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Sam Son, Mitesh Kumar Patel
Mykel Shannon Jenkins as Officer Kerr
Caite Upton as Tara Smith (as Caitlin Upton)
Meg Wolf as Nancy
Bianca Desai as Shilpa
Ashley Cordelia as Maria (as Ashley Schmitt)
Yves Bright as Kevin Dunn
James Martin Kelly as Dr. Jones
Sophia Santi as Mary
Kirk Bovill as Detective Corrigan
Gregor Manns as The Darkness (voice)
Skoti Collins as Officer Jefferson
Kacey Barnfield as Allison (as Kacey Barnfield)
Storyline: After a freak accident during her baby shower, Allison, a dedicated nurse, is rushed to the hospital. After the premature birth of her son Neron, strange events emerge: illusions, vivid dreams, and unexplained killings. The events are linked back to Neron as Allison is taken by sudden premonitions that reveal the victims of her son's next choice. Reverend Jones (Eric Roberts) recognizes an abysmal evil power in Neron and tries to free the boy by all means possible.
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Finding Neron
The Rosemary's baby DVD cover coupled with the title and the fact the there is only one baby in the film and is named Neron after the DC comic demon, doesn't leave me with a lot of plot spoilers to ruin this near-fine Eric Roberts film. Kevin (Yves Bright) goes to Mexico, gets messed up, like witch doctor peyote messed up, and wakes up on the side of the road like a thousand other guys except 5 years later his wife Ally (Kacey Clarke) is going to have a baby!!! Okay I really missed the connection, but she looks at an eclipse during her baby shower which means...heck I don't know but the Hispanic help (Ashley Cordelia) really freaked out. Ally has little Damian Neron and everyone around him gets a set of black contact lenses, then dies, but doesn't. But once they are dead, they come back to life, and you kill them again, they really die the second time because...I don't know. But it seems to me if you die from a bullet to the brain, come back to life, a bullet to the chest shouldn't even phase you. And one theological spoiler. In case you were out looking for the Holy Grail, it was been melted down into a dagger which you think would work its way back into the film at some point.You would think.

The script was really sad. It was like the two guys took turns writing paragraphs and they were thinking of different story lines. Has some camp potential. Awfully big baby for one born prematurely.

Guide: F-word. Sex. Nudity
don't watch this
i wasted time of my life to see this movie, even i knew the score on the rate scale. first of all the acting was horrible, and the sound you could hear was from a mic they was rubbing with clothes, and never heard a sound from a door closing, and the effects with the shot hing and Glass breaking was hilarious. it was not even scary
Watch it!!
It's been a long time since i laughed so much watching a movie. The plot is as basic as it's gets, the Cinematography it's a complete disaster, as well as acting, SFX and FX... I especially loved the audio of the movie... or better the lack of it. There are entire scenes without music or audio, just the voice of the actors... and they still managed to make some line totally incomprehensible, with huge volume gaps between lines and a constant noise like someone is gently rubbing the sponge foam of the mics... FX are hilarious, even worst than Birdemic, they even managed to mess up every green screen used in the movie, with awful transparency, layering and placement issues. A must have for every z movie lover!
Don't even bother watching
Giving the film a 2 out of 10 because me and my family were laughing at how bad the acting was! The first half was really good. However, when people started dying you could see the cgi of blood when people got shot with exaggerated amounts of blood, and the funniest part was when the cheating husband gets shot in the stomach, and then starts walking like he's been shot in the leg, and when he's finally in the car with his wife he kisses her like he hasn't even been shot!!! Worst film that I have ever seen in my entire life. Also, when the woman who the husband has cheated with dies, the husband is literally sad for no longer than two seconds! Disgrace.
Horrible movie
This is actually my first review of a movie and this one is so bad I had to write about it.

Firstly you actually wonder how they could get funding for this. The story is not believable at all. Not only that, the flow is incredulously mundane.

Furthermore, there are so many threads that are not carried through no even concluded properly. Worse still, the plot holes are HUGE.

In short, don't even bother watching or wasting your time as my conclusion is that they must have had extra money they needed to blow on an excuse for a movie and did this. Strangest part is that it has Eric Roberts in it! That tells me his career is really on the rocks to even agree to acting such a tepid piece of garbage like this one.
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