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Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin
Kristen Wiig as Lucy (voice)
Nev Scharrel as Agnes (voice)
Katia Saponenko as Niko's Mother (voice)
Jenny Slate as Valerie Da Vinci (voice)
Dana Gaier as Edith (voice)
Brian T. Delaney as Commercial Announcer / Military Officer / Additional Voice (voice)
Trey Parker as Balthazar Bratt (voice)
Michael Beattie as TV Show Host / Scar-Faced Man (voice)
Miranda Cosgrove as Margo (voice)
Steve Coogan as Fritz / Silas Ramsbottom (voice)
Steve Carell as Gru / Dru (voice)
Andy Nyman as Clive the Robot (voice)
Julie Andrews as Gru's Mom (voice)
Storyline: After he is fired from the Anti-Villain League for failing to take down the latest bad guy to threaten humanity, Gru finds himself in the midst of a major identity crisis. But when a mysterious stranger shows up to inform Gru that he has a long-lost twin brother-a brother who desperately wishes to follow in his twin's despicable footsteps-one former super-villain will rediscover just how good it feels to be bad.
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Excellent movie
Third part of the saga and honestly, it is the best. I liked the film very much, each one of the plots were great, especially that of the villainous Balthazar Bratt (the great ones are sure to like and remember moments of the 80s) and the twin Dru that made him laugh a lot. The Minions have few moments, but incredible and very good. I also highlight the moments of the girls with Lucy Wilde, has some very good and exciting backgrounds. I liked the last few minutes, had a very good end and a surprise for me, since I did not expect it. The animation is very good, the soundtrack amazing. 3D is good, but does not have great scenes to highlight. An ideal movie for the whole family, they will enjoy it very much.
The cheap scape d******s present: Gru and his h*****g brother(he h***s the golden car) featuring the annoying yellow t***s
** THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS** Also before I start this review is offensive in no way i blocked out all the bad words so person who reported this should understand this is just a joke.

Before I start this review I am going to be honest I am not a fan of Illumination.I think since their great success of Despicable Me the quality of their movies has gone down. Not to mention movies such as Minions and The Lorax being awful in my opinion.So I wasn't expecting too much watching this film.

First of all the main plot is very rushed.First plot of Gru and Dru doesn't really lead to anywhere as Gru has to bring Dru along to steal the diamond.And we are brought from stealing the diamond to fighting Bratt in space of 10-15 minutes. I find this very rushed and its not enjoyable.And when Gru catches Bratt Dru would rather live in a smaller house in estate with Gru rather than stay in his huge mansion with dozens of fancy cars and his pool.Doesn't make any sense to me.

Now on to the new and old characters. The characters that kind of impressed I only think were Bratt and Lucy. Bratt in general was a decent villain, we get info on his back story and at times he can be kind of humorous(no surprise Trey Parker is f*****g awesome). But I felt something was missing compared to Vector to do with how Vector was portrayed.Lucy in general was OK. She took a responsible role of trying to be a mother to her kids and finding out what was right and what was wrong about being a mother(however this I find boring for kids)However I felt she tried too hard and could have eased down on whole mother thing.

OMG my favorite part ranting about the bad characters!! Especially Mel and minions. I always wondered why bother calling the minions they all look the f*****g same anyway. I felt this character was pointless nothing funny about him not developed at all like all the minions and my god every time there was a scene with the minions it was absolutely CRINGEYYYY. Literally boob and ass jokes everywhere this is I find is a horrible influence on young children. Especially at time when two minions walk past the women statue. If u think about it Illumination are technically saying it is OK to laugh at women's boobs when it is NOTTTT. And what is the joke about showing your ass in this movie. Why does the minion in prison want a tattoo on his ass why not his back or his arm (and of course Tattoos another great influence on kids)Of course you would get sick of seeing the same jokes in movie all the time.

Overall this movie was very poor but will still make massive profit as it has those annoying yellow t***s in the movie. Sadly judging by the ending we probably get another despicable me movie not to mention also another minions movie(YEAHHHHH *crys quietly to himself*. If you want to watch a movie full of non funny jokes and boring characters watch this.If you want to watch a movie with great adventure and clever humor (captain underpants) don't watch this pleaseee.
Series improves back to (almost) the original quality
Here we got "Despicable Me 3" and the title already gives away that this is the third entry to the successful film series already, actually the 4th if you count the Minions movie too. Let me begin this review by saying I quite enjoyed the first, liked the second and did not like the Minions movie. But this one here is better again, overall roughly on the same level like DM2. If you check out the names who made this, you fill find writers and directors who worked on this franchise in the past already and this certainly includes Pierre Coffin who voices the Minions as always, the little yellow creatures that the audiences love the most about these films. I like them too, but only as supporting characters it seems and in a great number. But this franchise badly needs all the human characters too. This film here that is not too long at 90 minutes brings back a trio of new characters, namely a new villain, a new family member and a new boss. About the latter, we don't need to say much as she only had two scenes and one of them was just another character's fantasy. But the villain here, a former child actor gone bad as he believes he really is the fictitious character from his youth, was a solid addition and he looked certainly much more stupid in the trailer than he eventually turned out. Yeah the dancing was a bit ridiculous, but his scenes early on with some catchy tunes and the final scenes with the big robot were kinda nice and well-done I guess. In DM2 we have to wait for a long time to find out who the bad guy is, but here we find out in the very first scene, even before Gru shows up. And then there is Gru's twin brother Dru, a man who dreams of being a super villain, but he is just too harmless and cannot really be taken serious as an antagonist. This also can be seen in the very last scene when we have him run off with the Minions to commit some crimes, but I doubt he will be the antagonist in the next movie. He is just too clumsy. Still he brought some entertaining moments in his scenes with Gru and I believe he was a good addition too. And he brought pigs and pigs are the most amazing creatures on the planet (sorry Minions). Actually, there is a parallel to Gru too. Gru has his Minions, Dru got his pigs, who were one of the film's highlights.

2 of the girls get their story too as one is in search of a unicorn and the other meets a boy hopelessly falling for her. But as the feeling is not mutual, Lucy needs to step in and she was probably the one character that did not do too much for me in this film as her plot about becoming a mother to the three girls was maybe the most forgettable. Also the brother bond part was not too convincing, but they still gave that one up fairly quickly in terms of conflict I would say. The girls' plots were fine, the Minions' plot was mediocre. The jokes when wee see them in prison being bad-ass were quite funny, but when they are up in the sir, it is not too entertaining. But yeah, I guess they are too big now to just appear next to Gru occasionally. Overall, I found this to be a quite enjoyable 1.5-hour film and judging from the quality here I would not mind a 4th DM at some point. I think audience figures may not have been as huge as for the first two, but probably good enough for a sequel. In terms of reception, it seems that people and critics also liked it less than the previous two, so an Oscar nominations seems rather unlikely, but we'll see. I for once am glad it is better than the Minions movie and I hope the next Minions movie (probably released in 2020) will be as good as this one here. It's not too likely though I guess. DM3 gets a thumbs-up from me and it is a worthy entertaining addition to the franchise.
Milk that cow
It was a fine sequel. Those films were never masterpieces but are easy fun and this is no difference. Tho it was more of a money milker than the previous ones as it was even more shallow than the other ones. Also I felt the story had more than one hole. However, it still and some funny and original moments and I laughed more than once but still I don't feel the need for any further sequels. The thing is all those films work with one formula, the bad guy is always the same kind of exaggerated psycho without any reasonable motives. The kids do everything to be incredibly cute (and they are, especially Agnes). Cru is always divided between good or bad and constantly questions his own morals. Oh and those Minions well, they do work as sidekick but yeah don't do any solo film for them anymore. Oh well good fun to spent some time but it doesn't really matter if you watch part one, two or three.
wow what a movie
I have been a big fan of the despicable me series I always laugh at the adult jokes on the characters The first movie was good it was nothing that special but quite cute and funny the 2nd one I thought was a lot more better then the first one as it focus more on gru trying to find a girlfriend in his life the minions prequel was rather great as it gave the minions their own story about them in 2017 I saw teaser for despicable me 3 and I thought it would be good and oh boy was i right it was a huge step up from the last two movies with so many references from 80s pop culture songs and classic TV shows like Doctor who etc I found it quite funny when dru and gru where in their black and white rubber suits in the credits such great reference to the mad comic spy vs spy I loved how they also gave the minions less screen time and focus more on the main characters then they did in the last two films overall such a great improvement over the last two movies who knows they might do a TV series who knows

The worst Despicable me by far
This movie was awful. I enjoyed the first two but this one was a disaster. I felt sorry for the time I wasted watching it and the money I paid for the movie theater.

Most of the movie is about Gru, his wife, and 3 daughters. The minions have very little scenes in the movie. Which means we're missing the part which we all go see this movie for !!

The story was boring; this movie at best is for kids up to 10 years old.
Better than Minions but the worst of the three
'DESPICABLE_ME_3' was_directed_by_Pierre_Coffin_and_Kyle_Balda, and stars_Steve_Carel, Trey_Parker_and_Kristen_Wig.​ Gru(Steve_Carrel) and Lucy(Kristen_Wig) are_fired_from_the_Anti_Villain_League_after_Gru lets_the_former_child_star_turned_criminal, Balthazar_Bratt(Trey_Parker) escape. Things_are_looking_up_for_Gru when_he_meets_his_twin_brother, Dru(Steve_Carrel), and_sets_up_a_plan_to_get_his_job_back_and_foil_Bratt's_scheme.

This movie is far superior to that abomination called 'Minions'. I do suppose that slow and painful death would be better than that 'movie'. So it definitely gets points for not being Minions. That said, it is far inferior to Despicable Me 1 & 2. The cast is the same, the jokes are the same, the animation is the same; it just lacks heart. The first film had the girls, the second had Lucy - this has his brother but they don't explore the emotional aspect of that anymore than Transformers explores the deeper meaning of life and existence. If you wanna zone out for 90 minutes and let your young child be absorbed in bright colours, I recommend this movie. It's a good time waster but that is all it is. It has no purpose and that is a massive flaw of the movie. Not to say the rest of it is spectacular.

The story, for example, is very weak. Don't give me that rubbish that this is a 'kid's movie'. It's animated; there is a difference. Pixar has literally created a template for how animated movies should appease all audiences, and 2/3 of this trilogy stuck to that template. This doesn't. The story is nonsensical and just has no rhyme or reason to it. It isn't logical and it doesn't contain enough meat to make it work. Clearly very swiftly thrown together and I expect more that that. The ending was also pretty childish but I guess it is fine for kids.

One thing that I usually demand in animation is a good moral. Morals that affect both children and adults equally are the best kind. This movie lacks a moral entirely. They hint at a possible moral involving family and brotherhood but they never commit to it. That makes the entire viewing experience pointless. Kids should watch for enjoyment but also gain something from the experience. No moral makes this entire movie seem pointless and that isn't what your film should ever feel like.

Stevel Carell is the only reason these movies are even remotely watchable. He's found the fine line between funny and obnoxious, and balances that tightrope perfectly. Carell is consistently funny throughout and maintains the glue that holds it together. Trey Parker was excellent as Bratt and was easily the best part of the movie. I adored every single scene he was in and he turned it from a plane crash into a train wreck, so a little big let horrific. Kristen Wig was good as Lucy and I did like the whole mother subplot. Nev Scharell was good as Agnes but her entire subplot was completely pointless. Miranda Cosgrove had negative seconds dedicated to her in this movie thus I shall not praise nor criticise her. Dana Gaier was fine in her limited screen time but that is another flaw of the film. The girls had no screen time. Agnes had a minor subplot, yes, but that meant nothing in the grand scheme of things. They were the heart and soul of the first movie yet had no time to blossom in this movie. If they gave a lot of focus to the relationship between either Gru and Dru, or Gru and Lucy but they don't and that is why this movie fails. I was very disappointed.

What can every sane human being agree on? Minions are fine in minute doses. This was confirmed with 2015's Minions but Illumination saw it another way. They saw the critical panning of that atrocity to be a cry for 'we want MORE Minions'. This statement is both absurd and god damn ludicrous. Any human being who wishes for more of those yellow faced turnips has a special place for them reserved in hell because they are the bane of humanity! I guarantee if he was still with us, Hitler would have been a Minions fan. They're that despicable(pun intended). Stop shoving Minions down our throats. We DO NOT want more of them. Please. Stop.

Technically speaking, I really like this movie. The colour pallet is very bright and illuminated(pun intended) that it just makes your eyes fixate to the screen. I imagine kids will appreciate the bright colours a lot, also. Models on the various characters were fun and inventive and fit well with the more exaggerated view of reality. Some nice shots and slithers of cinematography are sprinkled in there for good measure as well. As a whole, I was very, very pleased with the animation in this movie.

Humour is a completely subjective thing and I won't completely criticise or praise a movie based on it. That said, I very rarely chuckled in this movie. I never gave a full laugh but some kids in the audience were laughing beyond belief so I guess they hit there target audience. I frequently smiled(and even chuckled) at Carrel and Parker but after them there was little for me to enjoy. They were the leads so it is fair they get the most jokes but even then none of them made me burst out laughing. Parker was easily the funniest part of the movie for me but the visual comedy he used probably impressed adults more than kids which I guess could be considered a flaw due to the villain not appealing to kids as much but I liked it so it gets a gold star in my book.

Overall, I can recommend this movie if you want 90 minutes rest and are fine with your kids being absorbed by bright colours. I don't recommend this movie if your not in that position because it is lazy, nonsensical and unfunny. It lacks any heart to make it worthwhile and, aside from the animation, I cannot say anything really stood out. I'll rate it a disappointing 3 Moonwalks out of 10.
Fun To Watch
I saw "Despicable Me 3", starring the voices of Steve Carell-Foxcatcher, Hope Springs; Kristen Wiig-Ghostbusters_2016, The Martian; Trey Parker- BASEketball, Orgazmo and Julie Andrews-Julie's Greenroom_tv, Tooth Fairy.

This is the 3rd in the series-4th if you count the solo Minions movie- and it has all the qualities from the franchise you are familiar with, plus two new characters. Steve/Gru is reformed from his evil villainy days and is now a government agent tracking down evil villains with his wife, Kristen. Trey plays one of the new characters-Balthazar Bratt-a former child star from the 1980's that has decided to get revenge against Hollywood because of the way he was treated-his show was canceled when he grew out of it. Steve/Gru gets fired after his latest attempt fails in apprehending Trey and that's about when he finds out that he has a twin brother named Dru-also voiced by Steve and this is the second new character that I mentioned, earlier. Steve visits his mother, voiced by Julie, and confirms his twins' existence and also discovers that Dru is a want-a-be villain. He wants Gru to teach him how to be better at it so he can carry on the family tradition. Since Gru is no longer a bad guy, his Minions leave him, but don't worry, it is just so that they can have their own solo adventures-they are pretty funny when they wind up in prison. Trey is also fun to watch; since he is a child of the 80's, he loves the music and styles from that era, including having a mullet, wearing a purple suit and using bubblegum and lasers as weapons. There are some scenes during the end credits but nothing at the very end. It's rated "PG" for action and rude humor and has a running time of 1 hour & 30 minutes. If you liked the previous movies-I did-then you should enjoy this one too. I would buy it on DVD.
Not so good
My opinion is that animated, puppet or cartoon movies, if they are good, can be seen with pleasure both by children and grown-ups. This is not the case with this movie. Despite the fact that is is technically good chiefly in terms of animation and visual effects though not better than the majority of its kind, it is rather weak in terms of the story and sequences. Well I must say that I have not seen the first two movies and that's maybe why I didn't quite understand what the story was about and who are exactly those characters. But the story develops itself in a series of violent actions and events (is this good to be seen by children?)such as collisions, clashes, aggressions and people yelling all the time which have only purely visual effects in terms of contents. Summing it up it's worth very little.
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