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Comedy, Family
IMDB rating:
David Bowers
Danny Vinson as Hog Man
Neva Howell as Farmer Lady
Mira Silverman as Brandi Beardo
Wyatt Walters as Manny Heffley
Joshua Hoover as Mac Digby
Dylan Walters as Manny Heffley
Owen Asztalos as Rowley
Charlie Wright as Rodrick Heffley
Jason Ian Drucker as Greg Heffley
Alicia Silverstone as Susan Heffley
Chris Coppola as Mr. Beardo (as Christopher A. Coppola)
Tom Everett Scott as Frank Heffley
Storyline: A Heffley family road trip to attend Meemaw's 90th birthday party goes hilariously off course thanks to Greg's newest scheme to get to a video gaming convention. This family cross-country adventure turns into an experience the Heffleys will never forget.
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The story was about Greg going to a road trip with his family.
The movie was good, and it was funny. I liked how Rodrick made himself look so dumb, like the part of putting the pizza in a saver. How "Greg got stuck in the man that hates him" bed. I think this is recommended for anyone who loves funny stories, diaries, and diary of the wimpy kid. Also, it is recommended to be watched by families. I love the first scene where the kids got messy with ice cream in the restaurant like the book shows you. This shows us teens or families going to trips, and can relate to real life at times, except for some parts like the pig or the seagull attack.
Y d hell people down-rating this fantastic movie
I loved this movie $$$$$$$$$$$$ Don't know why people always want to watch serious brain eating f&kin movies.If not the best This is certainly the 2nd best In this whole wimpy kids series. ^^&&**%%%%$$$b Jason Drucker Is good. All in all great movie %%%%%%%$$$$$$$$$$$$ I enjoyed it thoroughly. If u like watching Kids & Family comedy movies u gonna love this and if u R shitty mean kids hating adult then don't watch movies just get admission In philosophical study center.
Don't see this movie if you want this series
The movie is awful and doesn't have the fun the series had through the years. I prefer to read this series that watching this garbage. Even the new cast is horrible and the character I hated more was the new live-action version of Rodrick. It's not because of racism, it's just that it doesn't combine the movie and the character itself. His aspect ís like he isn't Frank Heffley's real son or something familiar and it's not simply okay to see it as the same character of Rodrick we've seen before. This movie as I said before in short words, this movie isn't funny anymore. Don't lose money to this crap and better read the book even if you don't like to.
Good laugh for what it is
Started a little slow, I think because I was used to the old cast. Don't try to make more out of it than it is. I liked Greg better in this movie than any of the previous 3. He is not a jerk in this movie. I took my 2 daughters and we all enjoyed it. I laughed out loud several times and had a good time.
Boring script, boring acting boring boring boring
How boring was this film. I liked the other Diary films but this fell really short. The funnies were just simply not funny. I can't say 1 good thing about this film.

I'm struggling. It wasn't as bad as Baywatch but that's not a compliment. Why did they change the characters? The previous characters were really good. These new ones are terrible. They looked bored delivering the lines and bored of being in this film.
Its fun tho
I don't understand the bad reviews, I enjoyed it till the end of the movie play.

I am half way to 30 years old and this new Wimpy Kid is greatly enjoyable. Its not par with the other sequels of Wimpy Kid, but it has it moment and I like it where its not too heavy. For your info, I watched all the other Wimpy Kid sequels with the original casts and I owned every book of Wimpy Kid from the start.

Definitely fun, I had to say it again. Watch it yourself, don't read the bad reviews. Give this movie a chance. It doesn't deserve 3 star at all.

I feel bad for the filmmaker.

9.6/10 !!
Great Movie!
I don't know why everyone is hating on this movie so much. It was absolutely hilarious! Sure they replaced the original actors, but the new ones portrayed the characters very well. It was a highly entertaining story and it is nice to see a comedy movie that is actually funny without being dirty for once! Ignore the bad reviews and go see it!
Unbelievably bad. The writers think you and your kids are stupid.
The other Diary Of A Wimpy kid films are nothing more than decent or average, but at least they aren't as bad as this. I don't know why this DOAWK entry is particularly awful, especially since it's made by the same director, writers, and producers of the other films. The Long Haul is so poorly made that it should be shown in Filmmaking 101 courses as a "how NOT to make a movie" lesson. In fact, not a single thing in this film is done right. Every character is stupid to the point where it's completely unrealistic. The acting is almost universally horrible, especially from the kid actors who seem to have no idea what's going on. The same background extras are reused in every scene, and most of them even look straight into the camera on multiple occasions. The story is cliché and the script feels like it was actually written by a 10-year-old. However, more than anything else, not a single joke is funny in this film, and most of them make absolutely no sense at all.

Here are some, not all, but SOME of the horrendous moments in this film:

-A bag of Cheetos falls into a hot tub with Greg, resulting in him being dyed orange from the neck down. Not only does this make zero sense, but he then has a three-minute long conversation with his dad while still being dyed orange in his tighty-whities, and his dad never brings it up. Like "hey son, why is your skin orange?" Nope, he never even notices it, as if it's totally normal.

-Rodrick confuses a safe for a microwave and locks their only food in the safe.

-Rodrick confuses cinnamon roles for his brains and guts, and passes out from shock when he sees his little brother eating said cinnamon role, thinking he just ate a piece of his brain.

-The youngest brother wins a piglet at a fair and somehow it's all Greg's fault, even though Greg had absolutely nothing to do with it.

-The Heffley's live in Ohio but it takes them two days to get to Indiana, which is a neighboring state.

-Crashing into a soft bale of hay somehow destroys their van's engine.

-Throughout the entire film, Greg is being chased by a psychotic redneck family for no reason, but he spends the entire film keeping it a secret from his family. Why? Does he think he'll get grounded for being stalked by a murderous redneck? Greg'll run into them somewhere and tell his parents "uh...I-uh, I gotta use the bathroom!" and runs away. At one point, they're even like "Greg, do you know that man? You're acting strange." And he's like "Huh? Who, me? I-uh, I never seen him! I'm not acting strange! Whoops gotta go, bye!" Perhaps if he actually did something to the man, like stole something from him, I'd get why he'd keep it a secret. But that never happens. Why he doesn't inform his parents of a strange man trying to kill him is beyond me.

-The family lose their luggage and it ends up being stolen by the redneck family. Instead of reasonably calling the cops, they decide to chase it down themselves. Later, the Heffley's find the redneck's car at a hotel. Again, instead of calling the cops, they decide to break into their hotel room and steal it back.

-In the dumbest moment of the movie, while the Heffley's are in the above hotel room of the redneck family, the mom decides it'd be best to clean themselves up using their shower. Yes. Right in the middle of a quick and stealthy burglary attempt, they say "wow, we look dirty! We need to wash up!" and they decide to take a shower at the hotel room of the person they're stealing from.

There are much more moments like that, but I'd be here all day listing them. In fact, there is a horrendous, unfunny, or confusing moment roughly every 30 seconds of this film. There are reviews on here calling the acting "fantastic" and the story "amazing", people saying critics are being way too harsh. No, I'd say the critics are exactly correct. None of the other DOAWK films come anywhere close to being this awful. They all had much better acting, directing, writing, stories, funnier jokes, etc. To the people who wrote positive reviews for this film; just because sad music plays over a scene doesn't automatically make the film sad. Just because your 5-year-old liked it doesn't mean it's automatically a great film. In fact, as I was walking out of the theater, a group of young girls no older than 8 said "that film was stupid!" I agree, little girl.
This is an ABYSMAL film that was very POORLY received since the trailers came out. A film that kids, adults, and especially ''Diary of a Wimpy Kid'' fans will really hate.
How was this film even made? WHY? Where do I even begin? Let's start with the story, or, this film's LACK of a story. It's just random sub plots mixed up together to make the story for a 90 minute film. It makes it CONFUSING, MESSY, and, worst of ALL, BORING.

Next up, we have the film's writing, and it's DREADFUL! It's nothing more than pop culture references, and potty humor. LOTS AND LOTS OF POTTY HUMOR. JUST AS MUCH AS ''Norm Of The North'', another abysmal film! And do you know why the writing is so bad? Easy! Jeff Kinney's involvement! This was the first time he wrote for the films, and it really shows how bad it is. Wow.

And then there's the acting. Jason Drucker doesn't do a very good job as Greg Heffley. Owen Asztalos as Rowley is no Robert Capron(who did a great job as Rowley). Alicia Silverstone does look like she's having fun in this film, but her performance as Greg's mother leaves a lot to be desired. Chris Coppola does such an over the top job as Mr. Beardo, it makes me feel nauseous. Joshua Hoover does a rather obnoxious job as Mac Digby, but at least it shows he was trying to have fun here. But that's nothing, NOTHING compared to Charlie Wright as Rodrick. Everyone knows about that #notmyrodrick meme that happened all over the internet, right? Well, yeah! He does such an abysmal job here, and no doubt about it it's easily the worst casting choice in the film.

The only actor who did an alright job in this film was Tom Everett Scott as Greg's father. Yeah, sure, say all you want, but at least it shows he was trying hard, and put some effort. I could say the same for the actor playing Manny as well, but still.

Last off, there's the CGI. It looks awful as a whole, but the scene with the seagulls is easily the worst. They look fake and very unappealing, JUST LIKE THE ENTIRE FILM! I can't BELIEVE that Fox actually decided to release this abomination of theaters. And did you know that this film got AWFUL reviews since the TRAILER came out? Fans will hate this film, adults will hate this film, and kids will hate this film. DO NOT SEE THIS FILM. STAY FAR, FAR, FAR away. (This film really deserves a 0/10, but the lowest IMDb can give is a 1/10. So there.)
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