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Romance, Comedy
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Catalina Aguilar Mastretta
Shanik Hughes as Nurse
Karl Kwiatkowski as Sweet Looking Guy
Amor Flores as Young mom
Alejandro Camacho as Francisco
Jayce Alexander Basques as Good Looking Hipster
Ben O'Toole as Asher
Karla Souza as Clara
Ximena Romo as Lily Álvarez
Stefanie Estes as Bartender
K.C. Clyde as Max
Storyline: On the surface, Clara Barron seems to have it all: a job as an OB-GYN; a great house in LA; and a loving family. But, the one thing Clara doesn't have figured out is her love life. Pressured by a family wedding in Mexico, Clara asks a co-worker to pose as her boyfriend for the weekend festivities,- only to be caught by surprise when her ex- boyfriend (and family favorite) suddenly shows up after disappearing from her life completely. Torn, Clara must decide between going back to the past or open her heart to new and unexpected possibilities.
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chick flick - comedy-romance
Most of use have been there heartbroken by a relationship that didn't work out so not an uncommon story line but this was a very comical Mexican family. (Great actors) Go see if love wins, well it always does right ha!. Laughed a few times. Has romantic scenes that made me cry. Total chick flick. Good girls night out movie.
Fun, Lite Chic-Flick Date Move
EVERYBODY LOVES SOMEBODY (Mexico) Dir. Catalina Aguilar Mastretta (English and Spanish language)

Successful obstetrician Clara (Karla Souza, The Noble Family) spends her time between Los Angeles and her family in Baja California. She appears to have everything but love. Just when she seems on the verge of letting love back into her life, her ex unexpectedly reappears, setting into motion choices for Clara about love, and about herself. The film is an engaging, funny, and bittersweet bilingual romantic comedy.

I loved the family dynamics in the film. While the writing, or rather the situation it portrays, is very soap-opera-ish, it is nonetheless a well crafted screenplay. The dialogue is fresh, believable and ultimately drives the narrative thrust. It is well executed, in the style of the screwball comedies of Grant & Hepburn, Combard & Powell, etc. A sweet little gem.

Scoring the different elements of the film objectively, 1 to 4:

Script/Story: 3.5, loved the ending; well crafted narrative.

Cinematography/Visual Effects: 3; competently shot, plays well and looks well

Editing: 3; paced well

Sound Effects: 3

Musical Score: 3.5, interesting musical choices, pop et. al.

Performances: 3; believable, very likable characters..

Production Design: Sets, Locations, Costumes, etc.: 2.5; pretty, contemporary, ordinary look.

I would recommend this sweet, light, entertaining romantic comedy. Very likable cast, particularly as I met them at the World Premier at PSIFF17 where they had a "red carpet"-type media reception for the stars and the film makers (director, producers, etc.) and I was a volunteer at the reception and screening. Thumbs up! And a great thumbs up to the Palm Springs International Film Festival!!! #PSIFF17
Come for Karla Souza... stay for the story
This is definitely a light comedy worth recommending. I have to confess that the only reason I decided to watch this movie was because I saw Miss Souza headlining it, but being honest the dynamics, characters and narrative of the movie are quite good.

The movie itself gives a direct look at what America has become, exploring the reality of hundreds or even thousands of people that have a split life between the US and Mexico, and that have nothing to do with drugs, trafficking or organized crime.

Clara (Souza) gives a great performance and her character is quite lovable.
A Cynical Message About Love?
This film is a romantic comedy without either romance or comedy. It appears to be more of a cynical meditation on love in the twenty-first century. The lead performer delivers a dynamic performance, but what is one to think of her conflicted character who seemingly lacks any kind of self-worth or sensitivity to the feelings of other people?

Written and directed by Catalina Aguilar Mastretta, the film opens with a lengthy meditation on love that is simply filled with negative slogans. At the heart of the message is the perception of love as "the privilege of only a chosen few" and the argument that "true love is, in the best of cases, unlikely." This negative outlook is that of the central character named Clara. But her point of view is not borne out in the relationships of other characters in the film, especially the loving connection between her parents and her sister's happy marriage.

Clara is seemingly locked in an adolescent angst due to the heartbreaking experience of her first love, a restless character named Daniel who left Clara to join Doctors Without Borders, was fired, and then showed up without warning to try to rekindle his relationship with her. Concurrently, Clara has met a level-headed doctor who is a widower and seems to offer her stability and commitment.

In the narrative that unfolds in this triangle, Clara does her best to avoid commitment to either man. She even seeks to undermine the relationship of one of her female patients with her husband. An implausible happy ending is tacked on to the film that instills no confidence in Clara's potential for operating in an adult world.

A defining moment for Clara occurs when she blurts out in the car, "Oh, my god, I'm such a horrible person." While the actress was terrific in this role, it was unfortunate that the screenplay offered little redemption for her character, never lucidly acknowledging her own vulnerability or willingness to suffer the slings and arrows of the vicissitudes of love.
Surprisingly good ROM-COM
Coming from a guy who went to see this film out of pure curiosity and the simple fact that there was nothing worthwhile to watch at my movie theater, I am happy that I made the decision to check out this cute, light-hearted romantic comedy. Overall, I enjoyed all of the performances and if it had not been for my familiarity with Karla Souza from How To Get Away With Murder and Alejandro Camacho who appears in various novelas, I probably would've ignored this film. Glad that wasn't the case.
It's a familiar story with a predictable story line and ending
Even though it's a predictable light comedy, it had a few surprises. The biggest surprise was that 75% of the movie is in Spanish and you have to read the subtitles. The preview of the movie was only in English and gave no hint that I have to read the subtitles and to me that takes away from enjoying the movie.
rom com.
spoiler. it's a rom-com, so you know the ending. however, we do have to get from "a" to "z". and the road is not your usual stereotypical stuff. we have a seeming successful doctor, with a loving family and an empty life. she fills the void with alcohol, sadly. would drugs have been better? anyway, she needs a date for a wedding, and voila, there's your movie. an ex boyfriend shows up, natch, and problems ensue. her date, a saint, God help us, is a man of straight up good character and good things like that. of course, the ex is, well, catnip. we do get to "z", but not how you might figure. the dynamic is really well defined and the family dialogue is not bad. there is a late scene between the sister and brother-in=law which is quite lovely. he explains love and marriage. it's probably a chick flick, but I think the date could get through it. not bad, really.
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