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Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Kevin Breslin
Franky G as Detective Ramos
Jed Rave de Asis as Meth Guy
Olivia Cella as Colleen Willis
Jared Abrahamson as Dave Willis
Deirdre Brennan as Det. Kelly Smith
Jack Falahee as Michael Vardi
Alex Emanuel as Bobby
Teddy Coluca as Dezy
Lois Robbins as Ann Willis
Paul Ben-Victor as Blackie
William Baldwin as Detective Frank Hogan
Matthew Gumley as Bernard Willis
Armand Assante as Canarsie
Medgie Desir as Exotic dancerf
Storyline: Blowtorch is the story of Ann Willis, a recently widowed and financially struggling, mother of three. When her oldest son, Dave, is murdered, Ann cannot live with the fact that she does not know who killed him. The seasoned NYPD detective assigned to her son's murder case does not give her the attention she wants and the answers come too slowly, she gradually decides to take the investigation into her own hands.
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Where's my money
When two-packs-a-day dad dies, oldest son Dave (Jared Abrahamson) quits school to get a job at the Brooklyn metal factory warehouse with his buddy Mike (Jack Falahee). In order to make more money Dave agrees to deal salt for the boss Canarsie (Armand Assante). When Dave is suspected of being a snitch, the film changes gears as mom (Lois Robbins) investigates because William Baldwin has gone hunting.

The acting was okay in a script that was rather straight forward and pointless. The movie spends nearly all of its time on Dave, only to get him bumped off (revealed in IMDb brief film description). Lois Robbins wasn't right for the role. The whole thing was uneven.

Guide: F-word. stripper nudity. No sex.
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