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USA, Germany
Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
David Fincher
Edward Norton as The Narrator
Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden
Helena Bonham Carter as Marla Singer
Meat Loaf as Robert 'Bob' Paulson
Zach Grenier as Richard Chesler
David Andrews as Thomas
George Maguire as Group Leader
Eugenie Bondurant as Weeping Woman
Christina Cabot as Group Leader
Christie Cronenweth as Airline Attendant
Tim De Zarn as Inspector Bird
Storyline: A ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until an eccentric gets in the way and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.
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One of the most frustratingly misunderstood films of all time...
To criticize a film for having a shallow or confused message is understandable. The problem with this criticism is that, in the case of "Fight Club", the movie's message is not confused. It knows exactly what it's saying; but many people don't.

Not only do some people jump to the conclusion that "Fight Club" is condoning violent or sociopathic behavior, but they think it's condoning fascism and terrorism, when it's actually outright mocking it. It's showing the juvenile pointlessness of it. Not only do some people miss that it's satirizing the teenage-rebellion mentality, but they assume it's pandering to it.

"Fight Club" is the story of two people representing two extremes: the Narrator, a white-collar worker who's become a slave to consumerism and the social construct around him, and the other is Tyler Durden, a violent nihilist with no regard for society or others, who feels the human race has been emasculated by materialism and advertising. Essentially, these two are exact opposites. But as the two of them become friends, they start an underground boxing club for the catharsis of people who feel just as trapped and emotionally apathetic as they do. Ultimately, Tyler takes this entire concept and evolves it into "Project Mayhem", a group devoted to vandalism and general mischief, but from there, it actively grows into a terrorist organization.

The thing that SHOULD be the giveaway that it's not promoting this behavior is through the DEATH of an innocent man as the result of these actions, and the fact that we see the misguided members of Project Mayhem lose their personal identities to a dangerous cult mentality.

I said it once and I'll say it again: Project Mayhem and their violent beliefs are not being condoned. And yet, to give you an idea of just how much the themes in "Fight Club" are taken out of context, there was a real-life incident with a kid in Manhattan who, influenced by the movie, attempted to blow up a Starbucks, as the Space Monkeys are seen doing in this movie. Of course, despite how obvious it was that this behavior was being mocked in the movie (and, once again, how they show an innocent man get killed as a result), authorities proceeded to scapegoat this movie, as if it was the fault of the film itself that someone foolishly misinterpreted the message and attempted an act of terrorism.

The film blatantly portrays Tyler Durden as a fascist and a terrorist, and yet, people actually think it's promoting him, simply because it doesn't outright tell you what to think. "Fight Club" is attacked by everyone from politically correct New-Agers and prudish moralists with mantras of "ZOMG THIS MOVEEZ VIOLINZ FOR THE STOOPID TEENAEGERS LOLZ!11" (and of course, shouted down by so-called cinephiles for being unconventional in nature, and for being a Hollywood film). I recommend actually thinking this film over instead of going by knee-jerk reaction. If the things that happen in this movie disturb you (especially the ending), then good. They SHOULD disturb you.

In short: "Fight Club" is condoning Tyler Durden's actions and beliefs as much as "Schindler's List" is condoning the Holocaust.

Of course, that's my take on how the message is misconstrued, so what else does "Fight Club" have to offer?

Well, as you'd expect from Fincher, it's a remarkable-looking movie, and the actors make the absolute best of it. It's consistently funny, full of unforgettable characters and dialogue, and most of all, it captures the world and feel of Generation X quite unlike any movie I've ever seen. But therein lies something fascinating: it's the absolute film for its time and place, yet it doesn't feel dated at all. The reason, I theorize, is because it does such an outstanding job of making you a part of the time in which it's set, and giving us something timeless to think about.

So what, in my opinion, is the true message of "Fight Club"?

"Fight Club" is--and this is important--NOT telling you what to think. It's simply asking you to reflect, question things. Question society, question the false prophets. Keep the balance between these two extremes (Narrator and Tyler)by being an individual.
Loved it
Fight club is just brilliant, I you like strange story lines and different layers. This movie is a must see The roles are played brilliantly and are casted very well. Having Brat pitt as you imaginary friend is something we al would like to have. If you have not already seen this movie, go and buy it
outstanding movie
this movie is about much more than fighting. its about the humans natural instinct to do more with your life, what you have always wanted to do but just didn't know it. throwing out all material items and reverting back to your primal needs and getting back at all the money mongrels.

based of the book wrote by chuck Palahniuk this is a must watch movie and a definite recommended read if you have the time. brad Pitt and Edward Norton where on the money in this one. hopefully you take the time to watch this dark movie full of twist and turns around every corner.
This is a superb movie on so many levels. Sometime movies get mixed reviews from critics due to the concepts or themes portrayed, or lack of understanding of a complex plot - that is exactly the reason here.

If you are thinking you are going to see movie that just involves people kicking the crap out of each other, you would be very wrong. It is so much more than that.

Just go and see it!

The undertone attacks the society we live in today - consumer driven and unrealistic expectations. It also has themes of violence but at the same time has elements of black comedy.

The acting throughout is superb - great performances from the 3 main character played by Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter.


You may have to watch this movie several times before you fully understand it and pick up on all the nuances but I outline some below.

When I first saw this I thought there was something wrong with the DVD because at a few points is seems to flicker (and does) not until I put it on super-slow motion did I realise it was intended. If you slow it down you can see it's his alter-ego starting to form. Not only is this alone brilliant but later on it is revealed that Tyler working at a movie theatre does the same thing - edits movies to insert just a frame or 2 - something you notice but are not entirely was there (like when I first saw it - as I said I thought there was a slight DVD fault). Extremely clever.

When he is beating himself up in his bosses office he says "for some reason I thought back to my first fight with Tyler" why? Because it was exactly the same situation.

How could a fight club possibly form? If you see 2 guys fighting in a parking lot you aren't exactly going to join in - but if you see a crazy guy essentially fight himself you could conceivably approach to see what is going on.

When Tyler is banging Marla he speaks to Ed Norton and then slams the door, Marla says "who are you talking to?" we get to find out. There are many more instances like that, the film doesn't cheat but when you find out the incredible twist you aren't expecting it.

The palette used is superb - bland, subdued, fitting in perfectly with mental illness. Then you get Brad Pitt, looks striking, blonde hair, unusual outfits - He doesn't fit in at all - again, we get to find out why. Superb.

The themes about modern society are absolutely bang on too if you think about them. Are you rich and famous? Weren't we lead to believe we could be? Do we need most of the things we clutter our lives with?

These a just a few things, there are so many more things you will notice, when you see it again and again.

Like I said. Masterpiece.
Granddaddy of all movie
well, when I first started to watch it, I thought it was a delusional movie. I mean come on, the guy was pathetic. but then the movie stars to go crazy. I mean if you see the whole movie, you can see that this movie contains all the idea of modern day movie. Like paranormal activity! That last fight scene if you know what I mean! Wish I could see this movie again for the first time.
Life-changing Fight Club
I am, unfortunately, not one of the faithful Chuck Palahniuk readers who had read the book BEFORE they saw the movie. I, however, couldn't wait to read the book after seeing this film. I've read the book 5 times since and seen the movie more times than I can remember.

Simply put, this movie changed my life. Not just on a personal level (on which I will not comment here except to say I'm now a major Palahniuk fan) but also as a movie-watcher. I view movies differently after seeing this movie, because it broke down doors.

This movie is literally the first time I ever came upon something that, at first sight seemed incredibly stylish, sophisticated and entertaining. The plot lured you in before turning you upside down, the acting was nothing short of perfect (has there ever been a more memorable character than Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden?), the music, the screenplay (based on what is now my all-time favorite book), the lighting, the pacing, the everything! Virtually everything about this movie took my by surprise, save for one man.

David Fincher, director, was probably the only reason I went to see this movie in the first place. His work on 'Seven' and 'The Game' had me excited to see what he would do next, but I came to this movie expecting a stylish flick that offered a good plot and hopefully some good acting but what I got was so much, much more.

Honestly, how many times have you seen a movie that, with every viewing, gets even more complicated yet so simple that you can't help but laugh. Every time I watch this movie I notice something new about it, such is the depth of what is on the screen. Then there's the tiny issue of the story of Fight Club, penned by Chuck Palahniuk (who has one of the most fertile imaginations around. Don't believe me? Read 'Survivor' and weep!) the story is nothing short of incredible, a pure shock-value social commentary on the state of the world at the end of the century. You'll cry, you'll laugh, you'll do all the clichés but most importantly you'll identify with every single thing on the screen.

This movie rates as one of my all-time favorite movies and, simply put, if you haven't seen it yet then quit wasting your time OnLine and get to the nearest videostore!

"Fight Club" requires a lot of viewer trust and patience, but the reward is a very fine movie.
"Fight Club" runs a bit over 2 hours. For the first 1 hour and 51 minutes I found this movie very difficult to watch or enjoy. I kept wondering why Ed Norton's character continued to put up with Brad Pitt's out-of-control character. To me the movie seemed to be one big mess. However, my patience, and trust in the director, paid off and I had to watch much of the movie twice to really appreciate how good it is. I rate it 9 of 10 and predict it will be one of those ground-breaking films that viewers and critics refer to for years, much like "The Matrix" and "The Sixth Sense." It is definitely for someone with a mature mind, who can understand subtleties, and who enjoys "studying" a film. This film is definitely meant to be a funny and absurd take on life, but with a very dark tone to it. It isn't really about "fight clubs", although the fighting is presented as an avenue for characters to deal with their inner conflicts. It is not intended to represent reality, nor to suggest that fighting is good. It's closest prior film is perhaps "Doctor Strangelove."

I saw this film on DVD. The sound is perhaps the best I've heard so far. There are several crashes and explosions throughout the movie and the realism is just so good it made me cringe. But you have to have a good subwoofer to enjoy it all.


However, I think most people will enjoy the movie more, on first viewing, if they understand the total concept. So here it is.

Norton plays the "narrator", and in the introductory scenes we find out he has a conventional existence, a traveling job as a "recall coordinator" for a major automobile manufacturer. By his own admission he is "a slave to the IKEA nesting instinct", travels with his "CK shirts and DKNY shoes", and says of his total existence "close to being complete." "Fighting" is completely foreign to him. But, deep in his subconscious he hates what he is becoming, and if he were to die now his life will have been meaningless.

Brad Pitt's character, Tyler Durden, is Norton's alter-ego. They are one and the same person. In opening scenes you see various single-frame flashes (stop-action on DVD helps see this clearly) of Pitt's 'Tyler', we assume still in Norton's subconscious as he first begins to realize he hates his existence.

Then, on a buisness flight, while talking to the lady seated next to him, Norton thinks "I pray for a crash or midair collision", which is quickly followed by a highly realistic "dream collision", then Pitt's Tyler Durden the rest of the trip is actually sitting next to Norton, conversing with him. This "prayer for a crash" is the consciousness that first makes Pitt's Tyler totally real to Norton.

The rest of the movie has many scenes with both Norton and Tyler but, we see later, no one else ever sees Brad Pitt's "Tyler", they only see Norton as "Tyler." Brad Pitt's Tyler is explained this way, "You were looking for a way to change your life. You could not do this on your own. All the ways you wish you could be - that's me. I look like you want to look... am free in all the ways you are not. Little by little you're letting yourself become - Tyler Durden."

The movie's title is unfortunately misleading, because only a small part of the movie is really about the fighting, which is used as a way for disillusioned men to get out their frustrations. One line by Norton, "This kid from work, Ricky, couldn't remember if you ordered pens with blue ink or black. But Ricky was a 'god' for 10 minutes when he trounced the maitre d' of the local food court", explains the gist of why they fight. It symbolizes the one area where they are in complete control of their pleasure and pain.

That last comment, "maitre d' of the local food court" illustrates the comedic approach to much of the movie. Who ever heard of a food court having a maitre d'? How much lower in the food chain could you get? Or Ricky supplying ink pens at work? One of the fight club "assignments", to pick a fight with a stranger, then lose", has a number of very funny sequences in it.

The movie turns very dark when the fight club kicks itself "up a notch" and begins to plot the destruction of all major buildings housing credit card companies. The rationale - destroy them and all their records of debt, and everyone can start again at ground zero. When Norton's Tyler finally at 1 hour 52 minutes into the film finally figures out what he had done, he tries unsuccessfully to twarth the plan. The final scene shows him and his girlfriend standing before a window in a high-rise, and sequentially all bombs go off and the buildings crash into various piles of rubble. Reminiscent of the final scene of "Doctor Strangelove", where all the nuclear bombs are going off, destroying the world.

The closing line, Norton says, "Everything will be alright. You met me at a really strange time in my life." Again, dark humor.

The genius of this film, if there is any, resides in the premise that the two main characters represent the two extremes of the same person, and in the end the "real" Tyler Durden meets them in the middle. Once you know this premise, and can watch the whole movie in this context, I found it much more enjoyable, made much more sense, and every scene with both Tylers is done completely in character with the premise.

The DVD also has a second DVD which is devoted to extras which are in themselves very interesting if you like to study the art of film-making. However, plan to spend a minimum of 5 hours total in viewing and studying this film to get its full impact.
Don't talk about Fight Club
The first rule of Fight Club is "Don't talk about Fight Club." But we're going to break the first rule of Fight Club and talk about Fight Club.

Fight Club is possibly one of the last original movies made, before Hollywood started ripping off, reimagining and remaking everything that ever made Tinseltown money.

So if for some reason, if you haven't seen Fight Club yet, when you get done reading this, go out and rent Fight Club.

A good movie for me is one that does not end with the credits. And Fight Club is a good movie. And one that stays with you long after the credits begin rolling.

I can't praise the cast enough of this movie enough here. Brad Pitt (Who I'm not a fan of by the way) is perfectly cast as Tyler Durden (and he seems to be having a very good time here) Helena Bonham Carter can always be relied upon for a good performance, here once again, she is superb. As for Edward Norton, it became apparent the year before this movie, with 'American History X' that he was one talented actor destined for great performances in great roles.

His first movie was opposite Richard Gere in Primal Fear in 1996. He was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting actor which he lost to Cuba Gooding Jr. for 'Jerry Maguire' He also won a Golden Globe. Not bad for his first time out. He the. Worked with Woody Allen before his second Oscar Nomination for 'American History X' he lost this time to Roberto Benigni for 'Life is Beautiful'. Benigni also beat out Tom Hanks for 'Saving Private Ryan'. Boy did the Academy get that one wrong!

But this was to be his last great movie. (As of 2014 at least) He has had had a few minor hits since then but there has been something missing in most of his work between then and now.

So, what the hell happened?

Bottom line, Norton got a reputation for being difficult. Lots of people think of Norton as an absolute control freak. That Norton is not someone you want to work with.

Also, Norton isn't shy about airing his opinions to anyone who will listen. If Norton feels like he hasn't gotten the credit he is due, he will shout it from the rooftops. If he isn't happy with the final cut of a movie, he simply promote it. That is frowned on in Hollywood where stars are expected to support their movies no matter what.

Brad Pitt (as I've said I'm not a fan) settled for being a famous A List superstar than making good movies I often said outside the Oceans Franchise ensemble, and with the exception of 'Inglorious Basterds' and 'The Assassination of Jessie James By The Coward Robert Ford' Pitt has not made a good movie since Seven. But I love his performance here. I don't believe another actor could have played the role of Tyler Durden as well as Pitt.

But back to the movie.

Given the talent involved, I'm not surprised this found an audience despite the premise of the movie. The studio wanted to market Fight Club to women because of Pitt. But they knew the film's violence would appeal more to men. It was a tricky one. In the end they hired an ad agency. They did a great job of promoting a tricky movie.

Go watch Fight Club.
A lot of depth for those who look.
To the world: This isn't really a movie about dumb guys beating each other up because they're too bored to do anything else. No, Fight Club is actually about personal and cultural revolution within a corporate consumer society that destroys the human spirit. At least, that's how I saw it.

I loved this movie, and rating it a ten is not some whimsical fancy--I don't hand out gold stars for nothing. It looks good, sounds good, pacing, dialogue, acting, etc. are all excellent. Why it didn't rate higher on the mainstream critics' lists for cinematography alone is beyond me.

What really makes this movie shine, though, is the unflinching way in which it looks at North American society--our mass consumerism, our slavery to stuffy corporate office jobs, our growing lack of what makes us human. The movie doesn't pull many punches.

Norton's character is the automaton office lackey who is desperately searching for meaning in his materialistic shell of a life, Pitt plays the modern-day surfer/hippie Tyler Durden whose devil-may-care, spontaneous attitude to life offers the perfect (?) solution. These two personalities struggle to reconcile their different perspectives on life without destroying their relationship. To make things more difficult, Bonham Carter creates a love triangle to further test the friendship.

Is it better to be free, alive, and chaotic, as in Pitt's anarchistic vision, or safe, secure, and bored like Norton's capitalist American Dream life? Or, can a compromise be found? Can love conquer all? This is the peripheral, deeper stuff Fight Club is made of, not the smack-down action that the trailers and critics focused on.

This movie demands at least one viewing. If you're queasy about violence (there is a graphic fight scene or two), then watch it with someone who's already seen it and ask for an edited version. Even if you don't end up respecting the movie's message or the complicated questions it asks, it remains a well-crafted film, deserving of recognition.
Welcome to movie heaven!
Let's ignore the advice and talk about "Fight Club". This film was a milestone; although it bombed at the box office, Fincher's cinematic language left a mark that can still be felt now, 14 years later, on many current releases. Despite the risky 'cutting edge' nature of the film, Fincher got a huge budget for this and it shows: the camera effects and the whole production design are amazing.

This movie has a raw energy that grips me every time I watch it. What a crazy, fun ride! Whether it is a very clever satire or pure testosterone going on a rampage - both are fine by me. A film so visually stunning and sexy, with career best performances by all involved - welcome to movie heaven.

My vote: 10 out of 10

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