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Alistair Legrand
Adrian Flowers as Charlie
Dion Basco as Jeremy Platt
Nestor Serrano as Dr. Saul
Kevin Rahm as Alex
India Eisley as Nora
Vinessa Shaw as Dr. Jane Mathis
Storyline: A psychiatrist tries to put her life back together after a violent attack by seeking to repair the life of a new patient, but he has his own terrifying history.
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Not worth your time
Started out optimistic that this might be interesting, but quickly became disappointed. I know this film is supposed to have elements of both a psychological thriller and horror, but in all brutal honesty, I felt like this movie made light of mental illness and does not take it seriously almost using horror to make fun of it. That's what bothered me the most about it. Certain things were too stereotyped (inaccurately stereotyped too) and the plot went nowhere. The plot moves slow and then takes a quick turn and everything unwinds rapidly, almost like watching 2 separate films. Little character development. I would not recommend this film, especially not at night if you are alone.
A surprisingly smart and enjoyable mystery/thriller
'Clinical' was a very different film to what I expected going in. Based on the synopsis and then the opening scene I thought we were looking at more of a psychological horror. There are elements of that to it, but it would have to said it is more of a thriller than anything with a dash of mystery. The story manages to be both intriguing and captivating all at once. There are two stories being followed throughout the film and we the audience don't know whether they connect or not, and if so how. All this makes for a fun watch.

Vinessa Shaw in the lead role thoroughly impressed me. Halfway through the movie I had to look her up to see where I recognised her from. It was from 'The Hills Have Eyes' which I also quite enjoyed her performance in. The rest of the cast were surprisingly strong as well and all this made for a very pleasant viewing experience.

'Clinical' is exactly the type of film I like. It's daring, clever, doesn't insult its audience, and most of all it's a lot of fun to watch. I would certainly recommend watching this film if you get the chance.
Clinical is a boring psychological thriller where the performance of lead actress is the only saving grace.
Clinical (2017): Since I watched Stranger Things,I became a huge fan of Netflix.I made a decision that i should never miss any series or movie that comes from Netflix.So,I watched Clinical with decent expectations as it is a psychological thriller,my favorite genre.So how is Clinical?

Plot: Clinical, tells the story of Dr. Jane Mathis (Vinessa Shaw), a psychiatrist who develops the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after she is brutally attacked by one her patients; and subsequently witnesses the patient cut her own throat. She begins seeing a therapist to cope with her PTSD and is advised to stay away from emotionally intensive patients.But she meets a new patient with PTSD named Alex (Kevin Rahm),a man who suffered a horrible car accident and is severely disfigured.

Plus Points: 1)Performances: Vinessa Shaw is the only pro for this uneven thriller.It is her performance which makes us intrigued in this hollow film.She gave decent performance as a troubled psychiatrist.Kevin Rahm's look as disfigured face has good make up work.

2)Production Values: This movie has good production values which helped a lot to give a perfect locations and camera work.

3)Background Score: Background score is good at few scenes.

Minus Points: 1)Screenplay and Direction: Clinical is interesting for first 20 mins,but after that screenplay goes very slow and repetitive.The sessions between Alex and Mathis is so boring.It just gives a build up of giving a mind blowing twist but instead its gives a pretty lame predictable twist.

So,Clinical is a boring psychological thriller where the performance of lead actress is the only saving grace.

My rating 5/10
I really enjoyed this movie
Overall, I really liked this movie. I don't know why everyone giving a bad review. Lets face it, nothing is original. But this movie is very good for a Netflix. Good acting, decent story and overall a good motion picture. If you are looking for a decent thriller and a good time I would recommend this film.

It is a bit slow from the start, but it picks it up afterward. Some really good scenes in this movie. I am not going to tell you what the story is about because I would like you to see this movie and judge for yourself. Remember to be clear minded about it. Some scenes were creepy and disturbing. Others are kicking about the last 30 mins of this movie being bad. Seriously, it's not BAD & yes, it is a complete picture. No cliff hanger.
When the good turns bad....really bad.
First off the only reason I'm even giving this movie a 5 star rating is because I have to support Vinessa Shaws (Dr. Mathis) performance. If it wasn't for her convincing role in playing a psychiatrist I would have left this movie 20 minutes later. So now after that being said. Well there's not much to say, the movie started off with a big hook that caught my attention and did its job to keep me interested, plus I was already liking the acting skills of the leading roll. But the last 30 minutes of the film had just nuked itself and blowing its chances of what could have been a pretty decent psychological thriller. But I have to admit... I've seen way worst plots then this film!! So I would just flip a coin on this one guys if you want to give it a chance. Good luck!!!
Putting up a show
Or a movie for that matter, but you know what I mean. Actually you will know what I mean way before the main character knows what's up. Or any other character for that matter. Oh wait, that information was important and I didn't tell you about it? Ah well, who cares, right? Then again we are used to characters and situations just being the wrong side of wrong for a movie like this to "work".

There's not that much new or fresh here, but we do get some nice scenes. Especially the opening is really good. It's just a shame that some movies cannot keep up with a strong introduction. You just hope there is more. And then there isn't. Maybe you don't mind, but then again there are way better products out there for you to invest your time in
No Question About it, the Movie is Entertaining
I want to start or by saying I believe a 5/10 rating would be too harsh and a 6 is probably too high, a 5.5 is probably more justified, but with some real simple changes it could have been a solid 6 in my opinion.

No by no stretch of the imagination is this my favorite horror/thriller movie, and yes it is somewhat slow at times but no part of it was just filler material, every screen was hinting & foreshadowing the direction the movie was headed.

We've all sat through films where we thought we were watching the last few moments of the movie just to be shocked that it isn't over as it continues. Well this is the first time I had that happen to me 3 or 4 times in the same movie! Absolutely no exaggeration, this movie could have ended several times over the course of the last 30 min, and the first perceived ending point for me would have earned the movie a solid 6 in my book, but with each attempt at trickery by the director and teasing an ending the movie got worse with each ending became more annoying then the last.

After the movie I certainly didn't look back and say "wow what a waste of time", it was certainly entertaining.
somewhere between a thriller and a horror
Every horror site I visited the last week(s) showed me the trailer of this netflix original. Netflix do make good series but for horror you don't have to go to them. Trailers did show some nasty shots so I gave it a try.

Is it worth watching, well if you are into action or horrors that give you the creeps then this isn't a good choice but if you do like psychological horrors with a twist then I recommend it.

The opening sequence of Clinical offers some nasty shots because it involves a child doing awful things. Once after that this flick turns into a flick about characterisation and psychology. I can't go too deep into the story because I would be spoiling.

Here and there it do gives some bloody scenes but it's at the end that the real horror comes back and the red stuff do sputter around. The ending will leave you with a few questions.

Overall i enjoyed it but I solved the puzzle quickly. Some say that a lot of scene's were too dark and I agree here and there. The effects used were above mediocre and done on-camera without CGI.

This flick will have his pro's but also a lot of contra's because it's a mixture of horror (begin and ending) and a thriller. Not for the gorehounds but for those who can dig a good riddle mixed with red stuff.

Gore 1,5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5
Pretty Good Thriller Overall
Clinical was actually pretty good. I enjoyed this film. At times it was a bit slow and intentionally confusing, but overall this was a decent thriller. If I were a psychiatrist, I wouldn't react the way the character did but her self-medicating made for some decent drama and an excuse for all the "visions" she had. *Spoiler Alert* the mangled-faced Alex was thoroughly creepy, as was the abused girl with the glass. There is definitely a lesson here about using drugs to cope with trauma. The characters had some depth to them. The actors did a good job and were believable in their roles. There was a good twist and the end was satisfying.
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