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USA, Puerto Rico
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure
IMDB rating:
Phil Volken
Danny Glover as Constable Haagen
Rafael Perez Martinez as Harbor Master Clerk
James Gordon Jennings as CAPT Gerald, USCG
Elid Barrios as Miguel's Wife
Mauricio Alemañy as Andy Riley
Jorge Cabrera as Jorge (Horhay)
Genesis Castro as Miguel's Older Daughter
Stephanie Baez as Miguel's Younger Daughter
Barkhad Abdi as Miguel Kaba
Marilinda Rivera as Doctor Bethel
Bethany Joy Galeotti as Julie Riley
Eion Bailey as Kevin Riley
Tim Griffin as Actor
Storyline: When a Caribbean family vacation takes a disastrous turn, a father finds himself at the mercy of a cold-blooded fisherman, and a desperate race against the clock to save his wife and son.
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SPOILERS *This is a definitely must watch movie, from start to finish I couldn't fault it, great picture, brilliant performances and directing from the cast and crew,one of the best movies I've seen All year. Had me feeling tense, excited, nervous, and emotional. Iff there was anything bad I could say about this film, was the pornographic music at the end, and a 3 time gold Olympic medalist mo farra up to no good shouting the odds wanting a million pounds transferred into his bank account within 2hrs!!!, absolute pandemonium lol, respect to all the cast and crew including Jim Carey, big Tony, Mr genuine, Dr harbinson, and last but not least David price (big pricey)
Is Treasue Island Real?
Kevin Riley (Eion Bailey) is the county hospital heart surgeon who can't fix his own lawn mower. So when he takes his family out for a boat ride, we already know he won't be able to fix it. They get help from Miguel (Barkhad Abdi) who extorts money from the doctor then leaves everyone for dead. Kevin manages to survive and the authorities (Danny Glover etc.) don't seem to be any help, thinking he planned the whole thing for the insurance money. Kevin conducts his own investigation to find his family...

Eion Baily is not Liam Neeson so when he gears up to go "walking tall" there is no adrenaline rush. A doctor who can't fix a lawn mower has zero MacGyver potential too. He is not a former SEAL or special operative, just a guy. Danny Glover has a role smaller than his billing, meaning they can't sell the film on it's own merits. Low energy.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
Good movie with flaws.
Enjoyed the movie. Like others I had problems with 1)Son with a Spanish accent, 2)Doc with brainless actions at times, 3)Deckhand getting hit by a car but able to point to the island, and 4)Mouth to mouth saving kid dying of dehydration, but it was a suspenseful movie that I enjoyed. I wish they had continued it just a bit to see what consequences the doc was going to face after all of his illegal maneuvers to get his family back (murder, armed robbery, etc).
Great movie.
Actually a great movie , you would think its predictable family goes to a vacation get kidnapped and they make it out but no it leaves you thinking.Its very interesting, a good thriller contains great plot twist.Acting is fine, director has done a very good job , soundtrack well i didn't even notice any interesting songs , story as i said was kind of a cliché but its acceptable.Rating 8/10
9/10 stars. full of plot twists and so many feels!
I don't normally review movies on IMDb, but I went into this movie not expecting too much. It got great reviews on rotten tomatoes and only 6/10 on IMDb. I gotta tell you this movie is fantastic. Full of suspense and drama, kept me on the edge of my seat the entire movie. It also full of feels, and you don't even expect it. I recommend this movie as a sleeper hit, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a suspenseful thriller with a great ending.
Kept me watching- Kept me thinking as a parent and spouse
A few hours of excitement and "What Would I Do" thoughts. Considering that 99% of us will never experience such a tragedy (hopefully). I really enjoyed watching the movie entirely. The whole point in fictional movies is to use your imagination and try to relate to the characters in the film Right? Well, if you are spouse and parent you can appreciate the pure determination of the characters in the film. Although we root/cheer for the victim, there is a point where you can see why an extortionist would go to such lengths. However, the violence toward the victim was so overbearing. I really did want to have some sympathy toward the "bad guy". However, his actions were truly sinister, and I couldn't feel for his family situation as I would have liked to. This is where I think the writing could have been better. The overall story was very good although some circumstances were a little unrealistic, who cares! I love to see a man go through anything for his family. The boy could have been adopted. I think he was cast exactly for that reason. Blood relation didn't matter. That was HIS son regardless. Lastly this actor reminds me of Bradley Cooper!
Nothing new, but good work
I caught myself being engaged from the start, things unfold just about how you'd expect in this type of movie although you don't know exactly, we've seen it all before, but it is done alright. Engaged, never bored, but never mindblown. The fugitive 'light' in the Caribbean, not much else to say. Polished feel. Well-deserved 7/10.
Cheesy low budget waste of time
Obvious, cheesy low budget movie. Acting is poor, the plot is predictable and not logical. Don't be fooled by the trailer, this movie is complete disaster. It is so predictable and unrealistic. At one point I had to stop watching because the movie got out of control. The camera is terrible as well, I felt dizzy at times.
Unrealistic, Bad Acting, but with "What I would do?" moments
I haven't been to IMDb site in probably 7 years. However, I was so curious what people said about this movie, that after googling reviews, landed back here and was reading. I felt compelled to register, sing in, and confirm the account all at 1 am my time. Just so I can share a review, that tells something about the movie?

The movie.

The most unbelievable plot ever made.

Plot is so bluntly consequential that you know from the very line of the neighbors about the lawn mower engine that something is going to happen. Now, movie is full of unbelievable and unreal scenes.

Adding to all of these mentioned before

Dad mentions owns a boating license when renting from a local, yet he goes out to open sea without a single bottle of water, no compass, first-aid-kit, etc all things you know and need to know if you get a license. Even if you buy one and not pass you know better.

On the good side, watching you ask yourself - what would you do (even if you wouldn't do such a dumb thing).

Acting is bad. Wife looks hot. Kid is a moron.
unrealistic, poorly written
This movie is horrible, poorly written, very unrealistic. ****Spoiler alert**** Unbelievable things that happen in this movie. 1. The Spanish captain getting hit by a truck on an empty street. 2. The Spanish captain pointing to the island on his last dying breath 3. The dad finding the Spanish captain on the exact same bus he randomly got on. 4. The spear going off, then killing the daughter, then stabbing the dad, after it was being laid down on a table gently. 5. The dad not being able to carry the wife to the boat, which is 10 more feet. 6. The dad using CPR to save his son from Starvation/Dehydration. 7. The dad escaping 4 police officers after his wrestles a gun from one as he is recovering from a stab wound. 8. The villain asking for 1 million dollars to begin with. 9. Him negotiating with police after he is wanted for a double murder.

Everyone giving this movie good reviews need to rethink if any thing in this movie is actually possible.
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