier than any "comedy" this year!!!
Desperate to pay the bills and come through for their loved ones, three lifelong pals risk it all by embarking on a daring bid to knock off the very bank that absconded with their money. Going in Style is one of the many films that i can't understand how it even got so many poor reviews. The acting is terrific and honestly did you expect anything else? Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin are terrific actors that can shine on Drama, Action, Horror and especially comedy and oh boy are they freaking hilarious? There's a scene where they try to steal from super market and i was crying from laughing. Christopher Lloyd are Doc from the Back to the Future Trilogy has a small role here as well and he is amazing, Ann- Margret is also really good and don't get me starting in Kenan Thompson he is a comedic genius have you seen Kenan and Kel? The movie is also serious at times and it does hit you right in the feels especially in the end, the scene in hospital was freaking suspenseful as hell and the soundtrack was damn awesome. Plus i wonder if Alan Arkin tries to make a Trilogy of movies like that you know he was in Stand Up Guys (2012), Grudge Match (2013) and Now Going in Style and every line that he throws is honestly terrific and once again the old men and women show how it's truly done. Go check out this movie you won't regret it trust me.
A fairly enjoyable oldie ramble! [+56%]
The casting of the three leads (who deliver warm, homely performances) emerges as the clear winner amongst other things in the Zach Braff directed 'Going in Style'. The camaraderie between Caine, Freeman and Arkin is indeed fun to watch and the conversations are sprinkled with umpteen bits of jocularity. The actors make fun of themselves and of each other.

When the trio (who happen to be long-time employees of a steel firm, along with a whole bunch of others) are deprived of their pensions, they decide to rob the same bank (where they held their accounts for several years) that is now assisting the company in channeling funds to pay off debts.

While logic and practicality take a back-seat, the buoyancy of the protagonists is what keeps the film afloat. The womenfolk in the film (daughters, grand-daughters, lady-friends) really don't have much to do other than smile and sympathize, as this film is more about fellowship and long-lasting solidarity between men.

The planning bits are amusingly pleasurable. Arkin's one-liners are boisterous and hit the mark on most occasions. If one isn't expecting anything ground-breaking, then this film is bound to make you, at the very least, 'feel good'. The climax is the ideal cinematic cliché.

Verdict: Good fun while it lasts; not much takeaway though!
Best comedy in the year
The movie was the best thing, which could happen to me in sneak preview. I laughed so often, an wonderful story combined with great actors and Zach Braff, who made a great job to transform the old movie into todays background. I'd like to see more movies like this, than the stupid standard comedy from Hollywood. I recommend everyone to see this film and have great two hours. A quick summary: perfect chosen actor,s a bit predictable, but i liked it anyway, jokes,jokes,jokes... GO watch this film !
A Fitting and Funny Postcard to the Elderly Struggling Financially
Hollywood has produced a lot of heist comedies over the years. But few heist comedies have been made with older actors. "Going in Style" is one such film. The movie is a 2017 remake of the 1979 comedy that goes by the same name. The film stars Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin who take on the roles of a dynamic trio of retirees who become dead set on robbing a bank after their pensions are cancelled after 40 years of loyal service.

While "Going in Style" does deliver a few laughs on the behalf of the elderly at the expense of society, there isn't much meat in the film to keep the viewer invested in the story. Each of the three characters has financial problems for different reasons. Morgan Freeman's character is affected by kidney disease. Michael Caine's character discovers that he and his family will be homeless within thirty days. After witnessing a bank robbery where the robber gets away with over one and a half million dollars, the three elderly gentlemen each decide to come together to rob a bank despite their inexperience. While this plot does offer lots of opportunity for comedy, the story is implausible and the film isn't all that funny despite the creative license that the film takes.

Although the actors delivered a solid performance, "Going in Style" is a flawed film because of its weak plot and is only watchable if one is looking for a few predictable laughs.
A predictable disappointment, but still a disappointment.
'GOING IN STYLE': Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

A remake of the 1979 heist comedy (of the same name) starring George Burns, Art Carney and Lee Strasberg (and written by Martin Brest). This updated version stars Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin; as three retirees that plot to rob a bank together, after they all lose their pensions. It was directed by actor turned director Zach Braff (who's 2004's 'GARDEN STATE' was one of my favorite movies of that year), and it was written by Theodore Melfi (who also wrote and directed 2014's 'ST. VINCENT', and co-wrote 2016's 'HIDDEN FIGURES'). It costars Joey King, Matt Dillon, Christopher Lloyd, Ann-Margret and John Ortiz. The film has gotten mediocre reviews from critics, but it was also a mild hit at the Box Office. I found it to be pretty routine and predictable, nothing more and nothing less.

Joe (Caine), Willie (Freeman) and Albert (Arkin) are three senior citizens, and best friends, that live in New York. They also (suddenly) all lose their pensions, when the company they worked for is bought. After Joe witnesses a bank robbery, while having an extremely frustrating visit to his bank, he comes up with the idea that the three old friends should rob a bank together. Initially Willie and Albert think the idea is crazy, but they eventually come to like the outrageous plan.

The film is an extremely upbeat family friendly comedy, that I'm sure older viewers (and families) could easily enjoy. There's absolutely nothing original, or skillfully executed, in the film; and it's about as routine and predictable as movies can get. That's fine if that's what you're looking for (in a film), but Braff can deliver so much more as a director, Melfi can deliver so much more in a script, and the talented cast can all deliver much better performances as well. It's a predictable disappointment, but still a disappointment (for me at least).

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desperate seniors rob bank
This feel good fantasy comedy probably does more harm than good.

As in Martin Brest's 1979 original (which starred George Burns, Art Carney and Lee Strasberg), here three desperate, down-at-the-heels seniors — Alan Arkin, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman — try to escape penury and their end-of-life humiliation by robbing a bank.

Spoiler alert: Despite their age, incompetence, inexperience, they pull it off.

In fact the happy ending really piles it on. Their heist nets over $2million, but the film doesn't stop with that good fortune. It rather constructs a tower of them.

Willie saves his life by getting a kidney transplant (from longtime room-mate Albert. Albert has an affair with, then marries, the zaftig Annie (Ann-Margaret). Joe saves his home from dispossession, provides for his daughter and grand-daughter and also converts his delinquent ex-son-in-law to assume the obligations and pleasures of fatherhood.

Completing the joy, the lads' steady waitress is tipped with a wad big enough to choke a rhino and lands a man at least to dance with. The other resurrected old-timer Milton (a shrunken Christopher Lloyd) is allowed to sail blissfully on in harmless dementia. Fun and games all round.

Reality? Who cares. In the post-truth, alternative facts, world of Trumpery it's better to laugh at our daily tragedies than to try to amend them.

Two flirtations with disaster turn into even more joy. What seems like Albert's funeral turns into his wedding. The cops' last chance to bust our heroic trio is thwarted when the little black girl recognizes Willie from his wristwatch — with a portrait of his grand-daughter — but with the wisdom of Solomon helps him beat the rap. At its blackest, this film is only a tease.

Indeed, so much happiness, all those satisfying conclusions, ruin the film. Both versions are rooted in the serious predicament American seniors face, with increasing debility and dramatically diminishing health and financial support in the decaying American culture. American seniors have probably never faced such a bleak and hopeless situation as Trump's budget reductions are inflicting upon them.

But after the initial plot situation the film leaves that compelling social problem to wallow in magical happy resolution. This film doesn't address the social situation in a serious way that would make it significant but slides away into fantasy.

If the men go in style, the film goes without any substance. It provides no realistic means to address the social issue that is its raison d'etre. It does its audience and its culture a disservice by turning a national tragedy into a bunch of laughs and a resolution achieved by magic but not by any usable strategy. It prefers to numb the pain rather than to cure it.

In fact, this film bears out Russian director Sergei Eisenstein's distinction between Russian and American films. American films, he observed some 80 years ago (!), give their heroes a happy ending through some unrealistic, magical twist of plot. Russian films provide a realistic demonstration of how to work to achieve that satisfaction.

Poverty-stricken senior citizens in America can't hope to save themselves through crime. Unless, of course, they're in the White House. So what are they to do? And what might we do to honour our elderly (a principle articulated by the boys' heist-instructor)? Serious questions, never more pertinent and urgent than under Trump's regime. But this film laughs them away.
"Going in Style" is a fun, although unrealistic, senior citizen adventure and whether it improves on the original film is open for debate.
2017's geriatric crime comedy "Going in Style" (PG-13, 1:36) is a remake of the 1979 film of the same name. That one starred legendary comedian George Burns, whose seven-decade career spanned vaudeville, radio, TV and movies, Art Carney, who had even more acting credits than Burns, and who, like Burns, had also moved from mainly TV shows to mainly movies, and legendary theater founder, acting coach and actor in his own right, Lee Strasberg. Oh, and Burns and Carney had each won an Oscar and Strasberg had been nominated, all less than five years prior to appearing together on film. The remake stars Morgan Freeman, Sir Michael Caine and Alan Arkin, three actors with similarly prestigious, lengthy and diverse careers, and all three with Oscars to boot. It's also worth noting that the original was written and directed by Martin Brest, who had only directed a couple other films before "Going in Style", but went on to direct "Beverly Hills Cop", "Midnight Run" and "Scent of a Woman", while the remake's director, Zach Braff, started acting professionally in the late 1980s and directed a handful of films before 2017 (including 2004's cult favorite "Garden State" and 2014's well-received "Wish I Was Here"), all seeming to signal an even brighter future ahead for the auteur who turned 42 years old the day before his movie was released. But does Braff's version of "Going in Style" help further his blossoming career? And is the movie a highlight or a footnote in the careers of its accomplished stars? "Going in Style" features three curmudgeonly septuagenarians who have been friends for decades, having worked together long enough to earn pensions from Wechsler Steel. In retirement, they see each other every day, playing Bocce in the park, hanging out at their local lodge, sharing meals, and watching TV together, to include shows like "The Bachelorette". It helps that Albert (Alan Arkin) and Willie (Morgan Freeman) share a house. Albert is a confirmed bachelor and has no interest in changing his status, in spite of the ongoing flirtations of sweet and sexy grocery store employee Annie (Ann-Margaret). Willie Skypes with his daughter and granddaughter, but can't visit them because, like his friends, he doesn't have much money – and he has a serious kidney problem (which he is keeping from his friends). Joe (Michael Caine) is struggling to pay his mortgage, but is providing a home to his divorced daughter and her tween daughter. Joe is a devoted grandfather to the precocious Brooklyn (Joey King), whose absentee father, Peter (Peter Serafinowicz) has about as much growing-up to do as his little girl.

The money problems of the three best friends become practically insurmountable when their former company announces that it is moving all its operations out of the country – and taking its pension fund with it. Initially very angry at their former employers and very fearful about their financial futures, they decide to do something about their situation. Joe had recently been at his bank talking to a squirrelly and unsympathetic loan officer (Josh Pais) in a futile attempt to fend off foreclosure when the bank is robbed with impressive efficiency by three masked men using automatic weapons. After the pension bombshell, the three old gents find out that Joe's bank is managing Wechsler's finances and Joe suggests robbing that bank to recover their pensions. After some discussion, bickering and persuasion, the guys decide to warm up with a grocery store food heist which goes predictably and comically wrong. The grocery store manager (Keenan Thompson) decides to give them a break and not press charges.

Joe, Willie and Albert decide that they need professional help… of the criminal variety. Joe goes to his deadbeat former son-in-law (who manages a shady medical marijuana shop and whom Joe calls a "lowlife character"), hoping that Peter can put them in touch with an even shadier (and smarter) element. Peter links up the wannabe bank robbers with a man named Jesus (John Ortiz) who agrees to teach, train and mentor the guys in exchange for 25% of the take, IF they can avoid tipping their hand to the authorities and actually pull off the robbery. But all this is just the movie's set-up. With a suspicious FBI agent named Hamer (Matt Dillon) seemingly on to the trio, whether they go through with their planned bank robbery (and/or steer clear of law enforcement) is far from the end of this story.

"Going in Style" is a fun, although unrealistic, senior citizen adventure and whether it improves on the original film is open for debate. I found the remake more solid and more enjoyable than the original, but the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings beg to differ. Director Braff and screenwriter Theodore Melfi ("St. Vincent", "Hidden Figures") successfully update the 1979 version for the 21st century, make it a bit more realistic and give it a more satisfying conclusion, but allow for serious plot holes. The three stars are excellent in their roles, but some overacting from the supporting players (especially Pais) damage the overall effect. The first half of the movie isn't as funny or entertaining as it wants to be, but the latter part of the film mostly makes up for that. The remake doesn't do much for the careers of those in front of or behind the camera, but doesn't hurt them either. The movie is enjoyable, but unremarkable. "B"
Old Guys Rule!
Alan Arkin, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine have proved that they still got it where it counts. And it's movies like this that are going to make us miss them when they're gone. Their on-screen chemistry was perfect. They are amazing actors and together, the result is a movie that brings the fun back into the theater without ridiculous subplots, unnecessary hysterics, or insulting your intelligence. The performances were genuine, funny, heartfelt and eye opening.

I added eye-opening because the story line isn't just about three guys robbing a bank for some reason the rest of us can't relate to. On the contrary, these three men feel trapped as we all do from time to time. They get angry and they do something about it. It's a situation we can all relate to in some way and it makes me wonder - if I was in their situation, I'd probably do the same thing.

The story proceeds with natural humor, wit and sarcasm that will leave you in stitches during some scenes and rooting for justice alongside them in others.

All that is needed to thoroughly enjoy this movie is a reasonable sense of humor and a reasonable sense of social justice.

They only absurd performance was the ridiculous antics of the bank manager, however his five minutes just make the rest of the movie seem that much better.
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