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Crime, Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Dax Shepard
Vincent D'Onofrio as Vic Brown
Jamie Bock as Lesley
Jessica McNamee as Lindsey Taylor
Merrin Dungey as Joy Jackson
John Duff as Barnes
Clay Cullen as Smith
Justin Chatwin as Raymond Reed Kurtz Jr.
Kristen Bell as Karen
Dax Shepard as Jon Baker
Ryan Hansen as Brian Grieves
Josh Duhamel as Rick
Adam Brody as Clay Allen
Michael Peña as Frank 'Ponch' Poncherello
Storyline: Jon Baker (Shepard) and Frank Ponch Poncherello (Peña) have just joined the California Highway Patrol (CHP) in Los Angeles, but for very different reasons. Baker is a beaten-up former pro motorbiker trying to put his life and marriage back together. Poncherello is a cocky undercover Federal agent investigating a multi-million dollar heist that may be an inside job-inside the CHP. The inexperienced rookie and the hardened pro are teamed together, but clash more than click, so kick-starting a real partnership is easier said than done. But with Baker's unique bike skills and Ponch's street savvy it might just work...if they don't drive each other crazy first.
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"It's good for a one time laugh"
So the movie is basically about a pro FED from Mexico acted by Michael Pena very famous for his acting in the movies the Martian and shooter so he joins forces with a newbie cop acted by Dax Shepard both in California highway patrol for the investigation of a heist that involves some corrupt cops To say about the story it's not that great as we have come across lots of movies with this kind of stories and the comedy element really works out for this movie so if we want to keep all the seriousness aside and have a good laugh this movie is the choice When talking about the action in this it does have those elements here and there with a pinch of laugh always as it involves bikes cars helicopters etc. So the plot involves quite a bit of action, lots of funny scenes especially Dax Shepard when he says jokes without knowing its funny makes us roll with laughter and I even like the combo between Micheal and Dax. This movie is an 18+ as there are some nude scenes, Notable Good acting Dax Shepard for his spontaneous joke elements Vincent D'onofrio known for his acting in daredevil TV series and men in black Michael Pena for his combo with Dax Shepard Rosa Salazar known for her acting in the movies maze runner scorch trails and insurgent even if she had a small role in this movie she was noticed out for her tomboy skills Kristen Bell known for frozen and the TV series veronica mars she brings out her own funny elements in this movie to make us laugh out loud Genre: Action, Comedy and Crime My Rating: 7/10
If I could give it 0 stars I would
Its not funny, Its poorly shot, there Bad CGI, Including the awful death were the villain's (who sucks in this movie) son gets his head cut off when by some metal wire on the road and goes clean off and there a little bit blood, it's insane. I have more to say but his movie is a waste of words.
Good action comedy
It's pretty good the production filming very impressive Very good . Very surprised about the director D shaperd I didn't know he direct. very good job . Interesting movie to spend to ha ha time. Lots bike chasing and stunt. Compare to the Hollywood movies tgey making out there this is good. They making so much garbage even for the killing time movie It's pretty good killing time movie.
An Absolute Travesty
This movie was absolutely appalling. In fact it went beyond bad to be absolutely sickening. When I first heard about a remake of a classic eighties TV series (that I watched) I was a bit baffled, and somewhat disappointed, to discover that they had turned it into a comedy. Okay, there is remaking a classic series to make it somewhat more light hearted, and then there is completely butchering the memory of what was a really enjoyable series. This film basically falls into the second category. In fact I am glad that the film has actually received as bad a rating as it has (even though it isn't as bad as to satisfy me).

So, as I mentioned, the film is based on an old TV series about a couple of motorcycle cops in Los Angeles who are a part of the Californian Highway Patrol (hence the name Chips). Anyway, they have changed it a but to make Frank Poncherello an FBI agent on an undercover operation who also happens to be a sex addict. As for John Baker, well, he is an ex-motorcross rider whose marriage is on the rocks, and wants to impress his wife (who is, by the way, beyond impressing). However, both of these characters are pathetic, and Baker actually goes beyond pathetic to being absolutely putrefying. The guy literally made me sick.

As for the plot, well, there was one, but it was pretty pathetic as well. Mainly a couple of guys a robbing armoured trucks and it turns out that there are some people in the CHiPs squad that are helping them (which is why Poncherello has to infiltrate them). They do have a gun fight at the end, but it is really not all that fantastic. In fact the plot really didn't make all that much sense anyway, but then again that is to be expected from a movie as bad as this one.

Personally, I don't mind it when they do a remake, and sometimes they can be quite fun (though never anywhere near as good as the original), however this movie when beyond being bad to the point that it was just wrong on so many levels. In the end it basically completely ruined what was a half decent series. However, it makes me want to what the remake of 21 Jump Street just to see how that one turns out.
Very funny and entertaining
I think Dax and his cast and crew did an excellent job.Im sure Mr Shepard wasn't trying for a politically correct best picture award winner, but in my book ,he's made a very funny and entertaining movie. It also brought back a time when things were more simple and people were more respectful. Great job on a very entertaining movie.
Overall a good movie
While it might be a rip off from other movies like jump street, bad boys and so on. It is still very good acting, plenty of action. Tons of funny one liners, not to mention funny as hell scenes. Movie had me entertained and laughing, straight from the beginning till the end. And i could absolutely watch the movie again in the future.
Most fun movie I have seen in a good long while.
I was not expecting much from this movie. Though it touched me so deep. You may think I am joking, I mean a chips remake? I was totally shocked too. I have not laughed this much in yonks. Real silly, deep, chuckles. I have not been so drawn in by characters in a movie since I can remember also. I never write reviews, though I had to for this movie has changed my life. God bless all the team.
Some of the most dumb sh*t i seen in a long time
What the dam was this movie even about? The story line made no sense what so ever Don't waste your time with this movie, it has nothing to do with the chips TV series.. The acting was awful, and there where to many people involved that were never explained or introduced properly.. Half of this movie i was questing weather i was insane or high So much dumb stuff that made no sense Spoilers! who was that dude in the swat car, and what was his contribution to the movie? like what the heck. Also how and why did the new guy know who reed junior was? Why the heck was the other dude transferred in the first place? And the thing about his old (dead?) partner? what... This movie was a total sh*t show... how does this have a 5.8 rating is beyond my comprehension.. Please please please, don't waste your time and/or money on this sh*t show of a movie
Under-appreciated gem
Wow, this movie was way better than I expected! Dax Sheperd is a great writer. He tells familiar stories in new ways, creates unique characters, and gives them interesting things to talk about. He reminds me of the work of Kevin Smith in that regard. This is a buddy film, 2 guys navigating life, not sure if they like each other. And Dax does a great job keeping this film from being like the last 1000 buddy films that the industry has turned into formulaic garbage. This is a fun film! Especially if you're a guy. There were just so many great "guy" moments, where I was like, "yes, that's how me and my buddies would look at that situation." It felt good to get those uniquely guy moments again, haven't seen those for... years,(Swingers comes to mind) and never this well done. Directing was solid. Acting was great. The characters were hilarious and ludicrous. There were so many convention breaking moments, its refreshing actually.

If you like a funny buddy flick, this one is worth your time! Hope Dax keeps making good movies like this.
Move along, people. Nothing to see here.
The original "CHiPS" theme song gets used towards the end of this movie, and it made me smile. Mostly because it felt good to be reminded of the show. For once. Aside from decorative trimmings of gold CHP helmets and an Estrada cameo, there's nothing here for anyone who's ever seen the show. It's a generic buddy-cop comedy that goes straight for the dick-touching and sex jokes that win over twelve year-old and frat boy alike. At least, they should, but there's no humor in any of this.

There is one promising gag, and it's the disclaimer:

"The California Highway Patrol does not endorse this film.

At all."

But the movie never lives up to that promise.

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