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Crime, Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Dax Shepard
Vincent D'Onofrio as Vic Brown
Jamie Bock as Lesley
Jessica McNamee as Lindsey Taylor
Merrin Dungey as Joy Jackson
John Duff as Barnes
Clay Cullen as Smith
Justin Chatwin as Raymond Reed Kurtz Jr.
Kristen Bell as Karen
Dax Shepard as Jon Baker
Ryan Hansen as Brian Grieves
Josh Duhamel as Rick
Adam Brody as Clay Allen
Michael Peña as Frank 'Ponch' Poncherello
Storyline: Jon Baker (Shepard) and Frank Ponch Poncherello (Peña) have just joined the California Highway Patrol (CHP) in Los Angeles, but for very different reasons. Baker is a beaten-up former pro motorbiker trying to put his life and marriage back together. Poncherello is a cocky undercover Federal agent investigating a multi-million dollar heist that may be an inside job-inside the CHP. The inexperienced rookie and the hardened pro are teamed together, but clash more than click, so kick-starting a real partnership is easier said than done. But with Baker's unique bike skills and Ponch's street savvy it might just work...if they don't drive each other crazy first.
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People are being too harsh, very funny film!!
As a preface, I have never seen an episode of the original show; I knew Estrada was in it and that's all. So, if you're a fan of the series, I cannot say whether you will enjoy this film (though based on other reviews I've read, it seems unlikely).

What I can tell you is that I had low expectations and just wanted a laugh. Dax Sheppard's films have always been hit-or-miss for me. When I bought the tickets, I wasn't even aware that it was rated R.

I was very pleasantly surprised! My friend and I both laughed non-stop at the off-the-wall humor. The success of the jokes was in the delivery - often very deadpan and unexpected. Some reviewers complained about the sex addiction/masturbation jokes, but I found them hilarious due to Sheppard's sincere concern and Peña's awkward embarrassment.

As a motorcyclist, I very much enjoyed all the bike action and liked that they kept it relatively realistic (but don't look for realism as a general rule; that's not what comedy is about) regarding the necessary skills (Ponche thought he could match Baker and was sorely mistaken) and the comparative speed of a lightweight sport bike vs. the clunky cruisers. I also loved that, when they upgraded to sport bikes themselves, they wore proper full-body riding gear instead of promoting riding in street clothes as most films do.

In short: this is a riot, not an Oscar-winner. Go for laughs, not for a serious cop film.
A lot better than I expected.
All I know is my wife and I went to see this and we had a great time laughing and giving each other high fives. Was it true to the TV show no, but the action was great had me on the edge of my seat in some parts. The soundtrack had me tapping my feet and banging the arm of the chair. The main thing was that it was fun and made me appreciate what comedies have to offer because all I usually see are action films.
What a horrible piece of trashy crap!
What idiot gave the no talent Dax Shepard money to make this soft porn version of a beloved show! This is what happens when a Hollywood egomaniac with no talent is given money! Holy cow, how desperate Hollywood has become to make this and actually ask for money to see it.

There is no story, no plot, just cheap naked bits, no pun intended. And yes, Dax works out, we get it, but so do 1000 other actors. There is no reason for any of this nonsense on the screen. It isn't funny! HORRIBLE MOVIE, not even rent worthy, and honestly, they should be paying us to sit through this film! To find the so called "Story", this could be edited down to 12 minutes.

Skip this
couldn't finish the movie
I am not sure if I am a fair judge seeing as I only made it threw the first 30 minutes of the movie but it was just nasty dirty and had really no redeeming value except for 2 laughs I am no prude I liked both 21 jump streets but this just seemed to have nudity just for the sake of having it I counted 4 nude scenes in 39 minutes and constant swearing it really took away from the movie try it I guess but don't be prepaired to like it maybe I am being too hard but I just didn't see the point in staying around to see more dirty jokes and nudity just seemed sencekess
these CHIPS don't crunch!
I was looking forward to a movie being made for the hit TV show CHIPS for a long time, and fast forward to 2017...the wait is over, it's finally happened. It's here! CHIPS is a major motion picture! Oh, wait, major? How is anything coming from Dax anything major? This movie is a hollow, shallow, damn near UNWATCHABLE film to date. The best scenes of the movie are clearly in the trailer. The rest of the movie? Picture an entire train without any train tracks, and try to picture it trying to move. Doesn't work, eh? Neither does anything in this movie. The casting was bad, there is absolutely no story ( I'm not kidding, there is NOTHING to see here), and the film was incredibly boring. The hour and forty minute running time, it's going to feel like over 2 hours, trust me...this film was that boring. Unnecessary violence, unnecessary nudity, and unnecessary shootings...makes a very unnecessary movie to be made. If you're going to do it, do it right, dammit! I like Dax, but he was out of his league on this one...he's the same age as me, he was born in the 70's, he didn't live through it! If anyone is entitled to make a film after a beloved show, it should be done by someone who will be faithful to the adaption of the series, and who can argue with that? I actually got distracted after an hour of this atrocious waste of time, and was more entertained with the cheerful baby sitting in the seat with her parent next to reminded me of the "Baby Food" episode from the TV show CHIPS, and actually made me sad of how bad we've steered off the Hollywood track. I appreciate and love classic TV, it should be respected, and if crap like this keeps slipping through the ass cracks of Hollywood itself, I'm done going to the show altogether. Thumbs down, time, let's see if Kristen Bell is a little better with the writing and directing.
An Absolute Travesty
This movie was absolutely appalling. In fact it went beyond bad to be absolutely sickening. When I first heard about a remake of a classic eighties TV series (that I watched) I was a bit baffled, and somewhat disappointed, to discover that they had turned it into a comedy. Okay, there is remaking a classic series to make it somewhat more light hearted, and then there is completely butchering the memory of what was a really enjoyable series. This film basically falls into the second category. In fact I am glad that the film has actually received as bad a rating as it has (even though it isn't as bad as to satisfy me).

So, as I mentioned, the film is based on an old TV series about a couple of motorcycle cops in Los Angeles who are a part of the Californian Highway Patrol (hence the name Chips). Anyway, they have changed it a but to make Frank Poncherello an FBI agent on an undercover operation who also happens to be a sex addict. As for John Baker, well, he is an ex-motorcross rider whose marriage is on the rocks, and wants to impress his wife (who is, by the way, beyond impressing). However, both of these characters are pathetic, and Baker actually goes beyond pathetic to being absolutely putrefying. The guy literally made me sick.

As for the plot, well, there was one, but it was pretty pathetic as well. Mainly a couple of guys a robbing armoured trucks and it turns out that there are some people in the CHiPs squad that are helping them (which is why Poncherello has to infiltrate them). They do have a gun fight at the end, but it is really not all that fantastic. In fact the plot really didn't make all that much sense anyway, but then again that is to be expected from a movie as bad as this one.

Personally, I don't mind it when they do a remake, and sometimes they can be quite fun (though never anywhere near as good as the original), however this movie when beyond being bad to the point that it was just wrong on so many levels. In the end it basically completely ruined what was a half decent series. However, it makes me want to what the remake of 21 Jump Street just to see how that one turns out.
Fun Time**** Do Not Take It Serious!
When I go to a movie that is a slap stick comedy, I do not expect The Godfather! This was a good time to laugh! I enjoyed all the puns and the actions was not bad either.

The TV show was not all that either, lets be real! This is 2017, so things are different, there will be guns, sex, and bad language.
Overall a good movie
While it might be a rip off from other movies like jump street, bad boys and so on. It is still very good acting, plenty of action. Tons of funny one liners, not to mention funny as hell scenes. Movie had me entertained and laughing, straight from the beginning till the end. And i could absolutely watch the movie again in the future.
Vile -Poor Script and Poor Acting.
Why on earth they had to make this movie so vile. The amount of foul language. After 10 minutes we turned it off. Nothing like the original series. Utter rubbish and very, very POOR script. Some series are just best left alone, and Chips is one of them, if they cannot get the actors, or get a good script. I could think of two better actors to play the parts, and made it a 12A without all that foul language

Attention all units, Chips won't be returning in a minute!
A Chip Off The Mundane Block
Robbie K here, starting the evening reviews with yet another comedy to grace the silver screen. Tonight's film is a rehash of the golden era of television (the 70s) cop comedy Chips. What does forty years of sitting in the dust mixed with the modern era of comedy bring to the table? Well my friends that is where I come from, and as always, I'm happy to share my thoughts on the latest "masterpiece" to grace the silver screen. So, let's roll out shall we?

LIKES • Decent Story • Good Acting Chemistry • Some bike stunts

Summary: Not going to lie, I didn't have high hopes for this comedy. Yet to my surprise, Chips actually stepped up to the plate in terms of plot. It feels like an extended episode from the show, that was part action, part crime mystery, and a majority comedy. It was simplistic yes, but it works to bring the entertainment value and energy that the sitcom brought long ago. While the story was decent, the real shining value is the chemistry between the "dynamic duo" that really makes this movie. Dax Shepard for once didn't annoy me, as his character was balanced, surprisingly deep, and quite useful in the story, compared to some of his other roles. Although still awkward and idiotic, his antics were toned down and complemented by his partner in crime played by Michael Pena. Pena still shows his dynamic acting style, portraying both rough edged street smarts with sexual promiscuity. The stubborn mule Pena plays is blind-sided by his weaknesses, and only Dax's character can deter him from the trap that is his mind. It was very entertaining (and impressive) to see the energy both brought to the mix, alongside decent character development, kept the movie going. In addition, there were some decent stunts (primarily bike riding) that added zest to the comedy and maybe a little suspense.

DISLIKES • Lazy writing • Rushed Development • Not as Funny as hoped • Perverted at times

Summary: Like many comedies, Chips suffers from some lazy writing at times. I give Shephard props for capturing some antics of the classic show, but his modern style does not give props in terms of unique writing. Let's face it, most modern comedies are all about the cursing, and while it was slightly diluted, there was unnecessary use of the cursing that wasn't funny to me. In addition, there were plenty of moments that could have been comedic gold, but the direction took a different path that was rushed and lazy, leaving little wit, surprise, or delivery to maximize laughs. And the perverted aspect, much like the cursing, got pretty old/disgusting quickly. No offense to anyone's bodies, but there were a couple of scenes where I couldn't burn the image/concept out of my head, leaving me sicker to the stomach than laughing. As for the Kristen Bell moments, they played a key character development, but her limited screen time was shallow stupidity than entertaining, but hey she did look good doing it. Outside of the comedy, the character development also could have been a little deeper and the suspense a little more if they wanted to expand upon the genre. Yet, when the single objective is comedy, the story often will take a hit.

The Verdict

Chips has the nostalgic feel to it in terms of its plot overall, and a few cameos, but that is where it drops off. I again applaud Shepard and Pena's chemistry and how they expanded upon characters who were better known for their tight uniforms. Unfortunately, the modern telling is much like the theme of the genre, simplistic stupid moments with a curse laden dialogue and perverted moments. If this is your style, then this movie is the one for you this weekend. For the rest of my readers though, this movie is worth waiting for Netflix before feasting your eyes on this piece. While better than I thought, it would be, it still is no masterpiece.

My Scores:

Action/Comedy/Crime: 6.5 Movie Overall: 4.0
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