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USA, France
Drama, Romance
IMDB rating:
Michael Mailer
Alec Baldwin as Bill Oakland
Karen Goeller as Blind Care Employee
Eden Epstein as Ella
Sasha Lazard as Boom Boom Room Singer
Frank Modica as Prisoner - Ski's Crew
Drew Moerlein as Tim Landry
Demi Moore as Suzanne Dutchman
Dylan McDermott as Mark Dutchman
Ski Carr as Ricky G.
Rae Ritke as Michelle Oakland
James McCaffrey as Howard
Dorothy Lyman as Judge
Jabari Gray as Andre
Viva Bianca as Deanna
Storyline: Bestselling novelist Bill Oakland loses his wife and his sight in a vicious car crash. Five years later, socialite Suzanne Dutchman is forced to read to Bill in an intimate room three times a week as a plea bargain for being associated with her husband's insider trading. A passionate affair ensues, forcing them both to question whether or not it's ever too late to find true love. But when Suzanne's husband is let out on a technicality, she is forced to choose between the man she loves and the man she built a life with.
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a pleasant surprise.
no one has reviewed this film as of 15July17. I'm very surprised at that considering the cast is comprised of 3 well known actors as the leads. first let me say that Demi Moore is looking very very ODD these days. you will notice the extreme plastic surgery when the camera 1st encounters her. if you can get past that initial shock she does give a good performance as the scorned woman. Mr Baldwin was a surprise as his character starts off as a dickhead and later becomes charming when he wants sum tail from Miss Moore. there is a fairy tale ending which only happens in films. overall i found the film entertaining and a good way to pass the time.
Not a predictable movie - worth a watch
This movie doesn't fit neatly into a category. Parts of it seem like a middle age rom com with the music and wooing. Then part of it seems more dramatic.

Demi Moore plays a wife of a finance guy who gets in trouble with the law. She has to do some community service and reads to a blind writer/teacher played by Alec Baldwin.

The main fault is Alec Baldwin although he tries to act charming is a too overweight and unattractive to be the romantic lead. Demi Moore is still striking if a little scary looking. But not in a horror story way. Dylan McDermott is good as the menacing hedge fund husband who gets in trouble.

Worth a watch
How very romantic. Enjoyable but forgettable.
Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore are a good pairing because they are two very attractive people, Though Dylan McDermott is no slouch in the looks department either.

Baldwin plays a blind writer, (The stereotypical writer that's brilliant cause he wrote two great books but only published one, and he's half a bottle away from being a mean drunk). He had an encounter with Demi Moore who plays the wife of a business man who used her name to commit white collar crimes and now she's force to do community service to pay for those crimes (She too is a stereotype of being rich and white and use to getting whatever she wants but now she gets a little taste of life without the silver spoon).

McDermott's character is not as stereotyped, playing one of these wall street guys who was from the streets, but his story arch as the husband (Of Demi Moore's character) is very cliché (He treats her like she's property, and is very possessive). Though, I'm not sure if the amount of screen time McDermott got in the film was truly needed for the story, he was the most interesting character in the movie and it made the movie more interesting.

So they definitely needed him. The movie is not bad. It works best the more you like watching Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore (Who I rarely see in films today so it was a pleasure), but it's not a film that I would brag about. You watch it once, you'll like it and from there it's pretty forgettable.

It'll entertaining you for a few hours but leave no long lasting impression.
VIEWS ON FILM review of Blind
2017's Blind is my latest review. Its opening scenes are intriguing. Then, Blind descends into yet another film in which the screenwriters become vague. Yes I'm talking about the details on how criminal characters are arrested, processed, and put through the almighty penal system. So OK, let's get all the puns out of the way shall we. There's basically no harm in "seeing" Blind. Natch.

Now in Blind, Robert Redford sings a song during the closing credits. That's right, Robert Redford. He's not one of Blind's producers, he doesn't star in Blind, and he's not behind the camera in any capacity. I mean how random is that?

Anyway, the story of Blind is as follows: Suzanne Dutchman (Demi Moore) and Mark Dutchman (Dylan McDermott) are a rich, married couple living in New York City. Mark, who's a crooked businessman, gets detained by police and thrown in jail. As Mark awaits trial, Suzanne also gets charged with knowing about her husband's illegal dealings. She's sentenced to community service and has to take care of a blind novelist named Bill Oakland (played by Alec Baldwin). Bill and Suzanne eventually have an affair all to the dismay of an angered Mark.

Blind, which proclaims that Brooklyn is the new Paris, is set to a backdrop similar to what Peter Glantz did when he directed 2014's The Longest Week. In truth, some of Blind is tedious and some of it is professing. Ultimately, this askew dramatization gets mixed results from me.

The acting from the leads nevertheless, is pretty decent. Everything else around them, not so much. Baldwin and Moore have okay chemistry but McDermott is truly the standout. As a dude who cheats on his wife and cheats on the American public, no one does ruthless, cold, and cunning quite like Dylan McDermott. As for Baldwin, well he paints an admirable portrait channeling a persona who can't see five feet in front of him. However, he's no Al Pacino (see next paragraph). Alec Baldwin's way of playing a blind chap is to pick a spot on the wall and basically stare at it. Valiant try there Alec.

In conclusion, Blind at ninety-eight minutes, is caught somewhere between a hard drama, a direct-to-video trash exploit, and a catatonic love story. Directed by Michael Mailer with a screenplay by John Buffalo Mailer (Michael's younger brother), Blind is for the most part, kind of watchable. Still, Mailer's film is sort of uneven as it shifts its cinematic tones literally on a dime. Imagine watching something that comes off like Scent of a Woman meets Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Then, add a TV movie feel to it. That's what you get with Blind. After watching it, I realized that Blind is a flick that doesn't really know what it wants to be. "Eyesight" isn't exactly 20/20. My rating: 2 and a half stars.
Great Feel Good Movie... Great Cinematography
I am not one for watching a bunch or "Romantic" Movies, however because of the strong lead actors, i gave this movie a shot.

If you are someone who enjoys great cinematography, as well as an intelligent film made for a more mature audience, you will enjoy this movie. This film is filled with perfect lighting and camera angles throughout the entirety of the movie, which greatly help the viewers grasp the emotions of the story.

Blind is very good at keeping the viewer interested through the duration of the film.. My only gripe with this movie is that it is predictable in the sense that most Romantic movies end the same, however in this case they pulled it off very well.
Very Enjoyable
As a romantic at heart I love a good love story and this is certainly a good'n. I was so surprised to see Demi Moore I wasn't sure it was even her to begin with. She's great in this and really fills the part well, as does Baldwin. They have a great on screen chemistry as well as presence so whenever they are featured together on screen it works very well indeed. Dylan McDermott is also very good with a particularly powerful performance as the husband of Suzanne Dutchman (Moore's character). The rest of the cast is very able; Viva Bianca, Steven Prescod (who isn't listed as a cast member on IMDb) and particularly Eden Epstein are very good here. Gerardo Rodriguez also stands out with the little he is given. There is just enough involvement in the story from the supporting cast to make the film work well without overshadowing the leads or complicating he story unnecessarily. I love the way this balance has been expertly applied.

The film has a lovely easy free flowing pace that progresses effortlessly. Scenes shift easily as the story develops and anticipation is with you on the whole journey. Practically everything is done well. Nothing is over exaggerated or laboured, nothing is weak or too understated. Great credit here to the production team.

It's not a complicated story by any means just a simple tale of flowering love in modern times between two people n situations we can all identify with. If anything my gripe would be that it is too straight forward. You won't be surprised by any of the developments, there are no twists, turns or diversions from the rather uncomplicated path, and the outcome though quite delightful can be seen a mile off. This isn't always such a bad thing; plots with over complicated story lines twists and surprises are often badly done, exaggerated or overused to the detriment of the film, which I find grossly annoying. However a little more drama 'may' have added a star or two more to my rating.

As it stands its still a very good film, very enjoyable and definitely recommended.
BLIND would appeal to a prison inmate or an insomniac.
It was the type of movie that revives the Christian in us all. You will pray for a twist or turn to improve the plot or pray for an end. The movie and actors failed to bring the watcher into the plot. Trying to find some shard or crumb of a plot, with withered acting from actors trying to become "reborn" as movie stars, created a painful and embarrassing viewing situation - when with accompanying guests. The casting seemed to fail this movie more than the screenplay. I just don't like being the conduit of aging actors trying to revive their careers. There is a reason why Hollywood isn't calling them, and this movie will remind you of why.
good story nice film
the music at the end of film during the credits is excellent all in French and it says Robert Redford play an instrument, great, Miss Moore looked great, use t0o see her often in Hailey. in the film several great lines are used as the main actor is a writer, and he improves after his reader Miss Moore begins to read several books to the writer. one of his students plays a great part.
I liked it
This film tells the story of a New York housewife, whose billionaire husband is detained in jail for fraud. She is sentenced to community service, and has to read to a successful but obnoxious author who turned blind from a traffic accident.

I think the title "Blind" doesn't really do the film justice, because the story is not really about blindness. Instead, it is a good romance film, with one character who happens to be blind. Alec Baldwin's character may be obnoxious, but somehow he is charming and attracts sympathy. His interaction and the blossoming friendship with Suzanne is well built up and portrayed. The scenery of the seaside town in the final scene is breath taking as well! I liked watching it.
Don't close your eyes for one second of this thriller.
There's nothing like sitting on the edge of your seat during a movie. "Blind" was one of those, where the actors were reliable and present for every shot. The camera loved Alex's face (like who doesn't), and Demi an Dylan's performances were believable and captivating (and scary too). John Buffalo's cameo: priceless! I'm proud to say I saw the preview of Blind at Wilkes University's residency. nd now the world gets to enjoy the talent and film-making of Michael Mailer and John Buffalo. About time!!!!!!
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