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Crime, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Justin Lin
Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto
Gal Gadot as Gisele Harabo
Gina Carano as DSS Agent
Luke Evans as Owen Shaw
Clara Paget as Vegh
Lee Asquith-Coe as Sgt Sheldern
Joe Taslim as Jah
Rowena Diamond as Hot, Sexy Girl
Jordana Brewster as Mia Toretto
Elsa Pataky as Elena Neves
Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs
Sung Kang as Han
Shea Whigham as Stasiak
Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pearce
Paul Walker as Brian O'Conner
Ludacris as Tej Parker
Kim Kold as Klaus
Storyline: Since Dom (Diesel) and Brian's (Walker) Rio heist toppled a kingpin's empire and left their crew with $100 million, our heroes have scattered across the globe. But their inability to return home and living forever on the lam have left their lives incomplete. Meanwhile, Hobbs (Johnson) has been tracking an organization of lethally skilled mercenary drivers across 12 countries, whose mastermind (Evans) is aided by a ruthless second-in-command revealed to be the love Dom thought was dead, Letty (Rodriguez). The only way to stop the criminal outfit is to outmatch them at street level, so Hobbs asks Dom to assemble his elite team in London. Payment? Full pardons for all of them so they can return home and make their families whole again.
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From guilty pleasure to quality heist film!
I had kinda given up on these movies after 2 Fast, 2 Furious, skipping Tokyo Drift.. When Fast Five came out i had SO many people at work telling me "oh it was awesome" and with all the buzz Fast 6 was getting, i splurged on the Best Buy 10 buck deal and picked up Fast 4 and 5 and watched them... They were entertaining...

Fast 6, though, really does take it to a whole new level. The action and stunt choreography were incredible, the twist of who the mole was in Hobbes' team was a legit surprise, and Giselle's death really caught me off-guard and struck me emotionally.

You knew Han had to die eventually (he had become my favourite character in the 3 films), and i think i might actually go back to watch Tokyo Drift just to see the end of his character properly.

This was a really good movie. Justin Lin has got to be one of the most underrated action directors going right now!
woo!!!!! fast
A typical fast and furious movie loaded with machine guns,cars,muscular men,chicks, far this is the best fast and furious movie,..very fast,enjoyable with terrific and exhaustible action sequences, and furious fans should watch it,..and i recommend for others too,..actually highly recommended... it promises u for the 7th part in the end which ends up in Tokyo,,.. the next thing i wont tell,..because i don't want to spoil u'r movie. The movie keeps u entertained with a very fast moving plot,...jay z and ludicrous's songs,.. FURIOUS 6 is a pure action adrenal type movie,..and a must watch,..GO FOR IT...don't miss this one
Fast & Furious 6 Movie Review By Andrew Brauer
It's crazy to see that this franchise has gone to a sixth entry, but what is even more surprising is that it's actually been getting better. The first four Fast & The Furious were pretty cheesy action movies that would cater to a certain demography, but when Fast Five came out in 2011, I was very surprised at how much fun I had with it, and If I did review movies back in 2011, that would've been on my Top 10 of Best for the year. Now two years later we have Fast & Furious 6, which takes place where Fast Five finished, Dom (Vin Diesel) and his crew are living large as millionaires but Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) shows up and needs Dom's help, as a new group of criminals led by Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) is after an important computer chip that could lead to a even bigger threat. But the big reason why Dom and his crew will help out, is because one of Shaw's right hand men is Dom's former lover Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) who died in one of the previous films, but turns out to not be dead. Dom, Brian, Roman, Tej, and everyone else returns to rescue Letty, and clear they're names for good. Now for starters, does this film have the greatest writing or acting in the world, of course not, but it is insanely fun and without a doubt one of the most entertaining films this year. This film is extremely well directed with Justin Lin (Fast Five) at the helm, the action sequences look incredible and every time something big and exciting was about to happen, I was pumped up and was giggling with excitement. In fact, the final action sequence is one of the coolest action scenes I've witnessed in a long time. The pacing is also quick and hardly slows down, whereas for the story is simple and hardly focuses on it, unless it involves the overall message about family and togetherness. Fast & Furious 6 has what was missing out of Pacific Rim, which the problem with Pacific Rim was too much story, not enough action, Fast & Furious 6 is all action, little story, and it works so well. The acting is fine, everyone has been doing these movies for a while so they know what their doing and they do it well. The humor is great as several times I cracked up (most of it is from the comic relief of Tyrese Gibson's Roman), the soundtrack is great, and although the writing is pretty silly, it does serve for some truly perfect quotes. Problems are that logic is thrown out the window for this film, if you think more than you watch, you'll just hate watching this because hardly anything makes sense. And some scenes around the middle go on a little too long, especially the prison scene. But Fast & Furious 6 is comfortable with what kind of film it is, a silly, over the top, but extremely entertaining crowd pleaser. I haven't this much fun with a movie in a long time, all you need to know is fast cars, hot girls, explosions, and muscles. Just leave your brain at home and enjoy the ride.
Fast & Furious 6 is The best film in the franchise that I love to Death!
Fast & Furious 6 (2013) is the best of the best Action film in the series franchise! It's Justin Lin's Masterpiece and I love it to death. Sorry but is not Fast Five and Furious 7 the best, but is Fast & Furious 6 the best one in the franchise! This my favorite best film of the franchise that I just love to death! The film has great cast and great action, great dialogue! It is the last time that Paul Walker starts in this film. In Furious 7 was his brother who was portraying Brian O'Conner with a fake CGI. In here Paul Walker is real, Justin Lin started a great franchise which ended in this film.

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson reunite for this sixth installment in the 'Fast and Furious' action thriller franchise, directed by Justin Lin. After their lucrative Rio heist, and unable to return home, Dom (Vin Diesel) and the rest of his compatriots are forced to kill time lying low in different locations around the world. When DSS agent Hobbs offers Dom and his crew full pardons in return for taking down Owen Shaw (Luke Evans)'s gang of mercenary drivers, the offer seems too good to pass. But as the rivals head for a showdown on the streets of London, Dom learns that Shaw's second-in-command is none other than his presumed dead former lover, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez).

I love This film to death! This film is about rescuing Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and stopping a brilliant mastermind terrorist hijacker Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) and his team of hijackers.

Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson and Michelle Rodriguez lead a cast of returning all-stars as the global blockbuster franchise built on speed delivers the biggest adrenaline rush yet in this explosive Action Film. Hobbs (Johnson) has been tracking an organization of lethally skilled drivers, whose mastermind (Luke Evans) is aided by the love Dom (Diesel) thought was dead, Letty (Rodriguez). The only way to stop the criminal mercenaries from stealing a top secret weapon is to outmatch them at street level, so Hobbs asks for the help of Dom and his elite team. Payment for the ultimate chase? Full pardons for all of them and a chance to make their families whole again.

The "Fast & Furious" franchise has always been a personal favorite of mine. Sure, as a whole, they're fairly easy to pass off as mindless action films for film goers who want a good rush of big-budget Hollywood action, but I've mostly seen them as more of a chugging train of car movies that simply get better with each new installment, and that's no exception with "Fast & Furious 6," which I'd probably say is the best addition to the series so far. I don't think I've been this thoroughly entertained by an action sequel in a while. The car chases and stunts are bigger, wilder, and more over-the-top than ever before, the characters' previously limited personalities continue to grow quite impressively, and the story manages to be both awesomely ridiculous and surprisingly engaging from start to finish (even though we all know which side is gonna come out victorious in the end).

The action is glorious while it lasts, but then the film goes back to figuring out how to keep its over sized vessel from taking on water. And that's more hard work than it's worth.

Still, the best thing about this flick is the character interaction, even with actors whose roles are this limited. Letty's amnesia adds an interesting soapy twist to the plot that forces Dom to constantly try to remind her why she loves him. Brian's fatherhood also lets Paul Walker do a bit of enjoyably self-serious acting of his own. Otherwise, Tyrese Gibson and Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges are left with the snappy comedic relief, while Gina Carano, Gal Gadot, and Elas Pataky merely get to look feisty and hot in their action scenes (but at least they do a great job at it). As for Dwayne Johnson, he gives an unusually deadpan performance this time around, with only just a few outrageous outbursts of manly banter here and there. Nonetheless, the cast here is consistently entertaining, with the screenplay letting everyone get a chance to shine, even if some of them aren't quite as memorable as others. The script delivered an action moments with high explosions on an airplane that are not forgettable. I love that fight between Gina Carano & Michelle Rodriguez which it was tremendous.

I love this film to death! I love this film to death, Fast & Furious 6 is the best! The battles on airplane are Epic! I consider it as Justin Lin's Masterpiece.

Fast & Furious 6 (alternatively known as Furious 6 or Fast Six) is a 2013 American action film directed by Justin Lin and written by Chris Morgan. It is the sixth installment in The Fast and the Furious franchise. The film stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges, Sung Kang, Luke Evans, Gina Carano, and John Ortiz.

10/10 Score: Bad-Ass Seal Of Approval Studio: Universal Pictures, Original Film Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges Sung Kang, Luke Evans, Gina Carano, John Ortiz Director: Justin Lin Producers: Neal H. Moritz, Vin Diesel, Clayton Townsend Screenplay: Chris Morgan Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 2 Hrs. 10 Mins. Budget: $160.000.000 Box Office: $238.673.370
Definitely Fast and Definitely Furious
I'm not to fond a franchises that don't when it's time to hang it up and let it's running time leave a good memory in our brains but for some reason, the studios want to keep this franchise going but I must say I'm glad they haven't because Fast and Furious 5 was pretty dope and now I can say Fast and Furious 6 is just as equally amazing. I was actually excited to see this movie and believe me when I say, I wasn't disappointed in the least. I'm an action movie junkie, and this film had plenty of it. I've been enjoying the F&F transformation from being a movie about illegal street racing and stealing car parts, to heists, drug lords, undercover agents, the cartel and now, even terrorism.

There was plenty of car chases, hand to hand combat, shoot outs and even a breathtaking ending scene hat involved an airport, a huge aircraft and a takeoff runway that was definitely awesome to watch. Doing six films would definitely bring the cast together, and you can see their chemistry on screen, especially between Tyrese, Ludicrous, the Asian dude and the south American beauty. There comedic banter was funny. I was pleasantly surprised with our antagonist, Luke Evans. I'm used to seeing him play the hero and aiding the good side, so seeing him as the bad guy was different but it worked. Not only is a beyond sexy with that shaved head but it totally worked. My favorite scene was with Riley (from Haywire) chasing Michelle Rodriguez through the subway and Tyrese and Asian dude's character chasing the other bad guy through the subway.

My only pet peeve was the dialogue. You would think that after six movies, the writers could come up with more realistic things for the cast to say instead writing all these cheesy one liners that we've been hearing in 90% of all action movies for the past twenty years. Some of the lines really made me cringe and I had to whisper to myself "really Justin Lin?! That's the best you got?!" But the cheesy one liners were overlooked by a few unpredictable plot twists that helped the story move along.

But overall I give this movie an 8 because it gives you everything an action movies is supposed to offer. Believable bad ass heroes and villains, car chases, big guns, explosions, shoot outs, hand to hand combat, sexy ass kicking women, beautiful cars, sexy men, funny moments, an unforgettable ending action sequence, and of course a post credits scene that makes you anxious for the seventh film. I would definitely recommend this film.
Physics defying and entertaining
This is a really good, action packed, physics defying and entertaining film. After Vin Diesels return to the series it has been better and better, yes they still drive cars, yes they still do heists, yes they make it look really easy and cool to race a car and drive recklessly, but it all works, it is very entertaining and fun.

I also think the new not just racing cars work for this series of films, there has to be more to it then racing, the family aspect and action aspects really gives it something new and exciting.

I don't know what is going to happen with the seventh installment of this, now that Paul Walker can't be part of the crew, he did a great job and will be missed, but I hope they continue in the same spirit and if nothing else finish it off in a nice way.
A guilty pleasure.
Everyone has something they enjoy that they really shouldn't. Lance had drugs, Tiger had women who weren't his wife and I have the F&F franchise. Thankfully my guilty pleasure won't get me into trouble, just weird looks from those who know I have zero interest in cars in real life. But that's the joy of this series: it's a souped-up fantasy with no interest in being grounded. With physics, common sense and realism all gleefully thrown out of the window, returning director Justin Lin concocts an awesome array of ludicrous vehicular set-pieces and bone- crunching fights, accompanied with tongue-in-cheek humour and amusing references to past Fast flicks. The cast know they are on a good wicket with this seemingly invincible franchise and are clearly having a blast. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker lap up the opportunity to play their most popular roles once again, Michelle Rodriguez is back in the part that made her big, Gina Carano and Luke Evans get in on the fun, whilst Dwayne "Samoan Thor" Johnson again commands your undivided attention as law enforcer Hobbs. If these movies aren't your thing then this sixth instalment won't change that, but if you're already a fan then you'll be in a supercharged, nitrous-oxide-injected heaven.
4 Thumbs Up and a See Again
Russell & Cissy's Entertainment Values With Spoilers

Action - Release Date: May 24, 2013 / Universal Pictures

R & C Warnings - intense sequences of violence and action and mayhem throughout, some sexuality and language (29) Rating: PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned -

Runtime 2:03 Review May 20, 2013 - Regal Pointe Orlando Stadium 20

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For those that are fans of Fast & Furious, and those that like super action movies, this is totally entertaining times 10. The stunts and the race scenes were over the top, and the comedy one liners added to a good plot for our heroes. The cinematography and music score was excellent, and the occasional rap song even had me moving to the beat.

Dom ( Vin Diesel ) and Brian ( Paul Walker ) and their crew are living lavishly all over the globe after the big heist, but can not return to the United States for fear of being arrested.

Luke Hobbs ( Dwayne Johnson ) is tracking an elite group of lethal mercenaries across 12 countries trying to foil their master plan. Hobbs tries to recruit Dom and his team to take them down, by using a picture of Letty ( Michelle Rodriguez ) whom Dom thought she was dead.

This movie is fast moving, and takes several surprise turns that keeps the story line realistic.

Then the big surprise in last 3 minutes reveals another bad guy that that will take us to FAST & FURIOUS 7. Who is he ? Someone we all know as an action player, and one that most people would be the last to guess.

So fasten your seat belts. You will be in for a bumpy ride !!!
Action Franchise Isn't Out of Gas Yet
Action Franchise Isn't Out of Gas Yet Fast & Furious 6, as the title implies, is the sixth installment in the long-running action film series. Viewers should put on their seat belts and get ready for over two hours worth of joyriding. Vehicular mayhem never looked this good—so good, in fact, the producers apparently felt compelled to tag a disclaimer on the reel before the credits begin to roll. The film series started out as a vehicle (pun intended) for then-burgeoning action actor Vin Diesel (an apropos surname given the film setting). Since the first film premiered in 2001, it has grown to encompass several more co-stars in its subsequent sequels, leading into its current incarnation as a multicultural ensemble of drag-racing avengers.

This time around, Diesel's Dominic Toretto and former adversary-turned-brother-in-law Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) are visited by globetrotting Interpol agent Hobbs (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) and presented with the proverbial offer they can't refuse: Letty (Michelle Hernandez), a heretofore deceased member of Toretto's crew, was recently seen helping out internationally-wanted criminal Shaw (Luke Evans). Shaw's team of outlaws use similar car-heavy tactics to pull off their heists, and so if Toretto's squad can beat them at their own game, a full pardon—and a reunion with Letty—is the reward. So the Fast & Furious team comes back again for one last job.

The object of Shaw's affection is the film's MacGuffin: a computer database that can disable military security systems. It's fair to say, however, that this is entirely irrelevant to the film, as this screen franchise has built its brand on wilder-than-impossible stunt sequences and the interplay between Toretto's team: chatterbox Roman (Tyrese Gibson), gizmo guru Tej (Chris "Ludacris" Bridges), laid-back Han (Sung Kang) and tough-girl Gisele (Gal Gadot). Another tag-along this time is Hobb's right-hand agent Riley (Gina Carano), who gets to showcase her real-life UFC fighting skills in several confrontations.

This is one of the best comic-book films of the year that aren't based on a comic (screenplay credit goes to Chris Morgan). Despite the relatively threadbare plot (and settings that hip-hop from Moscow to Los Angeles to London and more), director Justin Lin keeps everything from being the flailing mess that it might otherwise be in lesser hands. Sweeping, wide-camera views of urban cityscapes and chasm-spanning bridges help add to the spectacle, and the climax is as exhilarating as it is shamelessly over-the-top. If the epilogue is any indicator, the close-ups of gear-shifting and revving engines definitely haven't ended.

Rating: A-
The Fast and Furious franchise gets even bigger
Just when you think this series can't get any better, they blow your expectations away and deliver another entertaining ride. After getting back on track with the 4th, and stepping their game even further with the 5th, Furious 6 will reach new heights which may be impossible to reach. Following the events of the last movie, Dom and his crew have settled down and are living the life thanks to their successful heist in Brazil. But when Special Agent Hobbs approaches Dom with photos of Letty, Dom's former girlfriend thought dead, the crew get back together to earn their pardons and return home to the US. They will have to face off against Owen Shaw, a ruthless criminal who now has an Letty at his disposal, since she doesn't remember Dom. From the moment the plot is set, the action kicks in and it almost doesn't stop. In between the action less parts, some humor will kick in as well as the genuine drama felt by the characters. As I grow older, I begin to appreciate some finer works of cinema, yet my youthful spirit still has me searching for the right kind of blockbuster, and once again I hit gold with this one. So as far as the aspects of the filmmaking process, aside from the action sequences there isn't anything totally worthy of an applause. But with crazy stunts, characters with the cool factor and insanely fast cars, what more can I ask for. As a fan I can't wait for 2015 to come so I can watch the next film, and in this case, give a memorable farewell to Paul Walker, an eternal member of the FnF family.

Rating: 9,5/10
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