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Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy
IMDB rating:
G.J. Echternkamp
Malcolm McDowell as Chairman
Gonzalo Alonso Ruiz as The Resistance soldier
Shanna Olson as Grace Tickle
Burt Grinstead as Jed Perfectus
Folake Olowofoyeku as Minerva Jefferson
Marci Miller as Annie Sullivan
Anessa Ramsey as Tammy
Yancy Butler as Alexis Hamilton
D.C. Douglas as Abe (voice)
Manu Bennett as Frankenstein
Storyline: The year 2050 the planet has become overpopulated, to help control population the government develops a race. The Death Race. Annually competitors race across the country scoring points for killing people with their vehicles.
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Tries way too hard to entertain
Being a B movie fan, it should come as no surprise that I enjoyed the 1975 Roger Corman production "Death Race 2000". As for the first remake of that movie - the 2008 "Death Race" starring Jason Statham - well, not very much, namely because it took the title of the original movie and not that much else. But when I heard this second remake was out and that it was going to be more faithful to the original movie, I decided to give it a whirl in my Blu-ray player.

It did not take long into watching the movie to realize that the filmmakers had seriously botched things. There are many problems with this movie, ranging from the cheesy special effects to the racing sequences being very poorly directed and edited. But the biggest misstep the movie makes is that it is *extremely* strident in tone. It crams in so many attempts at heavy-handed humor that you'll be wanting some dramatic relief from the comedy.

Actually, had the humor been actually funny, that might not have been a problem. But I counted only three gags that made me smile slightly. The rest of the humor is extremely unsubtle with its writing and execution.

The cast shows signs of talent, but apparently because of director G. J. Echternkamp's command to endlessly mug and shout their dialogue, all the actors come across as thoroughly obnoxious. Not one character in the movie comes across even remotely sympathetic.

The best that can be said of this movie is that it makes the Jason Statham movie look much better in comparison. Needless to say, it makes the 1975 original come across as deserving of multiple Academy Awards.
Death another form of birth control!
"Death Race 2000" (1975) was a trash film classic. "Death Race 2050" is an attempt to squeeze a few more dollars out of the concept...with generally predictable results. In some ways, this film is a bit like the original along with bits of "Idiocracy" and "Rollerball" tossed in as well. Like "Idiocracy", the public is unemployed and skill-less...sitting around the house watching television all day and breeding like rats. And, like "Rollerball", a tiny group of corporate plutocrats rule the world...and use the Death Race to keep the stupid masses well as cut down on some of the overpopulation!

So is the film that different from the original? Not really. Sure, the CGI and cars look a bit nicer but none of this make the film better. In fact, because it is so similar, it is generally very predictable and takes few risks. Sure, there is a homo-erotic quality to Frankenstein's nemesis, Perfectus (instead of Machine Gun Joe) and a few of the other drivers are mildly interesting and the leader is actually hoping that Frankenstein LOSES...but none of it provides any reason to watch this instead of the original. I scored the original film a's bad but VERY entertaining and has cult film written all over it. This one is also a 3....but has none of the cult-like qualities and is only mildly entertaining when it makes commentary about the banality of mankind in the future.
VIEWS ON FILM review of Death Race 2050
"Drive drive, kill kill, drive drive". That's a song lyric and/or spoken line from Death Race 2050 (my latest review). Split screens, a game of "chicken", Malcolm McDowell surrounded by topless women wearing a topless toupee, virtual reality as an audience medium, video game likeness. "Race 2050" has it all. Sadly, it's an elevated form of cinematic torture, pure torture.

First off, I wonder what Sylvester Stallone might think of this uninspired, post-dated sequel to 1975's drive-in sensation, Death Race 2000. Currently, it's a straight-to-video release so I'm sure he might have been too busy to check it out.

Anyway, the producer of "Race 2050" is 90-year-old Roger Corman. The days of his Boxcar Bertha are long gone. Now, he really needs to check himself. This film is truly bad camp and frankly, I don't get how it could have any appeal whatsoever. Death Race 2050 starts off 2017 in a lousy way. Call it the nonchalant face of death and destruction. Heck, deem it the bastardized lovechild of The Running Man, the bloodied up version of The Cannonball Run, The Road Warrior for the radically inept, or the more violent, trenchant mirror of something like 1971's 200 Motels. This is hyper satire but not entertainment folks. That's unless you're under the influence of some heavy drugs (I don't endorse that notion just so you know).

Now the characters in Death Race 2050, are remorseless, unfeeling, and brainwashed. They arrive in their automobiles with the B movie techniques of rear projection and bluescreen totally evident. Their acting is hammy and shoddy. The soundtrack to "Race 2050" is I guess, annoying heavy metal rock. Finally, the cars featured (the title has "race" in it so go figure) are pointed and atypical. Within "Race 2050's" plot workings, heads are severed, torsos are cut in half, and blood spattering is cartoon-like. It's all fun and games till someone gets hurt. Oh yeah, everyone gets hurt and dies without so much as a whimper (or empathy for that matter).

Silly, over of the top, and taking place in the year 2050 (duh), Death Race 2050 makes you long for something more akin to 2008's remake of Death Race 2000 simply titled, Death Race. That film wasn't really good to begin with. However, it at least took itself seriously enough to be made for somewhat compelling viewing. "Race 2050'" tries to be compelling in its last half. It even throws around the terms "Resistance" and "rebels". Futile attempt (ha ha). Don't the producers know that this is something already taken from the Star Wars franchise? Natch.

Lack of originality and kookiness aside, "Race 2050's" cast is comprised of Malcolm McDowell playing the same, sadistic monitor that he channeled in last year's 31. And look for Drop Zone's Yancy Butler in a small yet overacted role (it's sad that "Zone" is the last flick I remember her being in). As for the special effects, well they are cheesy and caricaturish and you know what, I think the filmmakers wanted it that way. Ugh.

All in all, the story concerning Death Race 2050, is about planet Earth being post-apocalyptic and overpopulated. America has renamed its 50 states (Arkansas is now called "Walmartinique") and in order to control said population, drivers compete in an annual "Death Race". Basically, they drive across country while killing everyday denizens with their slickly automobiles (they hastily score points too, double ugh). The main trouper is Frankenstein played by New Zealand-born Manu Bennett. He's like Mel Gibson with a big fat frog in his throat. You know what, I'm just gonna refrain from going on and on. Here's my overall rating: 1 and a half stars.
Campy as HELL, it nails so bad it's good to a T while producing some craptastically fun entertainment.
There are a lot of 🤣laughs and plenty of 😏smirks, all of which are generated from meant to be dead serious scenes in the film. There is also a lot of meant to be humor that's sprinkled throughout as well as some great gore, but I'm not saying this crazy, over the top, campy, gory, ridiculous flick will be for most folks, anyone expecting anything but what I've described will be sorrily disappointed. I actually got some laughs from reading the 1/10 reviews on IMDb, you know those hugely detailed thesis type reviews from people who spent more time and energy writing than the film's writers took to punch out the actual script while they got stoned and drunk. Honestly I can't possibly see how anyone can go into watching this and be that ignorantly blind to think it's going to be even the slightest bit serious.

Recommended highly to watch with friends, 🍺drunk or sober you will have fun with it. This is in no way whatsoever anything like the other very seriously done Jason Statham vehicle, that took itself almost too seriously, but had enough solid action to make it good, but we're talking apples and oranges here whereas this film shoots in a TOTALLY different direction, actually it shoots in every direction possible and then some which is part of the fun.

I should add that I saw it on TV with commercial breaks, this has a way of helping or hurting a film, but in this case I think it helped(even though it was censored and some scenes likely cut). Well that's about all of my 2 cents on this flick. If you happen to disagree please feel free to hate it, it's certainly not to be taken

seriously and it does it brilliantly🙃.
An excellent B-movie in the tradition of They Live and Robocp
This is the Thing. If you ever loved a B movie --for the right reasons-- this is the Golden Glove. If you like They Live, if you like Robocop, Machete... you may have a new favorite. Not only is it freakishly on point for the new Trump epoch, it also has a very elusive ingredient for B-movies : Intelligent writing!

Now keep in mind the film is satirizing a culture of stupidity, violence, and greed, so you have to look closely for the intelligence hiding behind the explosions and vulgarity, but it's there, sometimes winking at you from behind a flaming haystack.

It's the abundance and timing of the jokes, both subtle and sometimes deliciously brutal, that should warrant a justified cult following for this jam.

What's that? You didn't come to this movie for jokes? For sly throwaway gags about a dystopian future? No problem. There are so many other movies where big men drive cars that go fast. Please watch one of them instead if that is your thing. Leave this rare movie for me and my people. We need it.
I hope 2050 people will like it.
I really don't get it that why they even bothered to make this film. If they want give away their money then there are lots of charity and philanthropic organizations out there. Maybe the success of Mad Max prompted this amazingly redundant movie.

This movie redefine the word meaningless. The script is the most terrible thing about the movie. It had no story, no sense and neither any logic behind scenes. You will wonder why are the characters doing things. The main character was supposed to be a tough person while he turned out to be a hopeless romantic. The leader of the rebel party is the girlfriend of the ruling party, and their supports kill each other. Does that make any sense to you? And the ending, let's not talk about the ending it was completely bizarre and pointless. The main hero helps to start a mass murder and take the responsibility of repopulating earth. Great story has amazing ending.

I was bit surprised to see Manu Bennett in this film. His acting was okay but script ruined him. Marci Miller also tried to save the movie but script also let her down. Apart from these two all the other actors and actress were terrible with their sloppy and over acting, which made the movie worse.

Final thoughts: do not try to watch this one at home or anywhere.
A Pointless sequel
I imagine this had a larger budget than the original but manages to look even cheaper. But what the original Death Race 2000 lacked in budget in made up for in imagination and campy charm. This just wallows in it's excess gore and heavy handed humor. Whereas in the Paul Bartel's cult classic the violence is really kept in a minimum and is quite quick and brutal but without being overly exploitative. There are several elements that are directly referenced from the original. It makes me wish I was watching that than this. It is sad to see Macolm McDowell slumming in such trash. This will probably bring in a few DVD sales but will never be the classic as the original and will ultimately fade into obscurity quickly. Just watch the original.
Unfathomably horrific
"Death Race 2000" is without a doubt one of the greatest, if not the greatest, B-movie ever made. It was funny, clever, had some good subtle points, and full of action and beautiful girls. Of course, it was directed by the late great Paul Bartel, who is still sorely missed.

"Death Race 2050" however, is without a doubt one of the worst pieces of garbage that has been filmed in at least the past twenty or so years, maybe much longer.

There is absolutely nothing here that is in the least bit clever, interesting, or even good in the least. As far as the basics go, the acting horrendous, the cars ridiculous-looking, the FX abysmal, the characters annoying, it's all just a complete mess.

Even when the cars "race" they are going so slow and look so bad, they resemble a warped bumper car attraction at the local fair more than anything.

And my goodness, Malcolm McDowell, what happened, what happened. Did he really need the money that badly?

The very most I can say about this movie that doesn't completely tear it apart, is if you are into miniatures, watch for some scenes where they're used, they're probably the best things about this movie.

This isn't even as funny and clever as "Hardware Wars" was to "Star Wars" if you can possibly believe that.

This truly is such a poor blight on the original classic, it's a complete disgrace that this garbage was ever even considered to be filmed, let alone made. If you really, really must see this movie, torrent it, do not buy it, do not waste your money on it, do not pay a dime to see this movie.
Insane moments and characters
Does this come into the so bad it's good category? Since Sharknado (2013) made knowingly bad films annoying I would say 'no'. But then again it was fast paced and help my attention with insane moments and characters. It is far more like the original than the newer trilogy which were serious and actually okay films. Drive drive kill kill switch off.
Death Race 2050
From the title itself, the movie proudly proclaims: "ROGER CORMAN'S Death Race 2050". However, this movie doesn't have the characteristic attributes from this legendary producer, whom I have admired practically my whole life, since I saw his name over and over again in the horror and science fiction films I obsessively consumed when I was a kid. Sure, Corman has always worked with very limited resources, and his movies have rarely been masterpieces; but at the same time, they made an effort to reach an artistic and dramatic level which didn't insult the audience's intelligence; or, in the worst of the cases, Corman tried to avoid the cons to become obstacles for the entertainment of the audience. Unfortunately, Death Race 2050 doesn't make the slightest effort to keep that standard, and the result is a tedious experience with confusing action and a weak political message. The problem isn't the low budget of Death Race 2050, but the absolute incompetence from director G.J. Echternkamp to follow the "Corman method" to adjust the ambition of the movie and apply ingenuity to dissimulate the lack of money. On the opposite, Death Race 2050 follows the principles of the studio The Asylum ("let's do it intentionally bad"), and the result tramples the legacy of the original Death Race 2000, recycling its story without a pinch of that black humor, narrative integrity or political subversion. For the rest, the performances are quite poor (yes, even the one from Malcolm McDowell, the only famous member of the cast), the special effects are awful and the insipid violence lacks of any impact or excitement. I know that Corman is very old nowadays (he will turn 91 in April), and he probably had nothing to do with the real production of Death Race 2050 (besides of lending his name). Nevertheless, I still expected Death Race 2050 to follow his directive of achieving very much with very little; instead of that, I ended up watching a boring film which seems made by The Asylum or the TV channel SyFy.
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