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USA, Canada
Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Richard Sears
Ted Levine as The Preacher
Jonathan David Dixon as El Rancho Bartender
Kevin Owen McDonald as Hooded Man
Timothy Nolen as Hotel Clerk
Paul Needham as Paramedic 1
Ralph Alderman as Bar Customer
Tamara Duarte as Paige
Kelly Pendygraft as Café Waitress
Mark Sivertsen as State Trooper
Victor Cornfoot as Evangelist
Jon McLaren as Jeremy
Jena Malone as Scarlett
Storyline: A mysterious disappearance of a young woman leads her boyfriend on a journey for truth and perhaps his own unknown reality in this dark, hypnotic mystery that transcends the limitations of traditional narrative.
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Incredible movie, instantly one of my favorite films of all time.
I had the pleasure of finding this movie on Netflix and watched it because I was extremely intrigued by the unique title and the interesting poster attached. I loved this film so much I actually made an IMDb account to leave this review. This movie came to me at the right time. It seems to me the producers have been doing the same sort of esoteric research I have been because I could follow the plot with no problems at all from the beginning.

The movie is atmospheric, colorful, creepy and haunting, everything you could want from a visceral indie film. The movie is clearly a mixture between some real life truths mixed in with a plot device first introduced by the Twilight Zone episode "Stopover In A Quiet Town". If you had trouble following the plot of the story, watch "Stopover In A Quiet Town" and you will understand it a lot more. The acting is ,at velour, particularly from the striking male lead who carries the progression of the film largely on his back alone. If this were more popular I would love to see this film nominated for an Oscar, but there's no way this little engine that could would be given a fair shot.

Now for those who watched the movie but were unable to enjoy it because they couldn't understand the plot: Spoiler alert.

Its a simulation matrix. A large part of the first half of the film takes place in a parallel universe, or an offshoot tangent. The original universe was the one where Scarlett messed around with the paraplegic. He eventually died because of her actions, and she feels no remorse. The paraplegic in this original universe is actually Alex. You can think of it as his soul. When he died, that universe ended and their souls were brought into this alternate parallel universe to interact again. This time they are young lovers. But it is Alex's destiny to kill Scarlett in retribution for what she did, and in doing so, free her soul. The masked man Alex sees from the hotel is actually him, again, from a different parallel universe. This version of Alex has managed to somehow cross dimensions to interact with his other selves, whom he reveals the nature of their reality to. Every time Alex dies in a universe, he wakes up in an alternate parallel universe playing different roles, but always destined to interact with Scarlett, until he finally does the deed and kills her, thus freeing them both from the simulation matrix.

The fact that the entire movie takes place in parallel dimensions/a simulation is hinted at all throughout the movie. They can't leave the small town to go to LA, possibly because LA doesn't really exist since they are destined to stay at the small town. That's why Scarlett feels "crushed" whenever they try to leave. The strange motel they check into is actually on the same location as where Scarlett tortured & killed the paraplegic, hence it is where their souls must dwell until they leave the matrix. The house Alex wakes up in after the pastor shoots him is ALSO in the same location as the strange motel, its just in an alternate dimension. The masked man (who is actually Alex from a parallel dimension" mentions "cities of pain buried underneath the ground" aka the different layers of each dimension all built on top of one another on the same place. The pastor tells Alex that it's true he is in a dream, but Scarlett's dream, then shoots him. This is true and proves a point: Alex can die a million times over, and the end result is that he will just keep waking up in a different dimension. He will only be released when he kills Scarlett, thus freeing them both from her sin. Its her loop, not his.

Its truly an incredible film. If you didn't "get it" the first time, watch it again.
Mystified? Here's my interpretation -- A hypnotic meditation on the mysterious nature of the subconscious and its power. It is abstract and psychological at its core. The logic is skewed to be dreamlike and surreal, making more sense on a second viewing where I picked up on more visual clues and devices. I'd be curious how others interpreted it? Some posts I've seen think Alex exists, some don't. Any psychologists out there? Oh, and Jena Malone is really good as she delivers a sweet and devastating performance all at once. Where has she been?

If you like tidy resolutions and optimistic fade-outs this film is probably not for you!
Bottom of the World is just alright.
I hate long drawn out reviews, so i will make mine short and sweet. The movie isn't going to win an Oscar, hell if you are impaired it might keep you attention. It is just OK that is it. In my opinion if you are trying to find a good movie, something that made you say wow. This isn't it

Spoiler and my interpretation. She obviously killed herself, hence the pill bottles at the end scene. So we didn't even know who scarlett was until Alex woke up back in the real world not the hotel, that was scarletts real life. She was an alcoholic trying to kill the memories of her childhood and the torture and murder she committed against her cousin. Alex was just merely a face. He was her next door neighbor who scarlett had a fantasy about. So while she is dying from an OD her mind is seeing her with him. This is why Alex half way through the movie says to his wife," we are all just her dream, if she dies we do too." So she kills herself and is basically in purgatory and wants to die that's why she asks him to kill her and as he is burying her , his face changes.
Bottom of the IMDb ratings
So here we have of what I think was an attempt to make a cult type film.

But what we end up with after watching only 40 mins of Bottom Of The World is the bottom of the IMDb ratings for another mess.

There may have been some potential here, but the girl was just annoying as the flashbacks that didn't make any sense.

Then this shady character who needs a new ski mask and some vocal coaching shows up and then it went even more downhill from there.

I'm guessing this was a religious type film from the constant church crosses and preacher on the TV all the time (I was begging for the actors to change the channel he was so annoying, but no success).

Seriously, don't waste your time... I couldn't get past the desert scene (approx 30-40 mins in?) before I said "enough of this garbage".
Fever dreams of guilt and the after life make for a challenging concept
Anyway, this film was fairly fun if you like to think, figure things out. Like watching the 'best of' compilation of someone else's fever dreams. Bottom of the World delves under the surface, to the dark foundations that we embrace by night and ignore by day. This conceit is taken to a psychological level and into the disturbing unconscious mind of Scarlett (Jena Malone) and her creation of a new reality. The film leaves us with more questions than answers but hats off to trying to make something different and challenging to the viewer. I don't recall a film that was entirely a creation of the sub-conscious other than - Fight Club?
Try Hard
By chance, I watched this the same day I saw Jim Jarmusch's Paterson. Both are similar, but both fail for completely different reasons.

Bottom of the World does not know what it wants to be. It tells a non- linear story that gives itself away about 40 minutes into the film. After that, it follows a predictable path of key symbols to clue the viewer in to what is actually happening. It should have gone a completely different route and stuck with the bizarre, weird, sleazy feel it had at the beginning. It turns into a very underwhelming second half as it drifts away and fades into the same trap many other similar movies fall into. It tries too hard to pull a complicated story together in a very silly way.

The pace and acting are appropriate and the director does a good job with atmosphere and mood, but it falls flat overall.
Lost in the Neo-Noir challenge of it all -
Bottom of the World is a wonderful intellectual challenge. I've seen it some four times now, and am only starting to grasp what's actually told in the movie. It is a non-linear movie, so be prepared. The key to it all is the subconscious. Look for the clues and it begins to make sense. Look for my full review on my blog.
Quirky, non-linear film a twist
I liked this movie, though I am glad I didn't pay money to see it in a theater. Somebody who reviewed the movie alluded to it being like a David Lynch film. I can see the analogy; there is a non-linear, dreamlike plot and some truly odd characters. However unlike many Lynch movies, this one does wrap things up in the end so that the viewer isn't obligated to watch at least two more times before things start to make sense. This isn't for everyone, so if you are somebody who needs to have a linear plot, then it's best to scroll through the offerings at Netflix for something more orderly. However for viewers who are intrigued by mystery and do not need to have the answers fed to them at every scene along the way to an ending that truly does explain everything that has transpired before, then this is for you. The message to take away from "Bottom of the World" is that actions do come with consequences and guilt is a heavy, destructive psychological burden.
The weight of guilt cannot be underestimated
A complex puzzle about karma coming back and striking an individual after committing a sin. Redemption is never easy. My theory is that Scarlet imagines a world in which her victim survived while she's stuck in purgatory. I enjoyed the clues that are given along the way that hint at a non- reality. Watch closely or go back to see. This is ultimately Scarlet's manifestation brought upon by guilt/redemption. A different take on Heaven and Hell. This should be a MUST VIEW for anyone studying theology/religion.
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