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Drama, Thriller, Biography
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Jonathan Teplitzky
Brian Cox as Winston Churchill
Kevin Findlay as Fanshawe
Angela Costello as Kay Summersby
Peter Ormond as Briggs
Steven Cree as Captain Stagg
Ella Purnell as Helen
Richard Durden as Jan Smuts
George Anton as Admiral Ramsay
Julian Wadham as Bernard Montgomery
Danny Webb as Alan Brooke
James Purefoy as King George VI
Miranda Richardson as Clementine Churchill
Jonathan Aris as Mallory
John Slattery as Dwight Eisenhower
Storyline: June 1944. Allied Forces stand on the brink: a massive army is secretly assembled on the south coast of Britain, poised to re-take Nazi-occupied Europe. One man stands in their way: Winston Churchill. Behind the iconic figure and rousing speeches: a man who has faced political ridicule, military failure and a speech impediment. An impulsive, sometimes bullying personality - fearful, obsessive and hurting. Fearful of repeating, on his disastrous command, the mass slaughter of 1915, when hundreds of thousands of young men were cut down on the beaches of Gallipoli. Obsessed with fulfilling historical greatness: his destiny. Exhausted by years of war and plagued by depression, Churchill is a shadow of the hero who has resisted Hitler's Blitzkrieg. Should the D-Day landings fail, he is terrified he'll be remembered as an architect of carnage. Political opponents sharpen their knives. General Eisenhower and Field Marshal Montgomery are increasingly frustrated by Churchill's attempts to stop...
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escaping false history taught by white people
movie has shown insecurity among British politicians during late colonial rule. also it tried to specify that genocide during churchill as prime minister is fault of churchill which excuses fault of whole government and king of england, they are equally responsible for destroying civilizations and they almost infiltrated china. churchill was a hypocrite and a good actor, common trait of hoarder society
I will never surrender. I will also never see this film again.
'CHURCHILL' was directed by Jonathan Teplitzky and stars Brian Cox, Miranda Richardson and John Slattery. ?Fearful of repeating the invasion of Gallipoli in 1915, Winston Churchill attempts to stop the planned invasion of Normandy in 1944. Only the support of Churchill's wife, Clementine, can halt the prime minister's physical and mental collapse.

I desperately wanted to love this movie. I really did. This is a fascinating period of our history and would have loved to see a great depiction of Churchill's perception of it on our screens for the world to enjoy. Alas, I did not. It's a melodramatic mess that has Brian Cox's unfathomable acting ability keeping it barely alive. The only other positive I can conceive is the splendid speech at the end because the rest of the movie was messy, incoherent and, the worst sin of all, boring.

This movie's structure is were it falters greatly for me. While the plot and point are clear, it doesn't feel like one flowing narrative. The scenes feel messy and out of place(when they aren't) and it overall doesn't appear like much effort went into the creation of the story for this film.

I wouldn't usually do an entire section of a review on the direction but that is the main way this movie falters, at least for me. 90% of the scenes in this movie are shot, acted and scored in the fashion that makes it seem like the fate of the universe rests in these characters words and makes the whole movie stupidly melodramatic. This style works for brief moments in the film but fails overall. A much less dramatic, more relaxed style that still displayed Churchill's eccentric nature would have sufficed but instead they opted for a melodramatic mess,

Brian Cox was honestly great in this movie and I bought every second of his performance. I don't agree that he reaches Oscar levels but I do believe he gets quite close. Miranda Richardson and John Slattery both do fine as Clementine Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower respectively but neither of them come close to Cox's undeniable skill.

The costume and set design for this movie was really good and felt genuine to the era. The cinematography is a very strange subject. On the one hand, it is overly dramatic and feels very weird in scenes that don't require the world to be resting on them. On the other hand, there are a few scenes, like the masterfully written speech, where this format works stupidly well and is very, very effective. So I am pretty torn with this format of cinematography but I feel that it is pretty weak as a whole package.

As good as Cox and the speech are, this movie is probably not worth your time overall. I don't recommend you watch it and I'll rate it a measly 3 Glasses of Scotch out of 10.
Aims for the heart, but misses the target
Did people really talk to Winston like that?

Of all the films about Churchill, rather than just showing his personal side, this one seems more interested in cutting the legend down to size.

I can't believe this is a complete picture. The film is beautifully made and Brian Cox makes as good a Churchill as did Albert Finney, but it's the underlying premise that concerns me.

The story is set at a critical point in WW2 as the Allies under Eisenhower are about to launch D-Day. Churchill is dead against invading France, opting for an advance from the Mediterranean. In this telling he is haunted by the disaster at Gallipoli and the carnage on the Western Front in WW1. He almost has a nervous breakdown as he is sidelined from the decision-making. His moods and depression cause a rift with his wife Clementine (Miranda Richardson).

No doubt Clemmie saw another side of the great man. He would have been a handful when he'd had a skinful as was often the case. Possibly she saw doubts that he never revealed in public and it is here that the movie captures intimate moments that have a ring of truth. I think the film loses its bearings when it claims that fear of another Gallipoli was the main reason Churchill apposed D-Day.

Churchill presided over many disasters in WW2, but he was a pragmatist, he seemed of the opinion that you can afford to lose every battle but the last one. Although Churchill did lose ground with President Roosevelt as the war went on, he never seemed to lose his strategic instincts. The most plausible reason for him not wanting the invasion of France seemed more that he saw the Soviet Union as the next big threat. He thought an advance up through the Balkans meeting the Soviet armies somewhere east of Vienna and Prague, would nip Stalin's territorial ambitions in the bud.

Far from being a man out of step with events he actually seemed ahead of them.

Still his ideas on retaining the empire and his domestic politics were the things that made him seem outmoded, but they are hardly touched on here.

The man had flaws and he was difficult. "Churchill" dwells on this aspect more than on the qualities that made him "The Greatest Briton of all time".

In the end, "Churchill" seems just a bit too unbalanced for me.
This Movie Is An Historical Abomination
One doesn't have to be a World War II historian to be aware of the horrible inaccuracies in this movie. Those who reference this movie as remotely accurate clearly paid no attention in history class.

For the rest of us, Prime Minister Churchill's apprehensions about D-Day were well documented; that is, documented as misgivings in its inception. However, by the time the day rolled around, he had long-since been on board, not only as a proponent, but as an architect of the offensive.

What the writer of this film has done is nothing short of an abomination. People who don't know the facts or young people who haven't yet learned them see films like this and think what they are seeing is reality. While writers cannot be responsible for the ignorance of viewers; when writing about real people and real events, they do bear some responsibility to at least walk hand-in-hand with truth.

The only question I have about this film is in wondering how on earth it ever got made.

While most of the actors give spirited performances, they cannot redeem this awful film. I cannot possibly recommend this movie for any purpose other than a wonderful example to writers, producers and directors on what not to do when making a movie. This movie represents everything that is wrong in filmmaking.
Fascinating insight into one of Britain's most iconic figures.
I am not a writer or a frequent film-reviewer, however, after watching the premiere of Churchill and a Q&A with the writer, director and lead actors, I felt compelled to review this outstanding film. It is set in 1944, during the 72 hours leading up to D-Day, as the Allied troops prepared for the invasion of Normandy, France. Be warned, this is not your typical war movie nor your typical portrayal of Churchill. The script-writer Alex Von Tunzelmann described the research she had carried out which had enabled her to create this fascinating insight into the 'human-being' behind Britain's most iconic leader. It is a reminder that even the greatest among us grow old and Churchill's personal battles make his achievements all the more admirable. Brian Cox and Miranda Richardson were outstanding in their roles and if you are lover of History or WW2 or if you are simply getting old (aren't we all?)... this is a must-see film.
Great film about a great historical figure
Churchill was an enjoyable and well made film. Brian Cox was the image of Winston Churchill and managed to evoke his tenacity and spirit. He delivers a first class performance throughout the film. The film was captivating at the start and showed a side of Churchill that many might not be familiar with. History remembers Churchill as the great leader who steered Britain towards victory against Hitler. However his internal conflicts and opposition to the D-Day invasion that essentially helped win the war was both intriguing and educational. This film was filled with great moments and had a beautiful and solemn soundtrack. Scenes such as Churchill walking through a war field or showing the peace sign to children who showed it to him was a great touch and showcased great film making. From the outset the film artfully captures its viewers attention and shows us the burdens and grief Churchill had carried and felt.

Special praise needs to go to the direction of this film. Good use of symbolism was prevalent throughout with Churchill's hat and cigar. The moments were well orchestrated and there were even small doses of humor such as Churchill insisting to Eisenhower that he and King George VI join the forces for the invasion. I feel Brian Cox more than deserves an Oscar nod and maybe even the best actor Oscar for his great portrayal of such a well known historical figure. The only issue with this film was its pacing. It had a great start but towards the middle the pacing and intensity slowed and then picked up again, some might have found the lull in the middle boring.

I am quite disappointed by the ratings on this site, I feel IMDb has no credibility. A film like this is rated 6.9 while cartoons are rated higher. I am sure there are not a number of historians who have voted on here because of their view of Churchill.

If you like history and getting an insight into significant events and great people who shaped our modern world then this film is for you. Otherwise it won't appeal to amateur or uneducated viewers.

Pulls everything together for the public's eye
This movie shows Winston Churchill in a panic mode and a politician that is basing his decisions on history (i.e. War World I and the loss of British soldiers) and his own personal fear and guilt. The movie Churchill 2017 is somewhat similar to Oliver Stone's movie called Nixon about Richard Nixon who shows his weakness to the audience but then more or less pulls everything together for the public's eye.
Revisionist history UK style.....
The UK does not seem to be any too happy with its past. I have come across more than my share of revisionist tales from the UK covering off everything from Royalty down through ages and of course, prominent politicians.

I came to Churchill expecting an "amended" version of the man and his time in office during WWII and I was not disappointed. Given this politicians well recorded indifference to the welfare not only of military personnel but also civilians, I felt this film made a fiction of historical fact. The claim of his being sidelined was hardly on the money either. That said, its my opinion it might have been better if he had been. Churchill was amongst other things the champion of the disastrous Gallipoli military campaign of world war one.

Whats really infuriating about this nonsense too, is its well acted. Brian Cox is an excellent actor who does a fine job of portraying old "blood and guts". Sad fact is, this is not Churchill the man, its Churchill the way the British elite would like public to see him. Which, of course, played no better at the time than it does now, with the average Brit quickly seeing old Winston out of office once the war was over and democratic norms re-established.

Watch Churchill for Cox's fine performance by all means but look elsewhere if you want to know what who Churchill was and what he stood for. Five out of ten from me.
A real disappointment - Cox miscast and little happens, also historically inaccurate
I had great expectations of this film when I saw the cast and trailer, but the film itself did not deliver.

The chief problem is that nothing really happens. The entire film revolves around Churchill's reticence to back the drawn-up plans for Operation Overlord (D-Day) and, er, that's it. This is also historically inaccurate (to a massive degree), which doesn't help.

There are issues, too, with Cox's portrayal of Churchill. Firstly, he neither looks nor sounds anything like his real-life subject. The voice, for one, is way, way off. At times I detected little snippets of Cox's native Dundonian accent. Churchill may indeed have been Dundee's MP for some time (1908-22) but he didn't pick up the accent while there...

Cox is indubitably a great actor. He is hopelessly miscast here, completely unconvincing.

Miranda Richardson, another vastly talented actor, is given very little to do, but as I mention above, there's not much for her to work with in terms of the anaemic screenplay.

At times, Cox's portrayal of Churchill paints his subject as a rather forlorn and pathetic figure. That's definitely a first, again completely inaccurate (yes, he was alcoholic, but this is no secret) but forlorn and pathetic he was not.

At my showing, people were sighing and shifting in their seats. The film wasn't holding the viewers interest at all. It was just... dull.
Utter garbage
I am very glad that I only rented this and didn't buy it or see it in the cinema. Even so I begrudge the £4. Had it been free I would have turned it off in five minutes.

The acting is good. But historically this film is so far off the truth that it's impossible to see anything positive in it. I am baffled about why some people gave it a positive review.

Seriously, don't bother.
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