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Comedy, Family
IMDB rating:
David Bowers
Danny Vinson as Hog Man
Neva Howell as Farmer Lady
Mira Silverman as Brandi Beardo
Wyatt Walters as Manny Heffley
Joshua Hoover as Mac Digby
Dylan Walters as Manny Heffley
Owen Asztalos as Rowley
Charlie Wright as Rodrick Heffley
Jason Ian Drucker as Greg Heffley
Alicia Silverstone as Susan Heffley
Chris Coppola as Mr. Beardo (as Christopher A. Coppola)
Tom Everett Scott as Frank Heffley
Storyline: A Heffley family road trip to attend Meemaw's 90th birthday party goes hilariously off course thanks to Greg's newest scheme to get to a video gaming convention. This family cross-country adventure turns into an experience the Heffleys will never forget.
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Children only
Firstly..I read reviews clearly written by adults...what on earth are you up to writing a review of a kids movie? It's not made for you so stay well alone!

If you want to review movies , review a movie made for your own age and not a kids movie.

The litmus test is how the audience re-acts. I have to say in my local theatre they loved it..that is the kids loved it...laughing all the way through at the gross and the funny..That's because it's MADE for them.

I almost enjoyed it myself as I picked up on the fun from the atmosphere. Obviously it's not a Glenngarry or a Missing( if you don't know these movies then my point has been made about you watching kids movies)!

I would hope that the adults will stay away from reviewing kids movies and stop giving it low scores...that is unfair. If kids reviewed grown up movies they would also give low scores..that too would be unfair.

This is a chirpy and silly laughfest for kids and families ...lots of laughter and mayhem with a new cast.( how dare the actors grow up and not be able to play the roles...shocking)!

Well worth a visit with the little ones !!
My boys loved this film.
The poor reviews so far are wrong. I nearly didn't let my boys watch it because the reviews were so bad. They loved the books and loved the previous films so we watched it, boys thought it was brilliant and I thought it was good too. Basically I think if you like the previous films then you should give it a try, as i was pleasantly surprised.
The story was about Greg going to a road trip with his family.
The movie was good, and it was funny. I liked how Rodrick made himself look so dumb, like the part of putting the pizza in a saver. How "Greg got stuck in the man that hates him" bed. I think this is recommended for anyone who loves funny stories, diaries, and diary of the wimpy kid. Also, it is recommended to be watched by families. I love the first scene where the kids got messy with ice cream in the restaurant like the book shows you. This shows us teens or families going to trips, and can relate to real life at times, except for some parts like the pig or the seagull attack.
Y d hell people down-rating this fantastic movie
I loved this movie $$$$$$$$$$$$ Don't know why people always want to watch serious brain eating f&kin movies.If not the best This is certainly the 2nd best In this whole wimpy kids series. ^^&&**%%%%$$$b Jason Drucker Is good. All in all great movie %%%%%%%$$$$$$$$$$$$ I enjoyed it thoroughly. If u like watching Kids & Family comedy movies u gonna love this and if u R shitty mean kids hating adult then don't watch movies just get admission In philosophical study center.
Worth My Family's Time
I'm a fairly tough reviewer and critic, however I don't review very often, and I wanted to contribute to this particular movie because of the ironic reviews from the media and professional critics. I have two girls - 7 and 5 years old - and the older one absolutely begged me to watch this movie. I also wanted to watch it from the trailer and from the prior movie editions I've seen in the past, however this one I was very hesitant on after reading up on the reviews. After reading one specific review right before mine, I decided to take the plunge. I felt like kicking myself afterwards since I don't like wasting my time and energy on worthless movies these days. I'll just get to the point: This movie was so awesome and family oriented. A lot of laughter and humour and just good, quality family bonding chemistry in the picture... And the positive energy transfers over to real life as well... I would honestly rate this movie between a 7 and a 8, so I rounded up because it is well-deserved. My kiddo reads the books after the series as well. I admire all the creativity and work put into these series, especially this one as well. They say this one is not the same, but I beg to differ. This one is also worth the watch - every single bit if not more. Go see it with your family if you are hesitant like I was!
Stop Complaining and Enjoy it
I don't know why people are whining so much about this film. I read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and watch the movies. This movie was fine. I enjoyed it. Yes, people are complaining about the casting. But here's my thoughts on the matter. Jeff Kinney said in an interview if they were to make a new one, he would have no choice but to recast.

Yes, people are complaining about Charlie Wright as Rodrick, but he was fine. If there's one thing I learned from recent movies and TV shows. It's that every once in a while you won't get who you wanted casted. I can't do anything about Ben Affleck being casted as Batman, or Joan Whittaker being the next Doctor on Doctor Who.

Speaking of which, I loved the casting of Alicia Silverstone as Susan Heffley. To me it was an great move in the casting's part. It was like casting Marisa Tomnei as Aunt May. Alicia does the role well and she makes me think: "Is that Greg's mom?"

So all you haters, if you love Diary of a Wimpy Kid, watch this film. If you want to keep hating, go ahead. But I don't think the haters are giving this film a fair chance.
What a waste!!!
What! I don't know what to say!!!

When I first saw this rating [3.5], I expect that this movie is a crap. When I saw the full movie, indeed, this is a total BS. In this movie, the family seems to be an idiot at all, unlike the original characters whom they have great sense of humor. When I hear that this movie have been recast, WTF.
Better Than Others Are Saying
My son, who is 7 years-old, and I laughed several times during this movie. After I got over the "getting used to the new actors playing the characters" feeling, it was very enjoyable. I think I missed Rowley the most-I loved the first Rowley! We would definitely pay to go see another movie in this series with these actors. It's a good family movie and a series my son has recently discovered and really enjoys reading!
The Hate For This Movie is Ridiculous
I was a big fan of the other Wimpy Kid Movies. I'm not big on theaters but I remember the last movie I saw in theaters was Rodrick Rules when I was around 15 years old. I don't even need to read the 1 star reviews for this movie because I know most of them are extended versions of the same point "I hate this movie because it has a new cast."

This is the first time I've written a review for anything on here but this felt necessary. I watched this movie right when it came out on Amazon video. It has the exact same tone and feel as the other movies. If you enjoyed the other movies, this movie will be no different. My biggest complaint of the movie is that there was too much toilet and gross out humor for my taste

Jason Drucker does the role of Greg justice.

I feel like they dumbed Rodrick down a bit for this movie, but Charlie Wright does a great job with the material he's given. He does not deserve the hate he's getting just because he doesn't look like the original Rodrick.

The parents and Manny feel exactly the same. It would probably be jarring if you watched Dog Days/The Long Haul but I had no problem with their portrayal

For Rowley, he doesn't have much to do in the film so we don't see too much of what the new actor brings to the character but of what we do see is great.

By the first time we see Greg and Rowley together in Greg's room, the new actors have already won me over and I see them as the Heffley family and Rowley. Of what little we see of it, Jason and Owen have the same chemistry that Zachary Gordon and Robert Capron had in the other movies. I would not be against seeing more movies with this cast.

The #Notmy___ is completely ridiculous and mean to the actors who made this movie. They put as much work into it as the other actors did in the previous films. Even if you see it as a joke, the people who are the target of it don't know that. Do you really want to see a college age kid try to be a middle schooled. For those "They could have done it with Greg in high school" people, that misses the entire point of the franchise. Greg is supposed to be a middle schooler forever.

For those that say they could have kept some of the original cast: I personally thought the same thing at first, they could have kept the same Rodrick and the parents, but someone pointed out to me that a mixture of an old and new cast would be even more jarring than an entire new cast. Imagine seeing Zachary and Devon being brothers in Dog Days to seeing Jason and Devon as brothers for The Long Haul. It would look too odd.
A 12 year old's perspective.
When I turned on the the TV to see an ad for the new diary of a wimpy kid film I felt like I could do 200 cartwheels.I love the DOAWK films and books and was so glad for a new one. But I ended up so annoyed at the end of the film. Also I should probably mention I saw the film around a month ago but this is what as a kid I think of this film.

I tried so hard throughout the movie to like it. I wanted to like it. But I couldn't. The film is so poorly written it sounds like a skit from 2007 YouTube. Sorry to break this to you, but most kids over the age of 7 don't like lol random humour which doesn't make sense. OMG LOL HE COVERED IN CHEESE PUFFS XD. Instead of being lazy. Just make your actors look like humans. There vocabulary and voice acting is so bad they might as well be puppets that make sounds with you squeeze them. The acting is lazy and terrible. They act like there robots and are so unnatural it's creepy. I don't know what to say right now about anything else about this awful film apart from the extras. When they look into the camera it just cracks me up. And they lost 2mil from the and gained nothing. HAHAHA.
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