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West Germany
Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, History, War
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Wolfgang Petersen
Jürgen Prochnow as Capt.-Lt. Henrich Lehmann-Willenbrock - Der Alte
Herbert Grönemeyer as Lt. Werner - Correspondent
Klaus Wennemann as Chief Engineer Fritz Grade - Der Leitende-Der LI
Hubertus Bengsch as 1st Lieutenant - Number One-1WO
Martin Semmelrogge as 2nd Lieutenant - 2WO
Bernd Tauber as Kriechbaum - Chief Quartermaster-Navigator
Erwin Leder as Johann
Martin May as Ullman
Heinz Hoenig as Hinrich (as Heinz Hönig)
Uwe Ochsenknecht as Chief Bosun
Jan Fedder as Pilgrim
Ralf Richter as Frenssen
Joachim Bernhard as Preacher
Storyline: It is 1942 and the German submarine fleet is heavily engaged in the so-called "Battle of the Atlantic" to harass and destroy British shipping. With better escorts of the destroyer class, however, German U-boats have begun to take heavy losses. "Das Boot" is the story of the crew of one such U-Boat, with the film examining how these submariners maintained their professionalism as soldiers and attempted to accomplish impossible missions, all the while attempting to understand and obey the ideology of the government under which they served.
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Sub of the Day: Plenty of meat and no cheese
A lot of war films are heavy on patriotism. This one isn't, and that's what makes it special. Set in 1941, the film follows a German U Boat Captain and his crew in their mission to seek and destroy Allied forces convoys in the Atlantic. The Captain we learn, despises his political masters but as a career sub-mariner he ruthlessly adheres to the chain of command. The captain may view the crew as cogs in his machine but we get to know them as they spend their time cooped up together. The film really focuses on how various crew members cope with the extreme pressure situations that arise out of the captains' decision making. It is this human element that gives the film a timeless quality, it never feels dated and it also enables the viewer to really connect with the emotions that the captain and his crew are experiencing. In fact, it feels so real that you can almost feel the salt spray on your face as the boat races through the waves at full speed. Watch this one, you won't forget it.
Masterpiece,down as one of my best films of all time.
INTRO It's 1941,World War ll and the battle for the Atlantic is turning against the Germans. Nevertheless the German high Command orders more and more U-boats (submarines) into battle from their ports in occupied France.

40,000 German sailors served on U-boats during World War ll.

30,000 never returned.

DAS BOOT (THE BOAT) This Film was first broadcast back in 1981 on German television as a mini series which became so popular that it has now been viewed all over the world. This mini series was cut down by almost half, to be made into a feature film (plently long at 200mins). Das Boot, The Director's cut takes you onboard a claustrophobic submarine during the mayhem of 1941 when British destroyers (ships) were getting much more sophisticated with radar and sonar thus being able to detect deeper into the sea. The atmosphere on the U-96,one of the famed German U-boats known as The Grey Wolves is captivating and as the film proceeds you will begin to enjoy the entrancing ride of these sailors as they launch torpedos and endure heavy depth charges in retaliation (make sure you've got the volume up). All the German crew and especially the Capt-Lt Henrich Lehmann-Willenbrock (Jurgen Prochnow) give truly enthralling performances. This film really does take you on a journey with many edgy moments including an emotional trip to the sea bed when they are hit by a depth charge.

THE DIRECTING The director Wolfgang Petersen does an outstanding job to keep you inches from the action inside the submarine,all the cameras are in the right places at the right time. The panning shots that follow the crew running from one end of the submarine to the other are breathtaking. I was a bit disappointed that it didn't pick up an Oscar for best director as in my books the direction is unparalleled, it however was nominated for best Director, best Cinematography.

THE MUSIC The music is second to none,absolutely spot on with the help from Klaus Doldinger. when I hear the opening music to Das Boot it always gives me goose pimples (very stimulating). .To me the music from Das Boot is as absorbing, if not more, than the famous music in Jaws the film.

LANGUAGES Das Boot was filmed in German and for me that's the best format (watching with subtitles) although if you're feeling lazy you can opt for dubbed English which is done very well.

DAS BOOT (SUPERBIT) I had the pleasure to watch this film at my relatives,who has an HD television and a superbit DVD player.and I cannot stress how much better it is. The picture and sound are stunning, razor sharp and its hard to believe that what your watching is not live in your room. I will definitely be buying this Superbit technology when the prices come down a little.

DVD INFO Running time 200mins Sound 5.1 DTS /surround Dolby Digital Widescreen 1:85. Rated 15

EXTRA FEATURES Director's Commentary (Wolfgang Petersen) Featurette Theatrical Trailer

SUMMARY Das Boot (Director's cut) DVD is a Masterpiece,down as one of my best films of all time. With its mesmerizing music and riveting tense wartime action that will keep you spellbound for the full 200mins. I fully recommend this film and with Superbit technology it's awesome. The price of Das Boot (Superbit) DVD is £16.99 at choices UK but always compare prices when buying DVD's ( also ebay is great for finding a bargin.
Plain excellence and one anti-war movie worth watching
The claustrophobic life of submarine soldiers relived - and in a way, portraying the tension and misery of every soldier and everyone in such tight a situation.

Having read the novel now for the second time, I'm still overawed by the suspense and fear of the situation U-boat sailors found themselves in. The novel is a very interesting read and in my opinion very well reflects the boredom and sudden tension those pitiful sailors found themselves in. The movie keeps closely to the storyline set by the novel. It is not a movie about German navy men. There is no glory but just the resentment of the way to fight a war in such a terrible situation. Still, the people were there to do the job - with terrible losses on any side. In that way, the situation reflects the life of soldier on any side of WW2 - or any conflict to that extent. Being put in such situation requires a lot of courage and belief in values - not the values set by the leadership but values of your own virtue. Still in me it just fortified the belief: Whatever you do in a war, you do the wrong thing.

The movie itself is extremely well done by any means. Historically accurate as the novel which was written down some decades after the end of WW2 by a innocent war reporter, so there is no space for false glorification but just the bare facts on life on a submarine during a war tour of duty are on display. By today's standards, most of the effects are still very good. Admittely, you can see the boat is a model when you compare closely wave heights and especially water bubble sizes to the boat. The interior shots are perfect with excellent lighting and really portraying the tightness which doesn't compare to living room quarters on today movies (OK, submarines have gained in size but come on!). Nearly a quarter century has passed since shooting, still the movie loses nothing of its fascination due to the excellent editing, shooting and acting. The actors are extremely well cast and resemble the original persons of the novel very well. Most of the actors are today top actors in Germany but at the time of shooting the movie they were relatively unknown. But they already had the skills to make them credible beyond doubt. The story of course is laid out by reality but it matches any good Hollywood yarn of today, reflecting the long weeks of boredom and inactivity changing in a second to full alertness on the attack and eventually sheer terror being hunted down by increasing Allied technical and tactical superiority.

Summing it up, this movie is definitely worth watching as it visualizes the terror of war, no matter which side one is on. It stands out as the prime anti-war movie in my opinion, giving the audience a lot of identification with the actors only to be put of by their final fate - and also by the atrocities they are committing - on purpose or not. 10/10 for sure.
The Best Submarine Movie & One of the Best War Movies!
This movie is a breaking point at Wolfgang Peterson's career .. it gave him a guaranteed 1st class ticket to Hollywood.

whatever I say will never do this movie justice but I'll give it a try anyway.

The acting was wonderful . especially by Jürgen Prochnow ..

Watching this timeless masterpiece .. bringing WW2 to life is amazing .. how realistic can movies be? This movie captures even the spirit of WW2 .. Hitler .. The Third Reich .. everything.

Germans built the best submarines in the world .. so, no wonder that they made the best submarine movie.

This movie is lengthy but enjoyable & exciting.

The music is wonderful.

What else can I say? .. it is a masterpiece! .. two thumbs up! ..

Just watch it .. you wont regret it.
Das Boot
well actually as a German, i liked watching this movie several is, IMHO, as was stated before a good description of the folks who were drawn into war 70y ago...there are no real bad guys and no good guys...and thats who it is..we all are no bad or good guys..we are drawn to the reality we live in... I personally think that Das Boot is a brilliant movie, esp. as there are many more "anti Nazis" phrases in the original version, the translation makes some sound really humble, i think it is a great movie, which BTW led the way to many todays German TV and movie actors, the casting list of dads boot reads like a who is who of current serious German actors
"Das Boot" is an excellent drama...and it's also more terrifying than virtually every horror film I've ever seen. The dark, dirty, claustrophobic environment of the submarine is something out of a nightmare. Even the sound effects are scary - the boom of the depth charges, the groaning of the hull under pressure, the "ping!" of bursting bolts, etc. etc. The images, the sounds, and the charged performances of the actors work together beautifully to create the illusion that fifty men are fighting for their lives in an amazing but fragile piece of machinery.

But the film is more than just an intense sensory experience - it's also an unusually well-written, antiwar character piece. While some of the sub's crew members are inevitably underdeveloped (in the director's cut version, anyway), most of them are interesting and memorable. Actor Jurgen Prochnow is fantastic as the cynical captain, who still fights hard even though he's clearly lost his faith in the Nazi regime. Herbert Grönemeyer is pretty good as the war correspondent, who starts as an outsider but gradually blends in with the veteran crew. The other standout character, for me, is Johann (Erwin Leder), who has one of the most gaunt and frightening faces in movie history.

Speaking of the crew, some critics have complained that the film is far too sympathetic to them, since the Germans were the universally recognized bad guys of World War II. But, while I believe that Nazi Germany was the most despicable state in human history, I don't necessarily feel that every German who served in its armed forces was despicable. In other words, I simply have no problem sympathizing with the German characters in this movie. They're common fighters, not policy-makers; you can't blame them for Hitler's doings any more than you can blame the average contemporary American for George W. Bush's Middle East policies.

The other common criticism of the film is that it's a little too long, too slow, too repetitive, whatever. I can understand why some people might be bored by "Das Boot," but of course director Peterson actively tried to make parts of the film slow in order to simulate the tedium of daily life on a submarine. (Similarly, "The French Connection" depicts surveillance as a tedious and time-consuming business, and risks becoming tedious itself). Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, if you're mentally prepared for a long and tough viewing experience, then these aspects of "Das Boot" should not annoy you. If you want an action submarine movie, then by all means rent something cute and inoffensive like "Crimson Tide"!

Perhaps the one real weakness of "Das Boot" is that it utilizes dated model effects. The models draw you out of the realism a bit - you may find yourself wondering who turned off "Das Boot" and put on "Godzilla" instead - but, for the time, they look fine (I could point to several equivalently lame model shots in "Star Wars," for instance, but that would be blasphemy.) Anyway, the effects are certainly respectable enough to earn our (slight) indulgence.

There are really no problems with this movie, then - it's one of those "just about perfect" films. It's not pleasant to watch, and in fact I put off seeing it for years because I knew it would be really intense. But, if you're in the mood, "Das Boot" is a rare visceral and intellectual treat. War movies really don't get any better.
A Nutshell Review: Das Boot: The Director's Cut (1981)
This is touted as one of the best WWII submarine films of all time, and it's not difficult to understand why. From the story to the cast, from the cinematography to the sound, everything's top notch on this German film directed by Wolfgang Petersen (who's now helming more Hollywood flicks). I'd rate it above U-571, K19: The Widowmaker, Crimson Tide, and The Hunt for Red October.

We follow the exploits of the crew of German U-boat U-96, as it gets sent on its mission to destroy Allied convoys. We learn of the frustrations of inaction, having no targets, and living the lonely life aboard a submarine. We experience the claustrophobic environment, one which is shared amongst crew, where maintaining hygiene and tolerable living conditions is of the utmost importance of staying well. We pick up on the fear of the Captain about his inexperienced crew, most of whom were in their early twenties, and haven't seen much action in the high seas.

What's gripping in this film is when things start to pick up. Technology those days aren't as advanced, and we see that U-boats are more likely to be sitting ducks when Allied destroyers hover above them on the water's surface, dropping multiple depth charges to rattle and hopefully destroy their underwater prey. The U-boat is the hunter, but once it has hunted, it becomes the prey.

And such is the marvellous depiction of Fear in the crew's eyes, as they huddle in silence each time the enemy lurks above. The suspense literally keeps you at the edge of your seat, the silence, deafening. Many set action pieces bring out the different scenarios and challenges that the crew face in their voyage on the seas, and all these capped by the beautiful soundtrack which accompanies each scene. My favourite was the charge through Gilbratar.

Although this movie takes on an Axis power's point of view, one can discard the political aspect of this film, and understand that lives on both ends are similar - each are fathers, brothers, husbands, and are thrown into a senseless political war. It doesn't go preachy on who's right and wrong, but touches on more human and basic issues of survival. Boys become men, and it is this transformation that is most obvious throughout the story.

If you've got the chance, you must see the Director's Cut, running at about 209 minutes, just as Wolfgang Petersen envisioned it to be. Excellent stuff!
A must see masterpiece!
I watched the 216 minutes Director's Cut and I must say that even if it lasted for over 3 hours it was not boring.

Das Boot takes place on a German sub during World War 2. It follows the crew of 43 young men who sets sail in fall, 1941. A war correspondent is among them. He is to go with them and write a newspaper article about the life on a sub. A life he soon discover, along with the rest of the crew, is nothing like portrayed by Nazi propaganda.

This film tells a good, strong and emotional story. It does not tell the tale oft a sub, but it tells the tale of the people aboard that sub. You get to know these characters and you get sympathy for them. It is a strong and well written story and it makes a strong film.

The acting is good. I watched the English version so I got the German accent, but that didn't bother me. Not as long as the acting in it self is as good as it is.

The film-makers have done a great job when it comes to creating a mood in this film. Excellent lightning, great sound-editing and good production design should be given credit for that. The narrow, claustrophobic set along with the lightning creates a really tense and dramatic setting. The use of sound and score reinforce this. They know when to use music and when to use silence. The active use of the "biping" noise is excellent.

In other words great cinematography and sound work. The score is also very nice. It has a couple of themes. The music in it self is good and they make good use of them.

To me Das Boot is a must see classic. It's definitely one of the best war movies. It has humanity, sympathy and realism all over it. It's long, but don't let that scare you. It's definitely worth your time!
A must see masterpiece
It is an excellent film.I saw it the first time in Germany and I've seen it a lot of more times,even though it is a very long film. This kind of films prove that movies can also be made outside of Hollywood. It is a piece of art , more than a commercial movie,and that is what makes Petersen such a good director in this film.

I felt I was at that submarine together with those heroic sailors. It's true that they were fighting for the wrong side,but that was the real war.Those men were human beings trying to survive in a war they couldn't understand,but they fought for their country,families and honor. I never saw such a realistic war film.The closest was Saving Private Ryan.

Also Prochnow was great and the rest of the cast,too. Congratulations to Wolfgang Petersen!!!!
The best war movie ever made!!!
Writer-Director Wolfgang Peterson proves that he knows how to do his stuff. Forget Saving Private Ryan. This, along with Platoon and Apocalypse Now, are the ultimate war movies of all time. Superb direction from Peterson, almost impossible cinematography, great editing and sound design make this movie awesome. Made on a small budget of just $15m, Peterson insisted that he would film entirely inside a U-boat so that the entire cast and crew would get the real feeling of living in a U-boat. The results - the best war movie ever made. 11 out of 10!
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