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USA, Puerto Rico
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure
IMDB rating:
Phil Volken
Danny Glover as Constable Haagen
Rafael Perez Martinez as Harbor Master Clerk
James Gordon Jennings as CAPT Gerald, USCG
Elid Barrios as Miguel's Wife
Mauricio Alemañy as Andy Riley
Jorge Cabrera as Jorge (Horhay)
Genesis Castro as Miguel's Older Daughter
Stephanie Baez as Miguel's Younger Daughter
Barkhad Abdi as Miguel Kaba
Marilinda Rivera as Doctor Bethel
Bethany Joy Galeotti as Julie Riley
Eion Bailey as Kevin Riley
Tim Griffin as Actor
Storyline: When a Caribbean family vacation takes a disastrous turn, a father finds himself at the mercy of a cold-blooded fisherman, and a desperate race against the clock to save his wife and son.
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This father got my credit!
First of all, I'm the father of a daughter. If things happen like this I believe I would do most the same as this dad did in the movie. A message to some people seeing this is a nonsense movie, here are my concluding:

1. In real life, You have to imagine there will be a lot more worse and more stupid people than bad guys in the movie that you could never understand WHY!

2. in case no one trusts you, you have to find your own way to solve the problem, not to wait for any congenial ideas from any men, from any government. Because they are not living in your mind, not in your urgent time, not understand your situation, not living for your life, do not expect any empathy if they don't have it... So don't wait for them to say in their final word that is "we are sorry"...

In this particular scene, no men can search for his family among thousand of islands within 1 night and 1 morning, so don't blame that he is stupid unless you put yourself into this...

3. If the father waits for the police to catch that Haiti and tracing banking account, cell phone, interviewing suspects, doing process kinds of stuff... the next day will be wasted forever and could lead to the death of 2 fresh bodies...
Nothing new, but good work
I caught myself being engaged from the start, things unfold just about how you'd expect in this type of movie although you don't know exactly, we've seen it all before, but it is done alright. Engaged, never bored, but never mindblown. The fugitive 'light' in the Caribbean, not much else to say. Polished feel. Well-deserved 7/10.
Unbelievably bad
Please listen to me.

If you rent this movie, you will possibly become enraged while watching it.

Because everything about it is so stupid.

First of all, in the first scene, you hate the wife of the doctor because she's such an irritating rag.

Then, Doc, our main character, who's supposed to be smart because he's a heart surgeon, makes an idiotic decision, putting all three of them at risk of certain stupid, preventable death.

Seemingly endless unpleasantness ensues, none of it believable, until the fast-forward function is utilized.

Nothing adds up. Why was this script approved? Why was this "movie" made?

Wow. Didn't know a product such as this could find its way into NetFlix.
Kept me watching- Kept me thinking as a parent and spouse
A few hours of excitement and "What Would I Do" thoughts. Considering that 99% of us will never experience such a tragedy (hopefully). I really enjoyed watching the movie entirely. The whole point in fictional movies is to use your imagination and try to relate to the characters in the film Right? Well, if you are spouse and parent you can appreciate the pure determination of the characters in the film. Although we root/cheer for the victim, there is a point where you can see why an extortionist would go to such lengths. However, the violence toward the victim was so overbearing. I really did want to have some sympathy toward the "bad guy". However, his actions were truly sinister, and I couldn't feel for his family situation as I would have liked to. This is where I think the writing could have been better. The overall story was very good although some circumstances were a little unrealistic, who cares! I love to see a man go through anything for his family. The boy could have been adopted. I think he was cast exactly for that reason. Blood relation didn't matter. That was HIS son regardless. Lastly this actor reminds me of Bradley Cooper!
Unrealistic, Bad Acting, but with "What I would do?" moments
I haven't been to IMDb site in probably 7 years. However, I was so curious what people said about this movie, that after googling reviews, landed back here and was reading. I felt compelled to register, sing in, and confirm the account all at 1 am my time. Just so I can share a review, that tells something about the movie?

The movie.

The most unbelievable plot ever made.

Plot is so bluntly consequential that you know from the very line of the neighbors about the lawn mower engine that something is going to happen. Now, movie is full of unbelievable and unreal scenes.

Adding to all of these mentioned before

Dad mentions owns a boating license when renting from a local, yet he goes out to open sea without a single bottle of water, no compass, first-aid-kit, etc all things you know and need to know if you get a license. Even if you buy one and not pass you know better.

On the good side, watching you ask yourself - what would you do (even if you wouldn't do such a dumb thing).

Acting is bad. Wife looks hot. Kid is a moron.
Better Than I Expected
I didn't know what to expect from this film with no reviews posted as I write this. What I found was a thriller that contained wild twists and turns as it progressed, but which also contained, at times, such highly implausible plot elements that I found myself shaking my head in disbelief.

Eion Bailey stars here as Dr. Kevin Riley, who is about to embark on a much anticipated Caribbean vacation with his wife Jules (Bethany Joy Lenz) and their six-year-old son Andy (Mauricio E. Alemany). Upon arrival,they rent a boat from a local, but, at the urging of Andy, end up exploring a deserted island far out at sea. However, with their outboard motor failing and with no food or water, they will find themselves in a most precarious and dangerous predicament.

From there, a series of wild and life threatening events will begin, and without writing too many spoilers I will say that a local fisherman named Miguel sees a golden opportunity for extortion here. Barkhad Abdi, who was nominated for and won numerous awards for his motion picture debut in "Captain Phillips" again turns in an amazing and most believable performance as Miguel.

Overall, this movie, written and directed by Phil Volken, was better than I anticipated and certainly kept my attention throughout, but be prepared for some extremely implausible plot elements along the way.
Great Thriller! Highly Recommend!
One of the best thrillers I've seen in years. Keep's you on the edge of your seat the whole time with lots of heart stomping twists and turns.

A family vacation to the Caribbean goes horribly wrong when Father played by Eion Bailey as Dr. Kevin Riley and his wife and child end up exploring a deserted island far out at sea. The motor fails on their boat and they are stuck and with no food or water on this island only to have a local fisherman find them days later, however, instead of helping rescue them, he decides to extort the father for money. The question "How much is your family worth" sets the tone and speaks volumes of what a person is willing to endure to save his family.

Powerful performances by Eion Bailey, Bethany Joy Lenz, Barkhad Abdi with amazing cinematography and aerial shots by director Phil Volken.
far from a B movie
I read a few of the reviews who hated the movie. "how did this make it to Netflix?" - I can tell you how :)

It is entertaining. I read people complaining about how unrealistic the movies are. But those are the same kinds of people who love the Transformers series :) Not saying the movie is unrealistic, but let's face it. It's a movie, not a documentary.

There are a few plot holes, I give you that. But as a software engineer I just roll my eyes when someone 'hacks into a system' (again) in some movie for the sake of storytelling.

I do not need every single detail of the movie to be well researched. Which is why it is a movie.

So much about the disclaimer :) The movie itself is good. Main characters do a great job, it takes you around a few turns in the Caribbean - and the overall message of the movie is great. Family matters more than money.

I rate it 7/10 because of the things that other people actually hated the movie for. I liked it, I just consider those gaps in research 'flaws', not total failures :)

It is definitely worth watching. It is well cast and entertainingly written and filmed. It's far from a B-movie or a low-budget production.

Whoever calls this low-budget doesn't know the first thing about production value.
a man will do anything for his family
The scenario"A fun trip go horribly wrong" had been done countless time before and is one of my favorite movie sub genre but if only it well directed and this movie Extortion (2017) hit all the right note in my book.The movie told a story about a family man will do anything to get back his family when he get caught up in a deadly situation involving a local fish man.The thing i like the most about this movie is although the bad and good guy line is pretty clear from the beginning but the more the movie go the more you will feel sympathy for the bad guy brilliant played by Barkhad Abdi a very underrated actor you may recognize from Captain Phillips.The main character played by Eion Bailey also very good in this movie when it come to emotional scene and showing the die hard will of a man.I'm also very please when seeing Danny Glover in this movie despite being a supporting character.The thing turned me off the most is i freaking hate what they did with Barkhad Abdi character when they kill him off during the movie climax.
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