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USA, Puerto Rico
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure
Phil Volken
Danny Glover as Constable Haagen
Rafael Perez Martinez as Harbor Master Clerk
James Gordon Jennings as CAPT Gerald, USCG
Elid Barrios as Miguel's Wife
Mauricio Alemañy as Andy Riley
Jorge Cabrera as Jorge (Horhay)
Genesis Castro as Miguel's Older Daughter
Stephanie Baez as Miguel's Younger Daughter
Barkhad Abdi as Miguel Kaba
Marilinda Rivera as Doctor Bethel
Bethany Joy Galeotti as Julie Riley
Eion Bailey as Kevin Riley
Tim Griffin as Actor
Storyline: When a Caribbean family vacation takes a disastrous turn, a father finds himself at the mercy of a cold-blooded fisherman, and a desperate race against the clock to save his wife and son.
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VIEWS ON FILM review of Extortion
Not to be confused with 2015's Extraction and its similar poster, Extortion is my latest review. With its star in the making locales, its natural character acting, and its gnawing tension that may upset you, Extortion takes the ordinary family vacation and turns it into a plunging nightmare. After seeing this movie, you might want to take heed when hastily visiting the Caribbean. Also, you might wanna ride a jet ski as opposed to any other form of zipped buoyancy.

The plot of Extortion is fairly original despite the fact that it kinda nods towards films like Cast Away and 1997's Breakdown. As it begins, your hunch tells you that something really bad is about to happen. Extortion involves a doctor, his wife, and his young tyke of a son. This parentage gets more than they bargain for. Believe it. They go on a warm getaway, they decide to rent an old boat, and they become stranded on a deserted island. Then, a fisherman attempts to rescue them but wants a million dollars in return.

Directed with relentless verve by Phil Volken, Extortion doesn't indulge in cinematic gimmicks and moves at a decent clip. Volken has his flick play detective as the story goes off into many stirring directions. He uses overhead shots and some jittery camera-work. Overall, his method is just plain efficacious. His troupers don't let him down either. Eion Bailey plays with nerve-ending intensity, the protagonist doctor named Kevin Riley. And Barkhad Abdi who's more creepy here than he was in Captain Phillips, channels the antagonistic fisherman named Miguel Kaba.

Part thriller, part drama. and part psychological horror fare, Extortion shattered me and I'm sure it will shatter you too. Granted, it doesn't have a notable lead or a strong marketing ploy. And it's only being released in U.S. and in the Philippines. Regardless, this thing is still my pick for biggest movie surprise of 2017. It's cynical, frustrating, nasty, and harrowing. Heck, it's okay to get "blackmailed" into seeing Extortion. Rating: 3 and a half stars.
Excellent this film has everything
From start to finish this film is quality twists and turns shame about the ending or it would of been a ten as i would like to have seen what happened with the murder charges against the doctor brilliant acting all it was missing is barman bobby and one legged winston. But honestly ignore all the bad reviews this film is a definite 9 out of ten pure quality had me on the edge of my seat i fell off a couple of times but was OK when i got back up just a bit sore get it right up yas
Highly entertaining thriller guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat
This is the first time i am ever writing a movie a review on IMDb. So bear with me if my English is not good. But this movie deserves one. This movie literally kept me on the edge of the seat and gasping on the violent and unexpected twists. Many a time a scene comes and you are left wondering 'what the hell just happened'. With hell lot of twists and surprises this movie keeps the action going on. There are no particular points along the time line where you are bored. Pure thriller from start to end. Also happy to see Danny Glover in action. all in all a must see. it deserves a rating more than 7.
Pleasantly Surprised!
This movie was rented solely for the interesting title. I'd never even heard of it. Subconsciously, I was wishing for one those "sleepers", unknown-type treasures that I find every now and then. Like an awesome secret that only a few know about. And low and behold!! It did not disappoint! It's an exhilarating thriller! Of course- some things are sorta predictable- but it doesn't take away from the edge-of-your-seat story-line. There are somethings that might not be plausible- but hey- it's a movie! There are events that take you on a path of common predictability- then the twists spice it up all over again.

The glaringly obvious- however- is that they expect us to believe a cute little ethnic boy, with a heavy accent, is the biological child of the couple! HOW?! If the story had told us that the little boy is adopted because the couple desperately wanted a child but weren't able to conceive, it would remove this giant casting blunder. Otherwise, why would this couple have a child who speaks with a heavy, non-U.S. accent, and look like his parents are Latino. Could've been easily fixed.

Rent the movie! You won't regret! Hope this crew makes more movies! Sans the obvious boo-boo. I enjoyed watching it!
it has an entertaining value.
This movie is just OK. The story is noting special, lots of barely believable scenes on which I had to "close" my eyes. I would have expected more from Kevin, an American doctor, in terms of being if not smart, but at least having some brains not to get his family into a potentially dangerous situation, which ended up being disastrous. I am assuming that doctors do have some intellect outside of their medical practices. Now about acting. It was just satisfactory and at times Eion Bailey completely fails to deliver emotions expected from a distraught and desperate father and husband whose family is on a brink of survival. They say that eyes don't lie and it is through eyes we express out emotions, not from a face scrunching ( Will Smith and J.Aniston have never figured this out), so in few scenes where Kevin's agony should have reached an apogee, his eyes remain absolutely calm. I should probably mention that he did manage to pull some emotions in some scenes, but as a whole, his performance was uneven. All other actors did not occupy the screen for long enough to rate their performances, but I would say that no one had impressed me. It is not a bad film, I still recommend to see it, for it has an entertaining value.
Cheesy low budget waste of time
Obvious, cheesy low budget movie. Acting is poor, the plot is predictable and not logical. Don't be fooled by the trailer, this movie is complete disaster. It is so predictable and unrealistic. At one point I had to stop watching because the movie got out of control. The camera is terrible as well, I felt dizzy at times.
Great movie.
Actually a great movie , you would think its predictable family goes to a vacation get kidnapped and they make it out but no it leaves you thinking.Its very interesting, a good thriller contains great plot twist.Acting is fine, director has done a very good job , soundtrack well i didn't even notice any interesting songs , story as i said was kind of a cliché but its acceptable.Rating 8/10
The plot was repetitive, we have already seen in several movies, but I liked the movie
The plot was repetitive, we have already seen in several movies, but I liked the movie

The actors did a wonderful job with the material they had, although I would have liked to see the consequences of Kevin's actions at the end...
Nothing new, but good work
I caught myself being engaged from the start, things unfold just about how you'd expect in this type of movie although you don't know exactly, we've seen it all before, but it is done alright. Engaged, never bored, but never mindblown. The fugitive 'light' in the Caribbean, not much else to say. Polished feel. Well-deserved 7/10.
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