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Family, Musical
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Mark Marchillo
Richard Riehle as Principal Bater
William Leon as Herbie Schuster
Darby Steeves as Dancer
Sarah Rochelle as Gracie
Liv Southard as Bloom
Alexa Sutherland as Harmony Swoon
Fidelia Grace as Dancer (as Fidelia Radziwon)
Lizz Carter as Lala Swoon
Lauren Harper as Dancer
Timothy Brennen as Mr. Schuster
Chris Kattan as Robby
Storyline: It's 'Footloose' meets 'Mean Girls' as high school freshman Bloom moves to a town where there's no place to dance - except the school dance team! But when the boyfriend of the team's lead girl falls for her, she'll have to fight to win her place amongst these venomous girls. Breaking Legs is sure one to kick your boots off and pull up your heels, as these kids dance the field away to compete for the homecoming crown at R. Murray High School. Will it be newbie Bloom, or her arch nemesis and Dance Team leader, Harmony? Watch as the two square off in this fun but odd match to the finish. Someone is doomed to 'Break a Leg' on the dance floor, or rather, the football field!
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First 15 mins is solid, then the film simply comes apart at the seams
There is an interesting phenomenon in TV today. Even the best shows, the ones with the highest ratings and reviews, tend to stumble and fall in the 3th or 4th season. It is almost as if the original writers, when the show was being created, stored only enough story arcs to hum through the first two seasons, but then season 3 arrives ... and there is no gas in the tank.

I mention this because normally, for A-list productions from the major studios and networks, there is really no "film equivalent" for this phenomenon, since the A-listers usually have considerable checks and balances built-in to their systems, so that a script does not get green-lighted unless it is 100% ready.

Which brings us to Breaking Legs, an indie written and directed by young auteur Mark Marchillo. The first 15 minutes or so are a nice setup, promising the audience a cross between MEAN GIRLS, FLASHDANCE, and FOOTLOOSE. But those promises are never kept.

After the setup, and for the rest of the over-long and disjointed, helter-skelter, film, dialog goes in strange and unpredictable directions; the characters behave out-of-character; the viewer has trouble keeping track of who is doing what to whom; and the film in general becomes tedious and vexing.

Newcomer Liv Southard does a nice job of trying (emphasize "trying") to be the "glue" for the film and maintain interest, but she is fighting the script and director every step of the way down the elevator shaft.

And Chris Kattan's character is so horrifically written (he comes across more as an autistic stalker than a parental figure) that one cannot blame the actor alone for the end result.
Breaking Legs will make you want to get up and Dance!
Breaking Legs is such a fun, heartwarming film that you can't pass on! From the dance scenes to the high school drama, this film captures the truth of growing up as a young teen dreaming of a what seems unreachable in a world full of bitter disappointments. The story is told in an upbeat, quirky way that you'll find yourself wanting to get up and dance your heart out no matter what. Don't even get me started on how hilarious Chris Kattan was in this alongside the talented Mark Marchillo who wrote, directed and starred in this beautiful dance of human and visual art! I couldn't stop laughing, gasping and wanting to Dance!
A low budget teen comedy
This film tells the story of an aspiring dancer from a dancing family, who moves to a new town to live with her uncle. Not only does she have to adjust to the new environment, but she also attracts the jealousy of Miss Popular in the high school.

"Breaking Legs" wants to be "Mean Girls", but unfortunately it is nowhere close in terms of meanness and in entertainment factor. It is more about the rather uneventful rivalry between two girls. Fortunately, the music in the film is uplifting and makes people want to dance. I am not exactly the target audience of the film, so I cannot say I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Great Movie. Makes you happy, sad kind of tickles with your emotions.
Great film that shows some of the day to day struggles facing our youth today while not going overboard with the seriousness. Really enjoyed the actors who showed maturity in making their characters believable. It is also inspirational as it reminds us how growing up is not easy and makes you want to cheer for success of overcoming obstacles . Would recommend this to anyone. Very funny. Get your popcorn, kick back and enjoy!!!
Excellent in every way
This movie really deserved some kind of theatrical release. It was so well written, directed and acted, that it is shame that it went direct to home viewing only. After the screenplay, to me casting is the most important part of a movie. If you have the wrong people in the parts it could really ruin the film. But here everyone was perfect for their parts. What I really liked was "real" teenagers playing teenagers. Not 20 or 30 somethings you find in so many movie and TV shows. I loved the soundtrack. My favorite two performances were William Leon's and Liv Southard's. They had really great chemistry together. I really liked Mark Marchillo (also the director and screenwriter) as the uncle. He really dances well too. I also loved Aaron Landon as the comic relief of the movie. A movie that gets very serious at times. It was a really good touch in writing that part and again great casting.
Good Old Skool Dance Flick
I thought this movie was a lot of fun. The actors were really funny, and the kids - I was impressed with their performances, which is not often said of child actors. I really believed them, and the adults were insanely quirky and hilarious. All I have to say is, poor Miss Tarble. There are a lot of fun moments here, and there's a lot of heart. Reminded me of those old dance movies from the 80's where the dancing actually took a backseat to the plot of the film, which helps me get into it a little bit more. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes 80's flicks, dance movies, and definitely to those out there who love high school movies. This one's for you!
Dance your way back to Middle School
Wonderfully told story of the confusion, chaos, & heart ache of pre high school life. The ensemble of likable & extremely talented youth transports you back to a special time when life revolved around love, sports, dance, & homecoming. The dance solos look like a Broadway Show & Chris Karan is as talented as ever!! Laughed the entire time and this movie really captures those early teen years in a compelling form.
Excellent Movie!
Breaking Legs is a must see! Liv Southard does an outstanding job as Bloom, a high school freshman that moves to a new school and joins the dance team. In the process she runs into her rival Harmony--played by Alexa Sutherland--who will do anything to stop her. Alexa is awesome in this her role as well. The entire cast does an amazing job! Lots of talent here on display. You will not be disappointed! 10 out of 10!
Nostalgic Blast From the Past
My family and I enjoyed this movie A LOT. For me it was the frequent nods to the past (80 TV shows and dance musicals), as well as the whole look and feel of the film, which I understand was shot on real film! (quite a feat for a small indie project). The colors of the film captured the look of classic dance movies of the past, and some of the soundtrack definitely sounded like 70s TV. My kids liked the dancing (of course) and the teen romance between Herbie and Bloom. The film did have quite a lot of grown up material, individual character flaws, but the story didn't let itself get bogged down and these topics were dealt with lightly and the overall film was kept upbeat and positive. If you expect a straight drama, you'll be disappointed. I thought the lead girl, played by Liv Southard, was a beautiful young dancer and did an excellent job being natural and not over acting, and the characters of Jake and Gracie were funny. Oh...and the Gene Kelly tap routine by the Uncle was excellent!
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